• EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client)

    EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client)

    EmployInsight, a web-based platform for measuring and quantifying employees’ “soft skills” in the workplace, has raised $1 million+ from Founder Collective, Launch Capital, Sean Glass, Phil Bronner, Jarrod Yuster, David Cohen, Gus Fuldner and other angels, the company is announcing today. The startup is also revealing one of its first enterprise clients, and it’s a big… Read More

  • Software Is Eating All the Jobs Too

    Software Is Eating All the Jobs Too

    A few months ago I was giving a talk in my hometown of Memphis, TN, and someone asked what the city could do to ignite more entrepreneurship among inner city kids. My immediate answer was teach coding– even basic app building skills– along with English and Math in every public school. I was surprised that my brother– an engineer who worked for many years in Silicon Valley… Read More

  • Hour.ly Lets Employers Interview Potential Temp Hires With Browser Based Video Chat

    Hour.ly, a New York City startup that matches temporary job seekers and freelancers with prospective gigs and employers online, unveiled two new features and partnerships on Tuesday with Trufina and Tinychat. Co-founded by Brooke and Lynn Dixon (Left to right, in image below), Hour.ly has been in pre-revenue, beta mode since September 2010. The bootstrapped company’s newest site… Read More

  • Linux skills now more employable than ever

    When I first started using Linux, back in the late 1990s and the Red Hat 5.2 era, the skills I gained weren’t very useful to many employers. I initially hoped that learning Linux would help me spring into some kind of “real” UNIX job. Now, more than a decade later, Linux is more and more common, has replaced a lot of “real” UNIX systems, and the skills required… Read More