• Speakers Selected for CTIA Wireless Educational Sessions

    The speakers for this year’s International CTIA Wireless 2008 Educational Sessions, which takes place in Las Vegas April 1-3, have been chosen. Approximately 175 speakers will lead discussions on this year’s topics. These sessions will address the most important issues facing wireless carriers, mobile device and infrastructure manufactures, content developers, media companies… Read More

  • Magnify.net Raises $1M for Video Discovery, Broadcasting

    New York-based Magnify.net has raised $1M in a Series A round involving Next Stage Capital, New York Angels, Rose Tech Ventures, Active Angel Investors, Ogden Capital, Gideon Gartner, and Chris Anderson. The company is also claiming to have attracted 30,000 publishers and over three million visitors per month. Each publisher on Magnify.net sets up a so-called channel where they can aggregate… Read More

  • Quintura Releases Site-Specific Search Cloud Widget

    Quintura, a site where you can search the internet with the assistance of a keyword cloud, is releasing a widget that brings the same search cloud to individual websites. Site owners can install the widget (shown below) and the search results will come only from their sites, or from a network of sites if they so choose. Search advertisements will show up in the cloud, and proceeds from… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Robot Vs Q*bert Edition

    Robot soldiers pose threat to human life
    Cool concept: ZEN computing, truly multitouch
    Inexpensive biometric door lock
    Hamster powered generator: It’s real
    It’s Wednesday, time to waste your employer’s money Read More

  • Fav.or.it launches beta to the invited crowd

    Fav.or.it, the RSS reader with integrated commenting (a story TCUK broke), has launched its beta, though you’ll still need an invite to get in while they scale up. With Fav.or.it you can make comments on blog posts from within its reader – no need to click into a browser to the original post. Disqus, the distributed commenting system, will be using the fav.or.it API. So if you… Read More

  • It Took 16 Months, But Google Relaunches Jotspot

    Google acquired hosted wiki service Jotspot in October 2006. The service immediately stopped taking new users, although existing users were supported. Now, nearly sixteen months later, Jotspot has been relaunched under the Google Apps team, as Google Sites. Google Sites looks absolutely nothing like Jotspot, other than the fact that both are hosted wikis. All of the structured data… Read More

  • LinkedIn Revamps Design, Adds Status Updates

    Thursday morning LinkedIn will roll out a new site-wide design featuring a tab-less header and a persistent left column with personal, account-related options. LinkedIn is also adding status updates with which users can broadcast their current activities (professional or otherwise) to their connections and/or networks. Just as when the company added portraits, these updates feel like an attempt… Read More

  • Google Docs Gets A Visual Overhaul, Now More Office Like

    Google has quietly updated the look of Google Docs, offering a more Microsoft Office (pre 2007) like interface. First spotted by Philipp Lenssen, the changes aren’t huge, but visually they’re pleasing. Gone is the Google Docs blue background toolbar with its unique layout. In its place is a grey toolbar that will be immediately familiar to users of other offline and online… Read More

  • Quarterlife Might Not Have A Long Life On NBC

    Quarterlife, the made for MySpace TV show that became the first internet show picked up by a TV network has bombed. According to Nielsen Ratings for Tuesday night, Quarterlife managed only 3.86 million viewers for its 10pm debut on NBC, compared to the fan resurrected but short second season of Jericho with 6.9 million viewers and Primetime: What Would You Do Now? with 7.6 million… Read More

  • Akimbo Reinvents Itself Again, Takes More Money

    Online video provider Akimbo has reinvented itself again as a white label video service provider and has taken a new round of funding. Akimbo’s new white label video solution includes an advertising system and “supports multiple business models including ad-supported, transactional, subscription, download-to-own, download-to-burn, pay-per-minute, gift cards and account… Read More

  • NEC's 52- by .7-inch HDTV in droolworthy

    [photopress:LCD5220_NEC1.jpg,full,center] At only .7-inches thick, this 52-inch 1080p HDTV from NEC is hotness in a thin bezel. It’s not for the livingroom, but for boardrooms or train station walls as digital signage. It’s a pro-level monitor, even though it’s contrast ration is only 2000:1. But you’re not paying for the technology, you’re paying for the thin… Read More

  • We're Sorting Through Some Crazy Google/Yahoo Rumors

    Google is continuing to try to disrupt Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo, and, we’ve heard, may even be considering a bid to acquire a significant chunk of Yahoo’s stock (keep reading though, we’re calling this a long shot at best). Google clearly wants to see the status quo continue in the search space, and would rather fight a fragmented market than a single, stronger… Read More

  • Picnik Now Offers Premium Features For Free

    Online image editing startup Picnik has announced that users will now have full access to all of Picniks editing features for free. Tools now available to all users include advanced edit tools, special effects, additional fonts and shapes. The service will be ad supported, but those wanting an ad free experience can sign up for Picnik Premium for $24.95 a year. Why the change? This is how… Read More

  • Hamster powered generator: It's real

    [photopress:_hamster_power_generator_light.jpg,full,center] You want to be green, don’t you. You get sick at the thought of those orphans the Chinese burn for fuel, and what it does to the air. You need to do your part to counter that. You need a Hamster Powered Generator. Just like the jokes you’d tell about your first beater car, the HPG is a hamster wheel that turns a dynamo… Read More

  • Copyright Infringement Continues To Pay: $4 million For Crunchyroll

    San Francisco based Crunchyroll, a sort of YouTube for anime and other mostly Asian video content, raised a $4 million round of financing led by Venrock Associates, with partner David Siminoff joining the board of directors. The company, which launched in the summer of 2006, was founded by three HotOrNot employees. Our sources tell us that HotOrNot founders Jim Hong and James Young also… Read More

  • Study: Cell phone radiation affects protein expression

    Here it is, your daily dose of semi-rational fear. A bunch of females (two Jettas full) had a patch of skin exposed to an hour of 900MHz radiation from GSM phones. The researchers then checked out skin samples and found that there were several proteins that had their expression affected in every volunteer’s case. I don’t think that’s good for those of us who keep our phones… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 4GB of RAM for that brand new MacBook, MacBook Pro

    Following Apple’s announcement yesterday, OWC is offering owners of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro a sweet deal on 4GB of RAM. Rather than paying Apple another $400 why not give OWC $96? If that weren’t a stellar deal to begin with, they’ll knock off an additional $20 if you send them the stock 2GB of RAM. I may go for this deal, but I’ll probably keep the 2GB just… Read More

  • Favorit's RSS reader integrates commenting

    Fav.or.it, the RSS reader with integrated commenting (a story TechCrunch UK broke), has launched its beta, though you’ll still need an invite to get in while they scale up. With Fav.or.it you can make comments on blog posts from within its reader – no need to click into a browser to the original post. Disqus, the distributed commenting system, will be using the fav.or.it API. So if… Read More

  • Alltel to add LG's Glimmer to lineup

    [photopress:glimmer.jpg,full,left]Alltel, those other guys who carry cellphone signals for people, will be launching the LG Glimmer soon. The brother of the Shine, on Verizon, the Glimmer is a media-centered phone with a sliding T9 keypad and shiny exterior. Oh, and a touchtastic touchscreen. MicroSD, 3G, and a 2-Megapixel camera round out this attractive phone, and it should be out in about… Read More

  • Update to Windows Server includes virtualization

    [photopress:windows_server_2008_bundle.jpg,full,left]Windows is getting the virtualization treatment with Server 2008, which was released today. In the past, to run virtual version of Windows on a server, you’d have to use software like that made by VMware, but by building it into the operating system, Microsoft has struck a blow against other virtualization companies. The new version… Read More

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