• Fadnation: Why Steve Ballmer Could Be Right

    The hot topic on Techmeme today is a story quoting Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer claiming that the rush into sites like Facebook could be a fad. Naturally, there has been a slew of people claiming that this could be nothing further from the truth; Robert Scoble puts forward one of the better arguments against Ballmer. But what if Ballmer could be right? Lets look at the exact quotes… Read More

  • The Robots of Chiba

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf One thing CEATEC has a surfeit of is robots. They come in all sizes, from a twee bike-riding robot whose visage I cannot now find in my photo library to a set of guard robots that won’t do much guarding when you kick them over before they can alert the authorities. Then there was yesterday’s Sony… Read More

  • Yahoo May Sell Kelkoo

    Yahoo is considering “strategic options” for comparative shopping site Kelkoo, including a possible sale, according to a report at FT.com Yahoo acquired Kelkoo in 2004 for €475 million ($670 million). Paris based Kelkoo has continued to offer a standalone comparative shopping service, whilst being used to power Yahoo Shopping sites for the United Kingdom, France, Germany… Read More

  • Zune press release sneak peek leaked, MS shrieked, source's outlook bleak

    Holy moly, Zune day is rolling along nicely. Somebody, and we’re not saying who, mostly because we don’t really know, has leaked the embargoed Zune press release set for midnight tonight. Now, we’d never do anything like that, our journalistic integrity is more important than a scoop, even one as scoopable as Zune deets. We’re not like that. Fortunately, anonymous… Read More

  • Banned on Japanese airplanes: Playing DS, using other similar devices

    Man, Japan’s usually hip to technology, but this news sorta diminishes that perception. A revised law means that passengers on board Japanese airplanes will no longer be able to use video game systems with built-in wireless functionality. So say goodbye to the DS and PSP whip out the Game Gear. The law doesn’t stop there, oh no. It also prevents the use of pretty much… Read More

  • SecondRotation.com: Like eBay, only without the rich human interaction

    Have an old cellphone lying around? Not sure how to type eBay or Craigslist into your browser? Want to receive approximately the going rate for your gear but not a penny more? Don’t trust the vagaries of the invisible hand of the markets? Boy, have we got a site for you. Granted, the eBay/Cragislist experience is fraught with pain and sadness. I’ve all but given up on eBay and… Read More

  • Samsung BD-U5000 dual format player delayed

    Samsung’s attempt at hitting middle ground with the BD-U5000 –instead of siding with either HD-DVD or Blu-ray– has recently been delayed to December in the U.S, and early 2008 for Europe. The claims aren’t confirmed as Samsung wouldn’t be too proud of missing the critical holiday shopping time-frame, but don’t hold your breath if you want this under your… Read More

  • New show bores audience, saves environment

    A few TV manufacturers and broadcasters have joined forces to develop 10 minutes of boredom as a standard way of measuring energy use. Apparently energy consumption varies based on the genre so the clip combines all of them into one including soap operas, sports, and nature programs. It would be assumed that porn uses up the most energy and as a result we encourage everyone to cut back and… Read More

  • Halo DS: What could have been

    Halo 3 is the news of the last few weeks, no doubt. But some of you may recall when Halo the First was in its pre-release days, back before Redmond locked it down as an Xbox-only title. To their credit, they knew what they had their hands on. Bungie had taken the initiative on using Halo on other platforms, including the version (screenshots above) for the DS. We want it, badly. Yesterday… Read More

  • Helio Drift drifts away, makes room for Mysto

    The Helio Drift has been wiped from the site, which means there’s room for another device and it means you can swoop up a Drift for cheap. A new Samsung device passed through the FCC that was branded Helio and it appears that Helio Mysto has been trademarked. But…but…I love my Ocean. I may have to put it away if the Mysto is the Samsung pictured above. Drift Retired, New device… Read More

  • Having trouble with the site?

    Is anyone having trouble with the site? Is it taking a while to load? Pictures not showing up? Let us know in comments. Thanks. Read More

  • nekFIT: a revolution in the way we wear music?

    Someone tell me this is a joke. Seriously. Product Page [via Electronic House] Read More

  • Laptop battery life to last 30 years?

    Fed up with shoddy battery life on your laptop? You’d be lying to me if you said otherwise. I’m not so sure how legitimate this is, but the US Air Force Research Laboratory has had a hand in the creation of a continuous battery that lasts for 30 years without a single recharge. The betavoltaic power cells are assembled from semiconductors and use radioisotopes as the energy source. Read More

  • Google To $2000/Share? Somebody Muzzle Blodget

    Henry Blodget made his name by predicting outlandish price increases for Internet stocks in the late nineties. A lot of people lost a lot of money (or, all their money) by listening to his recommendations. The government charged him with securities fraud in 2003 and he was subsequently banned from the securities industry for life. But Blodget is a bit of a one trick pony, and he likes to stay… Read More

  • Say it ain't so, BlackBerry

    This makes me want to vomit. I doubt it’s my lunch, either. I’ll admit that the interface on the ifones is nice and slick, but leave the BlackBerry alone. The bPhone theme even replaces the hourglass with a spinning beach ball ala OS X. If you have an 8700, Pearl, Curve or the 8800 with OS 4.2.1 or above then head here and try it out. BlackBerry iPhone Theme [via Technabob] Read More

  • TringMe: Phone Free Click To Call

    Nearly every VOIP related startup has their own click-to-call widget, Jajah, Jangl, Jaxtr, and even GrandCentral. These widgets let you easily and sometimes anonymously set up a call with friends over the web. They’re very useful and come packed with features like voicemail and texting. However, each of these services connects phones to phones, which still eats away at your mobile… Read More

  • Drugs are bad, watch out meth labs

    I had my run-ins with meth during college. For reasons unknown to me, Oregon is a meth hotbed. Take a drive down to the coast and most of the houses you see boarded-up are meth labs. Corvallis, my home for four years, was full of meth labs and I’m sad to say a few friends were sucked into it. Sure, they cleaned the hell out of the house, but they also didn’t sleep for days. Has… Read More

  • Recycle Your Used Gadgets For Cash at SecondRotation

    How many old phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players do you have that still work but are sitting useless in a drawer? A site called SecondRotation is like the company BuyMyBrokeniPod that Mike wrote about a few days ago, except you can sell more than just iPods. SecondRotation will take practically every brand of cell phone, digital camera, gaming console, GPS device, and MP3 player… Read More

  • FCC spills Zune 2 information; 4GB, 8GB, and exactly what we thought

    Oh, by the way, readers, today is Zune day. Why is it Zune day? Because the Zune 2 is launching tonight, like, duh. At this point it’s about as secret as the fact that president Carter was behind 9/11. Inappropriate jokes aside, Technabob just dug up these sketches of the flash-based Zune 2 (which we’ve heard might be called the Zune Pixel, or perhaps Pixas (picks-us)) on the… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 confirmed? [Update]

    I’m waiting for confirmation on this, but it appears that the alleged 40GB PS3 has been logged in the UPC database, which does not accept user generated data. UPC codes are provided by GS1. There’s also been confirmation that the PS3 appears on Best Buy’s internal database. Whether or not it will be priced at $399.99 is unknown, but It’s been confirmed that it does exist. Read More

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