• Xilt Controller Mod Gives Xbox 360 Wii-like Controls, Superpowers

    Before the end of the month you should be able to add Wiimote-like motion-sensing to the Xbox 360’s controller called Xilt. It’s a mod that’s said to install in as little as 10 minutes (only seven wires are needed) and was built “from the ground up” to ensure maximum flexibility. Yeah, info… not so much. Still, it’ll work with both wired and… Read More

  • Steve Rubel Apologizes for Saying He Doesn't Read PC Mag

    Louderback counters with a right and it looks like the fight is OVEEERRRRRRR! GRRR! Tech press fight! Steve Rubel, a blogger and PR ninja for Edelman, wrote that he doesn’t read the dead-tree version of PC Magazine and just throws that noise in the tee-rash when it lands on his doorstep. Then Jim Louderback, EIC of PC Mag is all like “WAT? PERV! BAN HIM FRM IRC!” and Steve… Read More

  • Korea's LG Prada Has DMB-TV, Europe's Doesn't

    While Europe already has the LG Prada phone, LG’s homeland of Korea had to wait until today to see its official announcement. For its home market, LG adds support for DMB-TV, digital TV broadcasts that Korea just loves to pieces. That explains the big antenna seen here. Other than that, the specs are the same as the Euro Prada: 3-inch touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, etc. Read More

  • Free* Reality Bedding for CG Readers

    Do you like beds? Do you like bedding? Do you like pictures of ladies kissing? Well, you’re in luck because Reality Bedding is offering free — all you pay is shipping — XL/Full Size bedding from a special promo site. The bedding features a specially printed image by photographer Tanya Chalkin and, if you play your cards right, will be the only women on your bed until you move… Read More

  • Google Phone: Here Before The End of 2007?

    Stop living your life for just a second because we have a possible release date for the rumored Google Phone: late 2007. Supposedly the phone will be manufactured by HTC (they make the Dash, among others), which will have more than one million Google Phones (GPhones?) by the end of the year. This news comes to us by way of DigiTimes, the Taiwanese tech-oriented newspaper that often gets… Read More

  • BlackBerry Outage Kills Three, Causes Mass Firing of F*cking Stupid Executive Assistants

    I need my email. Do you hear me? I need my email! At about 5PM PDT last night, RIM’s push mail servers seemingly failed and created a mass outage in the “Western hemisphere,” leaving hundreds of men in chinos and shirts with their company name stitched above the breast pocket aghast and potentially causing multiple heart attacks and angry calls to the Help Desk to… Read More

  • The Proud Interplay of Journalistic Spirit: Smashing a Camera Phone

    We at CG like to explore all facets of any particular issue and, as a result, we are open to comments and, more importantly, intelligent video commentary by our readership. Luckily, YouTube isn’t just for kitten movies: it also allows for the sort of pithy commentary on the news of the day that we come to expect from the bathroom stalls at Wayne’s Hog Pit on Route 40. Speak, muses… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bike Race Edition

    Indoor Fitness: Making the Most of the Great Indoors
    Pedal Power: Cycle Fitness Products
    Domo Robot Has Human-Like Eyes That Can Sorta See
    Create Beautiful 3D Landscapes With Your Pirated Downloads Read More

  • TechStars Summer Camp for Entrepreneurs: Winners Selected

    TechStars is doing something similar to what YCombinator has done – they’re funding 10 teams with up to $15,000 in seed capital and providing office space, operational support, and mentors from business leaders (and potential follow-on investors) in Boulder, CO. In exchange for the investment and everything else, the teams give up a meager 5% equity position in their companies. Read More

  • Graphita Adds Personal Bling to Photos

    San Rafael, California-based Graphita wants to let people add a little bling to their photos. The company offers a Flash-based application that enables users to upload photos and add a personal touch via an easy to use toolset filled with stamps, text icons, captions, bubbles and more (Bubbleply does much the same for videos). The Graphita rich toolkit is easy to use to add, resize and… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Portable Display

