• Navarrow Wright Talks About Silicon Valley Diversity

    Navarrow Wright: There Is A Diversity Problem In Silicon Valley

    Navarrow Wright, the co-founder of Global Grind and current CTO of InteractIve One, which operates BlackPlanet.com and other sites, came into the TCTV studio to have “the race conversation” with me. “It is a meritocracy at some level,” Wright acknowledges. “I think the challenge is how do you get involved in that ecosystem.” One of the biggest barriers… Read More

  • Rebuttal: Make Room In the Bubble For Everyone

    Rebuttal: Make Room In the Bubble For Everyone

    This weekend, TechCrunch ran a piece by Bindu Reddy bemoaning the fact that when raising money as a CEO of a start-up, someone wanted to invest in her in part because she’s a woman. Bindu stated: “However, they don’t realize that by calling out someone’s gender they make the system less meritocratic.” She quickly went from this point to critiquing quotas, a… Read More

  • A Fix for Discrimination: Follow the Indian Trails

    A Fix for Discrimination: Follow the Indian Trails

    Women, Hispanics and blacks have always been underrepresented in the ranks of the Valley’s tech companies. A new analysis by the Mercury News shows that from 2000 to 2008, the proportion of women tech workers in Silicon Valley dropped from 25.3% to 23.8%, and that the national numbers dropped from 30% to 27.4%. In 2008, blacks and Hispanics constituted only 1.5% and 4.7% respectively… Read More

  • XM, Sirius Cite 'Diversity' To Promote The Proposed Merger

    XM and Sirius are trying to merge (or hadn’t you heard?) but have encountered a lot of resistance in both the government and the press, to say nothing of legions of angry, everyday consumers who are also opposed to it. So the companies bought an advertisement to show just how “diverse” their support is. To see it… Read More