• Splashcast Launches One Player to Bind them All

    Portland based SplashCast is launching this morning after a long beta period. Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote a long review late last year after demo’ing the product (and he liked it so much he now works there). Splashcast is a little hard to describe, but once you get it it makes sense. It’s a Flash media player where the user can make various channels of content – including… Read More

  • Desktop Widgets 101

    For those of you who don’t know the basics of widgets, or the difference between desktop and web widgets, check out this surprisingly unbiased overview post on the Yahoo Widgets blog where they talk about the pros and cons of the four major desktop widget platforms offered by Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and Apple. A key factor when deciding which platforms to consider when building a widget… Read More

  • The E65 Returns: Black 'N Tan Edition

    Sick of seeing that bloody red Nokia E65? We thought so. Check out the E65 in a refreshing black/brown/metal combo that really makes it look stunning – especially with the leather palm rest. If you want to see it in every possible angle and inspect every last detail, hit the link for a plethora of pics. As for us, we’ll be keeping an eye out for this one during 3GSM for sure. Read More

  • Ecto 1 Up For Sale; Only Costs $149,998, Dignity

    I never, ever thought I’d say that $150k was a bargain for anything, but then I found the Ecto 1 for sale on Hemmings. This is the real deal, the actual Ecto 1 used in the Ghostbusters films, refitted to its original form. This modified ’59 caddy comes with everything you remember from the film, including the unique and god-awful siren. Next to the proton pack (you’ll have… Read More

  • CycloWiz Dismembers The Ninja Team

    Well The Ninja Team may have all the hype right now with their Wiinja mod chip but the boys over at Maxconsole have their hands on the CycloWiz mod chip that’s expected to start shipping by weeks end. Seems to be a quicksolder job and the ability to play Wii backups, Gamecube backups/homebrew/Imports, built in Audiofix, DVD+-R support and a few other goodies. We’ll see how legit… Read More

  • AllFreeCalls (un)Surprisingly Successful

    AllFreeCalls, a new service which lets people make free phone calls by first calling a phone number in Iowa and then calling to any of dozens of other countries, just added eight new countries to the permitted lists (plus Antarctica). In an email the founder also said that they handled 80,000 call minutes yesterday. The company operates under a legislative loophole that gives rural telco’s… Read More

  • News Corp. shuns Fox Interactive in ROO deal

    The Wall Street Journal reported (behind paywall) this morning that News Corp would announce a $12 million investment in online video startup ROO. However, unlike other investments and acquisitions in Internet startups, News Corp. subsidiary Fox Interactive wasn’t involved in the deal. Fox Interactive owns Myspace and has made investments in startups such as SimplyHired. They are… Read More

  • Asia Gets First 4G Network as Shanghai Leapfrogs Past 3G

    you’ve also got the world’s first active 4G mobile network. Thanks! Yah, we know that your handsets on the Chinese network in Shanghai can now get up to 100MB/s (!?) for streaming video in HD. We know that video calling is part of the package, too. We heard you when you said that phone-based email servers might even be possible, among other things. You don’t need to… Read More

  • SkipDR AutoMax Rescues Doomed Discs

    Devices like these have been around for some time, but this one is fully automated. Measuring in at about the size of a computer speaker, the SkipDR AutoMax can automatically buff scratched discs into submission. Just spray the disc with the resurfacing fluid and load it into the slot. The device then spins a motorized radial wheel for a minute to remove a microscopic layer of plastic from… Read More

  • Pioneer FH-P510MD

    The Pioneer FH-P510MD Multi-Media DSP Receiver is all sorts of crazy. In addition to the obvious AM/FM tuner, it supports CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA. This $400 main unitr also has a mini-disc player than can play both MD and MDLP. And as an added bonus it has a 50×4 MOSFET amp and an OEL screen. Have I mentioned that I love Uncrate? It always points me toward the most excessive gear. Read More

