• Meebo Extension for Flock

    A UK developer who goes by “Tones” has created a Flock-specific extension that puts Meebo, and therefore Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MSN IM, directly into a sidebar in the Flock browser (the extension also works for Firefox). Since Flock and Meebo are two startups I use, this looked interesting. I’ve downloaded the extension and tried it out. It works as promised, although it… Read More

  • ShopWiki to spend $25,000 on user submitted videos

    ShopWiki to spend $25,000 on user submitted videos

    ShopWiki, an incredibly innovative online shopping community, will announce today another step to expand their service’s offerings. The company will pay users $50 per video for the first 500 submitted product review videos selected for inclusion on the site – that’s $25k total. This site is nuts already and paying people to add video reviews is going to take it over the top… Read More

  • TopTenSources acquires Style Feeder

    TopTenSources acquires Style Feeder

    The human edited blog highlight site TopTenSources will announce tomorrow that they have acquired the social shopping site Style Feeder. I really like both these companies and am excited to see how the partnership develops. TopTenSources is lead by long time technologist Halley Suitt. The site is based on human editors selecting their favorite 10 blogs on a wide variety of topics, from food… Read More

  • A look inside PeopleAggregator

    A look inside PeopleAggregator

    Marc Canter’s much anticipated PeopleAggregator is starting to roll out, password protection is scheduled to be removed Wednesday around noon Pacific time. PeopleAggregator is the product of 3 years of self funded work by Canter to bridge the gap between all the online social networking services available and move the industry towards a standards-based place of collaboration. I took a… Read More

  • Google Desktop 4 leaves beta, launches gadget dev contest

    Google Desktop 4 leaves beta, launches gadget dev contest

    The Google Desktop team just announced that version 4 of the software has left beta status, so all you cynics about perpetual beta can give it a rest! This version only spent 6 weeks in beta. Maybe GMail is next, who knows? Today’s announcement included the expansion of Google Desktop into now 27 languages, the availability of a new drag and drop system for gadget (or widget) UI… Read More

  • Cellfire coupons by phone goes national today

    Cellfire coupons by phone goes national today

    Coupons by mobile phone service Cellfire goes nationwide for Cingular users today, with support for other carriers said to be on the way in the future. Oliver over at MobileCrunch reviews Cellfire and points out that tests in California saw coupons redeemed at a rate of almost 20%, with some surpassing that mark. That’s pretty incredible compared to paper coupon redemption… Read More

  • Farecast airfare prediction engine opens public beta today

    Farecast airfare prediction engine opens public beta today

    The airfare prediction Farecast launches its public beta today, enabling travelers to leverage more than 60 billion records of past airfare prices to predict whether prices will rise or fall over the next 7 days. The beta covers only flights departing from Seattle and Boston, but the company plans to roll out US-wide coverage through the end of this year. The company showed me around the… Read More

  • Dabble DB Launches and Announces Series A Round

    Dabble DB, a Vancouver-based startup that has created an extremely useful and easy to use database application product, will announce a small (but undisclosed) series A round of financing on Tuesday. The round is being led by Canadian venture firm Ventures West. Paul Kedrosky, an advisor to Ventures West, has joined the Dabble DB board of directors. Dabble DB is a wonderful application that… Read More

  • Warner Bros. offers video on demand through Guba

    Warner Bros. offers video on demand through Guba

    Guba, a pioneer in the user-generated video content space, became a pioneer of another sort today, when Warner Brothers’ film and television content went on sale on Guba.com at 2 PM PST. Through its deal with Warner, Guba will initially sell almost 200 movie and television titles (quickly expanding shortly thereafter), ranging from new releases like “Good Night and Good Luck”… Read More

  • Automattic now offers enterprise WordPress support

    Automattic now offers enterprise WordPress support

    How do you make money by giving away free software? Automattic, the company that’s home to several key developers of the free open source blogging software WordPress (used by this blog and many more) has announced today a new service called the Automattic Support Network. It’s intended help large organizations and enterprise users leverage WordPress and the community around it. Read More

