• PatentMonkey: Microsoft's Cell Phone with Touch Screen

    What if the Zune was a cell phone? What if it had a touch screen on the back of it? What could you do with it? Microsoft slipped in a patent application covering a cell phone that can be used as a touch screen computer mouse for your PC. After searching on the topic, we’ve uncovered Microsoft-two-sided-cell-phone-touch-screen-control-your-PC-by-WiFi patent application goodness. Whew… Read More

  • MSMv2.0 Hits Helio And It's Hot, Hot, Hot

    Earlier today I hinted that Helio might be releasing some mind blowing new features in the coming weeks and lookie lookie what I found while tinkering with my Ocean. MySpace Mobile 2.0 has been released and it’s made the MySpace experience on a mobile so simple that even a monkey could use it. A stupid monkey! Read More

  • Vodafone Holding Out for 3G iPhone

    Many analysts believe that Vodafone could be in a good position to get an exclusive, pan-European lock on the new Apple iPhone, but there is a catch. The iPhone does not operate on fast 3G networks, and isn’t expected to bring out a 3G version until next March at the earliest. The iPhone operates over slower 2.5 generation networks in the United States, and as Vodafone has invested… Read More

  • Beijing Olympics To Be Fully Mobile

    The games of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing next year will utilize some advanced technologies, reports China Knowledge. Representatives of the Beijing Olympic committee and China Mobile Ltd. have announced that technology such as 3G, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and WiMax will be used during the games. Media reporters, participants and even the audience will be able to access the various wireless… Read More

  • TechCrunch Acquires InviteShare

    Getting invitations to private betas can be a frustrating experience for early adopters. If you don’t know someone who’s already in the beta it could end up being a very long wait. Over the last few years invitations for some betas were so hard to get that they ended up for sale on eBay – Gmail is the most famous example but recently Pownce invites were also put up for… Read More

  • King.com and RealNetworks Announce Exclusive Partnership

    Games provider King.com and RealNetworks will today announce that both companies have entered into an exclusive, multi-year partnership that will integrate gaming content across both companies gaming portals. Under the deal, King.com will be the exclusive provider of skill-based games for Real at RealArcade.com, GameHouse.com and Zylom.com. In return, Real will also be the exclusive provider… Read More

  • Motorola to Cut 7,500 Jobs

    The big M is slimming down. While they had previously cut 4,000 jobs, Reuters is reporting that the employees at Motorola may be facing additional layoffs. The company could be cutting up to another 7,500 jobs. This was brought on by the second quarterly loss in a row, and severe price competition. As a result Motorola will up to 7,500 jobs, or about 11 percent of its workforce by the end of 2007. Read More

  • Samsung’s Transforming Game Phone

    What is keeping mobile from being the dominant game platform? Well, it isn’t numbers. Mobile phones have a larger install base than all the major consoles combined. But what they have in numbers mobile handsets lack in interface. Playing complex games, even puzzle games (or maybe more accurately especially puzzle games) with a keypad just doesn’t work. But apparently Samsung wants… Read More

  • Sony BMG Release Geometry Wars Exclusively on Verizon Wireless

    The popular arcade game Geometry Wars is now available for play on mobile handsets, but you’ll need to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber to get in the game. Sony BMG Music Entertainment has announced the exclusive release of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Mobile for Verizon. The game was developed by Bizarre Creations, and is faithful to the original console version. The controls will… Read More

  • Study: iPhone Has Video Potential

    Well file this under information we probably already knew. A recent survey from media research firm Intererpret, LLC, suggests that the iPhone has the potential to deliver growth for mobile video usage. The studies finding show that 63 percent of iPhone owners have already used the widescreen-enabled device to watch video. “Apple has already made a name for itself as a top destination… Read More

  • DVB-H Gets Boost from HiWire Act

    The de facto mobile TV standard situation in America may have cleared up just a bit as HiWire has announced a 24-channel lineup using the DVB-H standard in Las Vegas. This content will include seven channels from Discovery Communications including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Kids and Discovery Mobile; along with six channels from MTV Networks with MTV, CMT, Comedy… Read More

  • SendMe Launches Online to Mobile Game

    Today SendMe, a provider of direct-to-consumer mobile entertainment, announced the launch of SoLow, an online to mobile game that has players compete to get down to the bottom. Users can place free bids for prizes, enter a sweepstakes, and in a unique twist the lowest unique bid wins. “The concept behind SoLow has exploded elsewhere in the world with hundreds of thousands of… Read More

  • Another Bad Break for T-Mobile at The Tour de France

    Yet another reason to post about the Tour de France on MobileCrunch this week: German state television channels ARD and ZDF have pulled race coverage following a positive drug test by German cyclist Patrick Sinkewitz, a rider for the T-Mobile sponsored team. The German Cycling Union, the BDR, said there were possible signs of abuse of the male hormone testosterone. The pulling of the race is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bookface's Revenge Edition

    German Throws Computer Out Window, Escapes Fine
    Teenager Buys PS2, Gets Lotsa Cash
    Join Our Facebook Group
    1980s Apple Concepts & The Origin Of The iPhone
    Limited-edition Nixon Lowdown SS Read More

  • TechCrunch Partners With SeedCamp Europe

    We’re pleased to announce that TechCrunch has partnered to support the launch of SeedCamp in Europe. Inspired by YCombinator and the OpenCoffeeClub, Seedcamp will be a week long event in London, September 3-7, for twenty young entrepreneurs to showcase their early-stage strategies and product concepts. The mission of Seedcamp is to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in Europe… Read More

  • Fact: iPhone Camp Starts Next Week

    Apple’s notorious closed-platform, that some call the iPhone, is inching itself open, if only a bit. July 23 promises Apple developers a crash course on writing effective apps for the oh-so-hot handset, without giving up too much of Jobs’s control. While we’d rather see the actual open platform that it could be (the interface begs for one-touch app launches), it’s a step… Read More

  • The Jing Project: The 3 Legged Dog Of Screen Captures And Screencasting

    The Jing Project is a fairly new screen capture and screencasting tool from TechSmith. Jing aims to make screen capturing and screencasting easier by providing the one program for both. Usage wise it’s simple to use. The screencasting tool is as good as any I’ve used before; unlike Screencast-o-matic it’s a software based tool and the difference in quality shows. The Jing… Read More

  • Ooma to Land Tomorrow: Peer-to-Peer VoIP in a Pretty Package

    While we’re spending our time pushing our Destroy Your Landline Contest, wherein you the readers are implored to destroy your traditional landline phones, something comes up that makes us want to perhaps hold on to ours. Ooma is a new Vonage-like VoIP service that tweaks the formula just enough to perhaps survive where companies like SunRocket have failed. The VoIP ideal has been around… Read More

  • Ooma Launches Free Consumer Phone Service

    An ambitious and long awaited new consumer VOIP startup – Ooma – launches on Thursday morning. Much like Vonage and the ill-fated SunRocket, Ooma allows consumers to use their normal phones to make and receive telephone calls, but at drastically reduced prices. Vonage provides unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada for a flat $25/month. Ooma, however, is using an innovative… Read More

  • Zattoo Is The Best Live P2P Television Platform Available Today

    With Microsoft getting into the Live P2P television game with Livestation, interest has been growing in the space. We covered a number of leading operators earlier this month. On that list was the European focused company Zattoo with a product that is currently only available in a number of European countries, and only then by invite. The folks at Zattoo were kind enough to offer me a 7-day… Read More

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