• Codecademy Raises $2.5 Million To Teach You How To Code

    Codecademy Raises $2.5 Million To Teach You How To Code

    The term “hot startup” gets bandied about pretty frequently. But there are few companies it applies to more than Codecademy, a startup which, of all things, teaches you how to program. Today, the company is announcing that it’s raised $2.5 million from an all-star roster to continue that mission. The $2.5 million funding round was led by Union Square Ventures, with… Read More

  • Khan Academy Triples Unique Users To 3.5 Million

    Khan Academy Triples Unique Users To 3.5 Million

    Today at The Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, took the stage to share a few quick stats on the growth of his online video education platform. For those unfamiliar, Khan Academy is, as John Batelle noted this afternoon, one of Bill Gates’ favorite educators. It also happens to be one of mine, but I thought you’d probably resonate a bit more… Read More

  • Codecademy Surges To 200,000 Users, 2.1 Million Lessons Completed In 72 Hours

    Codecademy Surges To 200,000 Users, 2.1 Million Lessons Completed In 72 Hours

    Three days ago I wrote about Codecademy — a slick, fun way to teach yourself how to program. The app has done an excellent job minimizing the frustration often associated with writing your first lines of code, and it sports a good-looking and intuitive interface. Another plus: the initial signup flow doesn’t show up til you’ve completed your first few lessons, so… Read More

  • Codecademy: A Slick, Fun Way To Teach Yourself How To Program

    Codecademy: A Slick, Fun Way To Teach Yourself How To Program

    You’ve read the inspirational posts on Hacker News. You’ve purchased the recommended books. You’ve bookmarked the online tutorials. You even plopped down $80 on a set of instructional videos, promising yourself that the investment would only make you more motivated. And for some reason, you still don’t know how to program. Codecademy, a new site that went live earlier… Read More

  • Mr. Atari Wants To Bring The Video Arcade Into The Classroom (TCTV)

    Mr. Atari Wants To Bring The Video Arcade Into The Classroom (TCTV)

    Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and Chuck E Cheese, wants to bring the video arcade into the classroom. His latest startup is called Speed To Learn, and very little is known about it. But he was just on a panel I moderated at the Venture Capital in Education Summit in New York City, where he revealed a little more of his game plan. I caught him on video after the panel (watch… Read More

  • Higher Education’s Toughest Test

    In the debate sparked by Peter Thiel’s “20 Under 20 Fellowship” (which pays bright students to drop out of college), one fact stands out: the cost of U.S. post-secondary education is spiraling upward, out of control. Thiel calls this a “bubble,” similar to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, where hopeful property owners over-leveraged themselves to lay claim to a… Read More

  • Living the Knowledge Life: A Thiel Fellowship Finalist's Response

    Living the Knowledge Life: A Thiel Fellowship Finalist's Response

    Editor’s note: This post is a response to an ongoing educational debate over the efficacy of Peter Thiel’s fellowship, which encourages young entrepreneurs to “stop out” of school. The post addresses Vivek Wadhwa’s post “Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Education Advice From Peter Thiel” and Sarah Lacy’s “Peter Thiel: We’re in… Read More

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Education Advice From Peter Thiel

    My friends, my followers on Twitter, and people who’ve read my previous posts know that I have a very strong opinion about education: that it is absolutely necessary in order for you to build a foundation for success. Despite having appointments at five elite universities, I am not a proponent of elite education. Rather, my research led me to conclude that ivy-leaguers may be able to… Read More

  • 2tor Raises $32.5 Million Series C To Make Online Education Great

    2tor Raises $32.5 Million Series C To Make Online Education Great

    “One reason online education isn’t that good is I don’t think it is trying to be that good,” says John Katzman, the CEO of 2tor, an online education startup that is trying to break that mold. The company, headquartered in New York City’s Chelsea Piers, just raised a $32.5 million series C financing, led by Bessemer Venture Partners. All of its existing… Read More

