• Canon Fires Cameras

    Alright I’m really sick of writing about Canon this morning. To add to the immense exodus of products from the Canon camp, the company also announced this morning the release of three new cameras to its Powershot line. They should space these releases out or something. Read More

  • Sony Promises 27 Playable PS3 Games by TGS

    Sony has announced that the PS3 will have 27 playable titles by Tokyo Game Show, which takes place on September 22-24, in Tokyo, Japan. A majority of the playable games at E3 will be showing their pretty little faces again, along with a fresh list of new titles including Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 and Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer 7. Sony will also be showing its own playable games… Read More

  • Apple, Dell, Lenovo Hold Battery Summit

    It’s not every day that you see three heavy-hitters get together to discuss something as mundane – and important – as laptop batteries. The three companies will hold a summit in San Jose next month to discuss the problem of batteries exploding on YouTube. The companies, which are part of OEM Critical Components Committee of the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics… Read More

  • Canon Fires Printers

    Wow, the camera companies are going nuts today and Canon is kicking ass. Already this morning we’ve seen the release of the new Rebel XTi, aka the EOS 400D, but that’s not all they have for us this morning. Canon also just announced the release of four new printers, including one new single function photo printer and three new all-in-one printers. Read More

  • TiVo to Rock Out With Its Cox Out

    Cox Cable subscribers can unclench their PVR muscles because TiVo is coming to their cable boxes in the form of a PVR software update that is completely seamless and will not require a hardware install or any trucks to roll. Very sneaky. This is a subscription service, but it looks like it’s not going to break the bank and its completely voluntary. It should be available in the first half… Read More

  • Crunch Crunch Britannia: Mike Launches TechCrunch UK

    I seriously don’t know how Michael does it, but there’s another Crunch-tastic site, TechCrunch UK, edited by Sam Sethi and boasting the updated CrunchDesign (TM) from Jeremey Baines. V.V. Cool. Announcing TechCrunch UK [TechCrunch] Read More

  • Fujifilm S9100: It's Not an SLR, But Who's Counting?

    Another camera? The S9100 is a 9-megapixel pseudo-SLR with 10.7x optical zoom and picture stabilization. The lens has an equivalent range of 28mm – 300mm includes a Real Photo, which adapts the flash and aperture to the ambient light and can also bracket shots, taking three shots using varying settings in just a few seconds. It has a 2.5-inch screen and will cost $599 in… Read More

  • Canon Launches Long-Awaited Rebel XT Follow-up: Rebel XTi

    Heavens to murgatroid! A new Rebel! The XT is pretty much the SLR of record in the prosumer market – no one else can really come close to their sales. Well, here’s the next generation, the XTi aka the Canon EOS 400D, a 10-megapixel SLR with new CMOS sensor, a 2.5-inch screen, and a self-cleaning system which vibrates the mirrors to dislodge dust, dirt, and chewed food. How much are… Read More

  • Nikon Pumps Out Five COOLPIX Point-and-Shoots

    What have we here? Five new Nikon cameras? Let’s go down the list: COOLPIX S10 – Shown above – 6.0-megapixels with 10x optical zoom. On board movie/image editing and 2.5-inch LCD with swivel. 16MB of on-board memory. Available in September for $399.95. Read More

  • Piczo Announces Itself to the UK

    Social networking site Piczo, is on a UK press tour this week and is releasing some interesting statistics on its worldwide and UK-based usage. Piczo was founded in early 2004 as a paid service. Based on early user feedback it was relaunched as a free service, and founder Jim Conning sent out 100 emails to Canadian teenagers announcing the new site. That is where Piczo’s marketing… Read More

  • Almost Exclusive: Amazon Readies Utility Computing Service

    Amazon Web Services are readying their latest service called EC2 which will allow users to setup and run servers and computing capacity in the cloud. Users of the service can setup a server instance which is hosted with Amazon, and then access and use the servers they setup just like any other. With EC2 there would no longer be a requirement to source and setup physical hardware and the… Read More

  • Welcome to TechCrunch UK!

    Tom Coates famously wrote last July, what many of us in the UK were thinking and discussing. “Where are all of the UK start-ups?” Besides the tenuous UK links to the success of Skype and the deservedly and often quoted rising star of the UK start-up scene LastFM; where indeed were all the other cool new UK start-ups to match Flickr, Delicious, Writely, Technorati, Six Apart… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Who Needs a Terabyte? Edition

    Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s news. Maxtor Shared Storage II Hands On
    Onkyo Introduces D-TK10 Guitar Speaker
    Gulbransen Virtuoso Violin
    Lawnmower Roomba?
    Submersible Camera Bags
    Crystal Roc Introduces Swarovski-Studded Musical Instruments Read More

  • Announcing TechCrunch UK

    I am pleased to announce our latest Crunch Network blog – TechCrunch UK – which launched moments ago. TechCrunch UK is obviously not a translated blog like TechCrunch France and TechCrunch Japan (although both of these blogs have lots of original content as well). Instead, TechCrunch UK is all about UK based and/or focused startups. Many of these startups are written about on… Read More

  • Let's Share Some Files – Four Services Compared

    File sharing has long been a popular use of the Internet. I remember sitting at my laptop and asking a friend to name a song, and then seeing if I could download it off of Napster and play it before he could find the cd on the shelf, put it into the player and play the song himself. I often won those competitions. The old Napster is long gone, but was of course replaced with many other P2P… Read More

  • Pixsy to monetize visual metasearch

    Time Magazine called image and video search engine Pixsy “clever” in its list of the Top 50 Coolest Websites early this month. I talked to Pixsy about their technology tonight and I think it’s something more than clever. On a pace to have 5 billion thumbnail images and counting indexed around the first of next year, Pixsy could make a whole lot of money. The images come… Read More

  • Enhanced Sony Connect Goes Live

    An enhanced version of Sony Connect went live today with a few extra features to let you play around with. There’s a whole new navigation system that lets you browse and find the artist you’re looking for with ease. The navigation not only helps you find the artist you’re looking for, it also shows you who the artist was influenced by, and who the artist themselves are… Read More

  • Onkyo Introduces D-TK10 Guitar Speaker

    The D-TK10 guitar speaker, developed by Onkyo and renowned guitar manufacturer Takamine, is a revolutionary cabinet that is modeled after a guitar. It features a freely-vibrating thin-wall enclosure based on high-end guitar construction to create a much fuller and richer sound. The speaker has strategically placed struts, stringers, and thickness variations (like a guitar) so it can harness… Read More

  • Maxtor Shared Storage II Hands On

    If you had told me a year ago that I’d have a terabyte of data hanging on my home network, I’d have probably laughed. First off, who needs 1 TB?! That’s just silly. And secondly, there’s nothing out there that can make that block of storage usable. After all, share drives are wonky and web-based applications are junk right? Well, I just got a 1 TB block of usable… Read More

  • Wablet's going to rock web IM

    I got a preview of the forthcoming web IM system Wablet yesterday. I posted about the first rumors about Wablet three weeks ago. It’s a Flash service that can access all your accounts on the major IM services or users can get a Wablet username. IM sessions can be embedded in blogs and social networks or they can appear in a popup box from any page. That’s nothing new, but… Read More