• Hey there Mr. Man, don't you look smart with your neck-mounted Bluetooth headset?

    Power suit, power tie, American Express card, neck-mounted Bluetooth headset. That’s the ticket right there, folks. The RoadRunner Bluetooth headset with larynx microphone suppresses noise harder than a Fortune 500 company suppresses its cube-dwellers into a life of mundane paper shuffling and mandatory happy hours. Your voice is transmitted directly from your voice box so the headset is… Read More

  • iPhone finally arrives in Ireland next month

    As largely expected, the Apple iPhone will arrive in Ireland courtesy of UK-based carrier O2, which has the exclusive contract – from March 14th costing €399 (8GB) and €499 (16GB). Tariffs will range from a €45 to a €100 monthly charge. And it now looks like March 6th will be when Apple unveils the Software Development Kit for the device, which will allow outside developers to… Read More

  • Lost in-game video: Not Penny's game!

    CAV has some video from the upcoming Ubisoft Lost game, which I suspect will be a stinker on the level of TMNT for the NES. However, they do offer up some plot details including a secret “Hot Coffee” cut scene involving Jack, Ben Linus, the Smoke Monster, and Charlotte. It gets weird but near the end but not nearly as freaky as the Desmond/Crazy Jungle Dinosaur love scene near the end. Read More

  • FaceBook music: Follow hot bands' hot music (then jump over a shark)

    [photopress:fbm.jpg,full,right] Facebook added a music service yesterday. Musicians can upload their songs, users can play them using the Facebook Music Player and later buy them using the provided iTunes link. It’s almost like Zuckerberg & Co. saw what a cluttered useless mess MySpace turned into and said, “Yeah, let’s emulate that.” Call me cynical, crazy… Read More

  • Pre-order Guitar Hero: Aerosmith at Best Buy

    [photopress:IMG00063.jpg,full,pp_image] I was at Best Buy last night looking for some cheap Xbox 360 titles and stumbled upon the pre-order for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I haven’t seen anything that tells me when it’s coming out and this tells us June. So mark your calendars, folks. (It’s too early to find an appropriate lyric to make this amusing for us all.) Read More

  • Leap Year Babies, we salute you

    After reading this article from The Register, it’s become blatantly apparent to me that leap year babies are A) mad as hell and B) not going to take it any more. I was born on the first day of February and would like to express my admiration for those of you out there who were born on a day in this great month so callously overlooked by many a web-based form. Case in point, the… Read More

  • Vista: Cheaper = Better?

    Microsoft is lowering the price of Vista for all you good people out there. Ultimate drops to $219 from $299 and Home Premium drops to $129 from $159, leading analyst to gasp and gape in awe. Why is Microsoft doing this? Are they madmen, so drunk on their own power that they will turn down a twenty spot just because they can? No. Apparently Home Premium and Ultimate were “new… Read More

  • Bluetooth MP3 watch for when you just can't stand to not have something that plays music strapped to you

    Ah, the return of the MP3-playing watch. This time, without the ridiculous headphone cord running up your arm. The GoldLantern Bluex Bluetooth MP3 Watch comes with 1GB of storage and a pair of Bluetooth 2.0 headphones.   The watch is good for 12 hours per charge of its lithium-ion battery and will play either MP3 or WMA files. I’m not much of a watch man myself, so I asked… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK: The news wrap

    Courtesy of TechCrunch UK, starting from this week I’ll be giving you a run-down of what’s been happening in the UK, Ireland and – where possible – a little of what’s going on in the rest of the European startup scene. Hopefully you’ll find this useful. Last.fm, the UK startup CBS bought, said it was getting a lot of traffic from its widgets. On March 14… Read More

  • Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Keynote Speaker at CTIA

    The international CTIA WIRELESS 2008 trade show announced that Virgin founder and chairman Sir Richard Branson will deliver a keynote address on the show’s opening day, April 1 at 9:oo a.m. Keynote speeches will take place in the Barron Room at the Los Vegas Hilton. CTIA WIRELESS will take place April 1-3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson… Read More

  • T-Mobile USA Posts Strong Fourth-Quarter Numbers

    T-Mobile USA reported good numbers for the fourth-quarter of 2007. The company added 951,000 new customers and generated $4.4 billion in revenue. These numbers are up from 2006’s fourth-quarter, when T-Mobil USA added 901,000 customers and had $3.81 billion in revenue. By the end of 2007, T-Mobile was the fourth largest cell phone service provider in the United States with 28.7… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Race Relations Edition

    Unreasonable Stance: Why travel when you can just Google?
    Android amazes stuffy BBC: “I say, jolly good!” says reporter
    Garsh n’ Begorrah, my wee bairns! Ireland’s O2 gets the iPhone
    Great moments in trademark trolling
    Think you’re a big man? Prove it and get an EYEBALL TATTOO Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Neil on Han Solo Carbonite Desk: Exactly what it sounds like, as cool as it sounds I would imagine Jabba didn’t use Han in Carbonite as a desk because his hands were barely functional enough to grab Leias ass, much less hold a… Read More

  • Yahoo's MyBlogLog Adds An Activity Stream Feature

    MyBlogLog, a blogger social network acquired by Yahoo about a year ago, launched v.2 of their service tonight, with a significant new feature. You can see the MyBlogLog widget in the right sidebar of this site – it shows pictures and names of recent visitors. The new feature is an activity stream of recent activities by all users on various social networks – blog posts, new… Read More

  • Confirmed: Live Video On YouTube This Year

    First rumored in January, YouTube is definitely doing live video, and it’s happening this year. Sarah Meyers got the scoop (video above), transcript as follows care of NewTeeVee: Meyers: “When are you guys gonna do live video on YouTube?” Chen: “2008. We’ll do it this year. “Live video is just something… Read More

  • Blog Network MyKinda To Shut Down Today

    I just got word from MyKinda founder Lee Wilkins that he plans to shutdown the Eastern European blog network later today. The network launched just last September and was being bootstrapped. Earlier this week we reported that they were having significant financial difficulties, and had shut down all but two of their sites. Today, those last two will be shuttered as well. Wilkins says the… Read More

  • VoiceSage wins €3m round for voice apps

    Making voice calls from within the browser, and the growing links between voice applications and the web of data is a big trend online today. Last December Ribbit, a startup that calls itself “Silicon Valley’s first phone company,” launched a bid to spread Flash apps for voice. Now another startup, is also aiming at voice and ‘messaging 2.0′ services from a… Read More

  • Google Inspires Art That Is Completely Rooted

    Google can be used for many things, the basis for an art exhibition isn’t one area that naturally comes to mind. A new art exhibition in Sydney asks Google who and what is “completely rooted” and displays the results. “Completely rooted” for those unfamiliar with the phrase is Australian slang for being in an unfortunate position, being tired (as in I’ve… Read More

  • Amazon Offering User Generated Video Hosting and Monetization

    http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822/US/davezatz-20/8011/cf4a2375-8508-4cb4-a697-98a8f71c36fd&Operation=GetDisplayTemplate Amazon has quietly entered the video hosting and monetization game with Your Video Widget. Your Video Widget allows any registered Amazon Affiliate to upload a video and then select products that can be displayed… Read More

  • New Legos get old-school, sinister

    [photopress:newspace.jpg,full,center] Legos! We’re not sure why it’s acceptable — no, required — that we gadget blogs report on all things Lego, but we’re compelled to, and we’re more than happy. The Lego site Brickshelf has unearthed a couple badass forthcoming Space Lego sets that look really fun. One’s an old-school generic spaceship, something… Read More

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