Cablevision to offer fastest broadband speed in America: 101 megabits per second down, 15 megabits per second up


Never have I been happier to be a Cablevision subscriber. The New York area company will offer the fastest broadband in the United States starting next month (May 11). Top speed is said to be 101 megabits per second downsteam, and 15 megabits per second upstream. My [private high-def BitTorrent site whose name I’ve removed] account is jumping for joy.

Cablevision will be able to attain such speeds using Docsis 3 technology, something I won’t even pretend to understand on a technical level. All I, and you, need to know is that for $99 a month you’ll be the lowest ping bastard this side of Some Place Where They Have Faster Broadband.

To compare, Verizon’s FiOS speeds top out 50 megabits per second down.

So long as Cablevision doesn’t cap bandwisdth—yes, I will max out the connection instantly—I’m going to be a very happy boy very soon.