• Coming Soon: Hulu Branded Panty Hose. Oh, And they Lifted Their Mission Statement From Google

    Hulu finally announced its name today after a five month wait. Unfortunately, the name, which has some translation issues, may not have been researched properly before the final decision was made. Now a quick perusal of the company’s trademark application shows very aggressive and somewhat ridiculous merchandising plans. And the Hulu mission statement is eerily similar to… Read More

  • Honeywell Introduces Signal-Correcting HDMI Cables

    I never thought I’d be blogging about a cable, but here I am doing it, and it’s a doozy. Honeywell has introduced what I’m coining as a Smart-Cable, a standard HDMI cable with error-correcting built-in. That is so cool. The cable’s “brain” looks for corrupted HDCP and EDID data and fixes it on the fly, meaning your picture’s sharper and… Read More

  • Nokia: Go Play Recap

    Now that the main event has wound down and I’ve had a few moments to collect my thoughts, here’s the quick and dirty on what really happened in London today. There was a black 5700 XpressMusic floating around the event, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on it for you, dear reader. My sincerest apologies. But I did manage to get tons of hands on photos of the 5310 and 5610… Read More

  • AT&T Ocean Clone Surfaces, Runs WinMo 6, Looks Good

    Are you envious of those of us carrying around the swank Helio Ocean, but stuck with your AT&T plans? You want the dual-sliding fun that we’re having, but foolishly ignore the call of the Helio service? If that’s you, then we’ve got a phone you might like. AT&T is prepping for a likely holiday launch of a new phone, the Pantech C810. Like the popular Ocean, it goes… Read More

  • Apple's Portable's Marketshare Increases; It's Likely You Know Someone With a MacBook

    Back when I actually owned stock in the company, Apple had something like -4% of the American laptop market, a segment it helped create with the Powerbook 100. They were bulky and expensive, though often innovative: my first laptop was a Powerbook 1400, the first notebook with a CD-ROM drive. And it looked good (for 1996, anyway). Times have changed, and so have Apple’s notebooks. Gone… Read More

  • Hulu Translates To "Cease" and "Desist" in Swahili. Oops.

    Congratulations are in order to YouTube-competitor Hulu, which took just five months to come up with a name after announcing itself in March. CEO Jason Kilar says the name “captures the spirit of the service we’re building” in an open letter published today. Just don’t translate that name to certain languages, because the name may capture significantly more of the spirit… Read More

  • DLO Launches Open FM, Help for FM-Transmitting MP3 Players Everywhere

    You know that iPod FM transmitter you got for Xmas a couple years ago? The one that’s in your glovebox collecting dust? The one you tried a few times but gave up because you couldn’t find a clear channel? Find it, because DLO is offering a new, free service called Open FM that might just make it handy after all. For those of you in the sticks, it’s not an issue. But for those… Read More

  • Bose SoundDock Portable Quick Look

    I’m sure Mike Kobrin can do a better job of assessing these new portable iPod speakers from Bose — they’re portable! With a battery compartment! But they just arrived a few minutes ago and I popped in the iPod with nice results. After using a smaller pair in the kitchen for almost a year, there is definitely improvement in the bass and clarity and the portable was just about… Read More

  • TheFind.com Acquires Glimpse

    Shopping search engine startup TheFind has acquired the high-fashion shopping site Glimpse.com for an undisclosed amount. It’s an early deal for Glimpse, which just launched this year. TheFind is a comparison shopping search engine that crawls many shopping sites across the internet (190 million products at over 500,000 stores). Other shopping sites often charge for the privilege of… Read More

  • New American-ized Nokia N-95 Vs. Old N-95: Hands On, Side-By-Side

    Nokia just announced a new American-ized N-95 (the one on the right side in the photo). The big deal is that it is optimized to latch onto our GSM 3G networks, so you can get your HSDPA or EDGE on stateside (it does the dance with both AT&T and T-Mobile.) It also has a few cosmetic changes—like the camera lens, as you can see. It’ll hit the states in September, and the price is… Read More

