• Galapagos: Sharp's Android Tablets To Hit US Stores Next Year

    We’ve spent quite a few posts on Sharp’s Android tablets, named Galapagos, in the past months. The 5.5 and 10.8-inch devices are marketed as tablet/e-reader hybrids, with Sharp having inked deals with Japanese publishers to offer books and newspapers to buyers in its home market. And today, various Japanese media are reporting that big S will bring both Galapagos devices to the US… Read More

  • Sharp To Start Mass-Producing Efficient Solar Cells

    Back in September, Sharp made headlines when the company showed the world’s most efficient solar cell, a prototype that can convert 42.1% of sunlight into electricity. Yesterday, the company announced it will start mass-producing a new type of solar cell at its Sakai City plant in western Japan, with a total investment of $180 million. Read More

  • Sharp's Galapagos Android Tablets Get Priced And Dated (In Japan)

    No word yet when Sharp will release their “Galapagos” Android tablets outside Japan, but over here, the 5.5- and 10.8-inch devices will drop into stores on December 10. Big S will start accepting pre-orders for the tablets, which were unveiled back in September, starting December 3. And they won’t be cheap. Read More

  • Video: Sharp's Naked-Eye 3D Smartphone Up And Close

    About ten days ago, we reported about Sharp’s 003SH, the company’s new 3D smartphone, which will go on sale in Japan next month. And now, thanks to our friends over at Diginfonews, we can see the device captured on video. Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, NTT Docomo, will brand the device as “Sharp LYNX 3D SH-03C” (that’s how the device is being referred to… Read More

  • Sharp Shows Cell Phone With Built-In Projector

    The Biscuit and wooden cell phones Sharp yesterday announced for the Japanese market weren’t the only ones worth mentioning. Big S also unveiled [JP] the SH-05C, a handset featuring a built-in projector that’s usable for up to 120 minutes on a full battery charge. Read More

  • Sharp's "Bisqui Phon" Looks Like A Biscuit

    That wooden cell phone wasn’t the only silly cell phone Sharp introduced today in Japan. It was actually joined by a slightly sillier handset, the so-called “Bisqui Phon”. Yes, it’s shaped like a biscuit for some reason. Sharp seems to like manufacturing these things. Read More

  • Sharp Shows Super-Slim 3D Blu-ray Player

    Those Android 3D handsets aren’t the only 3D devices Sharp announced today. The company also showed [JP] the BD-HP90 today, a 3D Blu-ray player that’s just 35mm thick. Needless to say, this makes the device the thinnest of its kind. Read More

  • Galapagos 003SH/005SH: Sharp Shows 3D-Enabled Smartphones

    In September, we blogged on CrunchGear about Sharp’s entry into the Android tablet sector (the company is currently readying a 5.5-inch and a 10.8-inch version). Strangely dubbed “Galapagos”, the tablets, which will be available in Japan starting next month, will soon be joined by two smartphones carrying the same name. Read More

  • Sharp's 330-Inch Digital Signage Display

    Make it bigger in case you really want some attention: that’s what Sharp must have thought when they thought of this 330-inch (8.4m) digital signage display. The company announced [JP] this monster will be installed in Tokyo station (one of the biggest stations in Tokyo) tomorrow. Read More

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