• UK iPhone launche is a madde house

    Meanwhile, back in London, throngs of polite men in bowler hats are mobbing Carphone Warehouse and O2 stores to pick up the latest in Cool Britannia, the iPhone. Look at them all! They’re all very small, actually. Microscopic. Yes, fine. No one is thronging anything out in Blighty. It’s just another day for these blokes. Whereas us morons will line up for a Leopard release, the… Read More

  • Study: Pre-Rolls Suck. (But What's Better?)

    From the Department of Duh: A recent study by IBM, titled “The End of Advertising as We Know It,” found that 40 percent of the 2,400 consumers and 80 advertising executives it surveyed found ads during an online video segment more annoying than any other format. Particularly egregious are pre-roll ads, those 10-to-30 second video spots shown before the actual video, as any Web… Read More

  • Sony brass thinks Blu-ray vs HD DVD is a 'stalemate'

    Howard Stringer (Sony Corp. CEO) says that Blu-ray and HD DVD are in a stalemate. He has to say that, though. I’ve stayed out of the debate since it started because, as a consumer, I don’t care who wins. I care about how much it’s going to cost me versus how much benefit I’ll get out of it. As it stands right now, I wouldn’t buy a Blu-ray player for $450 when… Read More

  • Attack of the Splogs—One Of Our Posts Copied 152 Times Without Attribution

    Here at TechCrunch, there is nothing we love more than when one of our posts gets linked to and talked about. And like the majority of other blogs out there, we try to be good citizens by linking back to any source from which we excerpt. But there is a growing minority of spam blogs, or splogs, that indiscriminately take entire posts from other blogs and present them as their own. For… Read More

  • And the winner of the 2007 smartphone customer satisfaction study is…

    RIM! Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Check out the other categories after the jump. Read More

  • Internet guru: iPhone is 'small, always mobile computer'

    Any News Radio fans out there? Remember the last episode of the first season? It’s called Sweeps Week and it’s the one where Mr. James insists that they interview a “business visionary” named Tom P. Baxter. The interview goes something like this… Read More

  • Startups flex their apps as iPhone launches

    UK startups appear to be getting ready to take advantage of that big wide iPhone screen as the Jesus phone launches today. Local review social network Trusted Places is among the first to take the opportunity to roll out an optimised version of its site for the iPhone at trustedplaces.com/iphone. It makes sense as a strategy since people often want information about a bar or restaurant via… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: No activation fee for LG Voyager

    That’s right, folks. If you’re looking to pre-order the LG Voyager, which you can do now, then you’ll be able to bypass that pesky activation fee. But the deal only lasts through the 12th, so act now and order the Voyager for $299. Product Page [via jkOTR] Read More

  • No mo arigato for Samsung's consumer line in Japan

    Samsung will no longer sell TVs and other similar consumer products in Japan. That seems weird, but it’s true. It’s going to focus solely on business products now, thanks to poor profitability in the retail sector. Last year, Samsung’s retail sales accounted for less than 1% of its total sales in Japan. That’s a lot of noise for a little profit. Samsung Stops Consumer… Read More

  • TechCrunch Sponsors

    Thanks, TechCrunch Sponsors! PageFlakes IDrive OurStage Wild Apricot Opera Text Link Ads Ads-Click Le Web3 And thanks to Media Temple who handles our hosting. Read More

  • Verizon Fashion Show: A circle of Hell or a good time with free mojitos?

    You’re a young model, trying to make it in the city. Maybe Kansas wasn’t the place for you. Maybe your peers didn’t understand you. You liked fashion and acting and you were pretty hot and skinny and you thought “Hey, screw the 1st Baptist Church Christmas pageant. My friend Drew lives in New York, someplace called Williams Burg and he said I could stay with him and maybe… Read More

  • Free XBLA codes [Update 2]

    Listen up, XBLA fanatics. I’ve got codes for Mutant Storm Empire and Word Puzzle. Don’t ask me what the codes do because I have no idea, but I have them and now you, too, can have them. I’m not sure how many people can use the code so let’s shoot for the first five people to e-mail me, peter ha at crunch gear dot com with the subject line “XBLA Rules”… Read More

  • Video rental in iTunes (??)

    strings is a great Linux tool. You run it and it burps up all of the coherent strings of text in a file. Even ran it against the new iTunes and found: rental-content rental-bag rbsync source-rental-info dest-rental-info Which seems to suggest some sort of video rental stuff coming up soon. It could also suggest some sort of vestigial functionality from iTunes 1.1 when Steve, during a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 12" photo frame for $130 after $40 MIR

    Just in time for the holidays, here’s a 12-inch digital photo frame for $130 assuming you remember to send in the $40 rebate form. It’s available for pre-order and will ship out on the 16th of this month (free shipping). Specs include an 800×600 resolution, slideshow function, integrated MP3 player and speakers, remote control, and support for most major digital media cards… Read More

  • iPod Touch update lets you add calendar events

    I’m like Kramer. I keep all my appointments [pointing at brain] right up here. If I did keep a calendar of some type, maybe I could use the one on my iPod Touch. Good to know that, thanks to the new 1.1.2 firmware update, I can now add events to the aforementioned calendar instead of just staring at events that were added from my computer. I’ve tried it in real life on a… Read More

  • Sprint to Clearwire: 'Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville. Population, You.'

    Sprint is supposed to roll out its WiMax network in Chicago and Washington, DC by the end of the year and it says it’ll still do that despite news today that it met for dinner with Clearwire, said “it’s not you, it’s me,” and split. Read More

  • GBTV #0256 | GeekBrief.TV

    I love gadget news, but gadget reviews…not so much. With the news, I get to talk about what’s exciting to me in the world of tech and consumer electronics. With reviews, I get a product shipped to the G.I.A. HQ where we unbox it with the sad knowledge that we’ll be re-boxing it and sending it back. I tend to only review stuff I like enough to buy, but on this Brief I make… Read More

  • Microsoft delays Surface technology

    Microsoft had hoped to get its Surface technology up and running by the end of the year. It’s now not going to be ready until Spring of 2008, which doesn’t surprise me a bit. This has been happening a lot lately. Before you ask me if and why I hate Microsoft so much, let me tell you that I’m typing this using Microsoft software on a Windows Vista computer. I’m not a… Read More

  • Movie Rentals Are Baked Into the Latest Version of iTunes.

    Look inside the code of the latest version of iTunes (version 7.5), and you will find eight lines that speak volumes about Apple’s next move in video. Movie rentals and video-on-demand, it appears, are now baked into iTunes, just waiting to be turned on. When Evan DiBiase bothered to look at the code of the new version of iTunes and compare it to the last version, these eight lines… Read More

  • YouTube unwraps multiple file uploader, 1GB size limit

    Ah, that’s nice. YouTube users will now be able to download and install software that allows them the ability to upload multiple files at once — Windows-based YouTube users, that is (Mac version coming soon) — but more importantly in my eyes is the new video file size limitation. It’s gone from 100MB to 1GB. The length of your videos is still capped at 10 minutes but… Read More

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