Amazon launches a $70 air quality monitor for Alexa

Amazon unloaded a whole slew of new smart home devices back in late September, but a smattering of products are still trickling out ahead of the holidays. Certainly a Smart Air Quality Monitor isn’t as exciting as, say, a giant Echo Show, home robot or even a thermostat, but at least the inherent value in such a product is clear.

The device is designed to measure the air for particulate matter, including carbon monoxide, dust and volatile organic compounds — essentially chemicals in the air that could harm you. There’s also built-in temperature and humidity detection. As the product page notes, the device doesn’t have a built-in microphone or speaker, meaning it relies on a connected Echo device or the Alexa app to send alerts when something is off. So, one fewer microphone in your house. That’s a plus.

The company says the device was the product of user feedback during a testing period, noting:

By making small adjustments like venting rooms more frequently, opening windows while cooking, and opting to turn on air purifiers and humidifiers, testers experienced a noticeable improvement in their overall air quality. With these small adjustments, they also told us they were able to breathe easier in their homes and sleep better throughout the night.

Along with alerts, it also gauges changes over time to the levels it monitors, so users can see how different activities impact these issues. The Smart Air Quality Monitor is up for preorder today and starts shipping next month.