• Be Careful If You Bing Jessica Biel. Wait, What?

    When it comes jumping on new trends in technology, CNN, like most other mainstream media sources is usually fairly slow to act. Sure, they’ve been hyping up Twitter non-stop for the past several months, but that was only after everyone in the tech world had already been talking about it for a long time. But one thing that hasn’t yet caught on in the tech sphere, but apparently has… Read More

  • Grab Some Lunch And Watch MJ's Funeral!

    In case you haven’t gotten enough of the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson since his death last week, grab some lunch and watch his funeral, which is starting right now at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. You can watch it on TV, or on pretty much any video site on the Web. is covering it live with the same Facebook chat integration it used for Obama’s Inauguration. … Read More

  • CNN Loves Twitter, But Doesn't Seem To Always Know How To Use It

    If you’ve tuned your TV to CNN at all over the past week, you’ve probably witnessed a sweeping love affair. I’m not even kidding when I say that I think CNN’s anchors have used the word “Twitter” more than they have uttered “CNN” during that time. And while some people hate that, I think it’s great, because the service is providing a very… Read More

  • John Stewart takes on Twitter and CNN
    Last week Conan poked fun at Twitter. Now Jon Stewart is taking his turn by stating that CNN using Twitter and Facebook constantly is desperation. Is it? Maybe, but it is funny how mainstream media is finally embracing this Social Networking thing and encouraging everyone to use the services – once or twice. Read More

  • Fox News And MySpace Launch uReport (Not To Be Confused With CNN’s iReport)

    FOX News and MySpace are partnering to launch Fox’s citizen journalism social media platform on MySpace, called uReport. MySpace members can share citizen produced content with the MySpace community, as well as have the chance to be featured on FOX News. FOX News and MySpace are both owned by News Corp. FOX News uReport, which is nearly identical to CNN’s citizen journalism… Read More

  • Rumor: Canon tells employees to make babies so that Japan can live

    Japan has a serious demographic problem. It’s already the world’s oldest society (22% of the population are 65 and older) and the birthrate stands at 1.34 (but a birthrate of 2.0 is needed to maintain Japan’s population). So what does Nippon do? Answer 1: The country produces lots of robots to keep up productivity. Answer 2: The economy, in this case Canon, lets employees go… Read More

  • The Day Live Web Video Streaming Failed Us

    Yesterday was supposed to be the day that live Web video streaming took on TV broadcasting. alone served a record 21.3 million streams, with a peak of 1.3 million simultaneous streams. And Akamai reported a peak of 5.4 million simultaneous visitors per minute to the various news sites for which it hosts video, and more than 7 million simultaneous streams. With millions tuning in… Read More

  • Watching The Inauguration With All My Facebook Friends

    There are plenty of places to watch the inauguration today online (see our guide). I’ve been clicking around, and many of the streams are jittery, as you would expect, but I find myself coming back to CNN’s live stream. The video keeps skipping on me, but at least the audio is consistent. Maybe that’s because is serving a record number of live video streams… Read More

  • The TechCrunch Guide To The Inauguration

    Whether you are headed to Washington for the Obama Inauguration or simply want to follow along online, there is no shortage of sites and applications dedicated to the national party on Tuesday, January 20. Of course, every major news site will have videos, photos, and reporting from the event. But the people lining the parade route will also be Twittering, uploading photos, and capturing… Read More

  • CNN's most powerful multi-touch weapon John Oliver learns about CNN’s touch wall the only way he knows how: by running around New York, making love to John King, and exposing CNN’s evil plan to take over the world. All in a days work for The Daily Show. via Giz Read More

  • Video: CNN's 3D hologram looks sorta weird (but that's OK)

    As Señor Arrington alluded to, CNN rolled out its 3D hologram-thing during its election coverage last night. Thirty-five HD cameras are filming the reporter, Jessica Yellin, which then send the images back to producers in New York. The technology was developed by these guys. (CNN’s “Magic Wall,” if you’re interested, was developed by a company called Perceptive… Read More

  • Help me, Wolf Blitzer, you're our only hope

    CNN is cool. In addition to the huge touchscreen “Magic Wall” (which was originally military technology), CNN’s Wolf Blitzer gets to play with Holograms today during their coverage of the presidential elections. CNN’s Jessica Yellin is the guinea pig, appearing virtually with Blitzer. Read more… Read More

  • Forget The Magic Wall. CNN Now Has Holograms

    CNN is cool. In addition to the huge touchscreen “Magic Wall” (which was originally military technology), CNN’s Wolf Blitzer gets to play with Holograms today during their coverage of the presidential elections. CNN’s Jessica Yellin is the guinea pig, appearing virtually with Blitzer. I have no idea why Yellin doesn’t just go to the studio instead of being… Read More

  • CNN to use 3D holograms as part of its election coverage tonight

    In addition to listening to Ron and Fez tonight, you may want to check out CNN even if Fox News is your preferred network. Why is that? Oh, just the fact that they’ll be using 3D holograms to talk to people “in-studio.” It’s just like Star Wars, the movie series that passed its sell-by date some time ago. Says USA Today, the mouthpiece of America’s third grade… Read More

  • Citizen "Journalist" Hits Apple Stock With False (Steve Jobs) Heart Attack Rumor

    Apple’s stock took a temporary 10-point hit this morning after a false report surfaced on CNN’s iReport that Steve Jobs had a heart attack. The report has been removed, but only after Silicon Alley Insider and others confirmed with Apple that Jobs did not have a heart attack. And the stock jumped right back up to its opening levels. Was this just a short seller trying to make a… Read More

  • If you care, CNN is broadcasting the entire DNC in HD

    The boob tube has been squawking lately about some big political event next week in Denver. If you plan on tuning in, Multichannel News is reporting that CNN plans on broadcasting the entire shebang in high-def. Apparently, the outfit splurged on new cameras and related gear for the event. You would think that this gathering was important or something.  Multichannel News via TVP Read More

  • Google Tops Website Customer Satisfaction Index

    The University of Michigan’s quarterly customer satisfaction index came out today, and in the Website category Google came out on top with a score of 86 out of 100 (up 10 percent from last year). Yahoo slipped 3 percent to a score of 77. MSN’s score was flat at 75, and tied with and AOL came in at 69, and that is 3 percent better than last year. Here… Read More

  • Want an EV car? Build one yourself.

    You don’t need a $40,000 Chevy Volt to be part of the green crowd. Just convert your current vehicle from gasoline to electric. It might cost you more than the car is worth, but you won’t be sending your bucks overseas.  CNN is showcasing two fellas that did just that. One with a Honda Civic del Sol and the other with a Chevy S-10. Both are now electric and both were converted… Read More

  • Adds Mixx To Its Mix Of Bookmarking Buttons

    Digg competitor Mixx landed another big distribution deal. will be adding a “Mixx It” button after every article on the site. This will be right next to the “e-mail” and “share” buttons. Last March, the Mixx bookmark button was adopted by the New York Times, but only as one of many options. Similarly, when readers click on the… Read More

  • CNN's hackable headline T-shirt web app

    This is a great little fun hack. CNN is now selling T-shirts of your favorite headlines. We’re not sure why, they just are. The fun part is you can change the URL to say anything you want, making for many hilarious possibilities. Take, for example, this headline I made up: “John Biggs Eats Twigs; Pope Condemns.” It’s totally fake! I made that up! The Pope has never… Read More