• Fynanz: How Students Spell Peer-to-Peer Loans

    There is a new way to spell peer-to-peer lending: Fynanz. While you or I might not entrust the financing of our college education to a company that cannot spell, the txt-happy generation might go for it. And if they can find college loans at lower rates than at a bank, who cares? Fynanz launched quietly on Monday. It wants to apply the peer-to-peer lending model (see Prosper, Zopa, Lending… Read More

  • Airwave Auction Ends, Winners Remain Unknown

    The U.S. government auction of wireless airwaves ended yesterday raising a record $19.59 billion, but winners of the valuable spectrum were not immediately identified. The winners of the hundreds of licenses are expected to be announced within days. Analysts believe Verizon Wireless is the most likely winner of a nationwide piece of the airwaves called the “C” block that attracted… Read More

  • The Semantic Hacker One-Million Dollar Challenge

    Semantic startups and projects are hot right now. (See Radar Networks, Freebase, Blue Organizer, Hakia, even Yahoo). But what do you do if you are a little-known technology company in Rochester, New York with a powerful semantic-analysis engine on your hands that you want to turn into new businesses? You offer a $1 million prize to anyone who can come up with the most profitable application… Read More

  • Google Declares Era of Mobile Internet is at Hand

    In recent months, Google has seen an acceleration of activity among mobile phone users. The company said this is evidence that the era of mobile Internet is at hand. Google has seen sharp increases in mobile Internet usage spurred by services Google has offered on BlackBerry, Nokia and iPhone devices. “We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage,”… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Kick 'Em When They're Down Edition

    Rollei updates MiniDigi
    Save the MacBook Air or the face? Charlie Rose decides
    I Found Your Camera helps locate, return digital cameras, memory cards
    Video: The Stunning Camera will shock you, your family, your friends
    Soon, we may be able to regrow limbs like salamanders Read More

  • More Bloggers Raising Money. Here Come The Politics. And Here Comes My Rant.

    More blogs are raising venture capital, we’re hearing from people they’ve pitched. Newcomer Silicon Alley Insider is looking for a $3 – $5 million round, if reports are correct. And PaidContent is pitching for a second round in that same range (PaidContent raised a round of “less than $1 million” in 2006). We’re also hearing that PaidContent is trying to… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. ryan on CG and Proporta’s Hot or Not Entrants I knew canines (dogs with glowing eyes rule) read CG, but girls do too? Piers on Ron Jeremy lashes out at streaming porn sites He’s currently doing a tour of student unions over here… Read More

  • Tracking Web 2.0

    There’s been much discussion lately around ways to follow and keep up with friends and the latest news in the tech world. There are plenty of new startups looking to make life easier; many have merit, but here’s a few tips to help you know what’s going on. A Good FeedReader Many consider that understanding and subscribing to feeds is a given, but the reality is that terms… Read More

  • Apple compensates iTunes customers whose shows got cancelled

    A lot of shows had their seasons cut short during the writers strike. Apple is giving those customers who stuck with their iTunes subscriptions an attaboy by crediting them for however many episodes got nixed. So if your favorite show got shortened by, say, six episodes, then six free episodes off iTunes is what you’ll get. You one of the lucky ones whose show survived intact? Apple… Read More

  • New iTunes updates might bring unlimited music subscriptions?

    [photopress:itunes8.png,full,center] It’s odd. Steve Jobs has said “no” to the idea of iTunes music subscriptions time and time again, but the rumors never die. Now the Financial Times is reporting the wheels are again turning to grant all-you-can-download music for a monthly subscription to users. There would be a likely premium on hardware or a start-up cost, but with… Read More

  • Odeo Acquires BlogDigger

    Odeo has acquired blog search engine BlogDigger for an undisclosed sum. BlogDigger launched in 2003 as a competitor to the then dominant Technorati, and launched a locally focused search facility in 2005. The site offers standard blog search, and unlike Technorati has constantly focused on its core product. For the new Odeo (formerly SonicMountain) this is their second acquisition in just over… Read More

  • Adobe Forging Ahead with Flash for the iPhone Despite Jobs' Remarks

    Engadget is reporting that Adobe plans to build Flash into the iPhone with the newly released SDK, even though Steve Jobs declared less than two weeks ago that the technology wasn’t ready for the device. So what about all that fuss Jobs made about needing another version of Flash that was more capable than the mobile version but less power hungry than the desktop one? Well, I guess… Read More

  • How GeoSign Blew $160 Million

    Canadian company GeoSign took $160 million in funding in March 2007 in what Nick then described as “one of the largest private equity financings for an Internet company in recent history.” The company seemingly had it all, yet the whole company came crashing down in weeks due to a policy change from Google. GeoSigns dirty secret was that their success was tied to click arbitrage… Read More

  • Samsung bumps P2 up to 16GB

    Samsung’s YP-P2 PMP is finally getting a much needed bump in storage from 8GB to 16GB. I’ve got a 4GB or 8GB P2 somewhere, but being a Mac guy hinders me from using the fancy little guy. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll run Boot Camp because I’d like to watch video once in a while. It’s roughly $350 but we won’t know the exact pricing in the US until they bring it… Read More

  • FanBox Listens To TechCrunch Commenters

    On March 4 we wrote about FanBox being the new Plaxo in that the site regularly spammed users. Further the opt-out process for emails was unduly complicated to the point of being unusable. I was approached by FanBox’s PR firm last week who told me they wanted to line up a meeting with the CEO so they could put their story forward. I naturally presumed that I would be spun but to be… Read More

  • Forget the Movie, Go To A Concert

    As music CD sales plummet and the long term price of recorded music trends towards free, live music will evolve from being a way to market new album releases to quite possibly the primary income stream for most artists – even the big ones. That’s why services like iLike, which determine your favorite music based on your iTunes listening habits and then tell you about upcoming… Read More

  • KidZui: The Kid Safe Browser

    KidZui is an ambitious project, launching tonight, intended not only to make the internet safe for kids (aged 3-12), but to provide a browsing experience that caters to their cognitive powers and surfaces the best juvenile content as well. The concern for children’s safety on the net has been around for years and has usually been addressed with software that attempts to blacklist all… Read More

  • A fuzzy goat manipulation device (I think)

    [photopress:fuzzygoatttt.jpg,full,center] If Joel can’t figure out what this fuzzy goat thing is all about, how can you expect me, Nicholas, to? It sorta reminds me of those old Da Vinci drawings of a helicopter. Nearest I can tell, it’s some sort of [fuzzy] goat manipulation device. Be weary of female goats, however, for “the female of the species is more deadly than the… Read More

  • Soon, we may be able to regrow limbs like salamanders

    [photopress:0_61_071101_newt_limbs.jpg,full,center] You know that neat trick salamanders do, where if you cut off one of their legs they can just grow it back? Scienticians are working on making things work like that for humans. Turns out the human body is actually wired in some ways to heal like that, and strides have been made in stem cell research to have people actually grow back lost… Read More

  • Military going forward with brain-controlled weaponry

    [photopress:augcog_boeing.jpg,full,center] We’ve seen mind-reading game controllers, but the military is still searching for the perfect mind-controlled weapon, and is spending big money to find it. At issue is that different parts of the brain can do the same thing at the same time, so targeting the specific centers is difficult. In addition, some actions require parts of the brain to… Read More

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