• Welcome to the new CrunchGear

    As you’ve probably noticed, CrunchGear got a makeover for Xmas. Gone is the sickly yellorange color scheme, and we’ve made some changes to how things are organized as well; things should be much easier to find throughout the whole site. You’ll also notice that comments are now threaded, so no more of this “@ asshat” stuff we’ve been doing the last year. Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. Subject: Looking for an apartment in Tel-aviv Me and my wife are looking for an apartment 2-2.5 rooms, in the centre area of Tel-aviv for one year. The apartment should be clean and at least in a very good… Read More

  • Control Someone's Behavior for an Hour with Mod My Life

    This has to be the most amusing website I’ve come across for quite sometime. Mod My Life is a twist on the lifecasting idea pioneered by JustinTV. Whereas with JustinTV you can eavesdrop into the lives of dozens of people, and chat with them if you like as well, Mod My Life lets you to watch people’s lives for hour-long segments at a time and command them to do things. The word… Read More

  • HD DVD slips into Blu-ray box set of Harry Potter

    Good job, Warner Brothers. You certainly made my day. According to reports floating around the Web, the limited edition Blu-ray collection of the first five movies in the Harry Potter saga includes an HD DVD version of The Goblet of Fire. It really is a limited edition now isn’t it? Heh. No word on whether WB will be issuing replacements or sending out discs, but some consumers have… Read More

  • Bear with us, CrunchGear might go through some growing pains

    Just a note to let all of you, our gentle readers, to let you know that for the next couple of hours we’re doing a little server maintenance on CrunchGear, and things might get a little janky. You might see the site acting funny as it gets its feet back, so if there are freezes in page loads or error messages, we’re aware of it and will be tweaking things throughout the afternoon. Read More

  • T-Mobile Turns Off Twitter?

    Reports alleging T-Mobile has shut off Twitter for their customers are rolling in. Complaints have surfaced on T-Mobile’s user forum on Satisfaction as well as several other personal blogs and forums. A T-Mobile representative replied to a customer’s service request with this email: …Twitter is not an authorized third-party service provider, and therefore you are not able to… Read More

  • Here's a $15 USB wine spout that does nothing

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/3rct0Jch4aiv8p2mA Let’s face it. We all have $15 lying around that we wish would go away for no reason, right? What better way to get rid of it than to buy a USB wine dispenser that doesn’t actually do anything? The joke here is the idea that you could go online, order a glass of wine, and it’d pour out of this USB spigot. Très drôle. Read More

  • ITRI's flexible LCD screen bends like crazy

    The Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan rolled out a few interesting little screen technologies. The flexible LCD screen is only about 10mm thick and can be made up to 10.4-inches, but requires a backlight. Fortunately, they also have a flexible backlight that works with the LCDs. Unfortunately, the size is limited to about 7-inches at this point, so the applications are limited. Read More

  • Amazon Kindle outrageously overpriced on eBay

    Wondering why we haven’t recommended Amazon’s Kindle for the holidays? Well, it’s been sold out since week one and it’s rather pointless to recommend something you can’t get before the end of the year, right? In case you’re desperate to find one for that lucky geeky bookworm of yours you’ll have to pay a premium. They’re going for double the… Read More

  • What I'm getting Matt Hickey for Xmas

    I think I’ve just found the perfect gift for Matt. I want to vomit every time I see one of his photos with that yellow tinge and I’m sure his colorblindness doesn’t help the situation any, but I think this will seal the deal. The Lumiquest Soft Screen is a cheapish diffuser for DSLRs with a pop-up flash. I need to get one for myself, too. It’s only £9.99, but you may… Read More

  • Google adding blogs to Universal Search

    Google is to add blogs to its Universal Search results, according to Marissa Mayer, the firm’s search products and user experience VP, in eWeek. This is the first media type to be added since Google launched its Universal Search programme in May. Further innovations are planned she said: “We talked about it as a new playground for our engineers and it’s true. We’re… Read More

  • Nintendo: No online virtual console, but voice chat may be in the works

    Reggie Fils-Aime works in mysterious ways. An online virtual console seems like a slam dunk and easy to implement (low bandwidth, drives sales, no extra hardware needed, lots of fun), but the big man at Nintendo of America doesn’t anticipate it being implemented. Voice chat, however, which is a mixed blessing at best, he wants to jump on. All that’s left, it seems, is… Read More

  • Post-holiday Wii rain checks to be issued at GameStop

    We’re all one step closer to maybe, kind of, almost being able to reliably get our hands on a Wii thanks to a new program by Nintendo of America and GameStop. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime told reporters today that GameStop would have "many tens of thousands" of rain checks good for grabbing a system in January. So while you might not be able to put a Wii under the… Read More

  • Frequency from Nintendo Wii attracts cockroaches?

    This is a new one. Apparently the Nintendo Wii gives off a frequency that attracts cockroaches. This information comes from Japanese web site Barks and has been reported by The Register. Is it true? I don’t know. I can’t read Japanese and I know nothing about insects, including whether or not cockroaches are actually insects. Can any entomologists out there lend any credence to… Read More

  • Ubuntu, Leopard and the tale of the whimsical comparisons

    I was reading over this Linux Magazine article comparing the latest version of Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon) with Leopard when two lines stopped me: Contrast that to Ubuntu, which touts its better multiple monitor support. It may be getting better, but it’s still not there yet, and I’m just glad I had my trusty xorg.conf file backed up and ready to fall back on. You wanna know why… Read More

  • Revolution Money Thinks It Can Win Friends On Facebook

    Steve Case wants to make some new friends on Facebook. Today, his startup Revolution Money launched a friend-to-friend payment application on Facebook called MoneyExchange (as of this writing, it is still waiting to be added to the Facebook Application directory, but click on the link above and it should take you there if you are a Facebook member). Just like PayPal, which already has an app… Read More

  • The vomit kings of Chicago

    Too often we forget the small things that make us so happy. Take Fun, Inc., makers of magic tricks and, most importantly, fake vomit. Buy a kid a Wii, he’ll play for a day. Buy a kid fake vomit and he’ll play for a lifetime. Best of all they describe the process of making said bolus: The vomitmaster smooths the mixture with the back of the spoon, the way a short-order cook does… Read More

  • Hack Attack may be coming to iPhone in 2008

    Security researches at Arbor Networks are predicting that the iPhone will be subject to a serious attack in 2008. The attacks will likely take the form of malware embedded in photos or video. In the past the iPhone has been vulnerable to such attacks through a bug in its handling of TIFF images. A recent update has solved the problem. Former versions of Apple’s firmware used a version of… Read More

  • Sold Out Kindles Going For Up To $1,500 On Ebay

    Amazon’s new Kindle ebook device sold out almost immediately after going on sale. And there won’t be any more available until after Christmas: Kindle Availability
    Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is sold out. Because orders are prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis, please ORDER NOW to reserve your place in line. Your Kindle will not arrive by December 24th. Note… Read More

  • Asus eee running Vista: Because it can

    So you want to run Vista on a machine that runs Firefox just fine on Linux? Strip down Vista to its bare components, stuff on 8GB more memory, and watch as the majesty of Microsoft’s flawed diamond shines too brightly on a sub-notebook. via Giz Read More

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