• Samsung SGH-F500: Damn That's Hot

    Yesterday at the ITU Telecom 2006 show in Hong Kong Samsung showed off the SGH-F500, or Ultra Video, as the first handset to have native support for DivX. Yep, it’s a freakin’ phone. Pretty unlikely it’ll show up in the states anytime soon or ever, and we don’t usually report on such things, but it’s such a crazy design I wanted to make sure you all got a good look at… Read More

  • Give Me HD DVD or Death

    Give Me HD DVD or Death

    I’m extremely skeptical about grassroots organizations pushing one standard over another, especially when they’re adamant about it and want to start a petition, but whatever. Let’s put the Internet hive mind to the test and take a close look at HDNowOnline, led by Edward Downer. Essentially Eddie wants HD DVD to win and is posting petitions all over the place to get folks like… Read More

  • Big PS3 Firmware Update Coming in… March?

    Big PS3 Firmware Update Coming in… March?

    Sony Europe VP Paul Holman, said to Australian website Smarthouse that the PlayStation 3 European launch will be accompanied by a major firmware update. Holman said that the update will include new features and gaming capabilities. No word on what the features will be, but hopefully major issues such a resolution errors and playback of PSOne and PS2 titles will be resolved long before then. Read More

  • Toshiba Hits 100GB Mark With 1.8-Inch Hard Drives

    OK, raise your hand if you’d like more storage in your mobile devices e.g. your MP3 player, PMP, PDA (you’re still using a PDA?), UMPC (if you’re one of the five people that bought one) or your ultra-mobile laptop. Well thank goodness there are companies like Toshiba out there increasing the storage capacity of 1.8-inch hard disk drives to 100GB. Based on perpendicular magnetic… Read More

  • Halo 3 Teaser Commercial

    This aired last night and wow does it look cool. Master Chief with no helmet and reminiscing about the past. Him using a new shield before jumping into a throng of baddies to commit all sorts of badassery. Kind of gives me chills down my spine. I want this now. Edit: Well we can’t seem to post this video directly on the site because it makes wordpress want to explode, but you can view it… Read More

  • Microsoft Trying To Get Windows On OLPC

    Microsoft Trying To Get Windows On OLPC

    The boys in Redmond got sent a few OLPC test models recently and are trying to get Windows up and running on them. Though the article points out that “the OLPC has 512MB of flash memory and Windows XP requires 1.5GB minimum”, Microsoft may not be trying to get Windows XP on the OLPC. Microsoft has multiple OS solutions for all sorts of devices on the market and I doubt they’ll… Read More

  • Use MS Office On A Mac? You’re About To Get Screwed

    Use MS Office On A Mac? You’re About To Get Screwed

    As you may or may not know, Microsoft has launched Office 2007. The suite is a vast improvement over previous versions and now uses new file formats for when you save a Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), or Powerpoint (.pptx) document. Dubbed “Microsoft Office Open XML Formats”, these new file types don’t seem to be working in Mac OS X. Trying to open a document in Word 2004 for OS X… Read More

  • Zune Drops To 5th Place, Hangs Out With Mickey

    Zune Drops To 5th Place, Hangs Out With Mickey

    Looks like Microsoft’s Zune isn’t doing too well right now. In only the 2nd week of sales, the player has dropped from 2nd place to 5th place in terms of market share. Kind of sad. NYC marketing firm NPD says that Microsoft had 2.1% of the market share for the week of November 25th. The Zune is selling and isn’t what you’d call a total bomb or anything like that, but… Read More

  • How to Download TiVo Content to Macs

    How to Download TiVo Content to Macs

    Get Boot Camp! Ha! No, seriously, folks, Dave Zatz has posted a detailed DIY on how to pull TiVo off of your machine and onto your Smackintosh. You basically begin by downloading video through TiVo’s web interface – found at https://%5Byour-tivo's-ip-address%5D – and then coverting it and viewing it with Mplayer. First, however, you have to download and compile/install… Read More

  • Napster Dude Working On WoW Social Networking Site

    Napster Dude Working On WoW Social Networking Site

    Back when pirating music was in vogue, a guy named Shawn Fanning made a little program called Napster. It enabled P2P file sharing and piracy to skyrocket in less than a year. So after Shawn sold Napster, got some cash, and got sued, he apparently sat down and got really into this game you may have heard of: World of Warcraft. Fanning is now working on a social networking site called Rupture… Read More

