• Contest: Win a Neuros OSD video box!

    If you’re a real geek, you like to make stuff for Linux. And you’ve probably also seen the nifty Neuros OSD, a Linux-based PVR-ish device. It records TV shows, for example, and automagically compresses them for your iPod, among many, many other things it does. And Neuros is giving us one to give away to you, our readers. You’ll also get a 160GB external HD for recording the… Read More

  • Amazon Kindle's FAQ, according to some guy

    I still haven’t used Ask Kindle NowNow for many reasons. Truth be told, I forgot it even existed. After reading this tiny FAQ I’ve been asking myself why I didn’t think to do this with my Kindle. D’oh. Read More

  • Retailer gets punk'd

    I’ve worked in retail so I know how shady some people can be when they try and return items, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. An Xbox 360 was returned one morning and the poor chump working was by himself and had no choice but to return the console because the thieving bastard had a receipt. He obviously didn’t inspect it well enough or else he would have found… Read More

  • Alexa's Make Believe Internet

    Amazon’s Alexa traffic reporting service has little credibility left among people who follow traffic trends. Most analytics services, like Comscore, don’t measure small sites well, but they tend to get it right for the larger sites. Alexa seems to get everything wrong, no matter how large or small the site. Example: In August Alexa said that YouTube passed Google itself in total… Read More

  • Zune, iPod camps fudge numbers in WSJ voting poll

    Ah, there’s nothing better than passionate users. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a holiday poll asking "Which of these items are you most likely to purchase as a gift?" The iPod and Zune were two of the choices and when the final numbers had been tallied, the iPod received 62% of the vote and "in a highly improbable move, Zune surged from less than 1% through most… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #263

    It’s holiday time and Brief #263 is all about toys. I kick off the list with Brian the Brain, a smart personal assistant for kids. The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is the learning and exercise game I’ll probably give my nephew, Loki. The Discovery Store always has some of the best educational gifts. My favorites from them this year are the Sour Candy Factory and the Discovery… Read More

  • Should IZEA Advertisements Be Accepted On TechCrunch? (Updated)

    Update: Ok, the poll is now closed. It was close, but the “Nos” have it with 55% of the 3,437 votes cast. No IZEA ads on TechCrunch. In 2006 PayPerPost CEO Ted Murphy emailed to ask if we’d take their ads on TechCrunch. We said no and that was the end of it. Yesterday I heard from Ted again on the subject of advertising. His company, which has been renamed IZEA, wants to… Read More

  • Follow Up To The Viral Video Post: Dan Wants Another Word

    Dan Greenberg took a bit of a beating in his guest post earlier this week where he revealed his strategies for taking a client’s otherwise ho-hum video and making it go viral. Readers were incensed over his almost gleeful willingness to post fake discussions on forums between fake readers, pay bloggers to post videos, and other dishonest tactics. I, for one, agreed with most of those… Read More

  • Albert, Texas: Mint condition, 13 acres, low reserve!!!

    A man in Italy bought the small Texas town of Albert on eBay for $3.8 million on Friday. That’s awesome. I wish I had my own town. Lucky jerk. Good for him, though. Nobody currently lives in the town, but there’s a bar that’s open on the weekends. Go figure. The town is about 13 acres large and includes "a pavilion, an 85-year-old dance hall, a tractor shed, a… Read More

  • Insert Your 3D Avatar Into Movie Clips. All The Cool Kids Do It.

    Get your own at Gizmoz.com If you like putting yourself into movie clips with JibJab, you’ll like this new product from Gizmoz, too. Unlike JibJab, which takes a still 2D image and moves only the mouth up and down, Gizmoz has developed proprietary technology to create a 3D facial image and includes various expression changes as well… Read More

  • Nokia N810 unboxed and scrutinized

    Peter the Ha was lucky enough to get a little face time with the N810 a month ago and Ars Technica got to play around with one yesterday as well. They found it to be "impressive" but think that the keyboard could have been executed better, which is somewhat unfortunate because the Nokia Internet Tablet family has been aching for the inclusion of real keys since the 770. I like that… Read More

  • Digg Refugees May Be Heading To Mixx

    New startup Mixx, which went in to private beta just two months ago, may be finding itself with the right product at the right time. Digg users, including top contributors, are showing an increasing amount of frustration with the Digg community, and many are leaving. Conspiracy theories that Digg auto buries stories with certain topics or linking to certain sites only compounds the… Read More

  • EU May Crack Down On Targeted Advertising

    The European Union may crack down on targeted advertising following concern into the personal privacy aspects of such programs. The Article 29 working party has an ongoing investigation into privacy online, and has previously forced Google to limit its data retention of web searches in Europe to 18 months. According to a Reuters report, Gabriele Loewnau, a senior legal adviser for the… Read More

  • The most wanted laptop in America is…

    My partiality towards Macs may have clouded my judgment in the past, but a laptop that retails for under $400 and is extremely portable is hard to overlook. That’s why the Asus Eee PC is the hottest selling and most desired notebook this holiday season. They’re harder to keep on shelves then the ever popular Nintendo Wii. Over 10,000 Eees have been sold in the last couple weeks… Read More

  • BBC's fawlty iPlayer a money sink "worse than Boo.com"

    The BBC’s project to make its enormous back catalog of quality British TV shows available online was ambitious to say the least. But due to colossal mismanagement and a lack of vision and flexibility, its iPlayer app is clumsy, unpopular, and pretty much redundant. I imagine a Dilbert-esque scene as the 400 people on the project all met and shared conflicting ideas for the bloated… Read More

  • $12,000 NES game up for sale

    Don’t you think $12,000 for an NES game is outrageous? I don’t care that it’s a super rare 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridge. But I guess when there’s only 116 copies and it being the third rarest game of all time may warrant such an astronomical price tag. Of course, you need to find an NES that won’t crap out. I had no idea that there were 26 gold… Read More

  • OLPC project extends buy-one-get-one deal until Dec 31st

    Ah, the gift of giving. And getting. ‘Tis the season (for buying), and those savvy philanthropists at the One Laptop Per Child project have decided to extend the length of their one-for-me, one-for-you, tax-deductible computer sale. Still haven’t decided whether you want one of these sweet little gadgets? Well, now you’ve got a little more time to cogitate, ruminate, and… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. Read More

  • Buy anything cool this Black Friday? Let us know!

    We try to keep on top of the Black Friday madness – it’s all here – but we’d need an army of supermen to catch every single sweet deal. Did you guys find anything cool? Share your big buys here, tell us which stores were blowing it, and vent about how you’re not going to get that mail-in rebate from Circuit City for another 6-8 weeks. Watch that credit card… Read More

  • zBoost YX300 zP zPersonal Repeater Review

    New York is a city of contradictions. On one hand you have great hot dogs, the Met, and Central Park. On the other hand you have urine, other people’s urine, and bad wireless reception. Due to overwhelmed switches and line of site issues, you either have great reception or no reception. There is rarely a happy medium. Wi-Ex makes cellular boosters. I reviewed a beefier version of this… Read More

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