• Apple tablet is real, on its way

    I suppose the previous rumors of a new Apple Newton tablet were true considering Asus has now confirmed they’re ‘helping Apple build a Tablet PC’. There’s no word on when or how far along the tablet is, but we do know that it will be built from scratch instead of using an existing platform from Asus. I think it’s safe to assume that multi-touch will be all over… Read More

  • Saving gadgets from the garbage dump and creating art

    If it were up to me, I’d take all of my non-functioning gadgets, excluding my iMac, which I’m about to dump into Long Island Sound (Leopard eats it, I swear), and put them on a boat. Then I’d take this boat out into the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Then I’d sink the boat halfway. Then I’d cover the water with oil and light it on fire. But not everyone wants to… Read More

  • Phase: almost Guitar Hero on your iPod

    Apple released iTunes 7.5 yesterday and one of the prominent new features is Phase, a game for the 5G, nano and classic. Developed by Harmonix/MTV, the game is essentially Guitar Hero for your iPod. That makes sense seeing as though Harmonix developed GH as well as the upcoming Rock Band. Rather than using a mini guitar (and looking like a fool), however, you control the game with the… Read More

  • Apple Working on Tablet?

    One of Apple’s contract manufacturers, Asus, is working on a Mac tablet, according to the Crave blog. It is not clear if this is going to be a major product, when it will be available, or whether this is just a prototype for now. I love the idea of a tablet computer, but the market has not been going crazy for Windows-based tablet PCs, which are pretty slick. It will remain a niche… Read More

  • Kooaba gives your mobile phone object identification

    Kooaba (pronounced exactly how it sounds- I think), works like a search engine to provide your mobile phone digital information using image/object recognition. Confused? Don’t be. The process is simple: You take a picture using your cell phone’s camera. You upload the picture to Kooaba via MMS, Email or provided client-side application. Kooaba then recognizes the picture and sends… Read More

  • YouMail Receives $4.5 Million from VantagePoint Venture

    YouMail, a company that provides free cell phone voicemail service, raised $4.5 million from VantagePoint Venture Partners. VantagePoint is a Firm that invests in entrepreneurial companies at all stages of development in the CleanTech, HealthCare and Information Technology sectors. Craig Cooper, a venture partner at VantagePoint, will join the YouMail Board of Directors. Mr. Cooper is a… Read More

  • Meet Potential Lovers Over a Drink with CrazyBlindDate

    Sex and spontaneity are the two magic ingredients for a new startup called CrazyBlindDate, which launches today in Boston, New York City, and San Francisco after beta testing in Austin, Texas for over a month. The idea behind CrazyBlindDate is to bring the scheme of blind dating to the web. Sign up, answer some personal questions (age, height, body type, what type of date you’re looking… Read More

  • NY Times Headline Says It All: "More Readers Trading Newspapers for Web Sites"

    Readership of newspapers has continued to decline in the United States as more readers turn to online sources for news, according to the NY Times. The Audit Bureau of Circulations figures show that newspaper readership dropped 3% compared with the year before. Some newspapers fared better than others, with the US Today recording a 1% increase in circulation, along with the LA Times 0.5% and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bathroom Interruption Edition

    Cellphone jammers are a godsend, but they’re also illegal
    How much do you love your cellphone? More than this girl?
    Halo and the terrorist mind-set
    The horrible monster head murderer thing
    Tesla coil Super Mario Brothers theme: Don’t tase me, Wario Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Introducing The 2007 Crunchies

    I am very happy to announce the first (of many, hopefully) annual Crunchies, a year-end startup competition and award ceremony/party that we are coordinating with three other blog networks – GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb and Venturebeat (click on the links to see their coverage). More details will be coming soon, but the idea is to let the community decide who to nominate, and who wins, in a… Read More

  • HiveLive's Social Networking Platform Puts Users in Control

    I’ve covered a lot of white label social networking platforms in my fairly short time here at TechCrunch (see here and here). So when I initially heard of a new platform called HiveLive, which launched Monday at the DeFrag Show in Denver, I expected to see much of the same features that are available elsewhere. In large part, my expectations were realized – HiveLive is a platform… Read More

  • Time Is Money: Calculate The Real Cost Of Those Corporate Meetings

    Ever been caught in a meeting you thought was a waste of time and money? Well, PayScale has created a little program that lets you put a number on exactly how much those meetings are costing your company. The program, called Meeting Miser, calculates the a meeting’s cost down to the cents per minute. Meeting cost calculators are nothing new, but Meeting Miser incorporates real salary… Read More

  • Alibaba.com Shares Trade At 160%+190%+ Premium In First Days Trading

    The IPO of Alibaba.com hit the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Tuesday (local time) with a big increase over its initial offering price. Alibaba.com is a spinoff from the Alibaba Group, the company that owns Alipay, Taobao.com and Yahoo China and is 40% owned by Yahoo. Applications for shares in the IPO were 256x the amount of stock available, 858.9 million shares or 17% of the company. The IPO price… Read More

  • OpenSocial Hacked Again

    The same person who hacked the RockYou OpenSocial application on Plaxo just 45 minutes after it was publicly released is at it again. This time, he claims to have easily accessed the iLike application on Ning. Specifically, he says he can add and remove songs on users’ playlists. And more damaging, he can also access a user’s friends list in the client-side code. Give him a… Read More

  • Joost To Have Chat Via Meebo

    New online video startup Joost may have been somewhat overshadowed by Hulu news the last month or so, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared entirely. Tonight they’ve announced a very cool new feature to the service – instant messaging, via Meebo. Integration for now is via Joost widgets. Over time the feature will likely transitioned into a more direct… Read More

  • Get A Free Ticket To NewTeeVee Live Conference, Nov. 14

    I’m not speaking at it, and we’re not making any money from it, but I’m definitely going to be attending the NewTeeVee Live Conference in San Francisco on Nov. 14. If you are in the video space, you need to be there too. It is one of the last conferences I’ll be attending in 2007. See Om Malik’s post this evening announcing new speakers.The full agenda is here. Read More

  • SNL remakes iFone commercial

    http://teamsugar.com/v/762522 Notice anything different about the iFones interface? Iphone spoof from SNL – Fred Armisen [Team Sugar] Read More

  • Listen To Ads, Earn Minutes On Jajah

    Ad supported telephony has been a bit of a hot topic in telephony. Jingle Networks plans on ads supporting for Free 411. Virgin launched an ad supported phone service last year. Blyk and ThePudding are two new startups that recently launched their own phone-based ad solutions. Now VOIP provider Jajah is also offering the ad-option to earn free telephony. Eventually, they hope to bring the model… Read More

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