• Sharp Sets New Record For Solar Cell Efficiency

    If there’s something solar energy as a technology needs, then it’s better and cheaper solar cells. And now Sharp has apparently made a step forward regarding the first factor: the company says it has developed a solar cell that has the world’s highest efficiency of 42.1%, breaking the record of Spectrolab of the US. Read More

  • Sharp Will Have An E-Reader Of Its Own Later This Year (And Maybe A 3D One In The Future)

    Today we find discover, first-hand, the horrors of machine translation. The deal is that Sharp plans to take on Apple (and thus, the world) by releasing an e-reader of some sort. Sharp also plans on releasing 3D smartphones (think Nintendo 3DS, technology-wise). But I dare you to figure that our from Google’s translation of the original story. Read More

  • Video: iPad Used As Self-Ordering System At Restaurants

    Japan not only loves the iPad, it also finds creative ways to use it. Now Sharp (of all companies) is testing a self-ordering system for Izakaya, Japanese-style restaurants, that’s based on the device. The idea is to do away with the usual hardcopy menus and make it possible for customers to choose and directly order what they like through an iPad. Read More

  • Sharp's 60-Inch LCD Blackboard For Business Use Is Quite Impressive

    Sharp Japan announced [JP] the PN-L601B today, a quite cool touch screen that enables handwritten input to be superimposed over scanned images. Marketed as a 60-inch “LCD Blackboard” , the device is mainly geared towards businesses and educational institutions. Buyers will get a special stylus and handwriting software. Read More

  • Sharp Unveils Portable Air Purifier "Plasmacluster"

    In the US (and elsewhere), Sharp has been selling a number of air purifiers, branded as “Plasmacluster”, for years now. In Japan, the company today announced [JP] a portable Plasmacluster, the IG-CM1. The mini version (57×27.5×124mm) basically works like the bigger models: it cleans the air around you, suppresses odors and makes sure your skin looks healthy. Read More

  • New York Alleges LCD Price-Fixing By LG, Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp

    Accusations of price fixing like those now being filed in New York are nothing new, but as it turns out, the penalties don’t really stick. LG and Sharp paid hundreds of millions in a settlement back in 2008, Hitachi had its own scandal in 2009, and Sharp is already the defendant in a Dell lawsuit also alleging price fixing. Samsung seems to be the new kid on the block, but I think they… Read More

  • Sharp To Launch Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone By Year-End – Globally

    The 3D craze continues to find its way into the cell phone market. Sharp has today announced plans to launch a smartphone that features both the 3D screen (pictured) and the 3D camera the company unveiled earlier this year. While this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, a Sharp representative today stressed the phone will be available by year end – globally. Read More

  • This is Sharp's new e-dictionary, not a Blackberry

    Japan is a huge market for electronic dictionaries, even though a good number of cell phones in this country come with decent dictionaries pre-installed. While most Japanese e-dictionaries are designed like micro-notebooks, market leader Sharp today announced [JP] a model of a different kind. For reasons unknown, their PW-AC10 looks much like a Blackberry (or a knock-off). Read More

  • Sharp planning to launch e-reader

    Another day, another e-reader. Sharp, manufacturer of all things high tech (although I honestly haven’t seen them on the American market much recently) is planning to launch and e-book reader that may run on the Verizon network. The reader will use Sharp’s own XMDF (ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format) for e-book files. The company offers 29,000 titles in XMDF for Japanese… Read More

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