• Kinetic Space Framework Allows PCs To Read Dance Moves, Sign Language

    Kinetic Space Framework Allows PCs To Read Dance Moves, Sign Language

    The Kinetic Space project uses almost any type of 3D spatial scanner – including the Xbox Kinect – to register and read gestures. How does it work? Well, first you register your body and then record a set of gestures. The system can read those gestures and trigger events based on the speed and repetition of the gestures. The best part is the granularity: you can even scan hand… Read More

  • Microsoft Releases New Bluetooth Headset And Media Remote For Xbox 360

    Microsoft Releases New Bluetooth Headset And Media Remote For Xbox 360

    The old, white Xbox media remote was often a godsend. Instead of pressing odd buttons on the controller, the media remote let you control Netflix and DVD videos with ease and it was big and unique enough not to get lost. This new media remote, however, looks less like a bar of Dove soap and more like a traditional remote control. Read More

  • Microsoft NUAds: Engage With Xbox Kinect Game Ads Through Voice, Gestures

    Last week, Microsoft filed for an interesting U.S. trademark for ‘NUADS’, describing it as: Advertising services, namely, promoting and marketing the goods and services of others through online interactive video games by enabling consumers to interact with third-party advertising content through voice or body gestures via computer game console and sensor devices. Read More

  • Microsoft Finally Announces Serious Kinect Games For Serious Gamers — Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Even Minecraft

    Alright, finally. Microsoft released the Kinect last year with games that turned out to be to nothing more than virtual parlor games. But today at the company’s E3 2011 presser, they took the wraps off the first round of games that finally seem to be meant for gamers — you know, gamers as in people that enjoy virtual killing and such. The headliner? Oh it must be Star Wars Kinect. Read More

  • The Xbox Slim Laptop Is Ready To Ship

    This one-of-a-kind Xbox “Slim Laptop” is ready to ship if you have $1,600 and a need to play 360 games on the road. Built by a blogger named [Ed], it’s basically a fully-functional Xbox 360 inside a laptop case with 17″ 720p HD screen, multiple outputs, four USB ports, and a built-in power brick. Essentially, except for the controller, this is a self-contained Xbox in a… Read More

  • Hulu Plus Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow And The First Week Is Free

    You’ve waited for it. You’ve prayed for it. You’ve spilled the blood of countless sacrificial chickens for it. And now it’s here: Hulu Plus for Xbox 360. The service is launching tomorrow and you’re basically getting the Hulu interface with which you’re familiar plus a few Kinect add-ons including voice control and gestures. With sufficient bandwidth you… Read More

  • Review: Nyko Intercooler STS For XBox 360

    As a fairly regular player of XBox 360 media (called “video games” by those in the know) I have found that the console often becomes hot enough to melt a DVD placed on top of it resulting in, say, a copy of Mario Kart Wii (another “video game” for a game console called the Wii) that is rendered unusable by said heat. This causes, in turn, our toddlers to melt-down and… Read More

  • Interview With Sony's Head Of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks

    Gamasutra had a good interview with Sony’s head of R&D, Dr. Richard Marks — it’s well worth the read. They talk about how he got his start in high school at a game shop his pop owned playing loads of old school games. He then moved on to study aerospace engineering in college where he found his love for robotics. Something he says is very similar to video gaming. Read More

  • Nyko Releases Intercooler STS Cooling System For Xbox 360 Slim

    We haven’t heard about too many heat issues with the new slim Xbox 360, but for those who run the console 24/7 it may be worth looking into a cooling system. Nyko just recently announced their Intercooler STS system made exclusively for the slim Xbox. Thankfully, the system is smart and only runs when it needs to, keeping noise levels down. Power comes from USB and it looks like the… Read More

  • Microsoft Job Listing Points To New Xbox In Development

    The first hints of a next-generation Xbox have appeared online, and it’s about darn time. A listing on the LinkedIn social network—for those unfamiliar of LinkedIn, it’s sorta like Facebook but primarily used to maintain professional contacts—shows that Microsoft is looking to fill several positions related to “next-generation console architectures from… Read More

  • A New Xbox/Mad Catz Branded Wireless Headset On The Way?

    If you’ve ever wanted a different Xbox wireless headset other than the offering from Microsoft, you’ve been out of luck. You see, Microsoft uses proprietary wireless to connect to their headsets, which means no one else is getting a piece of that pie. While that’s nice and all for Microsoft, it hasn’t really offered much for people wanting something more. That… Read More

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