• Cingular 8525 Pictures Surface

    Renderings appeared this weekend of the Cingular 8525, the company’s HTC Hermes bastardization. Unfortunately, the Cingular version has had its front facing camera removed, thus preventing it from serving as a video phone. With that feature disabled, HSDPA is the only thing that really distinguishes the 8525 from the 8125. I guess that’s enough to sway some users, but it seems to be… Read More

  • Crunched Gear: Final Crunch

    Well boys and girls, our Crunched Gear competition is drawing to its staggeringly destructive conclusion. So far we’ve seen destroyed phones, exploded laptops, shattered iPods and other devices crunched beyond recognition, but I have a feeling there are still a few of you out there who haven’t yet entered. You have until noon (let’s say PST time) today to send your entries… Read More

  • bullshitr Is Good For a Laugh

    We see a lot of startups here at TechCrunch, and sometimes we read an entire company submission without getting the slightest clue of what the heck the company does. So today when I saw bullshitr on the Digg home page, I had a “so funny because it’s true” moment. The “Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator” will generate “bullshit-compliant products and services”… Read More

  • Farecast launches for 55 US cities

    Seattle startup Farecast is taking their airfare prediction technology nation wide today, flights departing from 55 US cities are now available for price history, predictions and buy/wait recommendations. The site also offers RSS feeds for automatically tracking fares and predictions over time. We’ve written about Farecast prior to launch and when the beta site first… Read More

  • FeedCrier, another way to act fast with RSS and IM

    Adam Kalsey, a founder and former CTO of RSS vendor Pheedo, released a new service last night called FeedCrier that makes it easy to receive rapid notification of new items in an RSS feed by IM. The service currently supports only AIM but Kalsey says that will change soon. Free accounts are limited, but premium subscribers can monitor an unlimited number of feeds, remove ads in the alerts, use… Read More

  • AmateurIllustrator nails niche social networking

    If you want to see a great site for niche social networking, check out AmateurIllustrator.com. This Lincoln, Lincolnshire (UK) based site launched today and I think there’s a good chance it’s going to thrive. Any targeted, topical social networking site would be well served to check out its look and feature set. There are quite a number of social networking sites that target… Read More

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Cellphones

    Gearheads like us may be way into stuff like “features” and “functionality” in our cell phones, but nobody says we can’t appreciate a little dessert with our meal. Fosfor gadgets compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful cellphones they could find, most of which aren’t even available in the US. Which is the top phone? The KDDI Penck by Makoto Saito… Read More

  • Xbox Live Vision Sold At Toys 'R' Us A Little Early

    We wonder whether this was a stocking error, or just an employee taking advantage of his position. But here it is, an Xbox Live Vision camera sitting next to a Toys ‘R’ Us receipt. Looks like the XBL Vision is due out any month now. Flickr [via Digg] Read More

  • Thank You For Coming To TechCrunch 7

    The TechCrunch August Capital Party last night was a big success (if you define success as the police showing up at a top tier venture fund’s offices at midnight to shut a party down). Not everything went perfectly, but the alcohol and food flowed smoothly and lots of companies were able to demo their stuff. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you David for making this happen.
    Read More

  • Check for bookmarks with SocialMeter

    SocialMeter is a handy tool for checking to see how many people have tagged an URL in any of a number of social bookmarking services, including Digg and Del.icio.us. It was created by Brian Holt, of San Diego. More a project than a product, I write about it here mostly because it’s interesting and useful. Steve Rubel says it’s “handy not just for blogs, but for brand… Read More

  • Famster's hamster wants to network with your mom

    Famster is a Flash based social networking site with a long list of features. Created by Whittier California web design company Ivenue, it’s an attempt to take online social networking mainstream for adults. There’s no clear business model yet and I find the site’s branding a little creepy, but the feature set is staggering and the site is so well designed that… Read More

  • Man Blames Dell Laptop For House Fire

    A Florida man says his wife’s laptop was sitting on some papers on a couch when the couch caught fire – spreading, and then eventually destroying his house. The article says the Dell was one of the models that were recalled this week because of potential fire hazards. This man was pretty unlucky that the laptop was sitting on papers and a couch, instead of on a desk like in… Read More

  • Saitek Pro Gamer Command Pad

    This new controller from Saitek utilizes an intuitive 20 button design to give users an edge in FPS and RTS games. The Pro Gamer Command Pad features a backlit ergonomic keypad with an adjustable thumb area for maximum comfort. It has 4-way hat switch and up to 120 commands can be programmed on the device. Back when I used to go to a lot of CPL events, I can’t recall ever seeing a… Read More

  • Apple WiFi Vulnerability was Fictitious

    I’m sure you remember all that fuss about those holes in the Apple WiFi drivers. Well as reality would have it, those claims were erroneous. TUAW reports that SecureWorks, the company sponsoring all this noise, didn’t find a flaw in Apple’s drivers at all. It turns out, the defects exist in a third party card and software that was used to facilitate these… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Argh My Head

    Well Friday wasn’t the busiest of news days, but quality over quantity right? These are some of the biggest stories from the day that was yesterday. For now I’m gonna go try to work off this hangover.
    TiVo Slaps EchoStar, Its Customers Apple’s New Xserve
    Marriott Hotels Ready Wireless Check-In Lion’s Gate Movies Coming to iTunes Brain XP Read More

  • Washington Post Gets Into Blog Ad Game

    The Washington post made an unexpected move today. They launched a product called blogroll where they will give certain blogs rotating space on the Washington Post home page, and push advertisers to those blogs. Steve Rubel has good information on what Blogroll is offering. The advertising system seems most like Blogads, where blogs are grouped by topic and advertisers can purchase space on… Read More

  • Maxfield Max-Sin Touch MP3 Player

    This Verizon Chocolate-looking MP3 player from Maxfield really is pretty. It comes in 512MB and 1GB models and transfers songs over USB 2.0. It plays MP3s, WMAs, and Ogg files. The display itself is only two colors: white and not-white, but it really looks sexy compared other music players. Even the iPod Nano is jealous. Maxfield [via Red Ferret] Read More

  • Amazon video download pages discovered pre-launch

    Web developer Alan Taylor has used some creative thinking and the power of Google to unearth what appears to be a series of pages from Amazon.com’s forthcoming video download service – Amazon Unbox. Amazon announced in late July that they would begin offering video downloads in mid August. The company said that the service would be called Amazon Digital Video, would be… Read More

  • TiVo Slaps EchoStar, Its Customers

    In a recent ruling, a Texas judge found that EchoStar (Dish Network) had purposefully infringed many TiVo DVR copyrights. EchoStar now must pay TiVo nearly $90 million in damages. In addition to the cash settlement, several million Dish Network DVRS will be rendered effectively useless. Now I can empathize with a company wanting to maintain its intellectual properties and all that noise, but… Read More

  • WOLF KING Warrior

    The new Warrior controller from WOLF KING is basically a reassessment of their preexisting Timber Wolf design. By removing the keyboard component, WOLF KING has created a highly portable 55-function device that is appropriate for LAN party environs. It works as a standalone unit or in concert with a keyboard. While it is touted as being homogenous with several game genres, it looks to be… Read More