• Reddit Adds Ability to Create Your Own "Reddits"

    According to a company blog post, social news site Reddit has launched, in closed beta, the ability for users to create their own “reddits”. The new feature will eventually allow all users to create their own social news lists for chosen topics. These customized reddits will come in three flavors: public, restricted, and private. If you set up a public reddit, every Reddit user will… Read More

  • TeleNav makes its way across the pond

    One of our favorite mobile phone GPS providers, TeleNav, is bringing its unlimited 3D moving maps with voice and on-screen turn-by-turn driving directions to Europe. All the good stuff you’ve been wanting is now in the palm of your hands, Europe. If you own one of the following BlackBerries: the Curve, Pearl, 7130… Read More

  • Aircell rigs up first American Airlines Boeing 767-200

    Aircell air-to-ground antenna being installed on the Boeing in KC. Last week Aircell successfully installed their Internet Broadband Connectivity Solution at AA’s Kansas City maintenance facility. The Boeing 767-200 will begin beta testing over the next few weeks pending FAA certifications. The air-to-ground broadband system will provide you with hours of enjoyment provided you take a… Read More

  • Windows 7 to replace Vista by next year already?

    Windows 7 is apparently going to be released by mid-2009, just about the time that Vista gets all the bugs worked out and people get used to using it. Wonderful. As a disclaimer, I use Windows Vista on a Sony VAIO notebook so I’m not cutting down Vista for the sake of cutting down Vista. I use it every day and I’m not happy with it. There’s reportedly already an early… Read More

  • SimulScribe settles in "Visual Voicemail" lawsuit

    The whole trail is kind of convoluted but it seems there is a company, Klausner Technologies, with a patent for the same concept as SimulSays, SimulScribes visual voicemail solution for RIM and WinMo as well as Apple’s Visual Voicemail. It seems SimulScribe has settled and licensed the Klausner’s patents (here and here) while Apple, Vonage, AT&T, and AOL are still in litigation. Read More

  • Vishing AKA voice-phishing: Tell your Mom, tell your Dad

    Again with the phishing! The FBI is warning of “new” attacks, called vishing, that are encouraging email recipients to call toll-free numbers which ultimately lead down a VoIP hole to an south Asian sweatshop where a young man will answer and read a real-sounding script asking for PINs, SSNs, and your tumescent girth. Urban legend or no, it’s something to warn your… Read More

  • Russian beer brewery case mod

    I’m not quite sure where the beer goes in here, but this is apparently a steampunk casemod that allows you to brew beer AND play UT3 using the same device. For extra fun, read the comments at the bottom featuring a brewery war between the US and Europe. Personal Computer into Brewery [EnglishRussia via Make] Read More

  • Eroticism Comes to Microblogging with Boobik?

    The tenets of Web 2.0 are not without their pornographic, or otherwise erotic, applications. We’ve covered PornoTube and EroShare, both of which are sites for user-generated porn. Now we’ve come across a site called Boobik? (yes, with a question mark in its name, and no, NSFW). If PornoTube is a YouTube of porn and EroShare is a Flickr of porn, then perhaps it’s best to… Read More

  • EyePlay: You put your glasses in and then take them out and it makes music!

    In what may be one of the worst examples of “convergence” ever invented we present the EyePlay, a sunglasses case with built-in speakers. Let’s go over the possible usage scenarios, shall we? You’re on the beach, you want to listen to music. You pull out your EyePlay and your iPod, set them near your head, and turn on the music. It blares out of tinny speakers, mixing… Read More

  • iWash: Clean your iPhone screen from the inside (slightly NSFW)

    Ummm… yeah. $5. Ladies in bikinis “cleaning” your screen. Slightly NSFW. Put out by nightclub “chain” ClubWest. I’m going to go cry myself away from the pain now. via RegHardware Read More

