• Bear Stearns: Yahoo Must Form A Social Networking Strategy

    There is a bit of buzz around the presentation Bear Stearns Internet analyst Robert Peck gave a couple of days ago. It recommends a broad strategy for Yahoo to get their act together in the social networking space, and recommends a near term acquisition of one of the big players. I’ve embedded the full presentation below. It is a broad overview of social networking in general, which… Read More

  • Staple Design Turns 10, Special Edition Zune Appears

    Lupe Fiasco Staple Design celebrated their 10th birthday last night in NYC at The XChange and CrunchGear was there to soak it all up. If you’re unfamiliar with Staple Designs then I’ll give you the quick and dirty. Designer Jeff Ng accidentally started Staple Clothing in ’97 when he and a friend would sneak into the silk screening lab at Parsons School of Design and print up… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 No Longer Part Of Take Two's Release Schedule

    Last we heard of Manhunt 2, the game was effectively banned for sale in the UK and given an AO rating here. But did anyone expect Take Two, the game’s publisher, to throw in the towel so easily, and so quickly? IGN noticed that the game has completely fallen off Take Two’s release schedule, all the way into fiscal 2008. Extrapolating a little, we can assume that Take Two has… Read More

  • Girl Charged With Piracy Over Brief Transformers Taping

    Jhannet Sejas is a struggling immigrant trying to put herself through college (we’ve all been there, not the struggling immigrant part, but the whole college thing) and to celebrate her 19th birthday she caught a showing of Transformers with her boyfriend. Now she faces up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine for filming 20 seconds of the coolest movie ever made. The pimply-faced… Read More

  • Fisher Price Easy Internet Launch Pad: Get Your Kid Addicted To The Internet At An Early Age

    The first time I used the Internet was Christmas 1996, two months shy of my 11th birthday. Nowadays kids are checking their Facebook accounts right after escaping the womb. Sensing a “new and burgeoning” market, Fisher has come out with the Easy Internet Launch Pad. Essentially a kids toy, the device lets soon-to-be Internet addicts view Web pages of familiar characters like Elmo. Read More

  • Reconfirmation: Flickr To Add Video

    In May Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield casually mentioned to me that they would be allowing users to upload video “soon” (see last sentence in this post). Yesterday Yahoo Video GM Mike Folgner reconfirmed this: “Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing site will also be adding video,” he said. It was another throw away statement that was part of a larger article on… Read More

  • Trailer For The Upcoming Season of Futurama

    This video clip really no introduction. We told you about Futurama making a comeback in 2008 and now the trailer that was shown at ComiCon has been leaked to the Interwebs. Watch and enjoy. You deserve it after a long, hard week. Read More

  • First TechStars Company Launches: MadKast

    The first batch of Techstars (a Y Combinator like incubator) startups are launching. MadKast is the first out the door. They’ve made a dead simple way to increase distribution for your blog with one line of javascript or one click for Blogger and TypePad. With the widget, you can easily let visitors share your entire blog posts via email, mobile MMS, or through any of the social… Read More

  • Nokia N800 Gets Kinetic Scrolling

    Kenneth Christiansen has gone and done it. Done what? He’s given N800 owners one more piece of code to give their Internet tablets an iPhone-like feature, kinetic scrolling. This has nothing to do with envy or iPhone fanboyism. The iPhone has finally given developers and manufacturers the kick in the pants they’ve needed to create some worthwhile apps and hardware (this… Read More

  • Rush to Get Chris Tucker Mouth Off

    Time to “rush” out and get Chris Tucker mouthing off, as only Chris Tucker can of course. In anticipation of the August 10 release of Rush Hour 3, PlayPhone.com is releasing “truetone” ringers that are recorded lines form the movie. These are available now for download for nearly all U.S. mobile handsets. And if that’s not enough for you Chris Tucker fans, you… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Bluetooth To Bite Less

    Next year, portable wireless audio is finally going to stop sucking. With the advent of the next generation of Bluetooth and improvements in miniaturization techniques, not to mention ever-increasing efficiency in power consumption, we’re going to see some pretty hot ear candy in ’08. Finally, Bluetooth audio will relinquish its crown as the world’s most annoying sound to… Read More

  • Buxfer Adds Payments; Now Perfect For Settling Your Bar Tab

    Social payment service Buxfer has added peer to peer payments to its money management system. The payment system is supported through Amazon’s new Flexible Payments web service we reported on earlier. Buxfer is one of the first companies on the service’s private beta along with Jungle Disk, Freshbooks, and Beetlabs. Buxfer will be footing the bill for the 1-2% transaction fees till… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Acer 22-inch LCD For $199 (Today Only)

    Today only, Staples.com has a 22-inch Widescreen Acer monitor for $199 after $30 instant rebate. It’s got a 1680×1050 resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness, a 5ms response time, a 3-year warranty, and DVI/VGA connections. Not too shabby for under $200. Today only. Acer AL2216Wsd 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor [Staples.com] Read More

  • Creative Zen Plus V Now At 16GB: Ye Snooze, Ye Lose, Apple

    Creative beat Apple in the race to release a 16GB flash DAP, if such a race actually existed. The Zen Plus V, already a fine player according to Hickey’s analysis, has seen its capacity double and can now tease the iPod nano until its voice is sore (go to 4:43 in the video to understand the allusion). Hate to rain on your 16GB flash DAP parade, but, right now, this Zen Plus V looks to… Read More

  • Timex iPod-Controlling Ironman iControl Watch Review

    I got my grubby hands on a brand new Timex Ironman iControl watch today. Like most watches, it tells you the time. Unlike most watches, it allows you to remotely control your iPod. To get that done, you’ve got to plug in a little dongle into the iPod which connects with the watch via low-frequency radio waves. Click the jump to see full pics and review. Read More

  • Motorola Zante Pics Surface

    Do you remember the episode of The Simpsons where Moe opens up ‘Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag’? The impending release of the Motorola Zante aka Sidekick Slide gives me the same false impression of reality. Moe is still an old crotchety man regardless of the revamped restaurant and gimmick. No offense to Motorola, but they’re a year and a half too late to this party. I sort… Read More

  • Playaway All-In-One Audiobook Review

    No matter how cheap digital audio players have gotten, the idea of selling a disposable one-time-use one would still make most consumers shrug with ambivalence. After all, the great thing about a DAP is its flexibility–you load up what you want, when you want. You are’t a slave to album track orders, and loading up new music is astonishingly easy. So what could Playaway possibly… Read More

  • Nissan's Drunk Driving Prevention System

    Drunk driving—drink driving in the UK, I believe—was responsible for nearly 18,000 traffic deaths in the U.S. last year, according to MADD. So, if you can’t get people to cooperate, get the car to. Nissan has developed an in-car system that detects if a driver is intoxicated. If the system detects that you’re sloshed, the car refuses to start. Checks include: A… Read More

  • Rockstar Plays Scrooge: Grand Theft Auto IV Delayed Till Spring

    Don’t blame the heads of Sony and Microsoft’s game divisions for wanting to sleep in today; they just learned that Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed until next spring, throwing off their respective holiday lineups. Take Two, the game’s publisher, which had the final say in the matter vis-à-vis Rockstar, delayed the game for “additional development time required… Read More

  • IDC: Mobile Phones Shipments Are Slowing

    This happens with just about every type of consumer electronics products: sales start out brisk, pick up as demand increases and then slow as the market saturates. Of course some companies probably never expect the gravy train to stop running, but it always does. So it comes as no surprise that mobile phone sales are starting to slow a bit. Research firm IDC is reporting this week that… Read More

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