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  • Nokia 6086 Approved By FCC

    Nokia 6086 Approved By FCC

    A week or so ago, we told you about that Nokia 6086 cellphone with UMA and quad-band GSM. Originally, it was slated for a European release in early 2007. Now the 6086 has been approved by the FCC and will be heading stateside relatively soon. Apparently, T-Mobile will be getting the phone first and will offer it for around $200 sometime in 2007. Also, though the phone has UMA and the ability to… Read More

  • SimplyHeadlines Is About Five Years Too Late

    SimplyHeadlines Is About Five Years Too Late

    A company called SimplyHeadlines launched today, calling itself a news service “for the extremely busy.” It is a customizable news summary delivered to your email with headlines and summary blurbs only. SimplyHeadlines features news from thousands of online news sources such as The New York Times, iVillage, Men’s Health, Bloomberg, and BBC, but it also allows users to order up… Read More

  • Calacanis Takes Position at Sequoia Capital

    Calacanis Takes Position at Sequoia Capital

    Today at 7 am PST at the SES conference in Chicago, Weblogs Inc. founder Jason Calacanis will announce that he has joined Sequoia Capital as an EIA (Entrepreneur in Action). This comes just two and a half weeks after Jason announced his departure from AOL. The role will be similar to what’s normally called an “Entrepreneur in Residence” – Jason will take a salary, help… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Best of 2006

    CrunchGear's Best of 2006

    CrunchGear’s editors searched far and wide for the best gadgets of 2006. We’ve included devices from our own pages and some things we picked up over the year that made us smile. Read on for everything we loved this year. Read More

  • CNET Editor James Kim's Family Found

    CNET Editor James Kim's Family Found

    As I’m sure you’ve read, CNET editor James Kim and his family disappeared while heading out on vacation to the Pacific Northwest. Late last night, the news broke that his wife and daughters had been found and appear to be just fine. Unfortunately, James is still missing, so no sighs of relief just yet. Apparently the family survived for an entire week in the Oregon wilderness, keeping… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Instruction Edition

    Daily Crunch: Instruction Edition

    I-O Data HDMC-U, For the Clumsy Cerwin-Vega CVHD: My My, What Big Speakers You Have Coffee-Modding Wakes Up Japanese Wii Is Wiiwee Dangerous M2 Convert Winners: Day 01 Read More

  • Mashup*: Learn why "The future of Web Ads is Britain!

    Mashup*: Learn why "The future of Web Ads is Britain!

    According to the New York Times and Yahoo the future of web advertising is here in Britain! “Online advertising is racing ahead in Britain, growing at a roughly 40 percent annual rate, and is expected to account for as much as 14 percent of overall ad spending this year, according to media buying agencies. That is the highest level in the world, and more than double the percentage in the… Read More

  • Swivel Aims To Become The Internet Archive For Data

    Swivel Aims To Become The Internet Archive For Data

    Swivel Co-founders Dmitry Dimov and Brian Mulloy start off by describing their company as “YouTube for Data.” That’s a good start for someone trying to understand it, because the site allows users to upload data – any data – and display it to other users visually. The number of page views your website generates. Or a stock price over time. Weather data. Commodity… Read More

  • Google Somewhat Froogle At Holiday Press Party

    Google Somewhat Froogle At Holiday Press Party

    If I took a shot for every time someone said the words “bubble,” “boom,” or “bust” at Google’s holiday press party tonight, I would probably be wasted. Fortunately, the drinking game didn’t occur to me until my drive home and Google only served wine and beer anyway. There were about 100 people at the Mountain View event, including Sergey Brinn and… Read More

  • Wikia To Buy ArmchairGM for $2 million

    Wikia will announce the acquisition of ArmchairGM sometime this week, according to a source close to the transaction. The company was bought for $2 million in cash and Wikia stock. We briefly mentioned ArmchairGM in a post about a competitor a couple of months ago. The service, which was created by four guys in New York, is a sort of digg-wiki-sports hybrid thing. Apparently the technology is… Read More