Matthew Prince

  • CloudFlare Reveals $50M Round From Union Square Ventures

    CloudFlare Reveals $50M Round From Union Square Ventures

    In what is quite possibly a move to bolster valuation ahead of raising a new round,CloudFlare has revealed that it raised a $50 million Series C in December of 2012, according to CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince. In case you’re unfamiliar with CloudFlare, it’s a service for website owners that offers protection from online threats, speeds up page load time, and optimizes… Read More

  • Startup Battlefield Alumni

    CloudFlare’s Exploding Growth: Half A Trillion Pageviews All-Time, 70B Monthlies, 600M Uniques

    CloudFlare, a San Francisco-based company that helps businesses protect their websites from security threats and boost their load times, got its start at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2010, where it was a runner-up to Qwiki in the Startup Battlefield. Today, two years later, CloudFlare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince took the stage again at Disrupt to give the crowd a status update. Prince said that… Read More

  • On Women In Tech

    On Women In Tech

    Geeklist must never have learned the first rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging. I was all the way on the other side of the world at a conference held at a random amusement park in the German countryside and it seemed the Geeklist boys almost dug their way to me. The incident, which appears to have reignited the women in tech debate, I first got wind of from an Australian who… Read More

  • What Losing TechCrunch Disrupt Meant to CloudFlare: OMFG

    What Losing TechCrunch Disrupt Meant to CloudFlare: OMFG

    Editor’s Note: The following guest post is by Matthew Prince, CEO of a CloudFlare, which came in as a close runner-up at the last TechCrunch Disrupt. We asked him to give us an update on the startup since Disrupt. It’s hard to imagine a web performance and security service “going viral,” especially one Mike Arrington described during the Disrupt awards ceremony as… Read More