• Boo Hoo For Us

    Man, the Japanese smartphone marketers are getting mean. This video features some sort of squid monster making fun of Westerners — we’re the nice piece of sushi — for having crappy phones. You can use your phones as wallets? You have biometrics? Most importantly, you can play interactive games, huh? Well so can we. Ours are called talking to women, not playing with Gundam at… Read More

  • Sony VAIO Type T Laptop Now With LED

    What could be better than waking up at the crack of dawn and finding out that there is an LED-backlit laptop? A lot of things, actually, but it would be nice if the Japanese tech overlords would send us the latest VAIO. We’re all frothing over the highly rumored LED Macbook. Sony would make a killing, but they put their heads so far up their butts’ years ago that it will never happen. Read More

  • Patent Monkey: P&G Considers, Drops Robotic Cleaner

    A fact about innovation is that ideas that are tried fail much more often than they succeed. Frequently, a team can shut down a dead project long before anyone in the market knows it was even attempted. In the case of companies like P&G that patent protect concepts as they are being market tested, some cleaning up becomes necessary after the fact. Read More

  • The Futurist: The Future of Pandora is Mobile

    Thanks to the Copyright Royalty Board, beginning in mid-July, all Internet radio stations will see substantially higher royalty fees. Fees so high, that it isn’t difficult to imagine vast swaths of the musical Internet becoming dead air overnight. Most frightening of all is the prospect of losing Pandora — one of the truly great things to come from the entire Interweb. I had… Read More

  • Coke And Apple Giving Away 2 Billion iTMS Tracks

    Right off the bat, allow me to inform you that this promotion is only going on in the UK. Kind of makes sense, since the past two summers here had Pepsi giving away iTMS tracks. Either way, Coke and Apple have teamed up to bring you over 2 billion free iTunes Music Store tracks for free. Just look inside specially-marked bottles of pop and you could be on your way to downloading… Read More

  • Nokia 8600: Meh? Eh?

    After seeing the RAZR 2, I’m ready for anyone to launch anything that will excite me to no end. Is this leaked photo of the Nokia 8600 it? Well, it looks awful purdy, which is cool, and has that 8000-series flip down keypad protector, which is cool. Apparently all it has are: GPRS & EDGE
    2 Meg camera
    Bluetooth Which is kind of like saying it has an internal antenna and a… Read More

  • China Approves use of European and American 3G Standards

    Today Telecomasia is reporting that the China’s Ministry of Information Industry has approved the use of foreign 3G standards for 3G cellular phones, including European and American standards, which are rivals to the China’s domestic TD-SCDMA standard. According to Yang Peifang, secretary general of the ministry’s telecommunication economist panel, “the three world… Read More

  • Catch up on ABC Series on Sprint

    Missed an episode of LOST? Well all is not lost. You could download it to your iPod, watch it on ABC.com and soon you’ll be able to watch it on your. ABC, which was the first to offer their full-length episodes on Apple’s iTunes, and was one of the early supporters of Web-based replays is going mobile making shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, Desperate Housewives and Ugly… Read More

  • Entropia Universe: A Better Second Life?

    Depending on who you listen to, virtual worlds are the new black. Second Life needs no introduction and yesterday rumors surfaced that Sony was in talks to acquire Club Penguin for $500+ million. To date there are two leading online spaces. World of Warcraft has been an unrivaled success, bringing Dungeon and Dragons style fantasy role playing to an audience in excess of 8 million. At the… Read More

  • Making The Switch From Twitter to Jaiku

    “I thought I saw a putty tat. I did, I did see a putty tat!” These famous words were never the last from Tweety Bird, but for a growing number of Twitter users they will be. The last thing they will see before giving up on Twitter will be the Twitter server cat, the default screen when the service is completely down. It’s not just down time on Twitter lately that has made… Read More

  • TrekStor MovieStation maxi t.u.

    TrekStor announced today a line of devices that seeks to blur the line between computer hard drives and home media servers. The MovieStation maxi t.u. comes in sizes ranging from 250GB to 500GB. The devices connect via USB 2.0 and can be used to play HDTV and multi-channel audio content. Additionally, they are compatible with several popular movie and music download services. It works with… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer and Brad Garlinghouse Join TechCrunch20 Panel

    We announced two new experts today for the TechCrunch20 conference in September: Google’s Marissa Mayer (VP Search Products & User Experience) and Yahoo’s Brad Garlinghouse (SVP Communications & Communities). We announced Caterina Fake, MC Hammer and Rajeev Motwani last week. The complete Panel of Experts is here, and we will announce more in the coming weeks. The format… Read More

  • New Stuff At My Yahoo

    The big guys are really starting to focus on personalized home pages, where Yahoo dominates and Google is coming on strong (by adding a link from the Google.com home page). Google says their personalized home page has been their fastest growing product over the last few fiscal quarters. Pageflakes and Netvibes are two notable startups in this space. Tonight Yahoo is announcing a few… Read More

  • Nintendo DS Demos at An Airport Near You

    I need to book my next flight ASAP. Nintendo is getting ready to test out ‘download stations’ at the international airports in New York (JFK: Terminals 2 and 3), Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) and Cincinnati (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky). What are they testing? That’s a very good question and I have the answer for you. Nintendo DS owners will be wirelessly downloading a… Read More

  • Belkin Announces Network USB Hub

    Belkin has announced a new network USB hub that conjures up a bit black magic to trick your computer into thinking that it’s directly plugged into all your devices when it really isn’t. The hub works with your existing wireless network and gives you wireless access to all your goods because of a ‘special caching technique that supports high-speed USB devices and their… Read More

  • Opie & Anthony Fans Cancel XM and Destroy Their Radios in Response to Suspension

    XM Satellite Radio is finding out first hand that Opie & Anthony have quite a few dedicated fans, fans who are now canceling the service en masse in response to the duo’s recent 30-day suspension. XM suspended the pair in response to so-called outrage stemming from a segment that aired on the program last week. (Well, really because, supposedly, there was an agreement in place that… Read More

  • It's a Thong with a Chalk Board. No, Really

    I once dated a pretty young thing that had the days of the week embroidered on her panties. For example, just under the top seam, it said “Wednesday”. Sadly, I discovered this on a Friday, but that’s not the point of this story. With the new Chalk Board Thong, your girl’s drawers can say pretty much anything either of you wants. Normally in a post of this caliber… Read More

  • Ultimate Fall Out Boy Fan Community Comes Together

    If you’re one of those types that have uttered the words, “I’m their biggest fan” in reference to post-punk popsters Fall Out Boy, then you’re in luck because there is a site where like-minded people can hang out. Honda Civic Tours has joined forces with Friendsorenemies.com, to create a user-generated worldwide fan community for the Chicago-based band. The… Read More

  • Nimzy Vibro Max, Not What You Think

    No, the Nimzy Vibro Max is not another sex toy, it’s way cooler than that. At first glance it appears to be a harmless box, but once you set it atop a flat surface it transforms that object into a speaker. Like whoa! The Nimzy uses an ‘advanced patented electro acoustic technology’ that sends out audio vibrations onto surfaces like wood, plastic or glass to produce crystal… Read More

  • Engadget Shanks Apple

    Bloops. After following up on a false lead — essentially a faked internal Apple email — Engadget’s Ryan Block drove Apple stock down 2.2 percent. Let that be a lesson to all of us: just because it says @apple.com at the end of the email doesn’t mean it’s from Steve. Engadget sends Apple stock plunging on iPhone rumor [CNET]
    False alarm: iPhone NOT delayed… Read More

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