• Echo Brings Comments To Your Homepage With Real-Time River

    Echo, a comment platform with a strong focus on real-time, has launched the latest addition to its suite of products: the Real-Time River, which allows publishers to tie real-time comments directly into portions of their sites that are typically static. In particular, the new feature allows publishers to add comments to their homepages and ‘top news’ sections, which often feature… Read More

  • Echo Launches Eye Catching Real-Time Recent Comments Widget

    Echo, the real-time comment engine formerly known as JS-Kit, has launched a new real-time recent comments widget that allows publishers to embed a stream of their users’ latest comments and tweets on their homepage and alongside articles. The widget can display comments left anywhere on the publisher’s site, or they can elect to only show comments from a certain subsection. Read More

  • Livefyre Aims To Put Out The Comment Troll Problem; Gets Funding To Do So

    Livefyre Aims To Put Out The Comment Troll Problem; Gets Funding To Do So

    Commenting on the web is broken. Visit just about any site large enough on the Internet and you’ll notice it. Sure, there are useful comments every once in a while, but there are more comments that are either jokes, stupid, or just downright cruel. Considering the web is supposed to be this great medium for interaction, this is a problem. It’s one LiveFyre now thinks they can… Read More

  • Slate, Time, WashPo And Other Big-Name Publishers Add The Echo Comment Platform

    Back in December, we covered the rebranding of the startup previously known as JS-Kit, which has now assumed the name of its flagship product, Echo. Echo is a real-time commenting platform that allows users to log in using a variety of accounts, including Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, and OpenID. After launching last July, by winter the company had signed on partners including… Read More

  • JS-Kit Finally Ditches Its Name, Rebrands As Echo With Some Big Partners In Tow

    Last July, we covered the initial debut of JS-Kit’s Echo, a real-time commenting system.This morning during a media conference call, the CEO Khris Loux announced that in light of the success of the product (and likely because many people haven’t liked the JS-Kit name for years), they are rebranding the entire company as Echo. During the call the company also detailed the first batch… Read More

  • Testing The Reverberations Of ECHO Commenting On TechCrunch

    “We’re here today to announce the death of comments.” That’s what JS-Kit CEO Khris Loux said in his opening remarks at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp earlier this month. He went on to unveil ECHO, JS-Kit’s new take on how conversations should be happening around content on the web. And today, we’re going to try a limited test of this new system on the… Read More

  • Echo Translator Helps You Pick Up The Local Hotties

    I love traveling to other countries but what if I can’t figure out how to say “water sports” in Dutch? Next question: Does anyone travel without their phone anymore? I didn’t think so. I could have used Echo while in Italy or even Puerto Rico. The Echo Translator is a talking translator and phrase builder that is loaded onto your mobile phone or handheld… Read More