• Stockpickr in deal with The Street: More to Come?

    Stockpickr, an investing site founded by two New York City hedge fund managers, is giving a boost to all companies in the “investing 2.0″ sector today with their announcement of a partnership with a leader from the first generation of the web investment sector, TheStreet.com. Stockpickr took an equity investment from TheStreet pursuant to the deal, although the size of the… Read More

  • The Usefulness of the Simple Command Line

    Sugarcodes is a new site that has extremely basic functionality but, like old-timer YubNub, is an awesome productivity tool for many users. It’s basically nothing more than a command line, where a search of just about any web service can be conducted using a simple dedicated command. “g books” does a search on Google for books. “yt U2″ does a search on YouTube for U2. Read More

  • Need A PS3?

    Hit up Best Buy. Apparently they’re chock full of ‘em. Read More

  • Anatomy Of A Failed Merger

    DropSend founder Ryan Carson, who has been chronicling the ups and downs of the process of selling the company, writes a long post about how a deal fell through with YouSendIt. While it’s fairly unorthodox to tell the whole story as it’s happening, it certainly is an interesting marketing move and makes for great reading. One note of caution, however. Flock was not pleased to… Read More

  • Use WeatherBill To Bet On The Weather

    David Friedberg, a former Googler, is set to launch an ambitious new site called WeatherBill, headquartered in San Francisco, in the next few weeks. WeatherBill won’t be a consumer site; rather, they are combining an ecommerce site with a complicated weather forecasting algorithm to sell weather insurance policies to individuals and businesses. And having a business isn’t a… Read More

  • Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 01

    Happy Jan. 2! You know, I only recently got used to writing 2006—and now it’s 2007. I wonder if I’ll adapt to writing the correct date sometime this side of July. At least on CrunchGear, WordPress handles the date for me. I bet you all are waiting eagerly for your daily winners, which is good, because I have them for you. Two of ‘um. A lucky pair who will each be… Read More

  • Purported Transformers Gadget-bot Prototypes

    We always discuss handy gadgets that fit in your pockets; cellphones, digital cameras, game systems. But, like many of you, we got our love of all things gadgety via a lovely line of toys from the early-to-mid ’80s: Transformers. That’s why we find it exceedingly fitting that the script for the new Michael Bay Transformers film, opening July 4th, calls for a handful of gadgets… Read More

  • Google Woes, cont…

    Status.blogger.com is the site that tells users what’s happening when the Google-owned Blogger site itself is down or is having performance issues. In a somewhat ironic situation, it has been offline for the last four days, and counting. The Blogger site itself seems to be doing fine. It seems like whoever was in charge of keeping everything running smoothly at Google over the holidays… Read More

  • The Sucky Future Is Now: In-Car WiFi

    Further adding to the headache that is the rental car experience, Avis will be adding WiFi services to all of its rental cars as an add-on service, starting next year. Autonet Mobile, the provider of the service, is poised to announce the deal at CES, but we caught early wind via the NY Times. For $11 a day, you can download porn at 60MPH, which, really, is the fulfillment of the original… Read More

  • Stain Detector Helps Detect Grody, Invisible Stains

    While it’s being marketed as a tool to help you find hidden stains so you can make your pad smell better, we know it’s really so you can all play CSI at home. The Stain Detector Light uses the same UV technology that the detectives use to find “protein stains”, blood, bile, or, uh, what-have-you. Wanna scare someone? Visit them in their hotel room with this thing pointed… Read More

  • AT&T Completing Cingular Merger, Confusing Mobile History Buffs

    You might recall a few years back when Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless for billions of dollars. As turn-about is fair play, AT&T is now poised to acquire Cingular. Of course, AT&T Wireless was an entirely separate company than AT&T, it was spun off as an independent and allowed to use the brand. That AT&T, of course, was bought out by SBC last year, who then renamed… Read More

  • Stackable Hard Drives; Lego Styling

    , and we love portable digital storage, so of course we’re nuts over these Brick Desktop Hard Drives from Lacie. Weighing in at capacities from 160GB to 500GB, the color-coded bricks stack up just like Lego bricks. With a few terabytes worth of storage, you could create a fortress around your desk to defend yourself from your co-worker’s horrible looks of arrogant adultism. The… Read More

  • MyWaves Puts Tons Of Video Podcasts On Your Mobile

    and view the content online without even signing up for an account. If you like anything you see, create a profile (your cell number, an e-mail address and your carrier’s name), save channels and view videos to your heart’s content. Want to take it with you? There’s a “Get It To Go” page that sends you a text message to download MyWave’s app to your phone. Read More

  • Got Cash And Want Water-Based Thrills? Check Out Seabreacher

    This is certainly one of the more extreme watersport toys available. The $78,000+, custom-made Seabreacher is a force for H2O to reckon with. Sort-of like a jet-ski, this dolphin-shaped vessel comes with 175-horsepower motor to propel you through water (and out if it) at extreme speeds. If death is your style, a 300-horsepower supercharged model is available. You can even fly up to 15-feet in… Read More

  • New iPod Speaker System Has An Outie

    Those in the market for a higher-end iPod sound system will want to check out the $549 George, the first product to roll out from digital-audio manufacturer Chestnut Hill Sound. One of the edges it has on other systems is its unique wireless remote, which has a full-on knob for navigating your iPod’s menus on its high-resolution, backlit graphic display. You can use it to select music… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: New Year's Tattoo

    Presents, Past, and Future
    Philipp Goedicke The Happy [1], Merry [2] time is passed
    And how did we all fare?
    Did we get items meant to last
    Or fleeting as the air?
    If that tattoo is not for you
    Just laser off the ink. [3]
    Trade PS3 for someone’s Wii. [4]
    (Drive Sony folks to drink.)
    And all you bloggers keeping track:
    MS wants its laptops back.* [5] With presents gone, the… Read More

  • 2007: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

    A year ago I wrote a post called “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without” and listed thirteen startups whose products made a real impact in my life. Those were the products that I loved, and used every day. I enjoyed sorting through the hundreds of startups that we had written about, and picking just a handful that made a real impact on my life. It was so much fun… Read More

  • Wikipedia Bans Qatar

    Qatar, home to nearly a million people, has been blocked from editing any entry on Wikipedia “due to a large volume of spam and vandalism.” Apparently Qatar has a single ISP, Qtel, with a single IP address shared by the entire country. Wikipedia has blocked that IP address for anonymous edits, but is allowing users of that IP address with actual Wikipedia accounts to continue to… Read More

  • EroShare – User Generated Porn

    What better way to ring in the new year than with a site that is most definitely not work safe. Eroshare is to Flickr what PornoTube is to YouTube – user generated porn. The site, which launched an hour ago, encourages users to upload their home made erotic photos, and there is already a bunch of content on the site. EroShare gives 2 GB of free storage with every account and has all… Read More

  • Another Gmail Problem

    The last thing I want to do right now is post on another problem over at Google, but this was a big one. Basically, a website could download your entire Gmail contact list by adding a bit of code to their server and exploiting Google’s JSON API. The problem has apparently been fixed, very soon after the vulnerability was found. I’m not going to go on and on (again) about how… Read More

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