• Video: Sneak peak of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's EndWar

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32022 Who the hell are the Frag Dolls and why do they get to play Tom Clancy’s EndWar? I want to play EndWar damn it! What’s really neat about this RTS from Ubisoft is the voice command function. It may take some getting used to, but I’m sure most gamers will adjust quickly. I may not, though. I like to yell and scream. Again… Read More

  • Mario Kart with 'Wii Wheel' accessory vs Wii remote

    http://www.mtv.com/player/embed/wp/ Stephen Totillo of MTV’s Multiplayer blog gets a hands-on demo of the Wii version of Mario Kart and compares playing it with the “Wii Wheel” accessory versus playing it with just the Wii-mote. The wheelie move shown in the above video is pretty cool. Hit the jump to see the second gameplay video without the “Wii Wheel” accessory. Read More

  • Greenpeace targets Nintendo again for its poor environmental policies

    How could a company that makes this hate the environment? Greenpeace still hates Nintendo. The environmental organization has once again turned its sights on the Wii maker, which it ranks at the bottom of its latest Guide to Greener Electronics. Unlike last time, when it gave Nintendo a zero rating in all nine categories it rates, Nintendo earns… Read More

  • Viddyou Debuts High Definition Video and Premium Memberships

    Viddyou, a video sharing site that launched almost a year ago as a platform for video bloggers, today rolls out support for high definition video and adds a $35/yr premium membership option for power users. On the surface, Viddyou looks like many of the other video sites out there. But it has so far managed to foster a community that seeks refuge from the masses over at YouTube. Co-founder… Read More

  • Rumor: Next refresh of Macs to have WiMAX

    This is entirely based on conjecture, but Intel has revealed pricing for its upcoming Wi-Fi and WiMAX/Wi-Fi modules for the Montevina-based chips, which will begin to roll out in June. The rumor floating around the other week said that Apple would refresh the MB line with Montevina-based chips in June as well. Both modules are 802.11n compliant so the addition of either is more than likely… Read More

  • Magnify Wants to Turn Video Channels Into Social Networks. Good Luck.

    Does everything need to be a social network? Apparently it does. Magnify.net, a video-hosting and sharing platform that raised $1 million in February, is adding social networking features to its video channels. Magnify lets Web publishers assemble videos from across the Web—YouTube, AOL, Veoh—and show it in the embeddable Magnify player. Websites use Magnify to create video… Read More

  • SanDisk to offer music on microSD cards, movies too?

    Those of you who like the feeling of a tangible object that holds your music purchases might be interested in what SanDisk is planning with its microSD cards. It’s giving away a free microSD card loaded up with 55 music tracks with the purchase of a new 8GB Sansa Fuze player. The company’s expected to announce more content offerings in the future. It could work, too, since… Read More

  • Best Buy will give HD DVD buyers $50 gift card

    Flickr’d Best Buy joins Circuit City (and a Japanese retailer) in giving customers who fell for that whole HD DVD scam a little something for their troubles. The electronics retailer will send a $50 gift card to everyone who purchased an HD DVD player (by February 23) from it. The cards, which won’t expire, can be spent on anything in the store. Read More

  • Toshiba's HD DVD loss not quite $1 billion

    Previous rumors indicated that Toshiba would eat a $1 billion loss from the demise of HD DVD, but that seemed to have been exaggerated as Toshi has reported a loss of $653 million. They’re still turning a profit this year, though. Toshiba Cuts Profit Target 31% on Chip Prices, HD DVD (Update2) [Bloomberg] Read More

  • Review: Novatel Ovation U727 for Sprint

    What would I have done the last few months without my precious Novatel broadband dongle from Sprint? I would have had a hard time bringing you news from the halls of CES without trekking over to the blounge. We would have been sans photos from the Macworld keynote. I also would not have been able to post videos while waiting at JFK for our adventures at CeBIT. I think you get the point. Read More

  • He's Baaack! Quattrone Starts Qatalyst Partners.

    After spending years in the wilderness fighting obstruction of justice charges stemming from the investment banking excesses of the late 1990s, Silicon Valley investment banker Frank Quattrone is back. Yesterday, he launched Qatalyst Group, a boutique investment bank that will focus on technology M&A and advisory services. As the head technology banker for Credit Suisse, and Morgan… Read More

  • Opera Mini gets way officialized for the Helio Ocean

    I love the Helio Ocean, and I love Opera Mini. When some shadow devs used their fancy footwork to make the two work together, I was a very happy boy. Helio was impressed too, and today announced that the alternative browser would be officially supported on the Helio flagship handset. This is notable for a few reasons. This is a user-driven initiative; the vibrant Ocean community more or less… Read More

  • Adobe to develop an iPhone Flash player

    Shortly after Steve Jobs’ comments concerning the mobile version of Flash — the full version’s too slow on the iPhone and the mobile version “is not capable of being used with the web” —  Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen has said… “We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to… Read More

  • SlideRocket Presentation Web App Enters Private Beta; Get Your Invite Here

    SlideRocket is another Flash-based presentation app that wants to recreate PowerPoint in the browser and take advantage of the web’s sharing and mashup capabilities. There are a handful of companies striving to be the presentation tool for the cloud era, including Google, Zoho, Empressr and a Y Combinator startup called 280 North that we covered last week. Ask the guys behind… Read More

  • Wireless Spectrum Auction Raises $19.6 Billion. We Still Don't Know Who Won.

    The FCC’s wireless spectrum auction is now officially over. The government raised $19.6 billion, but we still don’t know who won. Winners are expected to be announced over the next few days and the one block of spectrum that didn’t attract the minimum bid (the D block reserved for emergency services) will likely be re-auctioned. All eyes, though, will be on who walked… Read More

  • Would You Pay An Extra $100 For An All-You-Can-Listen-To iPod

    Paying $1 per song on iTunes is starting to get old. And Apple knows it. It made sense to start with something simple to establish the legal digital music market. But now consumers are ready for more sophisticated offerings. That is why Apple is exploring ways to bundle an unlimited amount of music into the iPod/iPhone, according to the Financial Times. The two options are either to… Read More

  • Fynanz: How Students Spell Peer-to-Peer Loans

    There is a new way to spell peer-to-peer lending: Fynanz. While you or I might not entrust the financing of our college education to a company that cannot spell, the txt-happy generation might go for it. And if they can find college loans at lower rates than at a bank, who cares? Fynanz launched quietly on Monday. It wants to apply the peer-to-peer lending model (see Prosper, Zopa, Lending… Read More

  • Airwave Auction Ends, Winners Remain Unknown

    The U.S. government auction of wireless airwaves ended yesterday raising a record $19.59 billion, but winners of the valuable spectrum were not immediately identified. The winners of the hundreds of licenses are expected to be announced within days. Analysts believe Verizon Wireless is the most likely winner of a nationwide piece of the airwaves called the “C” block that attracted… Read More

  • The Semantic Hacker One-Million Dollar Challenge

    Semantic startups and projects are hot right now. (See Radar Networks, Freebase, Blue Organizer, Hakia, even Yahoo). But what do you do if you are a little-known technology company in Rochester, New York with a powerful semantic-analysis engine on your hands that you want to turn into new businesses? You offer a $1 million prize to anyone who can come up with the most profitable application… Read More

  • Google Declares Era of Mobile Internet is at Hand

    In recent months, Google has seen an acceleration of activity among mobile phone users. The company said this is evidence that the era of mobile Internet is at hand. Google has seen sharp increases in mobile Internet usage spurred by services Google has offered on BlackBerry, Nokia and iPhone devices. “We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage,”… Read More

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