• CrunchGear Meet-up: Budapest

    Yes, there were women there. I took the train from Warsaw to Budapest — fourteen hours in a Polish sleeper car made in that halcyon time between WWII and the fall of the Berlin Wall — and I was groggy, delirious, and hot as I walked down a street called Rottenbiller AKA Billy Rotten into the university district. I organized the event with Matt of mobilport.hu who told me to meet… Read More

  • Justin.TV To Film Itself Filming Itself

    If you find yourself bored this morning – incredibly, mind numbingly bored out of your mind – you may want to drop on over to Justin.tv and watch the show’s creator, Justin, hanging out with one of the other stars of the show, the Naked Cowboy in what can only be described as a cry for media attention. Like the Naked Cowboy, Justin will be wearing nothing but briefs, shoes… Read More

  • Going.com Lands $5 million

    Event based social network Going.com has taken an additional $5 million in funding, in a round led by the sites original investors General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners. Going.com recently passed 500,000 users, up from 200,000 users in early June and an impressive feat considering the service currently only operates in four cities: New York, Boston, Chicago and San… Read More

  • AT&T Launches Video Share in 160 Markets

    If you’re using AT&T, and are in the top 160 markets in the country, you’re going to be able to share live video during voice calls. AT&T has announced the nationwide launch of AT&T Video Share, which is the first ever service in the United States that allows users to share live video over their mobile handsets. “AT&T Video Share will be groundbreaking in the… Read More

  • In-Stat Report: China Smartphone Adoption on the Rise

    Smartphone adoption is on the rise in China. This is the results from a new study by research firm In-Stat, which found that 10.46 million smartphones had shipped in China in 2006, which is double that from just a year prior. Entertainment functionality seems to be among owner’s preferences over productivity as well. “The most important three factors respondents would consider… Read More

  • Mobile Tickets Might Be the Last Minute Way to Get into Secret Garden

    If you were opening to score tickets for the Secret Garden Party, the U.K. music festival, which is being held July 26-29, can still get tickets via tixmob. Buying tickets from your mobile handset will cost a two percent commission, but that’s far less than dealing with scalpers. “Having fun shouldn’t be hard work so we set up tixmob to provide easy, reliable and… Read More

  • Floods in U.K. Force Vodafone to Evacuate HQ

    It hasn’t been a good summer for Northern and Central England, where weeks of rain have caused massive flooding. The rain picked up again last week, and we’ve heard that it was so bad in the Newbury, Berkshire region that Vodafone had to evacuate the company’s global headquarters. An ornamental lake that runs through the center of the complex turned into a torrent. Power was… Read More

  • Amp’d Not Down Yet

    Amp’d Mobile customers had gotten a reprieve yesterday, and the company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1, said service will continue until at least July 31. As of Tuesday the youth-oriented service, which leases its network from Verizon Wireless to which it owes more than $30 million, posted on its Web site that will potentially suspend service in the U.S. on July… Read More

  • T-Mobile May Drop Tour Sponsorship

    The biggest sponsor of the Tour de France could be pulling out, and it could be happening as soon as the conclusion of the race this weekend. The T-Mobile Team will learn on Sunday if the mobile phone carrier will withdraw its sponsorship. “We will consider things and make a decision at the end of this year’s race,” said T-Mobile’s communications director Christian… Read More

  • LicketyShip Now Making Speedy Deliveries All Over California

    Same day delivery service LicketyShip (previous coverage) is expanding out across the state from their initial beta in San Francisco and the Bay Area, joined by some new partners. LicketyShip has moved away from serving as a delivery service for online stores (like Kozmo), to servicing local door to door deliveries. You can use it for local business deliveries or last minute packages that need… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: How To Fix E3

    July is almost a wrap, and it’s been two weeks since E3, and this will be the last post about the show. But we’ve had some time to think about what can be done to improve (dare we say save) the annual video game event. Let’s face it; the electronic entertainment industry needs a trade show. We in the press need to see the games, retail buyers need to see the games and… Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet-up Report: Budapest

    Just posted some images of the CG Meet-up in Budapest. Special thanks to Matt for helping find the spot. Remember — the Warsaw Meet-up is tomorrow at 7pm at Lolek. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Beach Find Edition

    Toshiba Gigabeat U103: 24 Colors, Oh My
    The Horror! The Horror! Vibram’s Fivefingers of Suck
    Stop What You’re Doing and Soak In This Amazing God of War PSP Mod
    PSP Firmware Hits 3.52, Better PSone Support
    WD Upgrades My Book Line To 2TB Read More

  • Former Allofmp3.com Owner Faces Jail Time

    From a consumer standpoint, Allofmp3.com was pretty close to the perfect music service — dirt cheap, easy to use, and the choice of how you wanted your music encoded. Oh, and no DRM. But mix in the RIAA, the WTO, and a couple major world governments, and you’ve got a recipe that ends up hurting consumers and potentially landing a man in jail. Read More

  • Verizon Hates Amp'd Customers, You

    On my way home from dinner I decided to stop by the Verizon store below my apartment to ask about an Amp’d Motorola Q in my possession. I just wanted to know if I could port an existing Verizon number to the Q. Amp’d does piggyback on Verizon’s network, so I figured I’d get a yes. The Q&A section of Amp’d’s site states that I can take my phone to… Read More

  • Grockit Raises Cash, Prepares "Massive Multiplayer Online Learning" Product.

    When we last wrote about San Francisco based Grockit, in late 2006, they were unfunded. Their business idea of holding low-cost GMAT prep courses over Webex was just getting off the ground. Now they are funded – $2.7 million total ($2.3 million from Benchmark, $400k from angel investors Mark Pincus, Rob Lord, Reid Hoffman Thomas Ryan and others) in a Series A round was closed last month. Read More

  • Verizon Pioneers MMS Uploading…NOT!!!

    Verizon may be able to call themselves the most reliable voice and data network in the country, but they’re certainly not the first to allow users to upload videos to YouTube via MMS. The fact that they’re releasing a press release touting such a feat is pretty ridiculous and embarrassing. Verizon, pay close attention to what I’m about to say. Helio was the first provider in… Read More

  • Sony Announces Three Premium Receivers

    Sony is launching three A/V receivers today as part of its “Elevated Standard” (ES) line of premium gear. All three models feature iPod integration and Sony’s Digital Media Port, which allows for the addition of optional accessories like a Bluetooth receiver, a Wi-Fi adapter, or an audio dock for use with Sony’s Network Walkman line. Blu-ray compatibility is present and… Read More

  • The Story Of A Girl And Her Gaming Systems

    We’re in a fight, dear readers. I know you’re cheating on me, but just tell me what I did wrong. Are you seeing someone else? Could I have done something different to have prevented this? Fine! Whatever, you dirty whore. Be that way. Leave. See if I care!!! No. Don’t go. I can change, I promise. Just give me one more chance. Karen, call me. Read More

  • No Vista SP1 Until 2009?

    Say it ain’t so, Microsoft. Lest Vista become a waterslide away from me that takes me further every day. Say it ain’t so. Rumors are currently flying about that Vista’s first service pack (SP1) won’t be available until 2009. That’s impossible…or is it? Valleywag reports that “Microsoft has apparently told executives at one of the world’s largest… Read More

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