• TechMeme Finally Adds Search

    Tech news site TechMeme launched on September 12, 2005. It was an immediate hit and remains the most important blog news aggregator: Dan Farber wrote perhaps the best description of the site to date, back in 2007: “TechMeme provides a one-page, aggregated, filtered, archiveable summary in near real-time of what is new and generating conversation.” But right from the start people… Read More

  • Hulu Shares Usage Stats, Expands Distribution Network

    Hulu, the online joint video venture between NBC and News Corp that officially launched two months ago, is sharing some stats on its viewership. According to the Nielsen Net Ratings, Hulu led all network sites in total video streams and overall engagement time in April. Hulu users are streaming over 63 million videos and, on average, are watching over two hours of video per month each. Hulu is… Read More

  • Korea and Japan to get some iPhone love?

    Cell phones have always been one of those things that people remain convinced are just omg-so-much-better in Japan. They never know exactly what is better about them, of course – just that they’re in Japan, and as such do a bunch of ridiculous stuff US cell phones won’t be doing for years. While this held true throughout the 90s (and perhaps even the early 2000s), it’s… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Good luck finding a copy of Wii Fit

    Surprising no one, Wii Fit looks to be in short supply this launch week. Get a good one. The exercise “game,” which was released yesterday at the Nintendo World Store in New York amid much Internet confusion—but we thought that was the nationwide release date?—is now scheduled to come out tomorrow for the rest of the country. But good luck finding a copy, as online… Read More

  • BBC's Sound Index is good, but we won't get the data

    The BBC’s SoundIndex, currently in beta, lists the top 1,000 artists based on discussions crawled from Bebo, Last.fm, Google Groups, iTunes, MySpace and YouTube. The top five bands according to SoundIndex right now are Coldplay, Rihanna, The Ting Tings, Duffy and Mariah Carey, but the index is refreshed every six hours and you can also drill down to more long tail content by creating… Read More

  • America loves to use cellphones while driving!

    Some 80 percent of Americans use their cellphone while driving (100 percent of people on the 7 train do so as well), and you know why? Because “social etiquette” demands that people be in constant contact with each other, so people feel pressured to responds immediately to text messages and phone calls. That’s what a national insurance agency, Nationwide, found in taking a… Read More

  • USB-powered ionizer fan is perfect for polluted desks

    Is your cubicle located on top of a pile of garbage? If so, you might want this USB-powered air purifier. The product’s manufacturer, Brando, says “We are surrounded by polluted air every day. Wherever you may be, you will be breathing in the nasty polluted air.” Gee, that’s inspiring. So what should I do, Brando? Got any bright ideas? “This USB Ionizer Fan with… Read More

  • Sprint to hop on the 5GB cap bandwagon

    With Verizon and AT&T restricting their wireless broadband packages to 5GB of bandwidth per month, it seems that Sprint feels they’re being a little too giving with their “Unlimited” plans. Starting in July, Sprint will be adding a matching limit to their Terms of Service. From a memo leaked on Sprintusers: “Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or… Read More

  • OMG, 3G iPhone confirmed for June 9, maybe

    Someone, or something, has confirmed to GIZMODO that the 3G iPhone will be released on June 9, the day of the WWDC keynote. (I guess Jobs will be all, “Available… now! Go! Buy, buy buy!”) That’s a more or less worldwide launch date this time, with carriers in other countries able to set the price of the phone and plan, maybe. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you? Read More

  • YouTomb: Where Videos Go to Die

    Ever wonder exactly how many videos are taken down from YouTube because of copyright violations or other reasons? So did the folks at the MIT Free Culture student group. They created YouTomb to document all YouTube videos that have been taken down. It is currently tracking 177,000 videos, and counts 4,394 that have been taken down for alleged copyright violations. For each video taken… Read More

  • Popjax Launches Branded Video Trivia Games With Heavy Metal Rockers Avenged Sevenfold