  • Report: Kno Considering Selling Off Hardware Unit, To Focus Solely On Software

    Kno, the company behind the tablet that’s specifically designed for classroom use, is said to be considering passing off the project’s hardware component to a third-party. So says All Things Digital, at any rate. Two companies have held talks with taking over the hardware design and production, but tricky NDAs ensure we won’t know who these companies are for some time yet. Read More

  • McGraw Hill Gets In On the Mobile Education Market

    A couple of timely education items hit my inbox this morning. First, a report suggests that U.S. students suck at science. From the report,”less than one-half of students are demonstrating solid academic performance and competency over challenging subject matter.” Granted, ‘science’ is an extremely broad term and encompasses many different disciplines, but the gist of… Read More

  • 8D World Gets $5.25 Million More To Teach English As A Foreign Language Online

    A startup based in Shanghai, with United States headquarters in Woburn, Mass., 8D World, has attracted a series B investment of $5.25 million for their educational take on massively multiplayer online games, the company announced today. Their flagship product, Wiz World Online, uses sophisticated speech assessment features to teach mostly kids and teens English as a foreign language. The… Read More

  • Shortage of Engineers or a Glut: No Simple Answer

    Ask a child if there is a shortage of ice cream in the world, and no doubt, the response will be an emphatic yes—there certainly is. And ask a tech CEO if there is a shortage of engineers, and you will get the exact same answer. That’s the story I used to tell, based on my research on engineering graduation rates and outsourcing trends. In 2005, my team shattered the myths about… Read More

  • How China’s Entrepreneurs Are Helping It Win

    Bob Compton and I finally have something to agree about. The Washington, D.C.–based venture capitalist produced a provocative documentary, 2 Million Minutes, which tracked six students—two each in the U.S., India, and China—during their senior year of high school. It showed the Indian and Chinese students slogging to learn mathematics and science, and the Americans partying… Read More

  • Why We Need TechCrunch in the Classroom

    This guest post is by Naimish Gohil, an Assistant Headteacher at Henry Compton School in London, UK. Gohil is also the founder of Show My Homework, an assignment calendar service.
    Over the past two years, I have been teaching Information Communication Technology (ICT) at secondary school. During this time, I have made it a point to share with my students, stories reported by Michael… Read More

  • The Global Education Race

    This week, I participated in a fascinating series of discussions at The Economist magazine’s summit called “The Ideas Economy: Human Potential – When the world grows up”. I came away with the realization that we’re not tapping into even a tiny fraction of the potential that human beings have. Additionally, we have a unique opportunity, today, to leverage the… Read More

  • Go To College, Take A Zombie Class

    One or two weeks ago we learned about a World of Warcraft-themed university course. We all laughed, then went about our business, not particularly bothered by any of it. Today we learn about a zombie class being taught at the University of Baltimore. Mm. Read More

  • Goes Mobile

    We covered, the social network for science education from Nature Publishing Group, back in May. At that time, I was told that a mobile-friendly version of the site was in the works. Today that mobile site is ready, as seen in the screenshot above. Scitable’s Vikram Savkar has been studying broadband adoption, and has drawn some interesting conclusions. Obviously one of… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble's Blackboard partnership means college students will see nook everywhere they go

    Barnes & Noble continues to makes inroads into the education, um, space. It just announced that it has teamed up with Blackboard, the Web site/software suite that is used in colleges all over the U.S. (Lord knows I had to use it all the time.) The deal should ensure that college students, starting with the upcoming fall semester, have easy access to electronic textbooks. It’ll work… Read More

  • NOOKstudy: Barnes & Nobles' free digital foray into the education market lets students read e-textbooks, take fully searchable notes & highlights

    Barnes & Noble has developed NOOKstudy, a free (as in beer) software suite that could make the average college student’s life a little easier. The software, which will be available for the PC and Mac, gives students the ability to download and organize electronic textbooks, as well as keep all of their notes, syllabuses, and so on in one safe place. Handy. And no, you don’t need… Read More