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  • Hulu Plus Adds Streaming Support For Four More Android Devices

    Hulu Plus Adds Streaming Support For Four More Android Devices

    If you’re one of the Internet’s many denizens still shedding an oh-so-first-world-problem tear over Netflix’s business strategy overhaul pricing changes, you’re probably still looking for somewhere else to spend your two lattes worth of monthly fees in exchange for countless hours of entertainment. Hulu Plus, perhaps? If you’re an Android user, chances are… Read More

  • We Happy? Miramax Deal Brings Hundreds Of Movies To Hulu Plus (And To Hulu)

    We Happy? Miramax Deal Brings Hundreds Of Movies To Hulu Plus (And To Hulu)

    Two weeks after Miramax announced a major content deal with Netflix, the studio this morning announced that it has also struck a multi-year agreement with Hulu to bring hundreds of films, including Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Scream and The English Patient to Hulu Plus subscribers. Hulu will offer select films via the advertising-supported service to boot. Launching today, Hulu… Read More

  • Hastings On Hulu Plus: If They Become A Competitor, That's Probably Healthy For Us

    Today at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Peter Chernin sat down with New York Magazine’s John Heilemann to talk about the state of the video content business. A question from the audience asked Hastings about the news today that Hulu was cutting their prices. Hastings noted that Hulu was still mainly an advertising play. And he said that Netflix has… Read More

  • Hulu Shaves $2 Off The Monthly Price Of Hulu Plus, Will Refund Early Adopters

    Hulu has formally launched its premium online video subscription service Hulu Plus after a preview period. Pleasant surprise for those who are interested: the monthly subscription fee has dropped from $9.99 to $7.99, a 20 percent price cut. Pleasant surprise for those who already signed up for Hulu Plus: early adopters will get a credit for the difference from the $9.99 preview price to be… Read More

  • Hulu Plus on the PS3 and iPad can't give free content away

    So Hulu Plus preview users on the PS3 and iPad have run into some strange licensing issues. The details on the iPad situation are a bit unclear, but the PS3 users get to pay lots of extra fees for the privilege of watching content they could see for free on the web. Read More

  • Hulu Plus coming to Samsung TVs

    Maybe we should do a post all about what brands and devices Hulu Plus is not going to come to. It’d be shorter. Samsung, for its part, just announced that it too will be getting the premium TV service, on most 2010 Blu-ray players and TVs over 40″. You can download the app today if you’ve got the hardware, but it’ll just be sample content for now. You can request an… Read More