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  • Journalist, blogger Russell Shaw dead

    From RussellShaw.net Journalist Russell Shaw died last Friday in a hotel room in San Jose while on assignment. I worked with him very briefly a year ago and know his writing well. He was one of the greats in this industry. We’ll miss Russell Shaw [News.com] Read More

  • StreamSmart will (supposedly) stream satellite radio to several devices

    Meet StreamSmart. Hard info is a little, shall we say, non-existant, but the teaser video (and Orbitcast) suggest that it’s a service that will stream satellite radio to all sorts of portables devices and platforms. There’s iPhone, WiMo, OSX, Windows, Linux, Xbox 360 and others. In visiting its Web site, you’re greeted with a little “Don’t Panic” alien jpg… Read More

  • Yahoo Buzz: Yahoo Reveals Stats From The First Two Weeks

    Yahoo Buzz, a Digg-like service that launched on February 25, is now nearly three weeks old. We asked Yahoo to share some of the data from those first two weeks. The big benefit for publishers is that top Buzz stories are linked from the Yahoo home page, which turns a firehose of traffic onto a story. When those stories hit the home page there’s a good chance that the linked site will have… Read More

  • X Prize for 100 mile per gallon car at NY Auto Show

    The Tango The New York International Auto Show starts later this week, but the best in show may not be something from BMW or Ford. (I hope you laughed at that.) A car contest is being held that’s sponsored by the X Prize Foundation, the same group responsible for that earth-to-the-moon contest. This particular contest aims to spur people to create… Read More

  • Numbrosia – Merit Based News

    There’s some chatter today on Hacker News and Profy about a new site called Numbrosia. Unlike Digg, stories are not ranked via user voting. Instead, users solve math puzzles that get progressively harder. The higher their score, the higher their submitted news items appear. The exact number of points for an item is the recent score divided by the number of submitted links, so it makes… Read More

  • Video: Samsung YP-S3 briefly fawned over

    This video showing off the Samsung YP-S3 has started floating around the Internet, and we’re not not above embedding it here. The brief introduction to the diminutive portable media player tells us a few things. For one, and most troubling to me, personally, is the inclusion of touch-sensitive buttons. Real buttons make better buttons (unless it’s haptic, then never mind this… Read More

  • Possibly: Updated AirPort Express this week with 802.11n

    [photopress:ae8021n.jpg,full,center] We could be looking at an updated AirPort Express this week, one that works with 802.11n. Pictures and a description recently appeared on the Swiss Apple Store, by way of MacGeneration, but have since been removed. The new model, if that is indeed the new model, looks exactly like the previous 802.11b/g-only one. There’s still the built-in USB port… Read More

  • Video Coming To Flickr Soon. Really.

    In mid 2005 I profiled YouTube for the first time. As Steve Rubel noted, the best way to describe it was “like Flickr, but for videos.” At the time few people saw the massive upside for YouTube, which was built completely on freely available Flash technology from Adobe. Flickr seemed like the far more interesting product. Just a few months earlier Flickr had been acquired by Yahoo. Read More

  • A Funny Moment At The Flickr Party Tonight

    I was at Flickr’s fourth birthday party tonight in San Francisco with a few hundred Flickr fans, tech geeks, press and Yahoo/Flickr employees. At some time around 8 pm Dan Farber, the new Editor in Chief of CNET, says, “huh, I just got an email that says, according to [blogger] Robert Scoble, we bought Revision3 for $58 million.” Uh-oh, I thought. I’m in San Francisco… Read More

  • iRiver E100 reviewed: Like a square iPod

    Love me some iRiver, I can tell you that much. They’re the one company, aside from Creative, who knows that consumers want sexy devices for not much money. Case in point: the iRiver E100. The player can hold up to 8GB of music, has a MiniSD card slot, and costs about $215 in stores. Pocketable’s review is pretty damn long but it makes a compelling argument to pick one of these up… Read More

  • Children created in Second Life

    A potential market for AI in Second Life? Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created at 4-year-old boy, Eddie, within Second Life. Eddie runs around and “has beliefs,” according to researchers. As Eddie operates entirely on formal logic and well-defined theorems, reasoning is not automatically fast, Bringsjord said, explaining the need for clever engineering… Read More

  • That's no moon, it's a bunch of weirdos

    Yeah, don’t ask me. via BB Read More

  • iPhone Lego live

    iPhone Lego appears to be ready to rock and from the soundtrack on this video, enjoys a spicy salsa beat. [Thanks, Orli] Read More

  • Setanta Sports no longer offered on ITVN IPTV service: Trouble ahead?

    [photopress:itvnset.jpg,full,center] These are tough times for IPTV service ITVN. The subscription-based service, which offered hundreds of average to above average quality channels (like 600K streams… think really good Internet streaming) to its subscribers, will no longer be offering Setanta Sports starting next month. Setanta Sports, an Irish corp, broadcasts “other”… Read More

  • Nike+Sportsband now official: Like Nike+iPod, just without the iPod

    [photopress:nikesportsband.jpg,full,center] Nike will release a stand-alone device in April that’s similar to the Nike+iPod deal, confirming earlier rumors. Nike has named it the SportsBand and it’ll accomplish all the tasks that Nike+iPod does, like keeping track of distance covered, velocity, etc. It’s not going to replace Nike+iPod outright, as the original rumors… Read More

  • Run Windows apps in Linux in their own windows!

    Virtualbox is a Linux app that lets you run Windows applications in their own windows under almost any version of Linux (they’re using Gutsy Gibbon). The full instructions are over at Lifehacker and it only works with XP, but that shouldn’t stop you from running notepad. Run Windows Apps Seamlessly Inside Linux [Lifehacker] Read More

  • Terabyte HDD roundup finds latest Samsung best all-around

    [photopress:teradome.jpg,full,center] ExtremeTech added two new 1TB hard drives to its terabyte HDD roundup, the Hitachi A7K1000 (around $350) and the Samsung HD103UJ (around $260). No, those numbers mean nothing to me, either. The long and short of it is that the Samsung drive represents the best value of the bunch, coming in at the lowest price of all seven (ET had tested five before these… Read More

  • The sexual revolution will be technologized

    Apparently the history of current sexuality ties directly with the rise of popular consumer technology. Whoda thunk it [Link NSFW]? In his book, America Unzipped, Brian Alexander points out that Americans are not really prudes and that we use Craigslist, toys, and Internet porn more than our holier-than-thou pundits, politicians, and pastors care to admit. One important point: “I think… Read More

  • System alerts you when the milk has gone bad

    [photopress:badmilk.jpg,full,right] Scientists have developed a system that detects whether or not milk has gone sour. The system’s made up of two parts, a small metal ribbon that’s placed inside milk containers and an in-store detector. The detector is actually a magnetic field that causes the ribbon to vibrate. If it vibrates too slowly, then you can bet that the milk has gone… Read More

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