• EA Mobile Takes the Field With Madden NFL 08; Introduces New Bejeweled for Mobile

    This week professional football season begins, at least in the video game arena from EA Mobile. In addition to the release of the console and PC versions of the annual gridiron game, Madden NFL 08 will be available on mobile handsets; complete with all 32 real NFL teams with updated rosters and team-specific playbooks. This year’s game will include commentary by Al Michaels and John… Read More

  • School Ban of Mobile Phones Down Under

    There is a new call for a banning of mobile phones at schools in Australia. Not because of fears of cheating or excessive gabbing, but rather because students are using the phones to film their own mini-versions of “Romper Stomper.” In New South Wales government schools filed 25 reports of police regarding incidents involving video-equipped mobile handsets over a six-month… Read More

  • Filipinos Ready for Mobile Ads

    The Filipinos people are ready for ads on their mobile handsets. So says mobile carrier Smart Communications, which found that most Filipino subscribers were open to the idea of receiving mobile advertising messages on their phones. So far local subscribers only accept ads that are linked to a promotion, discount, contest or tips says Smart Communications. Mobile subscribers are interested… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Moto Mania Edition

    Motorcycles Made From Watch Parts
    Hate Your Boss?
    MyFountain Serves Up Booze The Way You Like It

    Spinning Camera Concept Takes Great 360 Degree Panoramas
    Happy Birthday, CrunchGear! Read More

  • VideoEgg: Suddenly They're A Facebook Ad Network

    VideoEgg has been exceptionally good at thinking ahead in their business and changing strategies when it made sense. They launched in September 2005 as a way to publish video to the web from mobile and other devices. Soon they were allowing people to publish videos directly on the site, like YouTube. And they then aggressively pursued partnership deals to power the video feature on social… Read More

  • MyFountain Serves Up Booze The Way You Like It

    I’m usually way too wasted by the end of the night to mix a proper drink and that usually sends me to the porcelain king or the nearest garbage can. If MyFountain does what it says it does then I’ll never have to worry about mixing drinks ever again. My liver and roommates will thank me, I’m sure of that. The countertop dispenser holds up to 12 types of mixers and alcohol… Read More

  • Sorta Worth It, Xbox 360 HD DVD Bundle

    One of these days I’ll decide on a next-gen gaming console, but in the mean time I thought I’d pass along this great deal over at Amazon. The HD Bundle gets you the Elite system, HD DVD player and copies of King Kong and 300 plus five HD DVDs for free (mail-in BS). That’s a pretty damn good deal for $599 or you could spend over $800 if you purchased everything… Read More

  • And I Thought Apple Fanboys Were Bad

    Windows Home Server? If Microsoft Built Homes [TechEBlog] Read More

  • Israel's Kontera Nails $10.3 Million Second Round From Sequoia And Others

    Kontera, an Israel startup (although their official headquarters is in San Francisco), is cashing in on the full-on bonanza around anything that calls itself an advertising network right now. A year ago they raised $7 million from Sequoia Capital and Lehman Brothers. Tomorrow they’ll announce a second round of financing – $10.3 million more from Carmel Ventures, an Israeli… Read More

  • Manly Arts Festival for the Man in Us

    Pulling my head out of monkey work, it is August in Towson, MD, my home town, and the Manly Arts Festival has arrived. The event: How did the gentlemen of Hampton settle their differences, show off their physical prowess, and learn the skills they might need at any time to defend themselves, their families, and their country? Historic martial arts! Read More

  • Apple Releases My iTunes

    Looking to take your iTunes experience one step further? Check out My iTunes, an official set of iTunes widgets from Apple that are aimed at getting you socially involved with your (legally purchased) music. They’re self-updating widgets and you can post your favorite artists, etc. on your website via a Flash widget. TechCrunch has the whole lowdown, head over there to check out the… Read More

  • Toshiba Recalls More Bad Sony Batteries

    Hot on the heels of last month’s battery recall, Toshiba has issued another one. This time it’s Satellite A100, A105, and Tecra A7 owners that’ll be affected. It’s a scant 1,400 batteries versus last month’s 10,000 but the batteries themselves are very similar — they contain Sony rechargeable lithium-ion cells. Read More

  • Is Glam A Sham?

    Glam Media, which is mostly an ad network but also owns a group of sites focused on women, is actively attempting to raise $200 million in a private round of financing. The company previously raised $18.5 million in December 2006. The company has hired Allen & Company to represent them in the transaction, and has been distributing a private placement document to potential investors. Read More

  • Vista SP1: Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Faster

    Microsoft’s first service pack for Vista will apparently increase system performance considerably. Hallelujah. Read More

  • Kid Writes "PS3 Sucks" On Video Game Displays

    Kids are brats sometimes, but this little boy sounds like the Devil incarnate. Toys R Us employees spotted a 13-year old boy writing “PS3 Sucks” on 23 plastic game displays. Yeah, 23 times. When he was arrested, the boy’s parents couldn’t be tracked down so he had to chill with child services. Serves ya right! Here’s the kicker: when the boy was asked why he did… Read More

  • Best Buy Sucks Yet Again: Halo 3 Tax Being Implemented

    Apparently, Best Buy is cheating money out of its customers. Big surprise there. Seems the electronics retailer is adding a $3 tax to any Xbox-related item due to the massive hype surrounding Halo 3. As you can see above, you can normally bag a 360 headset for $19.99. At Best Buy, it’ll set you back $22.99. Doesn’t make much sense does it? Just go to Target or Circuit City and pick… Read More

  • Blizzard Unveils Second Expansion For World of Warcraft

    The Borean Tundra awaits you Damn you Blizzard. I’m still struggling to get to 70 (I’m 65 and have a life) and now you pull THIS on me? You’re just evil. Seems Blizzard has unveiled a preview of the second World of Warcraft expansion: Wrath of the Lich King! WLK brings a lot of crazy new features that will put Burning Crusade to shame. You’ll now be able to hit level… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth Headset

    . What’s better than one prize? How about two prizes! Nokia has given us two of their teeny-tiny BH-800 headsets to give away and we want to pass along the savings of “absolutely free” to you, our readers. Read More

  • Oops: Pre-prod HTC Units Possibly Sent To Retailers

    Uh oh. It seems as though the new HTC Advantage has been shipped to CompUSA, Amazon.com, and possibly elsewhere as pre-production units. Users are being greeted with the message “test only, not for sale” when the device is booted up for the first time. The glitch can easily be fixed by updating the software via a PC but if these devices aren’t yet ready for production from… Read More

  • SlingPlayer Coming To Symbian Phones, Now In Beta

    Sling Media is running a 4-week beta test for Symbian-based phones. If you’ve got a Nokia N75, N95, or E65, you’re eligible. You’ll be required to keep quiet about any sensitive information you receive, you’ll have to fill out at least two surveys, and you’ll be expected to notify Sling of any glitches or bugs along the way. The beta application apparently takes… Read More

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