• CBS SportsLine Founder to Launch OPEN Sports Network

    CBS SportsLine founder Mike Levy is preparing to announce his newest venture, OPEN Sports Network. The company’s website is still being built out but based on their description, it aspires to be a sports-oriented social network featuring betting-enabled fantasy sports games, rich news content, and perhaps most importantly, a game platform with open APIs. Fantasy sports leagues are… Read More

  • Toshiba takes 95% loss in profits due to HD DVD failure

    The fallout from the now-over Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war is still coming, with Toshiba suffering a 95% loss in profits this quarter, most of it attributed to the failure of HD DVD as the format of choice for next-gen disc players. Samsung, meanwhile, is showing a 37% increase in profits, mostly from mobile phones and LCDs. For Toshiba, it wasn’t just the licensing, but the loss of HD… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. E-mail Subject: The size has huge value! Hey man, ok I had to send you this site, I ordered a V yr P gb X qp L and these things work amazingly! For real, I’ve tried a bunch of other ones but they… Read More

  • 3G iPhone secretly out and it's glossy fabu

    Some super secret iPhone testers have seen the next generation iPhone and they’re reporting real GPS, 3G, and a big thicker design. The back of the phone is gloss black and the volume buttons are chrome and the headphone socket isn’t recessed. Should you buy an iPhone right now, in any case? I’d say no. Looks like the 3G version is coming as early as July. Read More

  • Qwest to see how many suckers live in Minneapolis

    Looking to put a nail in its own coffin, Qwest is now offering 20Mbps DSL service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area for $119.99 per month ($109.99 per month for the first year) in order to compete with Comcast‘s high speed internet service, which offers speeds of up to 12, 16, or 50Mbps for $42.95, $52.95, or $152.95, respectively. Read More

  • Twitter Reportedly Putting More Gas In The Tank

    Silicon Alley Insider reports that Twitter is looking to raise a Series C round. They’re hearing that the company wants $15M at a $60M valuation, probably from former investors Union Square Ventures and Charles River Ventures, and perhaps from Spark Capital as well. Twitter raised over $5M in funding last July. Digital Garage also invested in the company this past January as part of… Read More

  • WebMission – That's a wrap!

    I’m going to have to apologise for the lack of updates on the Web Mission trip of 20 startups to San Francisco and Silicon Valley this week. What with being located in a different hotel to the group, having to run and jump on a bus somewhere every morning, getting WiFi in dribs and drabs, and then racing back to hotels only to go out again, the blogging has somewhat suffered! However… Read More

  • Killing RFID tags

    Aim well, my friend Instructables has a detailed discussion on how to disable an RFID tag in a passport or other radio-enabled item. The bottom line? Smash the bugger with a hammer. -The last (and most covert) method for destroying a RFID tag is to hit it with a hammer. Just pick up any ordinary hammer and give the chip a few swift hard whacks. This will destroy the chip, and leave no… Read More

  • Genius jailed for trying to jack $500 HDTV with $3 barcode

    This trick never works, yet people still keep trying it. I’m sure when they come up with the cunning plan they’re very proud of themselves, but they always end up in the pokey in the end. Reginald Newman was at a Wal-Mart and found a 26-inch HDTV that he wanted. You and I, we’d check our bank account and see if we had enough to pay for it. But not crafty Reggie. No, he took… Read More

  • Review: Tokyoflash Star Performer and Zero-G watches

    Katana and Watchizaki
    You must have heard of Tokyoflash. They’ve got the coolest watches on both this and that side of Japan, and also make the best of those binary-time watches that puzzle you whenever you see them. I have two specimens of Tokyoflash gear right here with me — are they as solid as they look on the site? Read More

  • Polska wersja Conan-a Barbarzyncy wkrotce

    The first MMORPG translated entirely into Polish, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures should hit your blok on May 20, ensuring that those who enjoy pierogi will also enjoy playing as Conan the Barbarian in their own lilting mother tongue. Video slightly NSFW. Read More

  • Wix: The Bold Web Content Creator

    Cluttered and candy-coated are two ways to describe Wix, a new Flash-based website and widget creation tool that we’ve been anticipating for months. It’s also feature-rich, very well-designed, and – sorry – still in private beta. Wix joins a multitude of browser-based website creators such as Weebly, Synthasite, and Google Pages. But it reminds me the most of Sprout… Read More

  • Hey That's Pretty Smart – Amazon Launches A Gadget Blog

    The big three gadget blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo and CrunchGear) (ok, kidding about CrunchGear, but it is doing very well) have a little more competition starting today: a new gadget blog called End User. The site is published by Amazon. The blog authors are all Amazon employees and write for EndUserBlog as well. This is the same model for a few other blogs that Amazon publishes… Read More

  • New Mini-ITX mobos from Intel hint at more tiny PCs

    Two new Mini-ITX motherboards from Intel have been recently spotted — the Eklo and the Fly Creek. The Mini-ITX segment has been long populated by Via and its C7 line of processors, which have catered to small form factor system builders, but Intel appears to be eyeing the low-cost, tiny desktop market as well. The Fly Creek motherboard can apparently support Intel’s GMA X3500… Read More

  • Trolltech's QT, Ubuntu coming to Nokia Internet tablets

    I’m a fan of the Nokia 800-series Internet tablets, and Nokia is making effort to keep them current. It recently bought Trolltech and is in the process of finalizing the purchase. Trolltech makes the QT applications platform that many devices use, and Nokia is no doubt planning on bringing QT to the N810 and perhaps future tablet devices. What’s also notable is Nokia is working… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Advance Wars Days of Ruin for DS, $16.99

    I’ve only played the Game Boy Advance versions of the Advance Wars series, but from what I hear, they just keep getting better. Days of Ruin, the latest installment, is supposed to be no exception, though it’s a break from the light, cartoony style of its predecessors. The darker art style and more mature plot might help people understand that this is, indeed, a very deep… Read More

  • Lowepro Primus AW is the most eco-friendly camera bag

    I’m really digging on Lowepro’s gear lately. The Fastpack I reviewed a couple months back is still in great shape. I’ve got the Flipside, which is fantastic. I still have to do a formal review on it, but it’s phenomenal. Anyway, this being Green Week for us, I thought I’d share the Primus AW with you all. It’s Lowepro’s most eco-friendly pack and… Read More

  • Presdo, The Magical Online Scheduler

    I want you to stop what you are doing right now and go try Presdo. It is a deceptively simple online scheduling assistant that is a prime example of what a modern Web app should be. It only shows you what you need to see at the moment that you need to see it. And it understands what you want to do based on normal (and not-so-normal) English that you type in. “We actually threw a… Read More

  • Skype releases voice client for a plethora of cellphones [UPDATED]

    Running a Skype client on a cellphone isn’t really new, but this is the first time Skype has made it’s own client available for almost 50 different models, including many popular low-end and mid-market phones. The new client allows you to talk connect your cellphone to your Skype account. It uses cellphone minutes like usual, but adds all your Skype conacts and gives you a… Read More

  • Dark Sector walk-through

    I just got this game so this is of some interest to me, but D3PA just released a fairly official walk-through with info on all the goodies to be found in the game. Just in time for the weekend, D3PA has released their official Dark Sector: Walkthrough
    Guide. This guide contains exclusive tips, strategies and item pick-ups for players
    to successfully complete Dark Sector. As you know, if you… Read More

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