    Two of the most popular things to do on the Web are play games and watch videos. Popjax, a startup backed by Shasta Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson, combines the to to create a new form of casual game: video trivia. The company creates mashups of its own trivia questions with embedded videos from YouTube. Now it is going after rock bands to create branded video trivia games for their fans. Read More

  • New Napster store features 6 million DRM-free tracks

    Napster’s had it up to here (pointing near the top of my head) and wants to regain its position as the King of Online Music. The new Napster web store opened its doors today and features six million DRM-free tracks, most for 99 cents apiece and most full albums for $9.99, according to Reuters. You can still opt for subscription pricing at around $15 per month if you have a… Read More

  • Exodus Watch: MySpace Loses A Sales Exec To Mochi Media

    With MySpace failing to meet its internal revenue targets, executives there whose compensation is tied to those targets may now be more open to job offers from startups. Mochi Media, for instance, just hired Carol Werner as its VP of sales. Previously, she was in charge of West Coast sales for MySpace. If more MySpace execs follow her, Yahoo won’t be the only big Web company that needs… Read More

  • Sharp floods Japan with new Internet TVs, Blu-ray recorders

    In the coming weeks, Sharp will roll out a total of 13 TVs and three Bluray recorders in Japan. On June 1st, 7 new models of the Sharp Aquos GX5 and GH5 series will hit J-Land. Panel sizes range from 26″ ($1,500) to 52″ ($4,800). While the five new GX5 TVs feature full-HD and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, the two lower-priced GH5 models come HD-ready only and with a contrast ratio… Read More

  • Twitter: Now as powerful as the Clapper

    If you can’t get enough of Twitter why not try Twitter-enabling your home? By connecting his cellphone with his Twitter account, Justin Wickett has created what amounts to a remote switch triggered by Twitter messages. By using a simple program he was able to connect SmartHome’s INSTEON switches to the Internet and control them with a ping from… Read More

  • Userplane Gets Into Video Hosting

    Userplane, the company behind Webchat and a number of other online communication services, has introduced a new video app dubbed “Mediaplayer”. The free white-label app will allow web publishers to add hosted video uploads to their sites under an ad-supported model. Mediaplayer users will be able to upload videos as large as 100MB, and there is no limit on the amount of upload… Read More

  • The real story behind AT&Ts "iPhone Insurance"

    Good news for those of you that get angry and smash lose your PDA on a regular basis: AT&T is planning to expand their insurance options to include PDAs come June 2nd, 2008. Insurance will cost $4.99 per month, with two different pricing tiers for deductibles: Tier I: Most standard phones, $50 dollar deductible. Tier II: High end phones and PDAs, $125 dollar deductible. Contrary to… Read More

  • 3G iPhone Launch Date "Confirmed": June 9

    Someone, or something, has confirmed to GIZMODO that the 3G iPhone will be released on June 9, the day of the WWDC keynote. (I guess Jobs will be all, “Available… now! Go! Buy, buy buy!”) That’s a more or less worldwide launch date this time, with carriers in other countries able to set the price of the phone and plan, maybe. Read more… CrunchBase… Read More

  • Barcelona Meetup (TechCrunch Euro Tour)

    In my ongoing tour of Europe, tomorrow I am attending Startup2.eu, a new competition for European tech startups. I’ll be on the jury during the day (as will TechCrunch France’s Ouriel Ohayon), and then in the evening we’re throwing a TechCrunch meetup on the cool terrace bar of local boutique hotel Granados 83. The event will be informal networking for technology startups. I… Read More

  • N-Gage to offer KONAMI Games

    Nokia and KONAMI announced today that the two companies have partnered to offer KONAMI mobile games on Nokia’s N-Gage mobile games platform. Metal Gear Solid Mobile will be the first game offered from KONAMI. The mobile version of Metal Gear has received two awards at the 2007 International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), winning both the Grand Prix and Operator’s Choice awards. … Read More

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