• Clever thinking – Skobbler turns its hand to gaming with GeoBrain

    Skobbler, best known for its free sat-nav app for iPhone, has entered the world of gaming. GeoBrain for iPhone and iPad is described as “a fun yet educational game experience that tests and trains geo-knowledge.” Basically, you spin a giant globe and answer questions to demonstrate your knowledge of the world. Fun, huh? OK, it’s probably no Angry Birds. The idea is to build… Read More

  • Madvertise brings location-based mobile ads to Germany

    Madvertise, the Berlin-based mobile ad network, has added location-based targeting to its array of options – a first in Germany, claims the company. Advertisers can now reach customers based on their exact GPS location, city, region or state. This is in addition to existing targeting such as channels, carriers, operating systems and devices, which, says madvertise, allows for… Read More

  • Qeep secures multi-million Series B for its mobile gaming and entertainment soc network

    Blue Lion Mobile, the German company behind mobile gaming and entertainment social network qeep, has raised a multi-million euro B round led by French VC firm XAnge with co-investment from KfW. In addition, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, who originally invested in Blue Lion’s Series A round back in 2007, has also participated. The precise amount of the round isn’t being… Read More

  • Lovefilm begins streaming to Germany

    Lovefilm, the Netflix-of-Europe, has rolled out its streaming service in Germany, albeit in Beta. Previously, Germans only had access to the DVD and Blu-ray rental via the post element of Lovefilm, but slowly but surely the company is growing its video-on-demand proposition. Subscribers of can now stream films to their PC as part of their subscription package. Content comes from… Read More

  • Video Test Drive: Audi R8 E-tron

    The first ever electric vehicle with Quattro is still a few years away, but we were invited to Ingolstadt, Germany to try one out. E-tron is the name of Audi’s new line of electric vehicles including an R8 and an A1. We didn’t get to drive the red concept E-tron that’s all over the internet, instead we drove one that looked and drove more like a real production car. Read More

  • Google Street View Launches In Germany (But With A Win For Privacy Advocates)

    Google may have ended its feud with the Federal Trade Commission, but its standing in Europe isn’t as cut-and-dry. Street View, the mapping service that has caused much consternation, has just gone live in Germany, but in a modified form. So far, the only place where it’s gone live is Oberstaufen in Munich Read More

  • Holtzbrinck shuts down its eLab incubator

    German trade publication W&V is reporting that Holtzbrinck, one of Germany and Europe’s leading publishing groups, is shutting down their incubator “Holtzbrinck eLab”, launched in 2006. Holtzbrinck is famous for backing some of the most successful German Internet startups and also for acquiring not so successful companies. Most notably, StudiVZ, the early Facebook… Read More

  • Chocri partners with chocolate maker Ritter Sport, launches in the UK

    There’s probably hundreds of sites out there that are trying to sell customized things on the web. MyMuesli, a successful and still growing German startup was one of the first ones in that field and they paved the way for these types of e-commerce websites. Furthermore they showed that there is apparently a demand for pricey yet customizable cereals. Chocri, a site for mass-customization… Read More

  • Germany To Outlaw Employers Checking Out Candidates On Facebook, But Googling Is OK

    A new law in Germany could soon make it illegal for employers to check out prospective job candidates on Facebook and other non-career focused social networks, according to local newspaper reports. Bizarrely, however, it will still be legal to “google” applicants, although they are to disregard information that is either too old or outside of a candidate’s control. Social… Read More

  • Rotating Solar House Generates Five Times The Energy It Consumes

    What’s cooler than a rotating house? One whose solar panels produce five times the energy the house uses. That’s pretty incredible, considering that even zero-energy structures are rare. German architect Rolf Disch built the home, called Heliotrope, to follow the sun throughout the day. The structure features triple panes of thermally insulated glass to strike a balance between… Read More