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  • Sleep Tight, Sweet Romain. You’ve Earned It.

    Sleep Tight, Sweet Romain. You’ve Earned It.

    Poor Romain. Being TechCrunch’s only remaining intern, we had him brave the New York City night and blog from the iPhone 5 line. He did it like a champ. And now he’s sleeping. In his Aol cubicle. He’s a grown man — a 22-year old Frenchman who’s braved multiple big cities on his very own — but I couldn’t help but worry about him the whole time. But lo… Read More

  • iPhone 5 Launch From The Line - Morning Update

    Meet Romain: TechCrunch’s Fearless Vlogger In Line For The iPhone 5

    As you should already know, the iPhone 5 is upon us. The phone goes on sale tomorrow morning, with doors opening at 8am Eastern Time. There are already a few dozen people in line at New York’s 5th Avenue flagship store, and by tomorrow morning, there will be several hundred. But there’s one intrepid young man in that line that I’d like you to meet. You may have heard of… Read More