• We're #7 on Kindle's list of blogs

    Yay! Except a monthly subscription to CrunchGear will run you $1.99. Hmm… Read More

  • Server is eating it

    Please stand by Read More

  • Twitter starts to limit outbound SMS in UK

    It appears Twitter is starting to smart from sending so many SMS messages to the Text-obsessed UK population. A small item has appeared on the right side-bar of Twitter profiles displaying “Received SMS 0/250”. This links through to a page explaining “How many SMS messages am I allowed to receive on my mobile per week?” There is a weekly limit of 250 messages per week… Read More

  • Paul McCartney 'pretty sure' Beatles on iTunes in 2008

    I won’t be as brazen as the AFP to report that Paul McCartney saying "I’m pretty sure it’ll be happening next year" (in regards to Beatles songs being put on iTunes) to mean that Beatles songs WILL be on iTunes in 2008. Paul McCartney says a lot of things and, when all is said and done, he, like most musicians, has very little control over what happens to his music. Read More

  • Apple is in yr IMEI, stealing yr stocks

    Uneasy silence has confirmed that Apple takes your IMEI — essentially your phone’s identifying number — every time you use the stocks application. While I’m sure this is just for purposes of — actually who knows why they do it. Most folks are suggesting that Apple is storing our stock picks somewhere in its hypergalactic vaults, which holds about as much water… Read More

  • Reaction: Amazon's Kindle

    So, like, Amazon announced Kindle all of five minutes ago and I’ve already been charged with giving my opinion on it. I assume that’s because I’m one of the few guys on staff who reads for fun (the latest book: “Morbo” by Phil Ball) and not because I’m good or anything. Never having used it—I’ll try to steal Peter’s this week—I will… Read More

  • Asus R50A UMPC does GPS, wins CES award

    Is the R50A for you? According to Asus, it’s "the one indispensable gadget for everyone" thanks to its GPS, 3G/3.5G, webcam, and "full notebook functionality" features. It also has a built-in TV tuner. Everyone needs a TV tuner. The R50A scooped up a 2008 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the Computer Hardware category. That’s all… Read More

  • Kindle Hands On [Updated]

    If anyone can get eBooks off the ground it’s probably Amazon. Will this be better than Sony’s failed attempts? Potentially. Click through for more hot pix and a full review to come. Now with less blurry pics Read More

  • Microsoft working on some sort of new product

    Something cryptic is going on. Apparently Microsoft is gearing up for a $300 million "creative consumer assignment" for a "brand new product." McCann Erickson, Microsoft’s current ad agency of choice, is allegedly pitching ideas as is Crispin Porter & Bogusky, ad wizards behind the Burger King commercials. If it’s being kept secret to create buzz, allow me… Read More

  • Peter Ha's reign of bike terror has finally ended

    Well, folks, they caught him. Our own Peter Ha, aka Robert Stewart, was caught red-handed trying to have sex with a bicycle in Ayr, UK. Gail Davidson, prosecuting, told Ayr Sheriff Court: “They knocked on the door several times and there was no reply. “They used a master key to unlock the door and they then observed the accused wearing only a white t-shirt, naked from the waist… Read More

  • Live from the Amazon press conf in NYC

    Hey, it’s Jeff Bezos Kindle’s the name and e-booking is its game. Or something like that. Anyways, we’re about to start so stay tuned. Read More

  • Spanish king to Venezuela's Chavez: Why don't you shut up, now a ring tone; download here

    In a recent meeting in Chile, Spain’s King Juan Carlos asked Venezuela president Chavzez to shut up (¿por qué no te callas?). The spat was caught by TV cameras and it something of a YouTube sensation. It’s now a ring tone. Download it here. The ring tone is said to have made some $2 million dollars, having been downloaded by 500,000 people. Now you can join the fun, techno beat… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #260

    Evolve Wireless Speakers are in the house and this is an unboxing and a review. I’ve been wanting? No! I’ve been begging for a speaker system like this for almost three years because it fits the way Neal and I want to consume audio content…specifically podcasts like Daily Source Code, This Week in Tech and The Dawn and Drew Show. Those are three shows we like to listen to… Read More

  • Y'all can get yore iPhone canceled out here, ayup

    Out in Clearwater, Florida, they know how to convince you to give up a mildly overpriced phone with a ravenous following and many cutting edge features: tell everyone to come on in here and get that thing cancelled! This sign seems to suggest that this Verizon store will “cancel” your iPhone and replace it with something even more exciting, like a Treo or a RAZR. Could this be true? Read More

  • Full-size Riffmaster guitar controller hardly justifies $400 price

    $400 can buy a lot of things. You could buy a video game console, several pairs of warm socks, some RAM… you could also buy a Guitar Hero controller. Yeah, it’s a pretty substantial controller, but at the end of the day you’re still holding a $400 toy. Your call. Such is the dilemma you face when considering Art Guitar’s AG Riffmaster. Unlike the standard, mini… Read More

  • Matchlight mood lighting: The darker the room, the more trendy it is

    Matchlight, another concept that’ll never see the light of day. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t, of course, but its lack of built-in Bluetooth or space for Google Ads means it’ll live on only as a render. The design incorporates 16 individual matches, each contributing a thin slice of light to an area’s mood. The less matches there are, the less light there is… Read More

  • Two New Phones from Verizon

    Verizon Wireless announced the release of two new mobile phones today. It seems that the holiday season brings out the best in companies. The Voyager and Venus will be on sale this week. Both hand sets will be sold in all Verizon Wireless Communications Stores. The Venus goes on sale today and the Voyager will make the display case on November 21. “These phones offer customers some… Read More

  • AT&T to Sell First Napster Mobile Phone

    If you have been hoping that a mobile phone is available for sale before the holidays that supports Napster’s wireless digital music service, your wish has been granted. Service provider AT&T and handset maker Samsung have collaborated to create the first mobile phone that supports Napster’s mobile music archive, and it goes on sale this Friday, November 23, just in time for… Read More

  • Senator Edwards: Defender Of Net Neutrality And Open Spectrum Allocations

    To date we’ve had the opportunity to talk with 2008 presidential candidates Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain about their positions on various technology related issues. As promised, Senator John Edwards, our first Democrat, is next up. See his PoliticalBase page here. Last week we asked for your questions and received a great response. Senator Edwards has now answered many… Read More

  • Liveblogging the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Show with Jeff Bezos

    Amazon has summoned the NY press and blogger corp to the W Hotel on Union Square to watch Jeff Bezos unveil it electronic book reader, the Kindle. We’ll see if there is anything left to learn. Peter Ha from CrunchGear is sitting right next to me bloggingand taking pics (can you say overkill?). Here we go: 9:41 AM: Jeff Bezos takes the stage: Shows a tablet, then some papyrus, then… Read More

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