  • DHL Is Decadent and Depraved

    Just a quick post to inform you all to avoid DHL for international shipping, especially if they trust fly-by-night drop-off points. I’m a watch nut so I like to buy and sell watches. I was about to sell an expensive watch to a guy in England who wanted me to use DHL. I rarely use DHL — I prefer USPS for international shipping, even though they’re equally decadent and… Read More

  • Canadians Hear Second Voice

    Are you one of those split personality types who has to be so connected that you carry two mobile phones? Such creatures do roam our streets, talking loudly and often incoherently into a device held up to the ear. While chatting away, a similar device displayed prominently on the belt will invariably ring, causing confusion and frustration. Canada’s largest cell phone carrier, Rogers… Read More

  • Creative Zen Now Plays AAC Files

    Doesn’t Creative release new Zens, like, every day? It sure seems that way. (Though that could be the over-the-counter medicine cocktail I’m on right now—being sick ain’t fun.) This particular Zen—in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes—distinguishes itself from the rest of Creative’s lineup by being compatible with [non-DRM] AAC files. Yes, that includes iTunes… Read More

  • TechTravels: Virgin America

    Welcome to TechTravels, an ongoing feature set celebrating the techiest travel options available. In celebration of Virgin America’s first flight from Los Angeles to New York City, which takes off any minute, VA will be the first piece considered. I had a chance to fly the new airline last weekend from JFK to SFO and it was quite the experience. Like the increasingly popular JetBlue… Read More

  • The Futurist: The N-Gage Lives! But Can It Survive?

    In hindsight, the original N-Gage was doomed from the start. It’s games were simply spectacular for a mobile phone, but the device itself was bulky, had a pretty small screen, and looked more like a Choco Taco than either a phone or gaming handheld. A Nokia executive today said that they feel a company needs to ship 6 million devices in order to create a financially sustainable… Read More

  • Mobiseer Makes Mobile Web Tracking Easy

    There are over 1 million mobile Web sites available for your viewing pleasure. But keeping track of your favorites and sharing them with your friends can become tedious. The good people at Nubiq have launched a free beta service called Mobiseer which can help you tangle with all those Web sites. Mobiseer is a Web 2.0 service that allows users to bookmark, tag, share and personalize their… Read More

  • More iPhone Hacks: Make The Accelerometer Your Play Thing

    Now this is an iPhone hack. Nothing against Craig’s iPhone hackery, mind you. A guy by the name of Erling Ellingsen tapped into the iPhone’s accelerometer’s raw data and has the iPhone doing all sorts of fun stuff. Here, for example, the kid created a Steve Jobs bobble head of sorts. Thankfully, Ellingsen put the complete source code for the hack on his blog. Read More

  • Clown Co. Gets Website and New Name: Hulu

    This morning news broke that NBC Universal and News Corporation’s joint video venture, hitherto dubbed “Clown Co.”, is now to be known as Hulu. Initially, I was a bit concerned that this could be merely a hoax, as no press releases were sent out by NBC or News Corp. themselves. However, after speaking with the Hulu representative, Christina Lee, and seeing the news spread… Read More

  • ProfileBuilder: Manage Your Profile, Not Accounts

    With a plethora of social networks for everyone from knitters to dog lovers, managing our increasing number of long tail profiles is a huge pain. The problem of managing a fragmented identity has been attacked two ways: creating a new master account (OpenID), aggregating identity through search (Spock, Wink), or aggregating management of all your accounts on one site. The latter solution… Read More

  • Roxio Releases Popcorn 3 For OS X

    Hungry for an MPAA lawsuit? Why not grab some Popcorn and download a copy of The Bourne Ultimatum or Superbad? By Popcorn, I mean the latest version of Roxio’s powerful DVD-burning software for the Mac. Popcorn 3 allows you to convert and burn video to multiple formats such as Xbox 360, iPhone, iPod, and more. You can also do batch DVD-video conversions on the fly and can even set it up… Read More

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