• Little Known Hacker News Is My First Read Every Morning

    Hacker News is a Digg/Reddit-like site that I am visiting more and more often. It’s my first stop in the morning, and I check it out a few times during the day as well. Why? Because it’s focused mostly on startup and hacking news, which is what we cover. It’s one of the best places to find information on startups we haven’t heard about yet. And, better, the community… Read More

  • How do you actually DO a startup?

    This weekend there was a flurry of discussion about how to run a start-up company, prompted by Jason Calacanis who more or less suggested that startups needed people who would dedicate every waking hour to the business (pictured pictured are some people in Europe who’ve done it including Tariq Krim, Marc Samwer, Loic Le Meur, Niklas Zennström, Martin Varsavsky and Brent Hoberman). . Read More

  • MP3 players coming up on ten year anniversary

    Oh wow, I guess I’m getting old. Did anyone else own this player — the Eiger Labs MPMan? This is the 64-megabyte F20 shown here but I had the 32-megabyte F10. Remember how it hooked up to your computer via Parallel port and took forever to transfer songs? Apparently the prototype for this device was shown at CeBIT back in March of 1998 before going on sale in May of the same… Read More

  • Feeling brave? Make your own super-fast NiMH battery charger

    Here’s a project I wouldnt’ touch in a million years due to my shameful fear of small shocks. What, they’re painful! If you’re not as much of a chicken as me, and have some skill with electrical engineering, you ought to give it a shot. Then bring it over to my house because my shaver is dying.

    Fast NiMH/NiCd Battery charger [via MAKE:blog] Read More

  • Steven Levy loses a MacBook Air

    Say it ain’t so, Steven! Mr. “Hackers” Levy believes his wife threw Apple’s loaner MacBook Air into the recycling chute with all the other paper, leading him to believe that no, he’s the only stupid one and that everyone else with little expectation that a featherlight computer will end up in a pile of other office detritus would do the same thing. This, friends… Read More

  • LOLPeter winner: I r sad

    And the winner is #6! Congrats, LOLMark! Read More

  • Brando burps up two speaker solutions

    Do you need a speaker that looks like a mouse? How about a speaker that looks like a pair of lips? The mouse speaker, at $14, connects to your iPod and lets you “share” your music with throngs of people who probably want to kill you. The lips, ummm, also cost $14 and do the same thing. Purchase a your own risk. Mouse
    Technology addiction… there is help. Read More

  • Sprint Mogul update includes EVDO Rev. A support

    Good news for HTC Mogul owners on the Sprint network — there’s a new update available that’ll allow your phone to connect to the higher speed EVDO Rev. A network where you could very well enjoy double the data speeds. The current EVDO Rev. 0 protocol features download speeds of 400- to 700-kbps and upload speeds of 50- to 70-kbps. EVDO Rev. A bumps the download speeds to… Read More

  • Nyko Zero Wireless controller for PS3 rumbles into stores

    We first saw Nyko’s Zero controller at CES and now it’s in stores. The $60 controller is the first PS3 controller to hit the market with rumble capabilities (dual vibration motors). But it’s not a one trick pony. The Zero boasts up to 25 hours of continuous play and can be recharged via USB. Range on the Zero is up to 30 feet thanks to the utilization of the 2.4GHz… Read More

  • 500GB Buffalo MiniStation

    What is really small, holds 500 gigabytes, and costs $329? The 500GB Buffalo MiniStation. Can I go back to bed now? Product Page Read More

  • The great true story of the man who brought Donkey Kong to the 2600

    The entire walk-through Landon Dyer’s story of joining Atari after creating a Centipede clone was excellent but here’s a telling detail from the end of the first video game age. There were some distant purges in marketing. The little “conversion” group of 8 programmers I was in had been moved to a satellite location far away from any of Atari’s major buildings, so… Read More

  • Review: Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case

    The Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case is waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof while at the same time allowing access to most of the Touch’s functions. While the extra added bulk might scare some people off, those who need maximum protection at a not-too-shabby price will appreciate this case. Read More

  • Microsoft drops Xbox 360 price in Europe

    We heard mumblings last week about the possibility of a price drop in Europe for the Xbox 360 and earlier this morning they came true. The price of the 360 now starts at €199.99/£159.99. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the upcoming GTA IV launch, but Microsoft did say they were going to own that game and a price drop certainly helps their case, right? From Friday, 14th March… Read More

  • MacBook Air: Weapon of TSA distraction

    Care of the Onion Here, friends, is the danger of depending too much on X-ray searches — there is a valley between the dangerous and the benign and most items fit in it but if you make something dangerous that looks utterly benign or make something benign that looks, to the trained TSA agent, dangerous, you’re in trouble. Long story short, Michael Nygard was held up at the… Read More

  • Wikka wikka wack! iPhone scratchpad coming

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=MixMeisterScratch.flv Coming soon to an iPhone near you: something that could potentially make musicians out of all of us. MixMeister is a cool iPhone app that lets to remix and scratch songs by sliding your fingers across the iPhone screen. Why it won’t make you Nick Latino overnight, it might be good for impressing my Shadowrun… Read More

  • Project Canoe: Cable Companies Paddle to Catch Up To Google in Targeted TV Ads

    Whenever cable companies feel threatened, they form a joint venture. The latest is called Project Canoe, an effort by all six major cable companies in the U.S. to deliver targeted TV ads to viewers through their set-top boxes. The NYT reports: Collectively, the cable companies will initially put about $150 million behind the effort in order to build a national service that can sell… Read More

  • LOLPeter's vote-off – FINAL COUNTDOWN

    [photopress:scaled.icanhazdecent128491456553524233.jpg,full,pp_image] Without further ado, we invite you to vote on the best LOLPeter from CeBIT 2008. Remember: the image with the most votes by Monday, noon EST, wins a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer flash drive. Read More

  • Kilobytes for all

    My nerd bone hurts for understanding and laughing at this, but ain’t it true? Kilobyte [xkcd] Read More

  • WiBro PMP from Samsung should infuriate us all

    [photopress:SWT_W100K_002.jpg,full,pp_image] We’re a couple months away from seeing any WiMAX activity here in the US, but it’s coming, at least. Will we have any WiMAX ready devices? Probably not unless the rumors of the Nokia N810 WiMAX tablet are true. Per the usual, Samsung has gone and announced a WiBro PMP that features a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, DMB, DMB PIP, GPS, a… Read More

  • Cell Carriers Fight FCC over Backup Power

    Past disasters like Hurricane Katrina knocked out wireless communications and impacted emergency crews and victims when they needed to talk. To avoid similar losses of communications in the future, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants most cell phone transmitter sites in the U.S. to have at least eight hours of backup power in the event main power fails. Regulators claim this… Read More

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