  • PicksPop – Bet on Pop Culture Stuff

    For-fun betting sites like Gottabet and PicksPal, which combine social networking with betting, are gaining popularity. The success of PicksPal in particular has been stunning. Friends group together and bet on the winners of upcoming sporting events, or more detailed things like the number of touchdowns in a given game. A small percentage of users on PicksPal tend to be correct in their bets… Read More

  • Samsung NV11

    It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the NV series. I’ve been using an NV3 as my pocket camera for a bunch of months now and I’m every bit as enthralled by it as I was when it first arrived. The series is a marvelous blend of style and functionality. Samsung today announced the fourth camera in its NV line, the new flagship NV11. The 10-megapixel rig features a Schneider… Read More

  • YouTube Plans on Rewarding Uploaders

    If you’re a budding Lucas, Jackson, or Spielberg, plugging away at YouTube in hopes of being discovered, chances are it ain’t gonna happen, pal. Sorry. But that doesn’t mean your work has been in vain. The Google-owned online video site has plans for 2007 that include video advertising bumpers before videos, with the proceeds for said ads being shared with the… Read More

  • YouTube Delivers Knock-Out Punch to Competitors

    YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley has hinted future plans of revenue-sharing at YouTube in the coming months. The BBC is speculating that the ads might take the form of 3-second pre-roll, but Chad Hurley didn’t mention that in his comments. The millions of YouTube videos is a huge inventory that finally gives advertisers a real reason to start investing in the creation of video ads and… Read More

  • Microsoft Renames Windows Mobile 6 to Standard, Professional, Classic

    The horror that is Windows Mobile 5 currently comes in three flavors: Pocket PC edition (for non-smartphone handhelds), Phone edition (for smartphones with touchscreens), and Smartphone edition (for phones without touchscreens). This is all very confusing, because on top of all the features your phone might support, you must determine which flavor of the OS it’s running to make sure… Read More

  • Verizon Ditching V-Cast for PlaysForSure for Musicphones?

    . According to the manual, the new high-end RAZR utilizes Windows Media 11 and PlaysForSure, meaning your Yahoo! music subscription will work with the phone. The idea of carriers opening up their hardware to music from other services isn’t new, Cingular started the trend way back when with its super-sleek, sexy, slender, desirable ROKR, an iTunes-compatible musicphone. The thing was a… Read More

  • Lenovo Rolls Out Vista Mini PCs

    Lenovo, Chinese makers of the suh-wheat Thinkpads, is expanding its desktop line with the A55 SFF desktop PCs. The Mac Mini-ish boxes are full power, though, with enough muscle to run Vista with dual-monitors out of the box. That’s decent. The boxes are centered around Core 2 Duo chips, and starting tomorrow they’ll be available pre-loaded with Vista, like just about everything… Read More

  • Zune Goes Discount, Contributes to $289 Million Loss for Microsoft

    here at the Gear, and there are good reasons for that. When the largest technology company in the country (world?) decides to go head-to-head with the de facto variant of the MP3 player, we have to report on that. When said company utilizes innovations (no matter how emasculated) like built-in WiFi, we report on that, too. We like the Zune—especially Blake, but you all know he’s a… Read More

  • SocialPicks Opens To Public

    SocialPicks, a social network around stocks, is officially out of private beta and has added features to make it one of the more compelling places for stock junkies to hang out. SocialPicks tracks imaginary portfolios as they shrink and grow, ranking users by paying close attention to how well their predictions pan out. The new release comes with a face lift, and a tweaked ranking… Read More

  • The iPhone You Should Lust Over

    I will once again admit that I was enamored by the iPhone when it first came out but then I learned of all the dirty little secrets that little apple from Silicon Valley held. I began to raise my nose and give the stinkeye at anyone who mentioned it. Sure it has the full screen touchpad and all that jazz but it lacks 3G capability and with a launch on that orange guys (AT&T/Cingular)… Read More

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