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    The Past, Present And Future Of Connectivity: A Must-See Mini Film

    The Past, Present And Future Of Connectivity: A Must-See Mini Film

    Just landed in our inbox: a link to this excellent documentary on connectivity, sponsored by Ericsson and entitled ‘On The Brink’. Picked up earlier by GigaOm, the 21-minute documentary features folks like David Weinberger, Caterina Fake, Ola Ahlvarsson, SoundCloud co-founder Erik Wahlforss and Wired’s David Rowan, among others. Read More

  • Elephant cinematographers capture magical tiger moments in new BBC documentary

    This is just off the chain. I knew elephants were good painters, but filmmakers? A new BBC series used specially trained elephants to follow a group of tiger cubs and their mother around in a jungle for the duration of their cubhood. I’m not sure if you heard me correctly, they used specially trained elephants. Elephants trained to frame shots and hold their mounted hi-def cameras steady. Read More

  • King of Kong documentary gets DVD release next week

    The King of Kong is a documentary that follows the life and times of Steve Wiebe, a teacher who wants nothing less than to have the world’s highest Donkey Kong score, currently held by Billy Mitchell. It was released to approximately eight movie theaters last year, but will see a DVD release on Tuesday (the 29th). It seems “Internet cool” to me. I bet you can figure out what… Read More

  • BBC Tetris Documentary: Amazing Digg just found this great 60 minute documentary on Tetris. I’d suggest saving this link and heading home for a good viewing because it’s really an amazing documentary. They literally make the story of a simple Russian puzzle game into a fascinating thriller. Way to go, loyal subjects of the Queen. Read More