• Google Chrome Canary About To Hit OS X — Chrome 16 Due Before End Of Year

    Google Chrome Canary About To Hit OS X — Chrome 16 Due Before End Of Year

    Users of Google Chrome are probably aware of the three channels you can use depending on how cutting edge you want to be (and how much you mind bugs): Dev, Beta, Stable. But ever since last year, there’s actually been a fourth channel as well that’s less publicized: Canary. Sadly, it has been a Windows-only build until now. But it looks like that’s about to change. Given the… Read More

  • Boxcar Pushes Its Way Onto The Mac

    My love of Boxcar should be pretty clear at this point. Because I’m an information junkie, it’s probably the app I use the most on my iPhone/iPad besides Safari. And earlier this year, they brought the notification goodness to the web as well. Now they’re taking the next step: native Mac support. Yes, Boxcar is here for the Mac. The app resides in your toolbar and when… Read More

  • Serlet Transition Out Appears As Natural As OS X Transition Towards iOS

    Serlet Transition Out Appears As Natural As OS X Transition Towards iOS

    Back in October of last year, the day before it was formally unveiled, I wondered if OS X Lion would be the last of its kind. There were two main arguments: the big cat name choice and the colossal rise of iOS. With today’s news that OS X father Bertrand Serlet is leaving Apple after 14 years (and 22 years working with CEO Steve Jobs), the question has come roaring back to life. Apple… Read More

  • Apple Loses Executive Bertrand Serlet After 22 Years Of Working With Jobs

    In a press release issued earlier this morning, Apple has announced that Bertrand Serlet, SVP of Mac Software Engineering, will be leaving the company. Craig Federighi, Apple’s VP of Mac Software Engineering and Serlet’s long-time protégé, will assume his responsibilities and report directly to chief exec Steve Jobs. Serlet originally joined Apple in 1997 and has played an… Read More

  • Beautiful Mac Mail Client Sparrow Really Sings With Full IMAP, Priority Inbox, And Multi-Touch

    When Sparrow first launched in October of last year, I raved about its design and simplicity, but noted a few downsides. One was that it was Gmail-only. And even though it was Gmail-only, it lacked some of Gmail’s power features, such asPriority Inbox. With version 1.1,  both of those issues have been addressed. And a whole slew of new features more has been added. First and… Read More

  • Like The Screencasts In The EightBit Video? Try Sound Stage For Mac

    Earlier today my colleague MG Siegler wrote about EightBit, a new social game and included the above video, with plenty of demo screencasts of the EightBit app. Those screencasts were via Sound Stage 1.3 for Mac, a desktop app that in addition to recording HD desktop screencaps, hooks into an iOS simulator to take screen captures of iPhone app demos. The app launched its new revamp yesterday… Read More

  • Apple's JointVenture For Business Gets Official

    Apple has officially launched its JointVenture support for small businesses. Support comes from the Apple store and will be provided by the Apple Genius Bar. The plan is only available to business customers when purchasing a Mac, but the $499 service will include training and support for up to five “systems,” which include iOS devices and Cinema Displays. Read More

  • Sparrow, The Beautiful Mac Email Client Flies Into The Mac App Store — And Into Funding

    Back in October of last year, we wrote about Sparrow, a beautiful new mail client for the Mac. But whereas most mail clients are now web-based, Sparrow decided it was time to focus on making a great native email experience once again. And today that gamble appears to be paying off. Sparrow 1.0 has just launched in the Mac App Store and it has immediately shot to the number one paid app in… Read More

  • Apple's Cook On iPad/Mac Relationship: “If This Is Cannibalization, It Feels Pretty Good.”

    During the earnings call following Apple’s blockbuster Q1 2011 results, a questions was asked about Apple’s Mac business as it relates to the iPad business. The iPad business, after all, is growing much faster (and just overtook the Apple portable computer business in terms of revenue). So is it affecting the Mac business by eating into it? “Was there any cannibalization? Read More

  • Twitter: No Plans For A Windows Client — But Never Say Never

    Twitter: No Plans For A Windows Client — But Never Say Never

    At one point, a long, long time ago, Twitter was just a super simple website with some SMS integration. Then it became a slightly more robust website. Then it became an iPhone app. Then an Android app. Then an iPad app. Then a very robust website. BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc. Now, as of today, there’s an official Mac desktop client, Twitter for Mac. Just about all of the bases now seem… Read More

  • Twitter For Mac: Stripped Down And Meh

    Twitter For Mac: Stripped Down And Meh

    The Mac App Store just launched this morning (it is a separate app store from what’s in iTunes that comes with the latest update to Mac OS X), and already the top free app is Twitter for Mac. I just installed it and started to play around with it. My first impression is meh. Twitter for Mac is a stripped down version of the excellent Twitter for iPad app. Imagine if you took just… Read More

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