• Terminator 2 Goggles From Russian Artists

    Because these dudes are Russian, I can’t make out too much of the exact specifics of this device, but from what I gather, the goggles throw a filter on what the camera sees and projects it to the user. You can see the world as the Terminator, Predator, and Neo once have. Very cool set of goggles. Watch the video for a better understanding; I tried to embed the clip, but it… Read More

  • Nintendo Suit Says 360 Users Drive Like 'This', Wii Users Drive Like 'That'

    I’m not even joking when I say that my Western European Politics (it’s a lot less fancy than it sounds, believe you me) professor yesterday said the “U.S. is from Mars and Europe is from Venus” as it relates to democracy in both places. Going with the same “you’re from X, I’m from Y” motif, Nintendo suit George Harrison said Consider three… Read More

  • Mobile Video not always Cellular Video

    Mobile operators are spending billions of dollars to provide the infrastructure and new technology necessary to provide customers with mobile phone video capability. But a recent report from In-Stat says that competition from other mobile device video providers may cut deeply into the cellular providers’ expectations of huge video profits. In-Stat’s report could portend another… Read More

  • The Junior Gym

    Working out at an early age is very important, especially with the rising obesity rate in this country. I’m not saying you should put Creatine in your kid’s kool-aid, but really I am. How else is he going to bench 25-pounds? I mean take for example John Biggs, our lovable EIC. Now as much as everyone loves a fun guy like John, this is what happens when you don’t use the… Read More

  • Das Audiophile: Burmester Classic Line CD Player 061

    Burmester doesn’t come cheap. The fact that Bugatti uses Bermester sound systems in its cars should give hint that Bermester is not cheap shit. If you have assloads of money to throw around, take note of the classy-looking Classic Line CD Player 061, which features a Philips CD 2 Pro drive unit. You can upsample your CDs to 96 and 192 kHz through advanced converter technology, allowing… Read More

  • LG Upgrades Super Blu, Drops The Price

    BH100, Super Blu LG is playing coy when it comes to the format wars when they damn well know that ________ will win. Pick a side, LG. The Super Blu Player that was showcased at CES is sweet, but a $1,200 player with an identity crisis is way, way too much. So this morning LG has announced the BH200 Super Blu with a few minor upgrades. This time around you’ll be privy to BD-Java and… Read More

  • Real Time Coverage Of Apple Announcements

    Hop on over to CrunchGear to see the real time coverage of the special Apple press event today that started at 10 am PST. Lots of new iPod news, and a make-your-own ringtone tool in iTunes. And they always save the best stuff for last. Read More

  • The Beat Goes On: Pointy Bras Abound?

    It’s a safe bet that the press covering today’s Apple event and all the fanboys are expecting The Beatles catalogue to be released onto iTunes considering the fact that the invitation is dubbed “The Beat Goes On”. Some crazies might think Sunny and Cher will join the party, but that’s highly unlikely and Jobs would certainly have pie on his face. Remember the… Read More

  • Can Google Do What Amazon Couldn't? The Search For Steve Fossett In The Nevada Desert

    When computer scientist Jim Gray was lost at sea earlier this year, Amazon stepped in to help. They arranged for a satellite sweep of the area and stored the images on their S3 storage service. They then created a task on their Mechanical Turk service to allow volunteers to scan the images to look for the boat. Thousands of people joined the search, but he was never found. Now Steve Fossett, a… Read More

  • Worthwhile: Forty Playable PS3 Games At TGS

    Sometimes I’m really grateful that IGN has a huge budget and a ton of editors. I mean, who in their right mind wants to compile a list of all the playable PS3 games that will appear at the Tokyo Game Show? No one except IGN writers, that’s who. Anyway, check out the forty games that will be available after the jump. Some of these titles are actually worth getting excited over. Read More

  • Nirvanix Launches To Compete With Amazon S3 Storage Service

    As anticipated earlier this month, San Diego based Nirvanix has launched and will offer an alternative to Amazon’s S3 storage service, which is growing rapidly. The company is positioning itself against Amazon by saying it’s easier to integrate than S3 and they offer a service level agreement to guarantee 99/9% uptime (Amazon does not offer an SLA). Pricing is $0.18/GB/month… Read More

  • World's First Spaceport In The Works

    In 2008, construction begins on the New Mexico Spaceport. The 100,000 square-foot center will be the hub for all of Virgin Galactic’s operations involving space travel and flight and will cost about $31 million total to build. Seems expensive, but not so much when you consider that it’ll be the place where you can blast into space. Judging by these renderings of the Spaceport… Read More

  • ThinkPad Reserve Edition

    If you’re rich and you like laptops, then feast your eyes on this $5,000 beast. Clad in rich Corinthian leather, the Reserve comes with 24/7 support at the touch of a button and includes Ultra Connect II for WAN support and and Intel Centrino Pro mobile CPU. There will only be 5,000 of these puppies made, so put your name on the list at ThinkPad Reserve. Or don’t. Read More

  • Design This: Messiah PS3 Remote

    Having a DVD remote for your Playstation system is like having a rich stepfather. Sometimes it’s useful, but overall it’s a waste. However, Messiah’s new Darklite PS3 remote has a design that rivals that of the Kameleon. A simple black finish with glowing lights makes up the basic design. You can flip it open like a Samsung Blast to reveal a set of function buttons. The… Read More

  • Business 2.0 Is No More: Time, Inc. Killed It

    October’s issue of Business 2.0 will be the last. Please, one moment of silence for the influential publication. OK! It turns out that the mag’s publisher, Time, Inc., decided not to sell it to other publishers—Mansueto Ventures, which publishes Fast Company, included—but rather shut her down. Very nice of them. Time will reassign some of the higher up editors to Fortune… Read More

  • NBC To Sell Its Shows On Amazon Unbox: Apple Scorned

    NBC and Amazon have reached a deal. Apple will be mighty angry. Maybe, I don’t know. NBC will sell its really great shoes—”Heroes” and “The Office” among them—on Amazon’s Unbox video download service sometime in the future, presumably soon after NBC’s deal runs out with Apple in December. Victory for you, the consumer? Probably not, no. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    CrunchArcade: Fall In With These Handheld Games

    With the passing of Labor Day summer is pretty much over, despite the fact that autumn doesn’t “officially” arrive for a couple more weeks. But even if you’re back in class or just on the job, gaming doesn’t have to end. A slew of new handheld titles have shown up, so you can continue to live out those carefree summer days. Here are a few Nintendo DS and Sony… Read More

  • People Search Business Just Got More Complicated As Facebook Enters Market

    Facebook just announced that they are now allowing public searches of their users by people without Facebook accounts. Not much information is included in the results (see image below)- just the name and primary photograph included in the user profile, and users can easily elect to stop search engines from indexing their information by changing their privacy settings. As Om Malik notes, this… Read More

  • FEC Determines That Blogs Count As Media

    In two determinations handed down yesterday, the US Federal Election Commission (FEC) found that political blogs and bloggers are media for the purposes of US Electoral Law. The first case was a complaint against the well known left wing blog The Daily Kos. Conservative blogger John C.A. Bambenek claimed that the site should comply with campaign finance laws because it charges a fee to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Taxi Driver Edition

    San Francisco Cab Driver *Loves* Apple, Shows Off Leopard Video To Random Passengers
    Verizon Wireless Offers New $30 Senior Citizen Plan
    IWI Watches: Better Because It’s British
    Adventures in Ergonomics: Steelcase Airtouch
    Epson MovieMate = Good Times Read More

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