  • Battery-powered car gets almost 100 miles per charge

    Sweet. I like that some of the alternative-energy cars coming out have three wheels. This commuter car is called the Trev, for two-seater renewable energy vehicle. It’s designed by people at the University of South Australia and runs for almost 100 miles per lithium ion polymer battery charge. It can go from 0 to 60 in around ten seconds. It uses about 1/5th of the energy that a normal… Read More

  • Make your own gun-shaped Wii controller holder

    If the thought of spending $20 on a piece of molded plastic is enough to make you want to write a strongly worded letter back home complaining about how much everything in the big city costs, maybe you could make your own nunchuck-less Wii zapper out of cereal box cardboard or some spare plastic acrylate sheets. Everyone’s got some spare plastic acrylate sheets lying around… Read More

  • Good Friend, eBay item #1000323: Meg Whitman Retirement

    Hello I am priest of cloth. Meg Whitman set to retire, my friend, and we in St. Victual’s School for Girls in Lagos, Nigeria would like for to buy your item as a present for her. We will send you money order check for $100 over the amount and you please to keep $75 and give $25 to my friend in Detroit who will ship present to Lagos. Please inform me the soonest possible of when you can… Read More

  • Hitachi hybrid Blu-ray camcorder hits Japan soon

      Guys, listen up. It looks like this Blu-ray thing is here to stay so we might as well start buying stuff. Case in point, this scrumptious Hitachi DZ-BD9H hybrid camcorder that records on 8cm discs or its 60GB hard drive. Yum. I wish I could take a bite out of it. The hard drive is good for nine hours of full 1920×1080 HD or you can use a disc for one hour’s worth of footage. Read More

  • SemantiNet Raises $1.7 Million

    Semantic web search startup SemantiNet has raised an initial round of $1.7 million from Giza Venture Capital. The Tel Aviv, Israel based company is aiming to “make life easy again” by providing semantic web search that allows users “to take advantage of the variety and richness of information and services that exist on the Internet, but in a way that is simple, smart and… Read More

  • 'Readius' foldable screen thing is real and it's coming

    From concept to actual product, the Readius is coming in “mid-2008” (though not solely as an e-book reader). It will use the same electronic ink technology as Amazon’s Kindle reader although this bendable-display device will apparantly be launched as a cell phone with a 5-inch fold-out screen. The catch? No web browser. So close, huh? The Readius will have high-speed data… Read More

  • Fujitsu F705i for making calls inside glasses of water

    Fujitsu’s keeping up with the whole “world’s slimmest waterproof cell phone” thing with the release of the F705i, the latest since the F704i and the F703i before that. I predict the next one will be called the F706i. No, wait, I take that back. The next one will be called Carl. That’s my prediction. Anyway, the F705i is skinny and waterproof up to one meter at… Read More

  • Video: Control 100 Marios with hand gestures

    Provided you can ignore the discomforting sing-along soundtrack that kicks in around 29 seconds, this video is more than capable of eating up a few minutes of your day. It shows Mario (then many Marios) being controlled by some sort of hand movement recognition technology. Think Sony EyeToy, but, somehow, more gimmicky. Wow that reminds me of LittleBigPlanet, a game I’m actually… Read More


    [photopress:applestore_1.jpg,full,center] Here it is just a week after Stevenote, which featured the introduction of the MacBook Air (of which you’ll hear more from me later), Time Capsule, and iTunes rentals, and the Apple Store is down. What could they possibly be adding today? We’re guessing minor price updates to peripherals, special color iPod Nanos, or perhaps new pricing… Read More

  • As Tonight's Deadline For Scrabulous Shutdown (Or Sale) Looms, Zynga Might Be Next.

    The saga of Scrabulous is nearing an end. The Facebook version of Scrabble raised the ire of Hasbro and Mattel, which jointly own the rights to the game abroad and in the U.S., respectively. They have already asked Facebook to pull Scrabulous, one of the most popular apps on the social networking site. So why is Scrabulous still up on Facebook? A flurry of behind the scenes deal-making has… Read More

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