  • Digg 3.0 Launches, First Thoughts

    Digg 3.0 Launches, First Thoughts

    The much anticipated Digg 3.0 launched this morning as promised. My first thoughts are – it’s beautiful, although it isn’t stable yet (search in particular seems to be breaking, although there are other small bugs too). The integration of Ajax to move between topics and betwen headline and new stories is really well done, and is by far my favorite feature. With regard to the… Read More

  • ZapZap does social podcast directories right

    ZapZap does social podcast directories right

    ZapZap is a new audio and video podcast directory service based in Japan, just launched this weekend. While podcast directories are launching fast and furious, this one is particularly nice. Ajax is used just right, digg-type voting is central, synch with iTunes or play on site. The aesthetic is attractive and there are English and Japanese sections of the site. ZapZap’s creator is… Read More

  • Ningbar Launches, Plus Ning Stats

    Ningbar Launches, Plus Ning Stats

    Palo Alto based Ning made a significant change to their application interface on Friday, removing the mandatory sidebar on applications and replacing it with a fully customizable javascript bar across the top of the page. I met with CEO Gina Bianchini a week ago to see the changes. Gina also gave me an update on how Ning is doing in general. Ning is a site that lets users create customized… Read More

  • New Look, New Name For Gada.be

    New Look, New Name For Gada.be

    Tag metasearch engine Gada.be (TechCrunch posts describing the service are here) is getting a name change and a redesign at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle later this week (Chris Pirillo founded the company and also runs the conference). The new service will be called TagJag (and will be at TagJag.com). Like Gada.be, TagJag can be queried easily from a mobile device. Gada.be launched in… Read More

  • The Best Widget Ever – Gapingvoid

    If you don’t know Hugh Macleaod and his daily cartoons on Gapingvoid, you aren’t in the cool crowd. His art is clever, insightful and always timely. It’s often strange. He also doesn’t mind pissing people off every once in a while. Hugh joined the Gillmor Gang as a guest for an April podcast. We spoke about how Hugh might generate more attention for his work, and the… Read More

  • Zoho announces an online power-point type tool

    Zoho announces an online power-point type tool

    The online office suite Zoho launched a new presentation tool this week called Zoho Show, for use in creating and displaying remote presentations on the web. Zoho parent company Adventnet is a TechCrunch sponsor. Thumbstacks appears to be the primary rival faced by Zoho Show, and both have certain advantages and disadvantages. This newest offering is the 12th Zoho web based application… Read More

  • GoodStorm to offer e-commerce widget with 50% revenue split for bloggers

    San Francisco based GoodStorm will soon launch a new program called MeCommerce that will allow bloggers to insert product listings in a javascript and iframe box on their sites and keep 50% of the retail mark-up for themselves. Blog readers will be able to purchase books and CDs inside the box without leaving the blog page they are on. Blog publishers can populate their boxes by tag or… Read More

  • PostApp launches WidgetBox, a marketplace for widgets

    PostApp launches WidgetBox, a marketplace for widgets

    Stealth start-up PostApp announced at Thursday’s SuperNova Connected Innovators session the launch tomorrow of WidgetBox, its new beta marketplace for managed web based widgets, and $1.5 million in funding from Hummer Winblad. If you like widgets, there’s about to be a whole lot more of them available for use in your blog or profile page. If you’d like to develop widgets… Read More

  • Digg 3.0 To Launch Monday: Exclusive Screenshots and Stats

    Digg 3.0 To Launch Monday: Exclusive Screenshots and Stats

    Digg 3.0 will launch Monday, June 26, in the morning PST. The launch is being announced this evening, and Digg has made a number of screen shots available to me which are included in this post. Richard MacManus and I interviewed Digg founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose about the new launch, and we also spent some time talking about new Digg competitor Netscape, as well as other Digg… Read More

  • Photobucket vs. Flickr in Alexa and Technorati

    Photobucket vs. Flickr in Alexa and Technorati

    One of the top stories in the blogosphere today is a new Hitwise chart finding that Photobucket has a 46% leading market share in online photosharing and that Flickr is in 6th place with only 6%. This was a big surprise for parts of the blogosphere where Flickr is a hot topic. I looked up these two sites on Alexaholic and found traffic results quite different from the Hitwise graph. Many… Read More