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    10 Days of CrunchGear: Timing in Tokyo

    Want to turn Japanese? How about an S-Mode Oberon IPB or Tokyoflash Infection from Tokyoflash. We’ve got one of each, so two winners total. S-Mode Oberon IPB -Breaking through the atmosphere with the same velocity as its predecessor Titan, this high quality time piece has a radiance that can be seen from another cosmos.  The S-Mode series brings you a stunning wrist wear design featuring… Read More

  • Remote Wake coming to Intel motherboards

    You know Wake-on-LAN? Great tool for IT, but not for the general public. Enter Remote Wake from Intel. This feature takes WOL and ups the ante by allowing VoIP and media server programs to activate a sleeping computer. So if you have a Skype call from your buddy in Amsterdam while you and your computer is sleeping, the ‘puter will turn on and then wake you from your own slumber. Also… Read More

  • The Samsung Eco E200 – it's (kinda) made of corn!

    Fine – it’s made of bioplastic, which is derived from corn. Same thing, right? Plus, it’s better than the other title I was considering: “The Samsung Eco E200 – it’s corny!” While the definition of bioplastic varies widely depending on who you’re talking to, the important part is that it’s a material made (at least partially) of some sort… Read More

  • Psystar 'Definitely still shipping' Mac clones

    Despite Apple’s end user licensing agreement expressly forbidding the installation or sales of its operating systems on third-party hardware, Psystar is ‘still shipping‘ the computers. And don’t forget they now come with a restore disk. via Information Week Read More

  • Intel re-brands Centrino Atom to just Atom

    Intel is re-branding their Centrino Atom line, shortening the name to simply Atom. By making the brand name less confusing, Intel should be able to more specifically differentiate Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) from more traditional laptops that are associated with the Centrino name. The Centrino Atom chip package was unveiled earlier this year. Formerly codenamed “Menlow”, the… Read More

  • Flixwagon Matches Qik With 3G iPhone Service, Apple Still MIA

    Hot on the heels of its competitor Qik, mobile video service Flixwagon has released an application for the iPhone 3G that allows users to stream live video from their cell phones. Qik released a similar application for the iPhone 3G yesterday. Unfortunately, like the Qik app, this will only work on jailbroken (hacked) iPhones, which severely limits the potential user base. Here are the… Read More

  • Netflix having shipping issues

    Email sent out to all 8.4 million Netflix subscribers today. Jim Goldman, CNBC, dug a little deeper and found out that Netflix is having, having severe system issues on our shipping Accroding to his Netflix source, the company didn’t ship any DVDs on Tuesday, only a few Wednesday, and none so far today. We’ll pass on the latest news as soon as we get it. No Dark Crystal for… Read More

  • MacBook Air getting new proc, HDD, battery

    Come September, we’re expecting a whole bushel of Apple improvements. I’m looking forward to a completely new MacBook Pro for use with Snow Leopard, but those of you more concerned with form than function will be happy to hear that the MacBook Air will be getting spec’ed up too. It’s been reported that the new line of Airs will sport 120GB/160GB optional HDDs, a… Read More

  • Snap2Face Facebook client released for Windows Mobile

    When Snap2Face first poked its head into the Facebook game, its only purpose was to allow Facebook users to upload photos to their account. Then came Macrospecs’ FriendMobilizer, which offered the remaining chunk of the Facebook experience: notifications, status messages, wall and inbox messaging – but no photo uploads. Not to be outdone, Snap2Face has gone and more or less… Read More

  • Polo Ralph Lauren to launch 'shop by cell phone' in US – What?!?

    Image source: Cellular-news Picture it now. A Ralph Lauren boardroom full of green MBAs, ripe in their late twenties, tweeting away on their iPhones. Suddenly, one of the suits light bulb pops on: “Gentleman, we need to embrace the online marketplace and provide our customers innovative shopping solutions.” (Those playing the corporate drinking game can now take three… Read More

  • Microsoft Turns Super Awesome TouchWall Into Super Snoozy PowerPoint Plugin

    Remember TouchWall, the experimental Microsoft touch interface operating system we wrote about in May (here’s me playing with it)? We’ve been trying to get Microsoft to send us a copy of the operating system so that we could build a touch interface computer the size of a wall, but they have yet to agree. Today they say the technology is still years off in terms of development. But… Read More

  • ‘Simplify Media’ free for the first 100,000 downloads

    This should help with those of you who feel that your iPhone or iPod Touch doesn’t have enough storage space. Now a legit App Store program (used to be Jailbreak-only), Simplify Media allows you to stream all of the songs in your iTunes collection over Wi-Fi or cellular connections. Plus, you can add up to 30 friends and listen to all their music too. The program is free for the… Read More

  • Pioco Experiments with Bluetooth Mobile Advertising

    In China new methods of advertising have been turning up everywhere, and Bluetooth media company Pioco has made mobile devices the newest outlet. The Shanghai based company has set up “hotspots” in hotels, shopping malls, and other commercial areas around the city where people can receive advertisements through their mobile device’s Bluetooth connection. About a week ago… Read More

  • Know the temperature inside and out (of the house)

    The USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer from Brando lets you record the temperature with your computer. Then, if you are so inclined to do, you can paste the results into Word or Excel. Temperature can be captured from every second to 12 hours. I’m not sure who would benefit from such a detail-oriented thermometer. Amateur meteorologists, I suppose. Then again, anybody who is so inclined… Read More

  • NBC equipped with 500 terabytes for '08 Olympic Games

    There is a nausiating amount of ’08 Olympic video coverage this year, and all we really want to watch is a little Table Tennis. There is so much video recording that for every 24 hour day, there is 212 hours being recorded onto massive media servers. Seagate hooked NBC up with 20 Omneon MediaDeck servers that hold a total of 500,000 gigabytes, or 500 terabytes, for the task. Plus, while… Read More

  • Twitter Is Down… The Street

    Office Snapshots has posted a picture of the clever sign hanging on the door of Twitter’s old office. The sign was posted by the office’s current inhabitants, customer service startup Get Satisfaction. Twitter switched offices in early July, and the move seems to have done them well. Since then the service has been unusually stable, with relatively few periods of downtime… Read More

  • Congratulations to our Day 3 winners

    $100 Handango Gift Card – Denny
    2TB Drive – Jeff
    Sidekick – Lemhaj
    Kippahs – Tdburn
    Mr. W
    slevy Read More

  • Gigabyte M528 available for $684.99

    Here’s the Gigabyte M528, reported earlier in the year to be available for pre-order at a whopping $1130. Looks like that figure has now been cut almost in half and the device is actually available for order at Expansys for $684.99, although it’s “not a stocked item and will be ordered from the distributor when you place an order.” As for the M528 itself, it’s kind… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile/Helio merger starts wrapping up

    As part of the $39 million dollar merger agreement between Virgin Mobile USA and Helio back in June, Helio is contractually obligated to cut down their costs by around 70 percent. According to Virgin Mobile USA’s CEO, Dan Schulman, such reductions are already well underway. During last night’s VMUSA Q2 2008 earnings conference call, he announced that over two-thirds of the staff… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Get thee to the Wii-ery

    Next up on our 10 Days of CrunchGear giveaway, we offer Wii and PS3 players some rechargeable super devices from Nyko. We’ve got two Nyko Charge Stations for the Wii and two Nyko Charge Base 2s for the PS3. Nyko Charge Station – Easily charge and store your Wii Remotes™ with Nyko’s Charge Station for Wii™. The Charge Station includes 2 NiMH batteries, exclusively… Read More

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