Knotable Hits iOS So You Can Share Notes Even On A Boat

Sharing notes across the Internet is a surprisingly tough thing to pull off. The big guys like Google can do it, but there are very few streamlined collaboration systems available that work with multiple platforms and with multiple users.

Knotable is changing that. Their first app, an inbox system, hasn’t moved far off the block but their latest projects are doing surprisingly well. Their Chrome extension, Clip, let’s you nab stuff to your “Knotepads” and now you can use the app on iOs and Chrome to connect users.

Founder Amol Sarva – the guy who invented the Peek – has seen 200 percent monthly growth since June and hey are seeing 10,000 per day.

Users of tools like Trello and Google Docs will see immediate comparisons in Knotable but Sarva sees his solution as “notes for teamwork.”

“We wanted to make a better way to keep people on the same page,” he said. “When everyone on the team is working in different places, different times, different topics…the solution isn’t an infinite conference call or hangout or chat stream. A better solution is places to park and develop your thoughts where others can see and add-on.”

Note sharing is a crowded space but a focus of purpose and availability on multiple platforms is key to success. While Knotable isn’t quite as popular as Evernote and the others it’s a fun way to share notes with friends, neighbors, enemies and farmers.