• Patent Applicaiton Shows Landline Phone That Displays Internet-Based Ads: Hooray, More Ads

    A patent application that ZDNet unearthed a few days ago shows a regular old telephone that’s capable of displaying Internet-based ads on its screen. That includes Google Ads, part of the reason why Google is worth $infinity right now. The phone uses the Internet Protocol Phone System (like the in-trouble Vonage), so it could also tap into Internet radio streams, provided they’re… Read More

  • Say Hello to the Ofone

    The Zune Phone isn’t Microsoft’s answer to the iPhone. The Ofone is and I’ll be the first in line! WTF?! MS, I love you again. The Windows Mobile oPhone Video [Inside MS] Read More

  • Centerfold Guitar Folds in Half and Doesn't Even Need to be Retuned

    This Centerfold guitar, they want us to know, is the world’s first guitar that folds in half for easy transport. It takes just 20 seconds to go from musical instrument to compact, everyday blunt object. It’s built, by hand, by “Sweden’s finest luthiers” and despite its crazy construction actually sounds pretty good (though Vince is the true guitar expert here). Read More

  • Showtime for Universal on Mobile Phones

    The best seat in the house could be on a bus or train, or just about anywhere else where you can take your mobile phone. TG Daily is reporting that mobile entertainment company I-Play has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to provide streaming video clips from dozens of features films to cellular handsets. While you still won’t be able to watch full films, these clips will be from… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Announces New Phones

    Today, Sony Ericsson announced two new phones not guaranteed to stimulate your senses. The T250 is a very basic phone that will probably be carried at local carrier, pre-paid levels. Features include a dual-band GSM (ouch), a VGA camera, FM radio, and a silver or black paint job. Not too bad, but nothing special. The other contender is the S500 slider, which is a quad-band GSM phone with EDGE… Read More

  • CyberLink Live Shares Media So You Don't Have To

    Where once there were none, there are now multiple options for accessing the photos, videos and music trapped on your home PC from any Web-enabled computer. CyberLink is putting its expert knowledge of media software to use to join said options. CyberLink Live (now in beta for her pleasure) is a free download that lets you lie on the floor in your underwear and enjoy content on one PC… Read More

  • Joost, She Is Not So Much Dying

    Whenever someone posts a video refuting negative press about particular topic, I’m fairly skeptical. When it comes in the form of a CS major talking to other CS majors about networking concepts, I’m even more skeptical. But let’s give Joost the benefit of the doubt and watch this longish video all about how the Joost network works and why it is not dying and that everything… Read More

  • Our Seth Porges on Cash Cab

    What do you get when you put a super-genius in a cab? Cash Cab with Seth Porges. Our own Seth will be on the show a 5pm EST tomorrow, May 9. Watch as he answers question after question on his ride through Midtown Manhattan. Read More

  • An End To Bank-related Phishing

    There’s no doubt that phishing has become a huge problem. If you legitimately bank online, use Paypal, or have an eBay account, it’s beyond my comprehension how you manage to tell the real e-mails and fake e-mails apart. But Mikko over at F-Secure has what seems like a foolproof plan to counter bank-related phishing scammers. Make a new top level domain called .bank. This new… Read More

  • Pebble MP3 Player: The Have-Nots Finally Design an MP3 Player for the Masses

    “What if a line of MP3 players, say, could be designed to resemble an array of pebbles scattered along an ocean’s shore?” I don’t know, Davey, but clearly someone wants to find out. Read More

  • Handgun Restrictions No! Used CD Restrictions Si!

    Apparently, fair use is going to hell in a hand-basket very soon. If I buy a CD and don’t want to keep it anymore, I should be able to sell it to a third-party for a considerable sum of money. According to Florida and Utah law though, you can’t do that. In fact, these two states are placing restrictions on the sale of used CDs so that you must submit plenty of identification as well… Read More

  • NPD's Online Gaming Survey: 42 Percent of Online Gamers are Girls; Wii Owners Most Likely to Play Online

    The NPD Group tracks all sorts of data related to video games and a report due out later today breaks down just exactly the online gaming world looks like. There’s two big shockers right off the bat: a majority of online gamers are console owners (whaaa?) and that girl gamers—excuse me, grrrl gamers—account for 42 percent of all online gamers. I call bravo sierra. Read More

  • The Worst Nintendo DS Ever

    The worst I’ve seen in the world of pre-owned consoles and games is a console missing an AC adaptor or a game missing its box and instruction manual. However, nothing compares this Nintendo DS that’s on display in Shibuya, Japan. Tsutaya is selling a used Nintendo DS with the following items missing and damage done:
    No box No instruction manual No stylus No strap No AC… Read More

  • New "Get A Mac" Ads Released

    Apple has been kind enough to grace us with three new hilarious Mac ads. Featuring everyone’s favorite Mac and PC, the two argue over the multiple versions of Vista in “Choose A Vista”, PC gets upstaged by a Mac Genius in “Genius”, and “Party Is Over” takes multiple stabs at Vista, pretty much attacking every last thing wrong with it. Score. These ads… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Garden Variety Edition

    3D Printers Let You Print Out 3D Objects
    Worms Can, Ah, Make Music Too
    Audio Bombing: Cassette Tape-based Graffiti
    LED Roses Make Dorky Moms Smile
    Mother’s Day Gift Trade Up Contest: Win One of 2 iPod 4GB Nanos Read More

  • Hot or Not Tears Itself Apart, Reinvents

    When James Hong and Jim Young founded HotorNot in October, 2000, they had no real plans for the service to be anything other than a fun site for a few friends. They turned a free low end computer they received for setting up an etrade account into a web server, launched the site from their house in Mountain View, California, and emailed 40 friends. By the end of the day, 40,000 people had… Read More

  • Sun Responds to AJAX, Silverlight with JavaFX

    Reports at Infoworld and CNet News that Sun will roll out a Java-based product family called JavaFX at the Java One Conference in San Francisco today. The announcement follows the recent well received launch of Microsoft’s Silverlight, and as an offering will compete directly against AJAX as well. JavaFX is said to be a new scripting variant of Java with a focus on development for… Read More

  • RSS Feeds for Tags at Amazon.com

    Amazon’s Customer Communities team has rolled out broader support for tag-based RSS feeds, according to a post from Amazon’s Ian McAllister. The new functionality has been soft-launched and isn’t currently available on all Amazon pages. Support will become available across the board in the coming weeks. The option allows subscription to feeds specific to the user’s… Read More

  • Ubuntu Linux Coming To a Smartphone Near You

    I should have paid more attention during my MIS classes in college because I wouldn’t be such a tard when it comes to Linux and I wouldn’t tinkle a tiny bit when Linux is brought up. Anyways, Ubuntu is collaborating with Intel, who is planning a new low-power processor and chipset, to revolutionize the Internet browsing experience on your mobile handset. Ubuntu Mobile and… Read More

  • Boogie Gets Down With USB Mic and Looks To Go Multiplatform

    Break out that white disco suit and warm up those pipes because Boogie is gettin’ down for the Wii and the included USB microphone let’s you belt it out like the Bee Gees. In a recent video interview with IGN, gameplay/art producer, Alfredo Chavez confirmed a few tasty bits of groovy news on the upcoming Wii title: “The Wii version comes bundled with a microphone, it’s… Read More

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