Sleep Tight, Sweet Romain. You’ve Earned It.

Poor Romain. Being TechCrunch’s only remaining intern, we had him brave the New York City night and blog from the iPhone 5 line. He did it like a champ. And now he’s sleeping. In his Aol cubicle.

He’s a grown man — a 22-year old Frenchman who’s braved multiple big cities on his very own — but I couldn’t help but worry about him the whole time. But lo and behold, here he is, sleeping like a baby.

And we’re glad to see it.

As you very well know, we’ve covered the iPhone 5 NYC launch to its fullest extent, with a live stream of the doors opening, a report on the lack of fanboys in line, a guide to getting the best value for your purchase, and updates from the line itself. Yes, from Romain.

He explored the #OccupyApple movement, shared stories with his neighbors in line, and had a moment of unrest around 4am. And as he slumbers peacefully, his beautiful iPhone 5 sits beside him.

So, as any good intern should expect, we stole it and took a panorama shot of him.