• Ocean glider powers itself with water's heat, maps the boring parts of the Caribbean

    This little robot has been cruising the Caribbean for two months now, mapping out currents, temperatures, and other subaquatic trivia. It’s at least partially powered by ocean temperature gradients — the details are at the bottom of the article, I don’t entirely understand it but it sounds cool. It’s doing a boring but essential job and I think they should put a bunch… Read More

  • Abandoned anchor responsible for damaged Middle East Internet cables

    [photopress:goneundersea.jpg,full,right] Not quite sharks with lasers attached to their heads. ’twas an abaonded anchor that cut all those Middle East undersea Internet cables. The 5.5 ton (!) anchor is owned by one of the companies (FLAG Telecom) whose cables were cut. No one knows exactly how the anchor cut the cables—have you seen how complicated those things are?—but FLAG… Read More

  • GTAIV's new website just went live

    And if the game is anything like the site, I’m an excited boy. GTAIV’s site [Rockstar] Read More

  • Lego robot authenticators to seize control of ATMs worldwide

    Some researcher types thought it would be a good idea to beef up ATM security, and they apparently also thought that big rainbow-colored buttons and a secret trackball signal were the most usable solution. It’s kind of 50’s future-chic, like a navigation system for a poorly designed UFO. Plus it’s legos on the inside. They say it works and that it’s more secure than a… Read More

  • Fast Company Goes Social

    Today, Fast Company relaunched its Website as a business social network, putting blog posts, comments, and questions from its readers front and center. Readers are now are encouraged to sign up, create a profile, and “join the business conversation.” Over the past few years, the print version of Fast Company has been brought back from near-death (thanks largely to the efforts of… Read More

  • Reusable swallowable camera pills come cheap these days

    Researchers at the University of Washington (where I am kind of an alumnus, go Huskies) have devised an alternative to using a bulky endoscope to look inside a patient’s tracts. They’d use this pill-camera, about the size of a big almond, attached to a thin string, which a patient can easily swallow and regurgitate without too much discomfort. Plus, it only costs $300, which means… Read More

  • SanDisk's Ultra II SDHC cards to do USB

    [photopress:ultra_ii_8gb_sdhc_plus_card.jpg,full,right]SanDisk is cutting the cord with the forthcoming Ultra II SDHC cards, with capacities up to 8GB. The card folds in half, turning it into a USB drive, so you don’t have to tote a card reader around with you at all times. Neat! They hit the shelves later this month for less than $100 for 8GB, and $80 for 4GB. Read More

  • Comcast alters its TOS, traffic 'shaping' now acknlowedged

    [photopress:comcasttos.jpg,full,center] Comcast, America’s most beloved ISP, has reacted to an FCC investigation into its alleged traffic shaping by updating its terms of service for the first time in two years. The new TOS says it “uses reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards” to prevent “spam, viruses, security attacks… Read More

  • NetFront browser for Windows Mobile lands

    [photopress:netfront_pocketpc.gif,full,right]Access, the owners of the Palm OS, are apparently porting the 3.5 version of the NetFront browser to Windows Mobile. NetFront is the basis of Palm’s Blazer browser, a perfectly workable way to get on the Web. It’s better than Pocket Internet Explorer, so WinMo users might want to consider the option. Access Offers NetFront Browser… Read More

  • Europe getting Centro on February 14

    [photopress:gallery1_sprint_black.jpg,full,center] Europe, Palm’s got a Valentine’s day gift for you. It’s a Centro! The GSM-flavored device will be available from unknown carriers on the 14. Specs are just like the Sprint version we have here, so it’ll be inexpensive and easy to use, as well as quite popular. Centro [Euro Palm] Read More

  • AMD-based computers departing from Dell.com

    [photopress:dell_amd_1.gif,full,left]Ah, it seems like just yesterday AMD and Dell were in some sort of honeymoon phase, finally together after years of teasing and blushing and double entendres. But things are not rosy in paradise, it seems, as there are rumors buzzing around the country club that Dell will shortly call it off. At least online. Those wanting an AMD machine will have to suffer… Read More

  • IBM reduces Cell processor's power consumption, PS3 to benefit

    [photopress:cellpp.jpg,full,center] An international solid state circuit conference, which sounds super fun, has been going on this past week. One thing that we should care about is IBM’s announcement that it has figured out a way to shrink the Cell processor that’s used in the PS3, cutting its power consumption in half (or just about). Following the imaginary flow chart, less… Read More

  • Attention Star Wars fans

    It’ll be way cooler than this. Doug and I will have a special treat for you folks this weekend, so be sure to stick around. And no, I won’t be dressing up as Leia nor will Doug be dressed up as Jabba made from Play-doh, even though I know that’s what you guys want. Despite dashing your dreams, you will want to stop by over the weekend. Trust me. Read More

  • Review: Aliph's Jawbone

    Despite Aliph’s insensitive viral videos circulating the Web nowadays, the Jawbone is a great Bluetooth headset. Yeah, I know I poke fun at you Bluetooth headset wearing funny guys, but when something works and works well, you can’t deny it or make fun of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to make fun of those that wear it in inappropriate places, but that’s… Read More

  • Softbank, Rustic Canyon Put $3.5 million Into DanceJam

    http://v1.tinypic.com/player.swf?file=6b9gyls&s=1 Put new startup DanceJam, a “YouTube for dance videos” down for another $3.5 million, bringing their total to $4.5 million raised. They’ve closed a Series B round of financing from Softbank Capital, Rustic Canyon Partners and a number of new angel investors. Note that I am an investor in this startup. The company, founded… Read More

  • A mouse and gamepad combo? A thousand times YES

      The Evergreen Navigator 365 deserves a spot in my laptop bag but, like all good things, is currently only available in Japan. It costs around $30 or so if you’re in the area and with a little luck, some hard work, and some perseverance, might just make it stateside some day so kids like me can buy it without the 14-hour plane ride. Evergreen Laser mouse cum Game pad… Read More

  • Alltop Thinks My Boss Has a Big Ego

    Guy Kawasaki has just launched a news aggregation site called Alltop that displays headlines from a preselected set of “top” sources. The headlines are broken into categories such as celebrities, gaming, and politics. Which category displays headlines from our very own Michael Arrington’s personal blog CrunchNotes? Egos. Now all of us around the office already knew Mike had… Read More

  • Web Mission launched to showcase UK startups in Silicon Valley

    TechCrunch UK is a media partner in a new initiative to create connections between Silicon Valley in the US, world famous as a crucible of technology innovation, and UK startups, as well as to showcase what the UK has to offer. I’m delighted to support this initiative. Another successful project, Paddys Valley, was created by and for Irish startups in December last year to introduce… Read More

  • Alarm clock with color-coded weather forecasts perfect for people who leave the house once in a while

    Looking to impress your dinner guests but can’t afford a Chumby? Why not show them you sorta mean business with this colorful weather forecasting alarm clock? If the display is red or orange, better pack your speedo because it’s gonna be a bright, sunshiney day. Pink or turquoise and you’ve got some clouds in your future. Purple or green means rain or snow, respectively. It… Read More

  • New CrunchBoard Up and Running

    We’re pleased to announce that we have launched a new version of CrunchBoard powered by Personforce. There are already several new positions posted by highly visible Web 2.0 companies. Digg has posted listings for VP of Business Development and Business Development Manager. JibJab is looking for a Ruby on Rails Software Engineer, a Web Designer, and a Senior Systems Administrator. And… Read More

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