• The Peek 9 Launches Tomorrow If You Care Or Not

    Peek sent out an email today announcing that a new Peek will be announced tomorrow. A bit needy, sure, but I’ll bite because they got my attention with this line, “It’s called Peek 9 and it is a major step forward — cheaper, simpler, and faster than ever.” Cheaper, simpler, and faster than the current Peeks? Nice. If that statement isn’t marketing bull, the… Read More

  • Peek 9 Is Real, No One Knows What It Is

    Big news for people who use Peek devices, although they probably don’t read CrunchGear. There’s a new device being launched tomorrow, with a MSRP of $69.99. Of course, we have no idea what the device does, but we’ll update this story when we know more. They wouldn’t even let us peek at it, but CEO Amol Sarva did confirm that there is a device coming, he just… Read More

  • Latest Peek firmware opens huge security hole and sends SMS, Twitter feeds to the wrong users UPDATE

    Peek might have a serious problem on its hands. There are widespread reports of users not getting their messages either in a timely manner or at all. Even worse, there are more than a few users stating they are getting other people’s emails, Twitter feeds, and text messages. Peek was originally supposed to be a dead simple email-only handheld device — a smartphone alternative, really. Read More

  • Peek's Project Big Stuff revealed as software update

    Well this is boring. At least it sounds boring. Peek announced a few weeks back that the company was working on some big stuff. Like, legitimately big stuff. Now we hear by way of the WSJ that this so-called Project Big Stuff is just a software update. It better be a damn big software update to keep our attention. Read More

  • Peek gets into the spirit and releases BuzzPeek

    They did say that the company was working on “big stuff” but we didn’t think it would be this big. Buzz is after all everyone’s favorite social networking communication sharing thing they don’t understand. BuzzPeek is dead easy to use. There’s no setup required — just turn it on and you’ll automatically be opted in to everything. BuzzPeek… Read More

  • Peek has some "big stuff" in the works even though it's short on cash

    “Big stuff that will blow away folks. Not just an awesome “Peek for Life” promo. But really, truly big stuff. So stay tuned for Project Big Stuff.” That’s a direct quote from Peek’s official blog after stating flat out the company is short on cash even though they make a decent amount of revenue. Of course Peek could probably raise a bit more if… Read More

  • The Peek email device launches in India

    Get ready, India. The email-only Peek device will soon be riding on Aircell’s airwaves within your boarders and available for purchase in 1,000 different retail spots. It’s actually quite affordable too with a retail cost of Rs.2999 for the handheld and Rs.299 for the monthly service charge. That works out to be $65 USD and $6 USD, respectively. Interested? There’s a spiffy… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Peek Pronto 50% off for 24 hours thanks to BlackBerry outage

    In an effort to appeal to the nerd rage caused by the recent BlackBerry outage, Peek is offering 50% off the Peek Pronto for the next 24 hours. Use discount code BBOUTAGE5 at checkout. Full e-mail from Peek with more details below: Read More

  • Fon To Distribute Peek In Europe For €99 A Pop

    Simple communication gadget Peek is making its way to Europe, courtesy of Spain-based Fon, whose founder and CEO Martin Varsavsky is making the announcement later today at the Le Web conference here in Paris. Prior to his stage appearance, Varsavsky shared the details of the distribution partnership on his widely read blog. The price of the PeekFon will be €99, and the service will cost… Read More

  • Peek Email Device May Find Life In Europe: The PeekFON

    The U.S. press hasn’t been particularly kind to the Peek email device. It isn’t that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – email. The issue is more that people already have their phones to do this, and those phones can also deal with images, links to websites, etc. But the Peek may just be the perfect device for Europe, and Spain’s FON is going to take a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Peek e-mail device with $10 monthly service (today only)

    Now might be a good time to lock in one of these Peek devices if you’ve subscribed to the idea of mobile e-mail and texting without the cost and complexity of an entire smartphone. Today only, Peek is offering $10 monthly service for the lifetime of the device. Read More

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