• Cablevision can go ahead with its network DVR

    Cablevision, a regional cable provider found primarily in New York, can go ahead with its network DVR, a U.S. court has ruled. Several entertainment studios had said that the DVR, which remotely stores content on Cablevision’s servers rather than a local hard drive, violates their copyright. No idea why they’d think this, but we all know the studios are allergic to new… Read More

  • Cablevision to roll out Wi-Fi broadband in NY area

    Cablevision, a regional ISP here in the north-east, will roll outwireless broadband coverage over the next two years. Unlike Comcast and Time Warner’s similar Clearwire venture, which uses WiMax, Cablevision’s uses Wi-Fi. Wonderful. The good news for current Cablevision subscribers is that the service will be free when it launches; non-subscribers will be able to get the Wi-Fi… Read More

  • Video: Cablevision stereotypes Hispanics in order to sell them Triple Play package

    This commercial for Cablevision’s “Triple Play” (cable TV, broadband and VoIP) offends me. It offends me not because it belittles my proud (?) heritage, but because it doesn’t go far enough in making Hispanics look like shiftless, VoIP-loving, beach-going, party-throwing, tiny-car-driving maniacs. (Have you been to Queens lately? Not too far off the mark.) I mean, I… Read More

  • Project Canoe: Cable Companies Paddle to Catch Up To Google in Targeted TV Ads

    Whenever cable companies feel threatened, they form a joint venture. The latest is called Project Canoe, an effort by all six major cable companies in the U.S. to deliver targeted TV ads to viewers through their set-top boxes. The NYT reports: Collectively, the cable companies will initially put about $150 million behind the effort in order to build a national service that can sell… Read More

  • Cablevision sez: People don't know jack about HDTV so let's treat them like complete idiots

    Rather than go to bed at a respectable hour, I was awake well into the night just a few hours ago, scrolling through my many channels of utter garbage. Then I landed on some “here’s what this guy has to say” testimonial about HDTV. Judging by this infomercial—one for Cablevision’s iO, which is odd since I’m a wonderfully happy Time Warner… Read More

  • Cablevision to Add 500 High-Def Channels By End of Year

    Being a Cablevision subscriber, the news that the company will be able to offer more than 500 high-definition channels by the end of the year should make me happy. At least that’s what the company said yesterday, and that it will add 15 new high-def channels by next week, bringing its total to 40. Is this announcement in response to pressure from rival telecos like Verizon and Comcast? Read More

  • Greedy Media Companies Sue Network DVR Concept Into Oblivion

    A lawsuit filed by a bunch of faceless, money grubbing entertainment companies has killed the network DVR before it even made its debut. New York’s Cablevision had wanted to introduce a digital video recorder that, instead of locally storing content on a hard drive, would store everything on Cablevision’s servers somewhere out there. The complaining companies, which include… Read More