• Push Comes To Shove: Apple Appealing Another iCloud, MobileMe Push Email Ruling To Motorola In Germany

    Push Comes To Shove: Apple Appealing Another iCloud, MobileMe Push Email Ruling To Motorola In Germany

    Another development in the ongoing fight between Apple and Motorola over patent infringements in Germany: a court has decided against Apple Inc. in a case involving push email service on iCloud and MobileMe services in the country. This is effectively an extension of the same ruling that was originally handed down in February against Apple International, a case that Apple is appealing. A judge… Read More

  • Motorola Gets Its Way In Germany: Apple Disables Push Email In Patent Dispute, Says It’s Appealing

    Motorola Gets Its Way In Germany: Apple Disables Push Email In Patent Dispute, Says It’s Appealing

    Another development in the very long and winding road of mobile patent disputes: Apple has now had to disable the push email function used through MobileMe/iCloud, after a court ruled earlier this month that Apple had infringed on a Motorola patent claiming IP on push email. A spokesperson from Apple told TechCrunch that the turn-off happened overnight, and that it will be appealing the ruling. Read More

  • Google: Unlocking The Door For More Android Originality?

    Google: Unlocking The Door For More Android Originality?

    It sometimes feels like a absurd story without an ending, trying to track who is attacking whom in the mobile patent game. But Google has now secured one patent that may demonstrate how companies are figuring out ways of getting around would-be infringement issues — and possibly produce more differentiated products in the process. A Google patent, published by the U.S. Patent and… Read More

  • Conceptboard receives funding from HighTech Gruenderfonds, Seedfonds

    Conceptboard, a virtual whiteboard startup, which was in the news recently with their G+ Hangout feature, just announced that’ve raised “a 6-figure funding round” from two German investors. Details of the investment have not been shared publicly, but TechCrunch has learned that it was around 500.000 euros. It’s the startups series A round, and was led by… Read More

  • Bus/Tram Combo Charges Battery As It Picks Up Passengers

    Bus/Tram Combo Charges Battery As It Picks Up Passengers

    German researchers are testing a unique form of public transportation that borrows the best from busses, electric cars, trains and trams without contributing emissions. The vehicle, named AutoTram, is fully electric, but instead of running on a single charge, it charges when it stops, gaining enough power in 30 seconds to move another mile. The project comes from the Fraunhofer Institute… Read More

  • DaWanda secures €4 million to go international

    The discussion regarding copycats of US startups in europe is still an ongoing one, and largely due to the fact that the copycats are often heartless rip-offs. DaWanda, a marketplace for DIY goods, took the successful concept of Etsy, which was founded in 2005, to Europe and has since then grown into a company with 65 employees and 1,9 million products for sale. But in contrast to other… Read More

  • Das Kindle In Deutschland Erhältlich

    Gute Nachrichten! The Kindle is now available in Germany and includes 650,000 titles as well as thousands of free German classics including (as far as I know) “Wurst And Peace,” “Anne Of Oktoberfest,” and “A Tale Of Two Lagers.” Read More

  • Genesis: German Men’s Watches By A Woman

    Genesis is not just a neat sounding word that someone thought would make for a good watch brand name. It is rather the name of the brand’s founder and designer – Christine Genesis. How convenient is that? To have a cool last name like that? Christine is a rare breed being a full-on watch maker and a female. I wouldn’t make a big deal of that fact if it was more common. I for… Read More

  • Will Germany Become The World's First Post-Nuclear Nation?

    It certainly looks that way. The country has been having a national discussion ever since the Japan nuclear crisis, and the consensus seems to be that nuclear isn’t worth the risk. Instead, the country will embrace alternative forms of energy, including renewable sources. Read More

  • YouHelp launches as a Kickstarter-for-NGOs

    It’s about time that somebody took the highly efficient Kickstarter crowdfunding model, added a dash of gaming metrics, and applied it to something that’s purely about benefiting society. This is great. YouHelp, a recently launched Austrian startup, is doing just that. It enables users to create “challenges” that benefit certain NGOs or participate in ongoing social… Read More

  • Clever thinking – Skobbler turns its hand to gaming with GeoBrain

    Skobbler, best known for its free sat-nav app for iPhone, has entered the world of gaming. GeoBrain for iPhone and iPad is described as “a fun yet educational game experience that tests and trains geo-knowledge.” Basically, you spin a giant globe and answer questions to demonstrate your knowledge of the world. Fun, huh? OK, it’s probably no Angry Birds. The idea is to build… Read More