    Peripheral manufacturer Hori has announced the Compact TFT Monitor EX. It’s a 12.1-inch monitor that can display 720p via an RGB connector. It also includes stereo speakers and a headphone jack. It might still weigh 30-pounds and not be, well, very portable, but this LCD attachment for the Xbox 360 could be the most portable the system is going to get. You can get yours this July for… Read More

  • Indoor Fitness: Making the Most of the Great Indoors

    Ideally we’d all live on a beach and spend our days taking in some rays. Unfortunately even when the sun is shinning there are times when we’re trapped inside. Quality of life can be affected by stale air, limited space and bad weather. But a good work out can help can change your mood. For those times when the sun isn’t shinning outside there are ways to stay fit, feel… Read More

  • More Insight Into Leopard Delay

    Yeah, yeah, we know already know that Mac OS X 10.5—Leopard to you and me—has been delayed until October. And we kinda know that the delay is because of the iPhone. But what does that even mean? A Silicon Valley analyst has surmised that the iPhone is so complicated to that, last minute, Apple had to pull a bunch of developers off Leopard to help work out some of the… Read More

  • Shuttle XPC X200m Hands On

    While I’m certain there are people out there that think Apple pioneered the “mini” computer, Shuttle Computers has long been an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of small-form-factor (SFF) PCs. The Shuttle XPC X200 is a prime example of that leadership. Measuring 2.1×8.3×11.8 inches (HWD), the little black-and-silver box is a powerful Media Center PC. Read More

  • Sprint Sniffing Vonage

    Following the verdict of a catastrophic patent infringement suit from Verizon, one that likely signals the end of Vonage as we know it, word comes that Sprint could be exploring a buyout of the ill-fated VoIP provider. Although Vonage is also embroiled in a patent dispute with Sprint, sources indicate that Sprint is keen on the possibility of acquiring Vonage’s 2.4 million customers at… Read More

  • Gamecube Gets Crushed, Brother Loses Faith In Brother

    Remember when Bart replayed the scene where Lisa spurned Ralph’s love and pointed out the moment Ralph’s heart was broken? Well, fast forward to the third minute of this masochistic video and watch as brotherly love, along with a Gamecube, is shattered forever. Read More

  • Philips VOIP8411B Skype Phone Does The Job While Looking Pretty

    With the VOIP8411B, Philips jumps into the hurly-burly world of Skype handsets. Fortunately for the Dutch conglomerate, its handset is the best looking of the bunch. It doesn’t do anything that other Skype handsets don’t do—make Skype-to-Skype and SkypeOut phone calls—but it also works as a POTS handset. Remarkable! Read More

  • PS3 Just Might Get a Bigger Hard Drive After All

    Hottt, hot hot! The PS3 may get a bigger hard drive after all, if you’re one to believe the Reuters news agency. A Sony spokesman in Japan said that 60G “may not be big enough” considering all the content that Sony expects gamers to store on their PS3s. An 80GB hard drive has been rumored for some time now, and Bloomberg quoted another Sony dude as saying the company was… Read More

  • Pedal Power: Cycle Fitness Products

    Spring — if it actually ever really arrives — means it is time to get out of that cave you live in, get some fresh air and most importantly get back into shape. One way to drop that winter weight is to take a spin. Riding isn’t just for Lance Armstrong or the paperboy either. And even if spandex isn’t your thing, there are plenty of high-tech toys to play with while… Read More

  • Google's Office Suite Complete: Google "PowerPoint" Confirmed

    There’s no need for further speculation: Today at the Web 2.0 Expo Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed (here also) that Google will soon launch a PowerPoint clone, completing their basic office suite (they already have Word and Excel covered). Expect these services to be combines with Gmail, Google Calendar, GTalk and other services under a single brand for small businesses. Schmidt also… Read More

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