• Laws of Physics Apparently Being Rewritten Today

    Update: They blew it. No reason U.S. independence day should slow the news down in Europe. Look for the long awaited demo from London of Steorn’s new Orbo device today, which supposedly creates a steady stream of energy from magnetic fields: Orbo produces free, clean and constant energy – that is our claim. By free we mean that the energy produced is done so without recourse to… Read More

  • Happy 4th of July

    Happy Independence Day, folks. The CrunchGear team wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th. Enjoy the fireworks, BBQ and your day off. Posting will be light today, so we’ll see everyone tomorrow! Read More

  • Motorola Zante aka Sidekick Slide aka Sucks

    Gizmodo has the scoop on the latest Sidekick, but there are a few glaring indicators that this could all be a sham. Let’s see if you can spot them. If this is all true and accurate then I hate to say it, but the latest Sidekick does absolutely nothing for me and I’m sure it won’t do much for you either. Sure, the outside is all shiny and sleek looking with a black and… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Must-Have Camping Gear

    Every once in awhile, we here like to step outside of the CrunchGear Mansion. And, when we’re feeling particularly frisky, we’ve even been known to go camping. Of course, just because you’re roughin’ it, it doesn’t mean you have to be without some basic necessities. As part of our ongoing series on summer outdoorsy fun, here are our favorite camping gadgets. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: E3 2007 Preview

    By this time of year the nightmare that is known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo should just be a distant memory, and those of us who made the pilgrimage to the Los Angeles Convention Center to cover the show should be fully recovered. However, the organizers opted for a smaller and more “business focused” event, and thus have moved the fun-filled event from the traditional… Read More

  • Web Sheriff DMCA's Scouta Over YouTube Content Uploaded By Warner Music

    Online music recommendation and sharing site Scouta has received a DMCA notice from IP enforcement group Web Sheriff, demanding that a White Stripes video hosted on YouTube and displayed on Scouta, be removed from Scouta due to copyright infringement. This despite the video being uploaded to YouTube by Warner Music, the White Stripes current record label according to Wikipedia. The issue… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hungrry Edition

    Great Outdoors: Fishing Gear
    Fox News Gets Out Of Line
    Meet The Guy Who Ruined Transformers
    Kite + Nokia N95 = WTF
    SunRocket Cans 25% of Workforce or 30 People, Whichever’s More Sensational Read More

  • iPhone Weekend One: 700,000 Sold, $200million+ Profit For Apple

    After speculation earlier in the week that Apple had sold between 400-500,000 iPhones, the actual new sales figures for the iPhone are even wilder than earlier figures: Apple and AT&T moved 700,000 iPhones to the close of business Sunday.According to MacNN, Apple is said to have sold out of iPhones in 95 of 164 stores and AT&T has nearly depleted its entire stock. The report… Read More

  • Second Life Copyright Infringement Claim Heads To Court

    A case of alleged copyright infringement in Second Life is heading to court. According to Reuters, Second Life entrepreneur Kevin Alderman, the owner of Eros LLC, a company that makes virtual sex beds, filed the “Eros LLC vs John Doe” lawsuit on Tuesday. Second Life user Volkov Catteneo is alleged to have copied and distributed the “SexGen Bed”, an item that sells… Read More

  • Respectance: Social Networking With A Deadly Twist

    It must be niche social networking week. Following my review yesterday of Bakespace, a social networking site for people who like cooking, another interesting site hit my inbox: Respectance. Respectance is a social networking site for online tributes, or as the email sent to me so nicely put it: “MySpace for dead people”. Respectance provides a space for family and friends to… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Do you often find yourself digging through comments to find the best? Is your social life taking a back seat to reading feedback on our incredible posts? Do you suffer from depression due to lack of funny and interesting reader response? Not to worry dear reader, The Best Commenter Ever is here. We’ll find the best comments for you so that you can tear yourself away from the computer… Read More

  • Technorati Loses Two Three More

    The news is just coming out that Technorati have lost two more employees. Tantek Celik has left after serving as 3 years as head of technology at Technorati and Adam Hertz has also left, after also serving for 3 years as the VP of Engineering. Both Tantek and Adam have played important roles in developing the technology at Technorati, with Tantek additionally being a spokesperson and evangelist… Read More

  • eBay To Craigslist: Game On With US Version Of Kijiji

    eBay has opened a US version of its classifieds site Kijiji. Kijiji has previously been available in Canada as well as parts of Europe and Asia, and is a direct competitor to Craigslist. The Wall Street Journal reports that Kijiji is immediately available in 220 cities in all 50 US states. Like Craigslist, advertising is free with eBay looking at ways of charging sellers for display ads or… Read More

  • Hey Jealousy: SimulSays Provides Apple-Like Visual Voicemail for Non-iPhone Users

    Hot on the heels of the iPhone’s release comes SimulScribe’s SimulSays Beta, available for Blackberry owners (8800 series, Pearl, and Curve) and Windows Mobile users. SimulSays is a visual voicemail system much like Apple’s visual voicemail system. Instead of deleting or bypassing fifteen messages to get to an older message, your voicemails are laid out visually similar to… Read More

  • iPhone Coming To T-Mobile

    It looks like the Germans will be next in line to get the iPhone according to the Rheinische. Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile is said to have inked a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Germany for a November 1 launch. If all is true then the official announcement will be made tomorrow and the iPhone will be exclusively sold through T-Mobile for 450 Euros. The rest of Europe still waits… Read More

  • Microsoft Apologizes For Ultimate Extra Delays

    So you rushed out and upgraded to Vista Ultimate or paid extra for it with your new PC as soon as you heard about how great it was because it was gonna have a buncha Ultimate Extras?! No, probably not. But maybe you were pleased to find out that a series of add-ons were available only to Ultimate users. Well a couple of those add-ons haven’t been released as quickly as Microsoft… Read More

  • New Virus Makes Fun Of You While It Creates Chaos

    Trojan virii have been around for years now, yet fools with Outlook still think that they can see Jessica Simpson nude by downloading an attachment. One of the latest Trojans, BotVoice-A, is now taking the concept of a virus one step further. Not only is it going to erase your files, it’s also going to taunt you through your speakers while it destroys your PC. The virus uses Windows… Read More

  • Meet The Guy Who Ruined Transformers

    Autobot Mirage And I’m not talking about Michael Bay. Alex Kubalsky is an Australian toy designer who works for Takarotomy, the Japanese toy company who collaborated with Hasbro on the re-design for the Transformers you’ll be seeing in the new motion picture. Or, if you’re a hardcore fan, the destruction of the originals. I’m actually being a little harsh on Alex as he… Read More

  • iPhone Coming to T-Mobile in Germany

    Starting Nov. 1, T-Mobile will offer the iPhone exclusively in Germany (with a T-Mobile contract) for approximately 450 euros (roughly $612), Reuters reports. Also according to Reuters, Vodafone Group in Britain, Telecom in France and Telefonica in Spain have the leg up for partnering with Apple in their respective countries. via Reuters Read More

  • Kite + Nokia N95 = WTF

    I’m usually not one to judge others, but there are certain instances where I question one’s sanity. This is one of those times. Crazy Norwegian Eirik and his brother-in-law decided to duct tape a Nokia N95 to a kite while vacationing in Denmark to see what sort of video footage they could get. A very cool experiment and the video speaks for itself, but you won’t catch me… Read More