• 1-800-FREE411 Sells Out Half Its Ad Inventory For the Year, Growth Steadies.

    What’s not to love about free 411 calls? Jingle Networks, which operates 1-800-FREE411, says it has sold out its entire inventory of sponsorship ads for 2008. These are ten-second audio spots that you listen to before you get your free directory assistance from national sponsors like AMC Theaters, Earthlink, Cablevision, McDonald’s, Miller Brewing, and Nationwide. Jingle has… Read More

  • KickApps Wades into Ning Territory with Version 3.0

    KickApps is implementing a lot of new features and capabilities with its newest release, version 3.0, which debuts today. For a complete list of the improvements, you can check out the company’s official release (see the summary in the second half). The upgrades are largely divided between those that appeal to advanced publishers and those that appeal to novice consumers. The API… Read More

  • MacBook Air: Some minor issues

    So it’s thin and it’s shipping, but is it really that great? AppleInsider has taken a closer look at the trade-offs Apple had to make to get this thing running and found that a few of the important troubleshooting steps — namely Apple Hardware Test and SMC updates — are controlled from key combinations rather than via CD or DVD. They also found that Boot Camp requires… Read More

  • To Boldly Moan: Star Trek Orgasms (NSFW)

    This video clip needs very little introduction, as it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Might not be safe for work, so proceed at your own risk. Star Trek Orgasms [Double Viking] Read More

  • Lenovo sells off mobile unit that nobody knew existed

    Well how do you like that? Lenovo has cell phones — another reminder that the United States isn’t the only country in the universe (or world, for that matter). Lenovo had cell phones, I should say, as its recently announced that it’ll sell off the mobile phone unit for $100 million in order to concentrate on computers. Good for you, Lenovo. It’s hard enough having a… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay Makes $4 Million a Year on Illegal P2P File-Sharing, Says Prosecutor

    When it comes to peer-to-peer file-sharing, as soon as one site is shut down, another takes its place. The current darling of the P2P world is the Pirate Bay, a search engine for BitTorrent files across the Web. It doesn’t actually host any of the files, but that is not stopping Swedish prosecutors from dragging them into court on behalf of Warner Bros., Colombia Pictures, 20th… Read More

  • Widgetbox Secures $8M More in Series B Funding

    Widgetbox, a platform for the creation and distribution of web widgets, has raised $8M in a Series B round of financing led by Northgate Capital and joined by Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad. The company provides tools for both novice and advanced developers to create a variety of widgets, from simple embeddable RSS feed readers (called “blidgets”) to full social network… Read More

  • North Korea to build new Mobile Network for the Masses

    Stalinist North Korea has contracted with the Egyptian company Orascom Telecom to provide mobile phone service in the communist country. North Korea began mobile service in November 2002 but within 18 months banned the service for ordinary citizens and recalled handsets. It is believed the network is still available for government officials. The deal will give Orascom Telecom a 25-year… Read More

  • Amazon Strengthens Its Digital Hand With $300 Million Purchase of Audible

    Amazon is betting big on digital media. This morning it announced the $300 million acquisition of Audible (a 7 percent premium to Audible’s $280 million market cap at the time of this writing). Audible is the leading provider of audio books in digital form, with a library of 80,000 titles. As Amazon begins to generate a greater share of its revenues from digital media, owning a… Read More

  • Comstar to Build WiMax Network in Armenia

    Comstar UTS, a Russian land-line operator, announced today that it has started building a mobile broadband network using WiMax technology in Armenia. Comstar will buy base station equipment from Airspan Networks. “We intend to launch the network this year and, therefore, become the first and the largest wireless broadband Internet operator in Armenia,” Comstar’s president… Read More

  • Jangl Powering Anonymous Phone Sex On PlentyOfFish

    When it comes to connecting with new friends safely and privately, Jangl fits the bill. The “Social Communications Widget” lets you make calls, send SMSs, and leave voice mails without exposing anyone’s phone number through a simple widget. In contrast to their competitor, Jaxtr, they’ve been mainly spreading through a series of direct deals with social networking… Read More

  • Meebo Turns Chat Rooms Into A Web Service

    Today, Web-based IM and chat room provider Meebo is releasing full-fledged APIs for its Meebo Rooms that will allow Websites to embed chat functionality in an automated fashion. Currently, Meebo Rooms can be embedded on sites or blogs manually by pasting in the appropriate code, which has already led to a proliferation of such widgets. There are more than 200,000 Meebo Rooms, attracting… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Swamp Thing Pizza Edition

    These guys should make the Dragon Ball Z movie
    Domino’s pursues type-A, control freak demographic
    Free Alan Moore Swamp Thing PDF: One more thing to allow
    Razer/THX Mako Advanced 2.1 desktop speaker unboxing
    Breaking: Garmin goes feet-first into cellphone business with flagship Nuviphone Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Super Smash Bros.: Umm… OK? Jon You’re acting like you’ve never seen a fox fighting a lizard before? Read More

  • Eons: Now You Just Have To FEEL Old To Join

    When Jeff Taylor launched old-people social network Eons in August 2006, he couldn’t use the site. That’s because the minimum age was 50, and he was just 45. That was the first warning sign that this thing was headed to the deadpool. Our initial review of the site was a thumbs down. Not only is it ridiculous that the founder and visionary for the service couldn’t actually use… Read More

  • Redfin Continues To Shrink The Real Estate Market

    Venture capitalist Josh Kopelman has stated that he likes startups that shrink markets – “We love investing in technologies and business models that are able to shrink existing markets. If your company can take $5 of revenue from a competitor for every $1 you earn – let’s talk!” And while he isn’t an investor in Seattle-based real estate startup Redfin… Read More

  • Google, Facebook Battle For Computer Science Grads. Salaries Soar.

    Google and Facebook are fighting hard to hire this years crop of computer science graduates, we’ve heard, and ground zero is Stanford. Most of the class of 2008 already have job offers even though graduation is months away. Last year, salaries of up to $70,000 were common for the best students. This year, Facebook is said to be offering $92,000, and Google has increased some offers… Read More

  • GlobalScholar Raises $27 Million B Round To Tackle Online Education

    Seattle-based GlobalScholar is announcing today a $27 million B Round from existing investors Ignition Partners and Knowledge Universe Education. This is on top of a previously undisclosed $15.5 million A Round the company raised early last year. Board members include Ignition’s Brad Silverberg and former Drugstore.com CEO Peter Neupert. In conjunction with the investment round… Read More

  • JibJab Has Our Number

    http://llnw.jibjab.com/content/player.swf JibJab has obviously figured out that pasting our pictures onto a video is a sure fire way to get a link from us. Here’s the latest, although I still like Gizmoz’s effort a lot more. Nice to see Om Malik doing the moves so soon after his hospital visit. :-) CrunchBase Information JibJab Gizmoz Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Breaking: Garmin goes feet-first into cellphone business with flagship Nuviphone

    [photopress:Garmin_Nuvi_phone.jpg,full,center] Our NYC writers are at a mystery event sponsored by Garmin, and they’ve sent me something hot. Garmin’s getting into the mobile phone business, and they’re getting in hard. What you see above is the first image of the new Garmin Nuviphone, a touchscreen, 3.5G, GSM phone that’s packed — packed — with features… Read More

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