Meet Romain: TechCrunch’s Fearless Vlogger In Line For The iPhone 5

As you should already know, the iPhone 5 is upon us. The phone goes on sale tomorrow morning, with doors opening at 8am Eastern Time. There are already a few dozen people in line at New York’s 5th Avenue flagship store, and by tomorrow morning, there will be several hundred.

But there’s one intrepid young man in that line that I’d like you to meet. You may have heard of him before. His name is Romain Dillet, and he’s a writer here at TechCrunch.

He’s known he wanted an iPhone 5 since it was announced, and decided earlier in the week to stand in line. We, in turn, hooked him up with a camera, WiFi, plenty of batteries, and a nice, foldable chair. With the aid of the aforementioned gear, Romain will be bringing you the news himself, for 24 hours before doors open.

He’s been there since 9am, and aside from a MacBook crash, it’s been mostly smooth sailing. But he can tell you himself, and will, in the following series. He’ll be updating you periodically with video blogs and posts direct from the front lines.

The weather seems fine now, and there isn’t too much commotion, aside from the occasional reporter or curious passerby, but there’s another group waiting in line that may cause a bit of drama as the night creeps up: Occupy Wall Street, in the flesh, is in line for the iPhone 5. Not to buy it, of course, but to sell their spots.

In any case, stay tuned for reports from Romain, our fearless, iPhone-loving vlogger. And wish him luck, he’ll be in the streets of New York all night.