• Glogster – Like Geocities (in a bad way), And In Flash

    Glogster is a new service that lets users create web pages (they call them posters) using Flash elements. Upload photos, songs, text and other stuff, drag it around, and call it a day. You can embed the poster on another website, but its too big for most blogs or social networking sites at 960 pixels wide. You can also add friends, so technically its a social network. It reminds me a lot… Read More

  • Jim Choma's Career Joins The Deadpool, Maybe

    If there was one defining breakthrough in 2007 as opposed to the year before, it was live video. From Justin.tv through to the gauntlet of clones live video made its presence felt, even if it’s not dominate today. Ustream.tv remains one of my favorite services. It doesn’t have the cool tech Kyte has, or perhaps the wider presence of Justin.tv, but it’s reliable, and it… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Do Not Take Your Eyes Off the Monitors Edition

    Stop with the ‘Tattoo Designs’ already
    Optimus announces another dope keyboard that doesn’t really exist
    Boston gets cellphone reception on T, thinks Yankees suck
    Women can’t fly ships!
    Wiimote Gamer Glove: Nerd Alert level delta Read More

  • Digg May Land Digg Girl Record Contract

    Kina Grannis, the girl behind the now internet famous “Digg Song” (video above) has been approached by a record company interested in discussing a record deal. Artists signing deals as a result of viral videos aren’t new, but this would be a first for one that combines viral video with Digg, and about Digg. Grannis appeared live on the Drill Team Ustream show tonight (still… Read More

  • Blizzard raps back

    Blizzard, pull your head out of your ass. Just because some snot-nosed foreigner makes a video for YouTube rapping about a patch for Warcraft III does not give you the right to pull this shit. Well, at least the chick was hot. Pretty sure I’m gonna barf now. Karune Debuts as YouTube Rapper — Phear’em Eminem! [Blizz Planet] Read More

  • Say it ain't so, Ubisoft

    You can’t seriously be working on a sequel to one of the worst Wii games ever, right? I assumed the previous rumors were, that, just rumors. You better have better controls and a better UI among other things for Red Steel, Ubi. I think I’m about to barf, but it could just be the Absinthe I took a shot of. Ubisoft Reveals Red Steel 2 Coming in 2008 [Shack News] Read More

  • 20 Free Blogfuse Accounts For TechCrunch Readers

    Kansas based Blogfuse is a Facebook application creator for bloggers that allows content from blogs to be turned into a native Facebook application. The service is as simple to use as signing up and adding a RSS feed. Blogfuse hosts the application and it links in to Facebook functions such as share this, allowing blog posts to be easily shared within Facebook. Applications are coded in… Read More

  • Wiimote Gamer Glove: Nerd Alert level delta

    Do you often find your Wiimote airborne? Is the included strap too wussy for your bulging Bowling muscles? Are you tired of beaning your roommate in the melon each time you serve in Tennis? Have we got the thing for you! Sure, it’s another strap. But this one’s attached to a high-impact extreeeeeme sports glove! Never lose your Wiimote again, playa! Game on, man, game on! OK… Read More

  • Optimus announces another dope keyboard that doesn't really exist

    Hot on the heels of this year’s never-released Optimus Maximus superkeyboard, Optimus has taken the concept one step further with the Tactus keyboard. The idea is similar, but instead of customizable keycaps, the keys themselves are virtual. Cool idea, but as anyone who’s tried to play Mario on an iPhone can attest, there’s a definite advantage to the tactile feedback… Read More

  • The Year in DeadPool (2007 Edition)

    Sadly, 2007 wasn’t the best of years for many startups. Below you’ll find a list of the companies that took a swim in the TechCrunch DeadPool. Also see our Year in Deals, Year in TechCrunch Headlines, and Most Popular Posts. A Sad Milestone: AOL To Discontinue Netscape Browser Development Wal-Mart Shuts Movie Download Service, Offers SEM Services Instead Foonz, The Deadpool Is… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV footage

    http://www.gamevideos.com:80/swf/gamevideos11.swf?embedded=1&fullscreen=1&autoplay=0&src=http://www.gamevideos.com:80/video/videoListXML%3Fid%3D16818%26ordinal%3D1198883667583%26adPlay%3Dfalse *Drool* It’s 20 minutes of Hadouken fury so strap in. Read More

