• Keynote Recap: What Apple did today

    Keynote Recap: What Apple did today

    Well, the Stevenote’s over and we got a new laptop, a wireless hard drive, and an iPhone update. Oh yeah — iTunes movie rentals. Individually each of these announcements aren’t very exciting. The Air looks pretty cool but it doesn’t have a removable battery. The iPhone update upsets the true fanbois because it’s not unlockable even after hackers laid hands on… Read More

  • Air: The Only Thing Left In Your Wallet After You Buy Apple's New Laptop

    Air: The Only Thing Left In Your Wallet After You Buy Apple's New Laptop

    Steve Jobs announced Apple’s entry into the ultra-mobile laptop market, the Macbook Air during his keynote at the Macworld Expo today. It’s an amazing machine that I got to play with this afternoon (photos below) so I’ll get the fanboy stuff out of the way. Air is an apt name, because its 3 pounds (1.36kg) and thinner than my iPhone in its (somewhat bulky) case. The tech… Read More

  • Told you so…

    Told you so…

    Josh just pointed out his original post on the Air. This was back in June, people. Trust us. We’re professionals. Back on June 20, I reported that there’d be new, slimmer MacBooks coming in October that along with being made from new materials would also feature some “speeds and feeds” updates to the internal components. Today, another “trusted source” told… Read More

  • Apple's Remote Disc feature: What's the deal?

    Apple's Remote Disc feature: What's the deal?

    If you’re like me, you might have felt that Jobsy glossed over the Remote Disc feature while talking about the new MacBook Air. “It’s like having a drive in your MacBook except there’s no drive! Boom! Time to move onto the next item. Boom! Bam!” Whoa-ho-hold it. How does it actually work? The silver-tongued Matt Hickey was able to pry some more info out of one… Read More

  • iTunes Movie Rentals almost made me stop pirating. Almost.

    [photopress:movierentalsalmost_1.jpg,full,center] They were this close from getting me to stop pirating movies. Next year, maybe. The just announced iTunes Movie Rentals isn’t a bad deal at all. For $3.99, you can download standard-def “new releases” (more on that in a moment) and watch them on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod, and whatever else in the iTunes family. Older releases… Read More

  • MacBook Air, Sony VAIO TZ150 feature comparison

    MacBook Air, Sony VAIO TZ150 feature comparison

    So while getting set to unveil the new MacBook Air, Steve-o made a rough comparison to the Sony VAIO TZ series of notebook computers. Let’s take a look at the cheapest model, the VGN-TZ150N/B and see how it and the new MacBook Air really stack up. Read More

  • Why is Apple charging $1,300 more for the solid state-based MacBook Air?

    [photopress:mbaexpen.jpg,full,center] Is a 64GB solid state (flash) drive and 200 megahertz worth $1,300? Apple must think it is, given the pricing for the MacBook Air. The Apple Store is going up and down as I write this, but I managed to grab a screen shot of the two stock prices for the MacBook Air. $1,799 gets you the base model, with its 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 80GB hard disk drive… Read More

  • Apple begins charging for iPod Touch apps

    [photopress:touchappss.jpg,full,center] Possibly lost in the shuffle of today’s other announcements, Apple will charge $19.99 for the five new iPod Touch applications, or $4 per application. The software update, which is downloadable via iTunes, adds Maps, Mail, Weather, Notes and Stocks to the Touch. Who doesn’t love being nickel and dimed? January Software Update [Apple]… Read More

  • Apple's stock dives during Macworld keynote

    [photopress:apple_stock_chart_115.png,full,center] It looks like Wall Street isn’t too impressed with what Steve Jobs has showed off today. Apple’s stock is down some 8 percent today, trading at $170.41. What’s up, Wall Street? I mean, I have my own reasons why I’m disappointed with the announcements, but I’d like to know what The Street’s problem… Read More

  • Why Apple's Time Capsule is good but Time Machine is still weak

    Why Apple's Time Capsule is good but Time Machine is still weak

    I’ve never liked the idea of Time Machine – I back up the things that are important to me on my own schedule, and I know where it all is and how it works. Time Machine strikes me as a black box that utilizes my CPU and hard drive in a mysterious and inefficient way. Furthermore, laptops are basically left out of the party. Time Capsule is a great solution and while I still… Read More

