• Starcraft 2 Is Here!!!

    Some exciting news came out of yesterday’s Blizzard Wordwide Invitational in Seoul, South Korea. Wait for it…Starcraft 2 was finally announced. Sure, we dropped a hint that it could be coming out soon and now it’s finally here. The official Starcraft 2 site was officially launched as well with tons of video’s and screenshots. There is no official launch date nor are… Read More

  • Who Will Buy Facebook?

    Last week billions of dollars changed hands in online related acquisitions. Anything that is worth buying is being bought. The rumors that Yahoo is in talks to acquire Bebo for $1billion may have seen wild 2 years ago, but in today’s online market compare favorably price wise. Consider that Microsoft didn’t even blink when it acquired aQuantive for $6billion and Yahoo was… Read More

  • Don’t Fence Fido In

    Most newer ‘burbs today lack the homestead look with unsightly chain-link fence, and this makes for an improved view that evokes vast open spaces. This is great unless you have a pet. Poor Rover either has to be tied up, or you’ll have set up an expensive “electronic fence.” RoamEO have devised a system that will let you use a customizable PDA-sized GPS unit to help… Read More

  • Next New Networks Building Micro Television Networks

    Next New Networks is an online media company with big plans for “micro television networks”. The New York based company launched in January with $8 million in funding from Spark Capital. The team behind the service is impressive. There are five founders of the company, Herb Scannell, Fred Seibert, Jed Simmons, Tim Shey and Emil Rensing. CEO Scannell is the former President of… Read More

  • Is Bebo Worth $1 billion?

    See our earlier post on possible acquisition talks between Yahoo and Bebo for $1 billion or so. The original report for the story comes from the UK’s Telegraph, based on a very weak source – “silicon valley gossip.” Still, we though it was worth a look at the most recent data to see if Bebo really could pull off a $1 billion or more sale. We’ve pulled… Read More

  • Geni: Earning That $100 million Valuation

    When genealogy site Geni announced that it had raised a venture round from Charles River Ventures valuing the two month old startup at $100 million, more than a few eyebrows were raised. For the last couple of months, people have referred to “Pulling a Geni” when they try to raise money at a super-big valuation immediately after launch. At launch, Geni appeared to be like many… Read More

  • Yahoo's Rumored $1 billion Talks With Bebo

    Update: Recent Comscore traffic data for Bebo, MySpace and Facebook is here. Rumors about social networking site Bebo being for sale come up every few months. First it was British Telecom for $550 million in July 2006 (we started that one), then the Financial Times reported they were in talks with Viacom a month later. Now, The UK’s Telegraph is reporting that Yahoo is looking, and may… Read More

  • MyMiniLife: Your Embeddable Virtual World

    MyMiniLife is a Flash based virtual world/social network. Users create and customize a character and then build out a virtual space, adding walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. Users can then add customized goods ranging from lamps to cannons to the space, and embed video or photo elements into items, or link to web pages (click on my moped in the embed for an example). Some users create… Read More

  • The Mysterious Wikiwix: Affiliated With Wikipedia?

    We got a tip today on a new search engine called Wikiwix. The site is new to me and there is very little information about it on the web (one post from about three hours ago is here). It is linked from the main Wikipedia search page, although I’m not sure when it was added. Like Wikiseek, a search engine unaffiliated wtih Wikipedia, Wikiwix searches only Wikipedia. The “contact… Read More

  • Sexual Innuendo And Poker Chips

    I do my best not to post actual commercials on CG, but it’s the weekend and this commercial is very silly. I’ve gotten a chance to use the product, The Original Poker Chip Customizer, a bit since the last time I wrote about it and it’s quite nice. And at $60 for the deluxe set, it’s reasonably priced as far as I can tell.
    Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Netflix Sued for Anti-Trust by Using Patents

    Dennis Dilbeck, a Netflix subscriber, filed a class action lawsuit claiming that Netflix controlled the online DVD rental market by leveraging fraudulently obtained patents making for an unusual patent-based anti-trust case filed earlier this year (recently made public) which is consistent with Blockbuster’s counter suit against Netflix. Dilbeck presents a case that Netflix withheld… Read More

  • Buzka: Social Bookmarking With a Business Function

    Perth, Western Australia based Buzka is a social bookmarking site with a business function. I caught up with Buzka team earlier this week and the first thing they said to me was Buzka was like De.licio.us. Whilst I felt like groaning, I soon discovered that whilst sharing features typical of the social bookmarking crowd, Buzka offers something different. Buzka comes with the usual trimmings. Read More

  • Music Licensing Online: YouLicense

    YouLicense aims to gain traction in the growing market for direct music licensing deals. An online music licensing marketplace, YouLicense enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly without the need to deal with music companies. Content is indexed and easily searchable. YouLicense provides standardized contracts so that both buyer and seller immediately know… Read More

  • LateNightShots: I'll Drink To That

    LateNightShots is an invite-only social networking site dedicated to Washington DC nightlife. Since launching a beta version in August 2006, the site now has over 10,000 members. LateNightShots adheres to a strict invite-only policy – members may only join the site after being recommended by an existing member. LateNightShots requires members to choose at least five of their favorite bars… Read More

  • SharedReviews Paid Opinions

    Most product review sites fall into one of two categories: professional or community driven. Sites like CNET Reviews and blogs like CrunchGear pay their staff to review the latest gadgets and give you an authoritative, and hopefully unbiased, opinion on what tech toys make the grade. Community driven sites like Epinions and Amazon rely on the kindness of strangers to post reviews, which… Read More

  • Google Licenses Technology for 3D Maps

    Google has licensed technology that will enable Google to map out 3-D versions of cities world wide. According to a Mercury News report, the technology was developed by a team of Stanford University students and was used to run a robotic car that won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. Although Google is the market leader in mapping, to date it has lagged behind Microsoft’s Virtual Earth… Read More

  • Google Builds Team in Quest to Conquer China

    Rumored for some time, Google is now officially providing results for Chinese search engine Soso.com. Spotted first by Search Engine Journal, the Google logo is now present in Soso.com search results, and joins 163.com in Google’s quest to conquer China. It has been a difficult market for Google from the beginning. The ethical questions in relation to censorship caused Google to hold… Read More

  • Mobio Gives Us Gas

    We’ve written about Mobio on CG before (specifically here and here), but in case you’re not familiar, it’s a free collection of services and apps for mobile phones and devices for doing everything from reading RSS feeds to making dinner reservations to locating the nearest ATM. To the current collection—which installs from a quick download to you handset—Mobio adds… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay Moves Into Video Streaming

    The Pirate Bay, one of the largest and most controversial sites for downloading copyrighted materials via BitTorrent, confirmed today that they are preparing to launch a video streaming site. Some people are speculating that it will be YouTube without the DMCA take down notices, because those notices will simply be ignored. The service will likely launch at thevideobay.org. This has to send… Read More

  • OrgPlus Live: Org Charts Aren't Boring!

    It’s always a little weird when a stodgy-sounding task goes all Web 2.0. Case in point, creating organizational charts. Software vendor Human Concepts makes OrgPlus, the go-to app for such an activity and
    OrgPlus Live is the new Web-based version of said software. Don’t think you need org charts? Well, maybe it’s just that you don’t know any better. Of course some of… Read More

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