• Apple movie rentals rumors intensify, five studios said to be on board

    [photopress:macworldrentals.jpg,full,center] The rumors suggesting Apple would begin renting videos on iTunes appear to be true. Bloomberg today cites “people familiar with the agreements” in a report that claims Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, Disney and Lions Gate have all signed up to be part of the new service. To be announced on January 15, likely during Steve Jobs’… Read More

  • Apple forced to drop UK iTunes prices

    The UK’s greatest music export Facing a lawsuit, Apple said today it will lower prices of UK iTunes downloads, bringing them in line with prices found on the Continent. The European Commission, the European Union’s executive branch, had been investigating whether or not Apple’s policy of charging the equivalent of €1.05 per song in… Read More

  • Family GuyDVD with iTunes-compatible video files shipping

    [photopress:familyguyh264dvd.jpg,full,center] Fox is now releasing DVDs that include iTunes-compatable H.264 video files, as was rumored last month. The first such DVD, the “Blue Harvest” Family Guy episode, isn’t scheduled to ship until next week, but several copies have already made their way into fans’ hands. (Amazon lists it for $16.09, so there doesn’t appear… Read More

  • Apple updates Mac Pro, Xserve: Penryn processors

    [photopress:08mp_display.jpg,full,center] A prelude of things to come next week at MacWorld? Apple speed bumped the Mac Pro and Xserve today; both now use Intel’s recently-released Penryn processor. The revised Mac Pro, what every little Mac Head wish he had the money for, has: – two 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors with dual-independent 1600 MHz front side buses;
    –… Read More

  • Video: 'Get a Mac,' now referee-approved

    Here’s Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” ad, which comes only a few weeks after its Christmas-themed one. This one uses sports to parlay the fact that the Wall Street Journal called Leopard “better” and “faster” than Vista. I wonder if next week’s MacWorld will give unto us yet another one of these ads? Get a Mac [Apple via Mac Rumors Read More

  • Microsoft Takes Another Page From Apple With Windows Mobile 7

    Microsoft Takes Another Page From Apple With Windows Mobile 7

    Apparently, Microsoft has no shame when it comes to borrowing Apple’s best ideas. This time, though, it’s in mobile phones. It looks like Microsoft is going to push a touch-screen interface in a big way. Screen shots and specs of the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7, are being leaked. WinMo 7 appears to support a gesture interface… Read More

  • New Year's Tech Resolutions

    New Year's Tech Resolutions

    Okay, I know, I’m late with these, but coming up with New Year’s resolutions is tough. And isn’t there a one-week grace period anyway? Rather than do predictions, I thought I’d offer up some resolutions—things I’d like to see happen this year. These aren’t my resolutions. These are resolutions that tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and… Read More

  • Ding, Dong, The Music DRM Witch Is Dead

    Ding, Dong, The Music DRM Witch Is Dead

    Sony BMG, the company that championed DRM music through rootkits is about to drop DRM, according to a report by Businessweek. Sony BMG will become the last of the big four record companies to offer music without the handicap of digital rights management, effectively putting the final nail into the music DRM coffin. Justin Timberlake’s latest song is expected to be the first release by… Read More

  • Wow: Sub-Macbook + iMac thing is just plain interesting

    Wow: Sub-Macbook + iMac thing is just plain interesting

    It’s not a docking station, really. It’s an external monitor and hub that happens to fit a super-small sub-Macbook computer, just like the one we’ve been hearing about that should hit during Macworld in a week and a half. Giz dug up the specs on the US Patent Office website, and it looks pretty amazing, and it looks pretty real. But it’s not totally from out of left field. Read More

  • Patent filing shows Apple working on Optimus-like OLED keyboard

    Patent filing shows Apple working on Optimus-like OLED keyboard

    If you’ve spent any amount of time on tech sites like this one, you’ve surely heard of the Optimus keyboard. It uses OLEDs in place of “regular” keys. One minute a key open Safari the next it open Photoshop. Like the picture! According to a recent patent filed last March (but only revealed recently), Apple is working on a keyboard just like the Optimus. Maybe with… Read More

