• Apple Japan Offers Be@rbricks With Every Mac

    I guess Apple doesn’t love its own country because Apple Japan is giving customers a free Apple branded Be@rbrick with every purchase. Seriously, throw us a bone. The ‘free’ printers we get here are great, but a tiny Be@rbrick toy would bring so much joy to a geek’s heart. Plastic Bamboo Read More

  • VTech Wants You To Go DECT Yourself

    If you still rock the POTS and are hunting for a new cordless phone that’s not heinous looking (seriously, why are most cordless phones so ugly?) and won’t pick up interference from the other wireless signals around you (my 802.11g client picks up no fewer than 22 networks, to say nothing of the signals from other cordless products), check out these five newly available VTech… Read More

  • Spice Up That iPod With New Font Colors

    Owners of video iPods are blessed and there is no doubt about that. They get video while the rest of us mope around the streets just listening to music. Today is no different because those owners that I despise so much now have the ability to change the font color of the title bar, main menu and secondary font color. Oh great! Even Nano owners can do this. I give up. Maybe I’ll buy a Zune. Read More

  • Swivel Search For TiVo Goes Live

    TiVo’s trying to make searching for different video content easier with its new Swivel Search feature that rolls out today. Developed for broadband-connected TiVos, Swivel Search is sort of a meta search that spiders the many different sources of TiVo content, like TiVoCast and Amazon Unbox, to find content that interests you. For example, saying you’re watching an episode of… Read More

  • The New Loudness for Attention Whores

    Attention ladies: If you have the innate need to draw more attention to yourself as you go about your business, there are better ways to do it than this dress with built-in speakers. Yes, it’s a concept, but one we hope doesn’t take off. Turning your clothes into a Teddy Ruxpin will only serve to piss the people around you off. Any woman who’d wear this would undoubtedly… Read More

  • Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One Printer Review

    Some — myself included — would say that printer evolution is spent. The ink-jet was essentially the end of the line for printer makers. By sticking some tiny holes in an ink bottle and hooking those selfsame holes up to electricity, you got a pretty passable imitation of most other high-resolution printing technologies at a price that is quite acceptable. So we were OK with… Read More

  • RakOut Rates Drop

    Voice over IP (VoIP) has already been a reliable way to call friends in far off lands on the cheap, but Raketu, a global Internet communications and information company, is set to drop dial out calling rates for their RakOut VoIP service by up to 66 percent! This is part of a promotion that will run through June 30. Ratetu runs over any Internet connection on a Windows PC, and uses… Read More

  • Panasonic DMP-BD10A Blu-ray Player: $700 Cheaper Than Last Year's Model

    Panasonic just released its second generation Blu-ray player today, the DMP-BD10A. It supports DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD, two new 7.1-channel audio formats that are beginning to gain traction. (Incidentally, Microsoft’s HD DVD player now supports these formats.) The player also adds H.264 to its list of supported video codecs. So yeah, it’s pretty much the same Panasonic Blu-ray… Read More

  • Rumor Wrong: PS3 Firmware Version 2.00 Not Real (Well, Not Yet)

    Nope, false alarm. Rumors had been circulating around the Web detailing the supposed features of PS3 firmware version 2.0, including in-game XMB access and a built-in RSS channel. But yeah, it wasn’t meant to be. The person who leaked the feature list, “Leah,” now claims that her message board account (where the list was posted) was hacked and the list is phony. Now… Read More

  • MySpace To Acquire Flektor

    MySpace will acquire Flektor, a just-launched service that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, according to two sources with knowledge of the deal. This comes right after the news of MySpace’s pending acquisition of Photobucket last week for $250-$300 million. This will be a much smaller deal, in the $10-$20 million range, possibly with an earnout. Flektor… Read More

  • Motorola RAZR2 Spec'd Out

    The RAZR2 V8 is geared toward entertainment and it sports the necessary accoutrements to get the job done. The second generation RAZR keeps the slim and sleek form factor of its predecessor with a stainless steel frame, metal and glass housing that’s 2mm smaller on the GSM and CDMA versions. The 2-inch QVGA external display is nice and bright with contextual touch interaction with… Read More

  • Sliq Samsung Cellphone Concept: Unadulteratedly Black

    This glossy concept is the Samsung Sliq, a cellphone that has all the usual multimedia features like 2-megapixel camera, video camera and MP3 playback. That, and it looks better than most of the other, “real” stuff out there. Its LCD is of the “extra” wide type and the icons of the phone’s GUI disappear when not it use, leaving behind its… Read More

  • Rolling Stones Edition Blackberry: Maybe

    RIM is no stranger to the courtroom, having spent the better part of its existence defending its patents, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. The latest litigation towards the Blackberry maker comes from an unlikely source, though: The Rolling Stones. That’s not the news, however. The news is why Mick and company are sicking the lawyers on RIM. It seems that RIM had an idea for a… Read More

  • Boynq Saturn Portable Speakers: Close, But No Cigar

    The Boynq (boink?) Saturn is a portable USB-powered speaker system that works with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. It turns on and off with a swinging motion: putting it on its back and it turns off and setting it upright turns it on. Genius. The speakers are only 5W, so don’t expect arena rock-like sounds. Meh, I’ve seen cooler speakers in my travels. Product Info (PDF)… Read More

  • One Speech Recognition Company Eats Another: Nuance Acquires VoiceSignal

    Nuance Communications, makers of speech recognition products, has signed an agreement to acquire VoiceSignal, also makers of speech recognition products(Business Wire). The difference? Nuance focuses on call centers and desktop software, VoiceSignal uses speech recognition for search. You may be familiar with Nuance from their Naturally Speaking desktop software. VoiceSignal adds their… Read More

  • Blackminton: Get Sorted And Roll With It

    Ever wonder what would happen if the dude from Tron got hooked on ecstasy, bought tons of blacklights and glow paint and started playing badminton? Well I’m pretty sure it would end up looking like this. This is Blackminton, which is basically a blacklight-infused, tripped out game of people playing badminton while high. It’s a bit more fast paced and apparently it has a bit of… Read More

  • Bringo: Phone Tree Killer. This Is A Genuinely Useful Service

    Bringo solves one of the most frustrating problems that we encounter daily: phone trees. Call a customer service phone number and end up in automated operator hell. I’ve memorized the keys you have to hit for United Airlines to get to an operator as fast as possible. With other companies I just keep saying “operator” while hitting # over and over again. Sometimes it works. Read More

  • Ruby On Rails Versus Java Ad

    Every once in awhile, I love to post something incredibly dorky that makes all the geeks come out of hiding and get a good laugh in. This Ruby on Rails versus Java video is a parody of the popular Mac versus PC ads Apple has been doing. If you understand the basics of Java and Ruby on Rails, you’re bound to get some laughs. out of it. Glad the guys over at RailsEnvy have a sense of… Read More

  • Truemors Launches

    Truemors, Guy Kawasaki’s new startup, opened to the public about an hour ago. We covered them last week when we were able to get into the beta. Truemors is a rumor reporting site. Users text, email or call in a rumor and other users vote on it. Popular rumors make it to the home page. Top “truemors” right now: NBC to launch Heroes spinoff, a public scandal involving an… Read More

  • DirecTV Looks Into Broadband Over Power Lines

    Believe it or not, some people in this country still don’t have access to broadband. Combine that with the fact that DirecTV is in a bit of a financial pickle and you’ll understand why the satellite TV provider is toying with the idea of starting a broadband over power line service in the near future. It’s currently deciding whether or not to go into formal testing, using… Read More

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