  • MacBook Air: The world's thinnest notebook

    MacBook Air: The world's thinnest notebook

    [photopress:TEMP_Image_2_4.jpg,full,center] Here she is, the Mac laptop that had us all buzzing these past few weeks, the MacBook Air. What is it, exactly? And what’s with the Air monkier? • She’s really, really thin. Like, 0.16 inches thin at the thinnest point. It fits inside an envelope. I’m staring at my credit card. • It’s got a 13.3-inch widescreen, LED… Read More

  • iTunes Movie Rentals: $3.99 new releases, 24 hour rental period

    The iTunes Movie Rental Store, rumored for so many weeks, is real, as Mr. Jobs just announced. Here’s what’s up. • Every major studio, including Sony, Warner, Paramount and Universal, has signed up. So much for them hating Apple. • New releases hit the Rental Store 30 days after their DVD release. • Rentals last 24 hours, You have 30 days from the time of purchase… Read More

  • Exclusive: Watch The Full Steve Jobs Keynote On CrunchGear

    Exclusive: Watch The Full Steve Jobs Keynote On CrunchGear

    We didn’t have live audio but we did get the full Stevenote video stream, available for your edification over on CrunchGear. Now you too can play the Macworld 2008 Keynote Drinking Game (TM)! Read More

  • Twitter Fails Macworld Keynote Test

    Twitter Fails Macworld Keynote Test

    Many Twitter fans have become very much used to following big events via Twitter, its immediate nature and 140 character limit provides key points of what exactly is going on. Unfortunately for Twitter users, Twitter completely failed during Steve Job’s keynote address at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. From the floor I thought it may have just been my internet connection, but for… Read More

  • The rich get richer: Free iPhone/iPod Touch hotspots

    The rich get richer: Free iPhone/iPod Touch hotspots

    As if specific web sites for iPhone and iPod Touch users weren’t enough, JiWire has announced free Wi-Fi access from over 100,000 locations available only to the aforementioned iPhone and iPod Touch users. In order to glom on to such a network, we’ll be required to first view “a JiWire-supplied advertisement” from companies like HBO and Charles Schwab. When the two… Read More

  • Apple Stock Tanks During Stevenote

    Apple Stock Tanks During Stevenote

    Steve Jobs is giving Wall Street a big yawn. The Stevenote isn’t even over yet, and Apple’s stock is already down $7 $9. The MacBook Air and iTunes Movie Rentals just doesn’t do it for them. Can Steve-O bring the stock back with “One More Thing” at the end? Read More

  • What to expect when you're expecting iPhone firmware 1.1.3 With MacWorld fast approaching, let’s look over what we currently know about iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and what it will mean for us lost souls who are running jailbroken iPhones. We’ll discuss the leaked version of the software and what I’ve gleaned from talking to Andru and Nate True of iBrickr fame and from the rumor and innuendo surrounding today’s keynote&hellip… Read More

  • Steve Jobs Keynote Live From Macworld

    Steve Jobs Keynote Live From Macworld

    Below is the transcript, in reverse chronological order, from the Steve Jobs keynote at the Macworld Expo. Thanks for tuning in! 10:44am: Newman stopped talking, Steve thanked everyone for coming, lots of applause, it’s over. 10:40am: lots of political references and he compares Bush to Ceasar and the Spanish Armada. Very political and Republicans wouldn’t be happy 10:38am: 3… Read More

  • God, I don't ask for much but let this be real someday

    God, I don't ask for much but let this be real someday

    This would be one of those devices that’s so simply ingenious that you can’t believe you didn’t think of it first. A Foleo-esque iPhone/iPod Touch snap-in housing where the face of your device became the trackpad. I want one and although Apple likely won’t be announcing this exact device today, maybe one of you enterprising modders can make it happen. Most of the… Read More

  • MacBook ultraportable details leaked?

    MacBook ultraportable details leaked?

    These are just renderings Wired seems to think they have the scoop on the ultraportable that’s being announced tomorrow from a third party vendor. Said device is made from aluminum and glass and apparently takes the shape of a teardrop when closed. It’s also being widely speculated that it’s going to be completely wireless in terms of connectivity, which would be sweet, but… Read More