  • Coming soon to iPhone: Copy and Paste

    Coming soon to iPhone: Copy and Paste

    The iPhone will soon join us in the 20th century by offering cut and paste. Sources at MacScoop are saying that the new firmware will offer copy and paste functionality as well as faux-GPS, the ability to send mass SMSs, and a multi-page home screen. Next iPhone software update to allow copy-paste [MacScoop] Read More

  • Rumor: Macs to ship with Blu-ray support

    Rumor: Macs to ship with Blu-ray support

    Macworld 2008 is shaping up to be the hottest ticket this month. Quite possibly rivaling CES for press coverage. Why? Besides the announcement of a sub-notebook and/or multi-touch notebook, iTunes movie rentals, and HD video editing software we may see a shift in the format wars. Apple has remained quiet on the subject in terms of hardware by not picking one side of the other to support, though… Read More

  • Dubious Rumor Alert: Apple is not starting a record label with Jay-Z

    Dubious Rumor Alert: Apple is not starting a record label with Jay-Z

    We like BGR as much as the next blog, but we’re calling horse hockey on the Boy’s rumor that Jay-Z is starting a new label for Apple. While we’re sure there’s a nugget of truth to this, Jobs would be shooting himself in the foot if he started an Apple-branded label. Let’s break down why this is kinda goofy. Read More

  • The Apple Keynote Index Fund

    The Apple Keynote Index Fund

    Ever wish your parents invested in IBM way back when it was still hot? Well here’s a way to make some quick and easy money in tech without having to rent out your body. If you buy Apple stock (MSFT… OK… APPL) the day before the MacWorld keynote (this year it’s on January 15th at 9am) and sell it 48 hours later, you’re almost guaranteed a small win. This… Read More

  • Microsoft Office 2008 for OS X: Looks good

    Microsoft Office 2008 for OS X: Looks good

    First previews of Office 2008 are sneaking out of Redmond today with some great looking screenshots of everyone’s favorite office suite — after the ink pen and notebook, obviously. I’ve tried a number of competing suites, including Pages and Numbers from Apple, and I keep coming back to Word and Excel. It seems they’ve pulled out the Visual Basic scripting and stuck in… Read More

  • New Apple notebook spotted, we told you so

    New Apple notebook spotted, we told you so

    The above photo may be the work of a PS junkie or it may just be the real thing. In any case, the rumor mill is abuzz surrounding Macworld. This time around it’s all coming back to the purported multi-touch trackpad we told you about during the summer. Sure our sources duped us by saying it’d be out in October, but it’s better late then never. There’s also some talk… Read More

  • CG Greats: The things we couldn't live without last year

    CG Greats: The things we couldn't live without last year

    I’m hung over and I’m really sleepy, so I’ll keep this short. 2007 was a fairly dead year for gadgets. The real 8 million pound gorilla this year was the iPhone, and that’s why it leads the pack this year as our top ten gadgets of 2007. Feel free to add your own picks in the comments but let’s get started, shall we. I’ll try drink some Gatorade and… Read More

  • Who Is The Openest Of Them All?

    Who Is The Openest Of Them All?

    If there is one thing I noticed this past year, it is that companies seem to be tripping over themselves more than ever before to claim the mantle of openness. Openness is now a marketing mantra. Facebook kicked things off in May by opening up its social network to outside developers through a comprehensive set of APIs. Google responded by trying to “out open” Facebook with… Read More

  • Sprint updates drivers for Mac OS X

    Sprint updates drivers for Mac OS X

    I sure hope this works because I haven’t been able to use one of my Sprint dongles for months. Sprint has updated their drivers for Novatel EV-DO Rev. A devices (S720, U720, EX720 and U727) to play nice with Leopard and its WWAN framework. Sprint is even allowing your dongles to be used as GPS devices free of charge. High five, Sprint. Version 2.0 is a hefty 12MB and I hope it’s… Read More

  • iPod Touch does VoIP

    There you have it, the first VoIP call made on the Touch. Software should be out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for our very own hands on video. Read More