• Vista, you're so silly

    It’s Friday and the news is sloooooow. Read More

  • Wellington beats target on latest fund

    Pan-European venture capital firm Wellington Partners has closed its latest fund “Wellington Partners IV Technology” at EUR265 million in just over six months. It had a target of EUR250 million, so it’s done well in what is supposed to be a bear market right now. With the new fund Wellington plans to invest in approximately 25 technology companies throughout Europe in the… Read More

  • BBC man checks out Seesmic

    BBC Technology editor Darren Waters got a privileged chat with Seesmic founder and prominent French entrepreneur Loic LeMeur in a London pub last night and was evidently impressed after a demo: Within minutes of posting the video to Seesmic, he had replies from the community all around the world, including from members sat around the corner in the same bar. LeMeur confirmed the company, which… Read More

  • Adventures in Comcastic customer service

    Ah, Comcast. Your service amuses me to no end. Here’s a recent tale involving me, a Comcast live chat operator, and 40 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. I needed to finesse a few items on the cable television side of my account. Most importantly, I have a technician coming out next Tuesday with one of the new Comcast TiVo boxes to replace the Motorola HD DVR… Read More

  • Nokia N95 gets DLNAified

    Just a quick announcement for those keeping track at home. The N95 8GB is the first mobile phone to receive such a certification and is now recognized as a Mobile Digital Media Server. Now you can share whatever content you have wirelessly! Isn’t that fanfreakintastic? Press Release Read More

  • Fon Wants Residents of San Francisco's Castro District to Share Their Wi-Fi

    “Give to receive” is the mantra of a new initiative by Spanish startup Fon to bring “free” Wi-Fi to the residents of San Francisco’s Castro District. The plan is the same one tried by Fon elsewhere: the company gives people Wi-Fi routers to install in their homes with the understanding that they will use them to share some of their internet connection with other… Read More

  • Horsesmouth mentoring network launches

    UK-based Horsesmouth, a social network built around mentoring and volunteering, has come out of beta to give people and organisations a place to swap information around the topics of education, careers, health, families and relationships. So far it has picked up 2,000 users and launch partners include Everywoman, Media Trust and Youthnet. The site was founded by advertising entrepreneur MT… Read More

  • Team Xtender's XCM High Speed Air Cooler now works with HDMI'd 360s

    [photopress:acv2.jpg,full,center] Some Xbox 360s have a problem with overheating (which explains the red ring of death), making external cooling systems not entirely a waste of money. Xtender’s latest cooler, the XCM High Speed Air Cooler, now works with 360s that have an HDMI port. Yay. This particular cooler cools the internal organs of the 360, including the problematic CPU and GPU… Read More

  • PS3 is THE best Blu-ray player on the market

    So back at CES, I went and bothered a few folks from the Blu-ray booth and asked which player was the best to have. Their answers didn’t really surprise me, but I figured I’d fill all of you in, too. Sorry about the week long delay. The peyote is just now starting to wear off. That was a crazy ride! Regardless of whether or not you play games, they told me that the PS3 was the… Read More

  • Good news for mobile startups as The Sun drives mass take-up of QR codes

    Startups offering Quick Response technologies and other services for mobile phones will be heartened by the news that The Sun – the UK’s biggest circulating newspaper – says its new mobile barcode service already has 11,000 users since its early December launch. Readers use a downloaded client application for a cameraphone to scan over the newspaper, thus triggering either a… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #295

    On Brief #295 is a gadget booth tour. We started at the Belkin booth where we learned about the Podcast Studio. It’s a stereo recorder that uses an iPod as the hard drive. Next I stop by Apple’s MacBook Air display. I’m considering selling my MacBook Pro and getting one. Finally, I stopped by the G-Technology booth. G Technology makes my favorite portable hard drive, the… Read More

  • Video: I'm a Night Elf pimp

    We can close YouTube now. This is the best video that will ever be uploaded to it. (It’s a parody of the recent WoW ad campaign, in case you’re lucky enough to have a life.) WoW Moviewatch: Belated pimp parody of WoW commercials [WoW Insider] Read More

  • Seitz' 160-megapixel camera may be overkill

    I believe this camera has appeared in a more limited fashion before, but now you can actually click a buy button, assuming you’ve got $44,000 burning a hole in your pocket. My guess is that it’s for product photography and large-format printing (think billboards), because size aside, its ISO is limited to 100-400 and at full resolution (7500×21250) it takes a full second… Read More

  • (Legitimate) unlocked iPhones not selling much in Europe

    Orange is selling “very, very few” unlocked iPhones (cost: 749 Euros, or £560) without a contract, according to Didier Lombard, the head of Orange’s parent company France Telecom. By regulation Apple had to offer both locked and unlocked versions – with the latter being more expensive. Apple will be pleased, since it gets a monthly income from iPhone buyers who… Read More

  • Lego gumball sorting machine

    Say you needed to sort gumballs by color. Say you were colorblind like Hickey or your sorting fingers were mangled in a thresher? What should you do? Well, the best solution is to build a Mindstorms NXT robot to sort your gumballs for you and, potentially, encourage you sort out your damn priorities, nerd. Sorry. Actually, I’m jealous of this guy simply because I always wanted to do… Read More

  • Rick Sammon's affordable all-purpose lighting kit for you DSLR types

    Usually I do what I can with the light that I have, and it turns out pretty well. But it’s not that rare that I look at a shot and think, “if only I could have corrected for that flash of sunlight, or mitigated the effect of those shadows.” Apparently pro photo guy Rick Sammon thought the same and like me is weak and doesn’t want to carry around 20 pounds of tripods… Read More

  • CTIA/FCC could outlaw cellular repeaters AKA "jammers"

    Got a note this morning from a concerned reader who is watching some carrier noise. Apparently some of the bigs are talking to the FCC about having cellular repeaters classed as “jammers” because they might interfere and oscillate with regular cell tower signals. tia complained to fcc about repeaters, said they were essentially jammers asked for them to be banned.
    but repeater… Read More

  • Slide Gets Their Huge Valuation And Raises $50 million

    Three months ago Slide founder Max Levchin assured us that, despite rumors, he wasn’t raising money, and hadn’t even updated his pitch deck. He sure got his act in gear in a hurry, it seems. Today Business Week and The NY Times are reporting that Slide has raised $50 million at a valuation north of half a billion. Three months ago when he officially wasn’t pitching a new… Read More

  • Turmoil at Joost as CTO sacked then hired by BBC on the same day

    Is Joost going to last the year? The P2P TV yesterday confirmed it had fired CTO Dirk-Willem van Gulik, who then promptly turned up as a new hire at the BBC on the same day. He will be chief technical architect of the BBC Future Media and Technology Group, which is working on – guess what – the BBC iPlayer online TV project. A Joost spokesperson in the US told newteevee that Gulik… Read More

  • Xbox Live outage = Undertow

    For all of our troubles over the holidays, the Xbox team is bestowing upon all Gold and Silver members a free download of Undertow. That’s pretty weak sauce if you ask me. Granted, I won’t be throwing a fit and trying to sue Microsoft for $5 million, but a free game certainly doesn’t make me feel better about the situation. Beginning next Wednesday at 2:00 a.m. PST… Read More

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