• A Toast To Technology

    A Toast To Technology

    I hold the unpopular opinion that technology – more specifically the proliferation of social media – is not intrinsically “good” in any sense. Social media is, however, important, and I propose we raise our glasses of good cheer to what social media and its related technologies have wrought around the world this past year and the good it will, in real terms, do in… Read More

  • DreamIt-Backed ElectNext Launches An “eHarmony For Voters”

    DreamIt-Backed ElectNext Launches An “eHarmony For Voters”

    ElectNext, a graduate from DreamIt Ventures’ Fall 2011 class, is launching out of beta today to match voters with the political candidates that best reflect their values. The site, which likes to describe itself as an “eHarmony for voters,” offers a familiar concept, thanks to the dozens of politically themed quizzes that attempt to suss out what political party best fits… Read More

  • Facebook To Form Its Own Political Action Committee

    Facebook To Form Its Own Political Action Committee

    Facebook has filed to establish FB PAC, a political action committee intended to “give [Facebook’s] employees a way to make their voice heard in the political process,” presumably over and above voting and contributing independently to campaigns and other PACs. The company has spent about a million dollars lobbying over the last three years, according to Senate records… Read More

  • Live Streaming Video Platform IntercastNetwork Brings Real-Time Feedback To Online Broadcasters

    Live Streaming Video Platform IntercastNetwork Brings Real-Time Feedback To Online Broadcasters

    IntercastNetwork is a rich-media interactive platform that allows brands to connect to audiences using a combination of live-streaming video, real-time polling, live chat, Q&A, payment processing and more. The resulting platform works well for live broadcasters, who can track audience engagement levels and feedback during in real-time, and adjust their message accordingly. Unlike… Read More

  • Votizen Launches “Virtual Precinct Walk” For San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s Election

    Votizen Launches “Virtual Precinct Walk” For San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s Election

    Votizen, a new platform for connecting registered voters with elected officials, is launching the first-ever “virtual” precinct walk today, starting with San Franciscans for Jobs and Good Government, a committee supporting Ed Lee for Mayor of San Francisco. This virtual precinct walk is a modern update on traditional door-to-door campaigning, where previously… Read More

  • Americans Elect Shoots The Moon (And Misses)

    Americans Elect Shoots The Moon (And Misses)

    I want to talk about American politics. No, wait, don’t go! Don’t worry; it’s OK; I’m Canadian. Your nation’s psychotic death spiral of irrational blood vendettas, vampire-squid kleptocrats, and cargo-cult magical thinking means nothing to me. (Other than its undeniable entertainment value.) Yes, I mean both of your political parties. It’s so bizarre that… Read More

  • The Next Mass Consumer Social Wave: Political Expression

    People always say things change fast in Silicon Valley. Here, and in other entrepreneurial communities around our country, ideas collide, companies form, money is injected, talent is allocated, and the pace of innovation churns. Entrepreneurship is so accessible, the best talent flock here to found companies like Google. Today, it’s tougher for those foreign entrepreneurs to get here in… Read More

  • Keen On… How Obama Can Win Back Silicon Valley (TCTV)

    How important were technology issues in last week’s Congressional election? Not very – at least according to Bruce Mehlman, the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy in the George W. Bush administration and a prominent Washington DC based Republican expert on technology policy. As Mehlman, who is currently Executive Director of the Technology CEO Council … Read More

  • Republican Party discovers the scourge of Internet trolls on new Web site: 'Stop teaching about heliocentric universe, it contradicts the Bible'

    There’s just no hope anymore. The GOP, one of the two great political parties in the United States, recently requested people submit ideas to be incorporated into the party’s platform this fall. A Web site was created. And then, predictably, people starting trolling the site. “A ‘teacher’ told my child in class that dolphins were mammals and not fish! And the… Read More

  • Hard at work? Congress spends all day playing with the iPad

    The iPad is a huge hit in the United States Congress. I mean, passing any sort of meaningful banking reform is apparently out of the question with these guys , but there’s always time for the iPad. Just amazing, really. Read More

  • Video: This is what Sweden's Pirate Party is all about

    Probably the name needs to change, but Sweden’s Pirate Party has its heart in the right place. It doesn’t aim to give everyone the right to download the latest Modest Mouse album from privatetorrents.com all willy nilly (as the Huffington Post implies), but rather to reform copyright laws so that they accurately reflect the 21st century. And as you may already know, the party had… Read More

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