• Destroy Your Landline Contest: One Weekend Left

    One weekend left, guys and gals. To recap, T-Mobile dropped me a line last week offering: A HotSpot-enabled phone (Nokia 6086 or Samsung t409), T-Mobile HotSpot @Home Wi-Fi router (D-Link or Linksys brands) and one year of free T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service that includes (per month) unlimited calls to your myFaves contacts, 2000 nationwide WHENEVER MinutesĀ®, unlimited… Read More

  • IMGA Seeks Entries

    The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), an annual awards program and competition, is now open. Headquartered in Marseilles France, the group is inviting entries from mobile gaming studios, individual developers, groups of individuals, students, researchers and companies involved in mobile games to submit their titles. Established in 2004, this is the fourth edition of the… Read More

  • Class Action Suit Against Microsoft Alleges XBox 360 Skwatches Disks, Makes Baby Saaad!

    InformationWeek is reporting that two California residents, Christine Moskowitz and Dan Wood, are seeking over $5 million in damages for XBox 360 owners. They allege that the big bad game machines scratch expensive disks and that the 360 was manufactured incorrectly. Read More

  • Ericsson Reports 12% Rise in Second-Quarter Net Profit

    Driven by growth in emerging Asian markets and a continued strong performance from its Sony Ericsson mobile-phone joint venture, Swedish teleco handset maker Ericsson reported a 12 percent increase in profits for the second quarter. Despite this increase it is lower than analysts had expected, in part due to softer than expected numbers from Europe and continued delays with some large… Read More

  • Bill Gates Announces $13.37 Billion In Revenue Last Quarter, Urinates Festively Into Diamond Toilet Bowl

    Everyone’s favorite software company, Micro$oft (note clever use of dollar sign), made $13.37 billion in revenue last quarter, placing it about $50 billion in the current fiscal year. They chalk their good fortune up to strong sales in Windows Server and Vista, XBox 360, and stealing and processing the life energy of third-world babies for off-world energy export. “Our results… Read More

  • Life is Good Indeed

    LG Electronics likes to say that “Life’s Good” and for their mobile phone unit, this couldn’t be more true. LG Electronics earned its largest-ever quarterly operating profit in the mobile phone sector, while rival Samsung Electronics actually suffered a decrease in sales. LG’s growth is attributed to an increase in sales of its GSM handsets in Europe as well… Read More

  • Motorola Looking to Turn it Around

    Motorola has vowed to return to profitability, win back customers from Samsung and most importantly sell new phones reports Bloomberg. The company, which as we reported earlier this week, has reported a second-quarter loss of $28 million, but yesterday forecast that its mobile-device unit will make a turn around this quarter and next. Even with new and upcoming mobile handsets that focus on… Read More

  • South Korean 3G Users to Pass 23 million by 2010

    By the year 2010 there could be more than 23 million 3G mobile phone users in South Korea, according to a new research report by ROA Group. And 41.95 million South Koreans, or roughly 85% of the total population, will be using some form of mobile handset. The report forecasts significant growth for the WCDMA (3G) mobile standard. The prepaid mobile phone market, which is currently quite low… Read More

  • Oasys Mobile Operates Under Chapter 11

    Raleigh, N.C.-based Oasys Mobile filed for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware after it was unable to pay senior secured debentures in the principal amount of $8 million. The mobile content company plans to continue with business as usual and has secured a post-petition credit facility to fund operations. Oasys Mobile creates and sells ringtones… Read More

  • Turn Your Camera Phone Into a Digital Scanner

    There has already been talk about “digital shoplifting,” this is where a camera phone user snaps a photo of an image in a magazine for purposes of haircut styles, recipes, etc. Well now Qipit might make the process of “scanning” text on the go a little easier, not that digital shoplifting should be considered its own purpose. In fact there are times when you might… Read More

  • Mobile Advertisers Looking at Gaming

    Is the big convergence for Mobile 2.0 going to be with gaming and advertising? That’s a possibility say some experts, as the number of mobile users double to four billion over the next five years. For mobile marketing campaigns to be effect these need to be unobtrusive and relevant. So how do you do it? By making the marketing campaign part of a game. Sprint recently conducted a survey… Read More

  • YouTube: Now With Customizable Player

    YouTube has launched a new “custom player” feature that allows users to customize embedded YouTube videos. Users are able to customize player features including the name of the player, color theme, layout (a standard layout or one with related videos to the right), and content. The content feature allows users to include their own videos or other videos from a YouTube Favorites List… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Enigmatic Game Edition

    Nintendo Wii Fit Parody
    Fake Tattoos For The Macho Nerd
    Original Enigma Machine For Sale
    Next iPod or iPhone May Have Dynamic Lyrics Display
    Skateboard Like A MotoGP Racer Read More

  • EU Google Competitor Gets $165 million Kick Start

    Theseus, a German based project that is aiming to develop “the world’s most advanced multimedia search engine for the next-generation Internet.” will received a cash injection of $165 million from the German Government, under approval by the EU. According to an AP report, the German Government will initially fund Siemens AG, SAP AG, Deutsche Thomson oHG and EMPOLIS GmbH to… Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet-up: Budapest and Warsaw

    The iPhone is here and it’s fabulous. I will be rolling into Budapest on Monday morning and we will be meeting at 19:00 at Maghaz, Rottenbiller u. 32 in Budapest on Monday, July 23, 2007. Please drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com or drop a note in the comments if you plan on attending. I look forward to meeting CG/TC readers. Special thanks to MobilPort.hu! Warsaw Readers… Read More

  • BazaarVoice Gets Walmart Deal

    Walmart finally added user comments and reviews to its website. Reuters covered the news today, which was picked up by major media. In those articles, Walmart CMO Cathy Halligan said reviews and comments were “the No. 1 customer-requested feature.” What this article didn’t mention is that Austin-based Bazaarvoice, a company I covered just over a year ago, is the technology… Read More

  • Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft?

    Amongst all the noise today over Facebook‘s acquisition of Parakey, little has been said on what the acquisition means for Facebook in the broader sense. Robert Scoble says that Facebook is the new data black hole, noting that many of his favorite apps are now appearing on Facebook. Facebook is starting to become the one stop shop for content and interaction, be it through feeds… Read More

  • Fifty Oomas For Readers, Just Tell Us Why You Want It

    You read the story and you heard the podcast. Now you can try out Ooma yourself, way before they go on sale to the public in September. We have fifty to give away. This isn’t like most account giveaways – each of these packages will be sold for $399 retail in September and gives you free VOIP phone service on your normal phones for life (the life of you or the company, whichever… Read More

  • VibeAgent: TripAdvisor 2.0

    Any profitable sector of the internet is bound to draw the eyes of new startups. This is particularly the case for the $78.8 billion online travel industry. It’s spurred the development of over a dozen meta-search engines, trip trackers, and trip planning tools. The latest travel site, VibeAgent, should look familiar to you. It’s TripAdvisor with a social networking twist. Like… Read More

  • Velvet Puffin Finds Another Way to Bridge the Web and Desktop

    When the “always on” social network Velvet Puffin first launched, it seemed like a tough sell for users. They tied together the web, desktop, and mobile phone interfaces into one social network accessible anywhere, but you had to download a desktop and mobile application to do so. Velvet Puffin is back and has shed one of the desktop downloads while keeping a presence on the desktop. Read More

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