• Quad RAMage! Metaram's chips quadruple your server's RAM capacity

    I’m a little suspicious of this technology, but if it works then it’s certainly cool. Metaram’s new MetaSDRAM chipset sits between the RAM and the controller and acts as a go-between for additional RAM (as far as I can tell). I get the feeling this is a great idea for big servers like company databases but not necessarily for high-performance ones, since memory bandwidth is… Read More

  • TalkShoe Now Available on iPhone

    The community chat service that brings together phone callers and online chatters is now available on the iPhone. TalkShoe is designed for talk shows, podcasts or corporate events. Users are able to join events via a phone or computer, where they can listen or talk depending on how the host sets up the event. Participants can also join in using Skype or Voice over IP (VoIP) services as well. Read More

  • Why are Dopplr profiles so sparse?

    Dopplr is often cited as one of the hottest startups in the UK. It’s ability to allow you to see what city the people your social network are going to be in the future is very clever. It also spans both the consumer web and the enterprise. But it remains a little quirky round the edges (perhaps part of its appeal). Today their new Community Design Manager is asking users for feedback on… Read More

  • Some weird Nokia concept confuses me

    I’m all for future conjecture, but this kind of stuff just clouds the issue. Will we have e-paper phones? Sure. Will we use nanotech? Sure. But will we have them soon and will we be using them in the same candybar form factor as this strange video suggests? Probably not. Stuff will get weird in a few years, I don’t doubt it, but I don’t think we’ll be waving apples at… Read More

  • CrunchDeals (waste of money?): Xbox 360 HD DVD for $50

    Looks like the rumor was true. Product Page [Best Buy] Read More

  • iMac, MacBook Pro updates in March (??)

    9to5Mac is positing some pie in the sky stuff about multi-touch trackpads and full iMac/MacBook Pro overhauls. He’s pegging this prediction on the March event coming up and not much else, but it’s nice to dream. If anything happens in March it will be the SDK launch and little else. iMacs to receive processor upgrades along with new Macbook Pros? [9to5mac] Read More

  • Blog Recommendation Startup Outbrain Raises $5 Million

    Funding Monday continues. NY/Israeli startup Outbrain is announcing a $5 million series A financing, led by Gemini Israeli Funds and Lightspeed Venture Partners. GlenRock Israel also put money into the round. The company was founded by Yaron Galai, a co-founder of Quigo (recently sold to AOL for $340 million), and Ori Lahav, previously a technologist at Shopping.com. It raised a $1 million… Read More

  • Biofuel-powered Virgin Atlantic 747 flies from London to Amsterdam

    [photopress:vacoconut.jpg,full,center] A Virgin Atlantic airplane fueled by a coconut and babassu nut biofuel mixture flew from London to Amsterdam at the weekend. It was the first commercial airline to fly on a biofuel mixture, something that Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson said would forever change the way the airline industry operates. Before you run around, telling your friends that… Read More

  • A 3-year-old recaps Star Wars

    My own little Jawa is currently in a stage where he tells all kinds of tall tales, adding and embellishing here and there for effect. This kind of reminds me of him except that this wee bairn actually makes a lot of sense. I suspect she might be brought on to handle continuity for the final three episodes. Read More

  • Sony preps mystery game that will set new standard in 'story-telling and immersion'

    [photopress:ps3topsec.jpg,full,right] Sony showed the BBC a top-secret 2009 PS3 game last week that supposedly will set a whole new standard in “story-telling and immersion.” Reporter Darren Waters, in his dot.life blog, only hints at the game—he promised Sony up and down that he wouldn’t give away any details of the game. Why, then, any of us care is another matter. Read More

  • Future 'RockStar' games to be exclusively on PS3?

    According to a recent article in Play Magazine, your favorite Grand Theft Auto developer might be going PS3-only from here on out. That seems downright silly, but there’s a quote from an article about GTA IV that goes a little something like this… “The game is both PS3 and 360, but Rockstar has suggested that all further game development is going to be PS3 exclusive.” Read More

  • Pingg—Invitations Done Right

    Whenever a niche gets really crowded with startups, you know that something is broken. Online invitations, which has been dominated by Evite for the past decade, is one of those areas where there is literally a dozen services trying to make it better—MyPunchBowl, Amiando, Invitastic, MadeIt, Socializr, iPartee, Renkoo, ImThere, Skobee, Zvents, Zoji, Windows Live Events. Now add Pingg. … Read More

  • Piece o' crap 'Vista-Capable' machine? Sue! Sue! Sue!

    Misleading marketing? Microsoft? Say it ain’t so. If you’re one of the many, many agitated consumers that bought a PC with a “Windows Vista Capable” sticker on it during the 2006 holiday shopping season only to find that it was mostly incapable, you might just be able to join a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft. The PCs in question here would have had XP preloaded… Read More

  • Tiny Pictures Gets A Big Wad of Cash—$7 Million Series B

    Mobile startup Tiny Pictures secured a $7.2 million series B financing from Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Mohr Davidow Ventures, which led the A round, also participated. Previously, the company raised a total of $4 million, including seed investments from Reid Hoffman and Joi Ito. Tiny Pictures operates the mobile photo-sharing service Radar, which lets members comment on each others… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Weirdo Characters Edition

    Emotiv to sell world’s first brain-controller for $299
    Unboxing the Swiss chocolate iPhone
    Microsoft giving away Zunes
    Alternative ratio method in discussion at popular BitTorrent tracker
    Nintendo goes Bapey with Bape designed DS
    Ikea trash-can light tent Read More

  • Fox Said To Be Exploring Termination Of Google Advertising Deal

    Even while parent company News Corp. continues to try to disrupt the Microsoft/Yahoo merger, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is rumored to be in negotiations with Microsoft take Google’s place as the MySpace advertising partner. The Google-FIM deal, first announced in August 2006, obligated Google to make guaranteed minimum revenue share payments to FIM of at least $900 million based on… Read More

  • Bloglines Suffers Major Outage

    RSS reader Bloglines has suffered a major outage over the weekend with the service simply ceasing to update any blogs from just before midnight PST February 24. Threads on the Bloglines forum suggest that the issue is widespread and to date no statement has been issued by Bloglines or IAC/ Ask staff in relation to the issue. A test at 11pm PST shows the most recent stories indexed by Bloglines… Read More

  • Video: Apple Product Evolution from 1976 to 2008

    Fabien Thomas made this little video that I’m sure has been done before. He’s a French Masturbateur Visuel. Yeah, I don’t know. FAN [Fabien Thomas] Read More

  • Take-Two rejects EA's $2 billion

    Earlier this month, EA offered to buy out Take-Two for $25 a share which was rejected and then resulted in an offer of $26 a share earlier this week, which was also rejected. Today, they offered to take over the mid-sized publisher for $2 billion. EA is the number one publisher on the planet, but they’ve been losing a little steam since last year and they’re looking to absorb… Read More

  • Glam Raises $85 million In Equity + Debt Financing Round

    Brisbane, California based Glam Media reported an $85 million round of financing, their fourth, today. We first reported that Glam was looking to raise as much as $200 million in August 2007. More rumors popped up in November 2007. The round was $65 million in cash and $20 million in debt, on top of almost $30 million they raised in three prior rounds. Investors included Hubert Burda Media… Read More

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