• iPod nano (3G) Review

    The iPod nano is the first out of the gate in Apple’s newly revamped line of music players. Available in 4GB ($149) and 8GB ($199) versions (sadly, no 16GB model) and five different colors, the new nano looks pretty funky in its new wide-bodied form factor. The biggest news is the addition of video playback, a bigger and brighter screen, and a revamped interface, but there are plenty… Read More

  • WTF: Pitzer College Offers "Learning From YouTube" Class

    Pitzer College, located in Southern California, is offering a for-credit class called Learning from YouTube this Fall, taught by Alexandra Juhasz, a media studies professor. The class consists of students watching YouTube videos and then discussing them. They also leave comments on the videos themselves. One of the students, Darren Grose, says YouTube is “a phenomenon that should be… Read More

  • Schwarzenegger Puts The Hammer Down On Teen Drivers In California

    I’m glad I’m not a teen in California anymore because the Governator just put a ban on the use of electronics for teen drivers. It actually works out better that way. As I was channel surfing the other day I came across Dr. Phil and a teen girl was in a driving simulator where she crashed multiple times while trying to text. She didn’t think it was a big deal since it was only… Read More

  • Back To School 2007: Drinking 101

    Sorry mom and dad, but your kid is going to drink. He/she finally has some freedom and it’s what the cool kids do. If you led a sheltered life then we’ll go over a few basic drinking games that you will surely encounter in your first few months of college. These games will stick with you forever, so pay attention. We’ll also cover a few really neat gadgets to help you along… Read More

  • iPod Touch: Thanks to the Apple Store in Chandler, Arizona!

    If you haven’t been to the Apple Store in the Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Arizona, then you’re truly missing something. In Chandler, Arizona, Apple Store employees are actually half-elves, the off-spring of a band of roving female ninjas and heroic wood elves who, over thousands of years, have formed a desert community of powerful wizard-warriors who had access to the… Read More

  • Diigo to Launch Website Slideshow Feature Next Week

    Website annotation tool Diigo will officially announce its new WebSlides feature next week. The new widget is an embeddable player that presents feeds or bookmarks as live web pages in an interactive slideshow format, complete with full page content including links, comments, and ads. The widget can be sent to friends and colleagues or placed on websites, blogs, and social networks. A bit of… Read More

  • Kodak EasyShare V1253 (The First High-Def Pocketcam) Quick Look

    The promise of the Kodak’s EasyShare V1253 is immense. As the world’s first compact cam with a video capture function that can pull high-def (that’s 720p, and no I’m not counting those Sanyo products), this could represent a rare case of digital convergence that carves out an entirely new niche. We just got our hands on this pore-revealing pocket shooter. A full review… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The AudioFile: What's Really Killing Pop Music

    In a Wall Street Journal article earlier this week titled “Are Techology Limits in MP3s and iPods Ruining Music?”, writer Lee Gomes worries that recording engineers are mixing music for listening on crappy iPod earbuds, and that iPods are somehow technically limiting the quality of pop music. Hogwarsh! Much of today’s music may sound crappy, but it’s not because of iPods… Read More

  • Sidekick Slide To UK In October Before US Launch?

    T-Mobile’s United Kingdom site has the Sidekick Slide listed on the Coming Soon page as “Expected October”, for what it’s worth. Historically, new models in the Sidekick line have been launched in the United States before being offered elsewhere but it appears that our friends across the pond might get their mitts on the Slide first. That is, unless the private… Read More

  • Chris Alden Makes Himself Comfortable At Six Apart

    Chris Alden just took over as Chairman and CEO of blogging infrastructure startup Six Apart. Barak Berkowitz, CEO since 2004, steps down. Berkowitz will remain with the company as an advisor. Alden joined Six Apart a year ago as part of the acquisition of Rojo, a company he founded. Six Apart was founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Ben Trott and Mena G. Trott. Mena was the original CEO. Read More

  • California College Offers 'Learning From YouTube' Class

    Pitzer College in beautiful Claremont, California, is offering a YouTube class this semester. YouTube! According to the Associated Press, “About 35 students meet in a classroom but work mostly online, where they view YouTube content and post their comments. Class lessons also are posted and students are encouraged to post videos. One class member, for instance, posted a 1:36-minute video… Read More

  • How To Get Your $100 Apple Store Credit

    Are you one of those early adopters who rushed into the iPhone hype with loving arms? Thought so. Lucky for you, Apple’s iPhone store credit program has gone live. Just head on over to this link and follow a 3-step process that is apparently easy as hell. Just pop in your iPhone’s serial number, you’ll get a text with a code, pop in the code and boom. You got $100 towards… Read More

  • Apple EU iPhone deal expected

    Now that Apple has summoned the UK press to a London briefing next Tuesday, it looks like the iPhone announcement is imminent. There are no other significant details about the event at its flagship Regent Street outlet, but I know the venue and it is only big enough for a medium-sized launch with about 200 people. This suggests it could just be the UK iPhone announcement alone, not the German… Read More

  • Nintendo DS Gets VoIP

    Whenever something cool needs to be designed for a console, it’s always up to the homebrew community to do it. Some excellent hardware hackers were able to custom design some software that enables to Nintendo DS to place VoIP calls via the internal WiFi and built-in microphone. You even get to dial on the DS’ touchpad. How sweet is that?? No idea how you load this stuff on here… Read More

  • About The Most Useless Thing A Wii Can Do

    Remember Winamp? You know, that program you used to use for playing back stolen MP3s off Napster. Well if you still use it and you own a Wii, you can now stream MP3s through your Wii. Why you’d want to do this, I have no idea. But I suppose if you’re still using Winamp, you’re the kind of dude who listens to 96Kbps MP3s of Pantera on his Xbox. For the win. New Winamp Will… Read More

  • Unreleased Dreamcast Zip Drive Shows Up On eBay For The Low, Low Price of $10K

    Those who followed the Dreamcast years ago know that Sega (via Imega) planned to release an external zip drive. It was to have been used for saving e-mails and other Internet content and, naturally, to back up game save data. But it never came out, consigned to the graveyard of unreleased video game peripherals like the SNES CD drive. However, one showed up on eBay recently. It’s… Read More

  • Virgin America and AirCell Head to the Friendly Skies

    As a frequent business traveler – actually a little less frequent these days – flying is seldom fun. I’m not the kind who likes to make small talk with the passengers around me, and watching the in-flight movie on a lousy six-inch 4×3 screen is not my idea of entertainment. And listening to other passengers talk turns even a short flight into an epic journey to the… Read More

  • Google Presently Powerpoint Clone Could Be Days Away

    Google’s long awaited Powerpoint clone could be days away from launching, according to a report at The Inquirer. The service is said to be called “Presently” and is based in part on code from Zenter and Tonic Systems, two companies Google acquired earlier this year. Presentations have long been the missing link in Google’s attempts to provide a full office suite… Read More

  • Docstoc Comes Through On That Financing

    I criticized Los Angeles based startup Docstoc in a post last month for pre-announcing a financing that hadn’t actually closed yet. At the time of that post, where I suggested that they may be counting their chickens before they hatched, they said: We are about to close another substantial round of financing from at least one, if not all, of the following investors 1) one of the… Read More

  • Google Launches Australian Election Site

    In what is claimed to be a world first (for Google), Google Australia has launched a dedicated Australian Election site. The Google 2007 Australian Federal Election site offers links to YouTube videos from Australian political parties, a Google Maps mashup that provides House of Representatives electoral information by seat, and “election gadgets” that provide previous statements… Read More

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