• Hands-on with the Qualcomm 'Pocketable Computing Device' prototype

    Did a little fondling of a prototype device from Qualcomm that’ll be hitting the market soon at under $300. It’s basically a super beefed-up Windows Mobile machine similar in size to the Nokia N810 (and with a QWERTY keyboard to match). The big feature is the 1GHz processor that it’ll have and its ability to play HD movies. Devices like this will be here the second half of… Read More

  • Expedia On Google's Radar?

    Michael wrote about rumors of a Google/ Skype hookup April 1, a deal that would make a lot of sense. One that doesn’t are rumors that Google may be getting ready to bid for travel giant Expedia. Expedia shares were up over 9% Tuesday and a further 1% Wednesday based on the rumors (chart above) for a market cap of $7.18 billion. Expedia stock is still down approx. 30% from its October… Read More

  • Build your own laser text mini projector

    You don’t need an imaginary cellphone to project text onto someone’s person. This device, which can be put together after a quick trip to the hardware store, places laser text onto any surface; it’s powered by magic, as a matter of fact. You’re given a maximum of 20 characters to play with at any one time, which is more than enough to project dumb slogans like… Read More

  • Video: AT&T, Microsoft Surface demo

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F800411&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf This video is unedited, so my apologies for the inclusion of any unwanted extra footage, but I wanted to get it up ASAP. Read More

  • Study suggests online is still the future of gaming

    Despite all the hullabaloo (sp?) about online gaming taking the world by storm, there is still a huge amount of growth potential in the sector, at least in the US. Over the last year, a study shows, gamers in general have increased by more than ten percent, but online gaming has increased by less than half that. Furthermore, 90 percent of online gamers are on PCs. That means there is an… Read More

  • Google To Sell Performics

    Google has announced that it will sell Performics, the search engine marketing arm of Doubleclick. As we reported March 12, Performics presented a major conflict of interest for Google as the service offered SEO services that were focused on improving site rankings in Google. Tom Phillips, Director, DoubleClick Integration at Google wrote on the Google Blog: It’s clear to us that we do… Read More

  • TV tech mistakenly airs porno

    Apparently I can’t say it enough, but if you’re a TV technician working in the TV studio that broadcasts TV to the public, you should probably be really careful when you put your porno tape in the VCR because you might be broadcasting your dirty video to every TV in the area. This is part of why I can’t wait for the switch to Digital TV next year, it’ll come through… Read More

  • Yahoo! unveils plans for voice-enabled mobile search

    Marco Boerries, EVP Yahoo! I just sat in on a Yahoo! press conference here at CTIA and learned a little more about the company’s plans to integrate its “oneSearch 2.0” features into mobile phones. The three key elements that Yahoo! is emphasizing are an open development platform, easier ways to search, including voice queries, and idle screen search integration. Sounds like… Read More

  • Get ready to rumble: Dual Shock 3 hits stores in two weeks

    I bet nobody saw that headline coming. Well, it’s the end of an era. A short, unimportant era which will be called by Sony Execs “the era in which our controller kind of sucked.” I never had any trouble with my SIXAXIS, but I’ll be glad to have rumble now and I’m guessing they probably tweaked a few things on the inside too. If you have a SIXAXIS, you’re… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Reports of Microsoft contracting company to produce Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360, here second half 2008

    Flickr’d Taiwan’s DigiTimes claimed yesterday that Microsoft has contracted Lite-On to manufacture Blu-ray drives for the Xbox 360. The report claims that the new SKU will be released in the second half of 2008, something Microsoft denies. Microsoft has said in the past that it has no plans to release an Xbox 360 SKU with a BD-ROM drive and that instead wants to focus on the games… Read More

  • Twingly launches spam-free Euro blog search engine

    Twingly, a new Europe-focused blog search engine which TechCrunch wrote about in January, has today entered private beta. You can sign up for an invitation on the home page, or go here for an instant invitation (the first 2,000 get in). The pitch from them (they are also demo-ing at The Next Web)is that the engine has “no spam” search – in other words it only queries blogs… Read More

  • Surface coming to AT&T gets a date: April 17

    Earlier this year at CES I got to spend some time with Microsoft’s Surface device, and I was impressed by what they’re doing. I’ll admit I went in with the attitude of “oh, touchscreen table, big deal”, but it’s far, far more than that. Earlier today we brought you news that Surface was going to start appearing in AT&T stores, perhaps as customer… Read More

  • Live Bloggin: AT&T Media Luncheon

    I’m at the AT&T media luncheon listening to the usual shpeal. Reiterating what we already know about AT&T, the US carrier is committed to openness and choice, which is what consumers want more than anything else. Right? I hadn’t anticipated this becoming a live blog so you’ll have to excuse the unruly nature in which this post has turned into. Read More

  • Firefox 3b5 released: No more OS X jfif bug

    Mozilla just released Firefox beta 5, the final beta beforr the browser’s expected June release date. There’s a new “thanks for helping test out Firefox” splash screen (pictued above). That weird Mac OS X jiff bug appears to have been fixed, too. As always, full release notes can be found on the Firefox Web site. Read More

  • CTIA 2008: Samsung demos Second Life client for cellphones; common decency gives up

    I have a friend who’s obsessed with Second Life. She doesn’t play it much, but she’s in love with the idea. And she’s in the market for a new cellphone. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell her about this new Second Life client Samsung is planning on making available for some of its handsets. Is it a good idea? We don’t know. Is it a good idea my easily obsessed… Read More

  • This blog is now in transit

    As I’m heading to Amsterdam to cover The Next Web conference on Thursday/Friday, this blog will be a little quiet for the few hours of catching taxis, going through security, removing shoes, spilling coffee on the plane, searching for Tram signs and checking into hotels. Both myself and TechCrunch’s co-editor, Erick Schonfeld will be at the conference (he’s chairing it). And… Read More

  • Canon lost digital SLR market share to Nikon in 2007, market as a whole grew

    Nikon has eaten into Canon’s lead the digital SLR space, according to numbers released by IDC, which were then turned into this pretty graph by CNET. Canon SLRs accounted for 42.7 of the market in 2007 compared with Nikon’s 40 percent. One year earlier, Canon enjoyed a healthier lead, with 46.7 percent of the market to Nikon’s 33 percent. Hard numbers, Canon sold 3.18… Read More

  • Magnetic USB Hub, just don't stick it to a floppy

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. While an anywhere-stickable USB hub is a cool idea, it would have to be a pretty serious magnet to withstand all the pushing and tugging that goes along with hubs. And then you’ve got a serious magnet stuck to the side of your computer. I realize we’re not running tape backups and there’s probably plenty of shielding for… Read More

  • Nexis search reveals little interest in Sprint Instinct compared to iPhone

    Hi-res version of ‘iphone’ results Sprint’s Instinct is supposed to be one of the better iPhone pretenders. Biggs lauded its user interface while simultaneously panning other n’er do wells for their haphazard use of haptic or multitouch-for-multitouch’s sake. So you would think the phone, which is, nearest I can tell, one of the standouts at this year’s… Read More

  • Hands on: Samsung Alias for Verizon

    In case anyone is wondering what the exact difference between the older u740 from Verizon and the new Alias is I decided to snap some photos of the two versions. Like I said before, the keyboard buttons are just different colors, but I really dig the new silver finish. Read More

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