  • WSU students will get discounted TiVos and be hooked for life

    I wonder if they’ll be shipping out little samples of crack with those DVRs – because in my experience, people who go TiVo rarely go back, and when you only need to lay out $125 for a year’s worth of services, tuner included. Because these kids weren’t watching enough TV already. Actually it’s pretty much good for everyone who goes for it; you don’t have… Read More

  • RIAA's Target In 2008: You

    The RIAA has lodged documents in the ongoing case of the Record Industry vs Jeffrey Howell that argues that ripping music from legally purchased CD’s is illegal. If the Judge rules that the RIAA is right, any person in United States who has ever ripped a legally purchased CD will become a copyright thief and a potential target of the RIAA, and that means just about every iPod owner in… Read More

  • Metal Slug 3 coming to XBLA in T-Minus 5 days

    The arcade classics are coming back in force, and one of the big daddies of them all is certainly the Metal Slug series. Metal Slug 1, 2, and X were fantastic, but Metal Slug 3, in my opinion, stands apart as simply the best run-and-gun game of all time. Not only is it beautiful, but the branching paths, extra weapons, and co-op multiplayer will keep you entertained for years. You can get it… Read More

  • Robot portrait artist to replace the French entirely

    Roboteer Sylvain Calinon, who dabbles in human-robot interaction, has created a robot specially designed to put an entire class of Frenchman out of business. He’s Swiss, so that makes some sense, but all national rivalries aside he’s made a pretty cool little bot. This thing has facial recognition built in, and snaps a picture when you sit down in front of it. It then draws you… Read More

  • Most Popular TechCrunch Posts of 2007

    In addition to the Year in Headlines and Year In Deals , here are simply the 20 most popular TechCrunch posts of 2007 based on comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks (this list was generated using Alex King’s Popularity Contest plug-in for WordPress). See also our Year of TechCrunch Headlines, Year in DeadPool, and Year in Deals. Fifty Oomas For Readers, Just Tell Us Why You Want… Read More

  • The Year in TechCrunch Headlines (2007 Edition)

    Headlines can tell you a lot about what happened over the year. Below I’ve assembled some of the most telling headlines from TechCrunch posts in 2007, divided by month. The big story of the year was the battle between Facebook and Google with their competing platforms for social networking applications (and ads). But there were other interesting subplots as well, such as media… Read More

  • The Year In Deals (2007 Edition)

    We covered a lot of financial deals at TechCrunch in 2007, including both venture fundings and acquisitions. The list is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to give a flavor for the deals that went down in 2007. The year started out with eBay’s acquisition of StubHub and rumors of its StumbleUpon deal. Google agreed to buy DoubleClick fopr $3.1 billion, but has yet to consummate… Read More

  • Samsung takes OLED to 31 Inches

    We know that the future of flat-panel televisions and monitors is in OLED, and that future is getting closer daily, it seems. Samsung will be showing off at CES next month the largest OLED screen to date, weighing in at 31 inches. While it’s still not big enough for my living room (my 37″ Olevia is tops), it’s progress. OLED is lighter than LCD or plasma, uses less power, and… Read More

  • 666 exorcised from Louisiana prefixes

    There are places all over America where 666, The Number Of The Beast, is a telephone prefix. Reeves, in Allen Parish, LA, is one less place, having finalized to change 666 to 749 over the next 90 days. This is sad for teenage goth kids througout the area, and for the one guy who’s number spelled the easy-to-remember word “MONSTER”.

    666 Phone Prefix Cast Out Of Allen… Read More

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