• Would you pay more for a DVD that included an iTunes/iPod-friendly copy in the disc?

    Question: if a DVD includes a file on the disc that’s readily playable on your computer (on iTunes or whatever), is it worth $3 or $4 extra dollars? Or are you of the mindset that, hey, I’ve already paid for this content, why am I being charged again just to watch it on a different screen? (That’s me. Big surprise.) Apple is in negotiations with Hollywood studios to sell… Read More

  • Dopplr tests traveller tips sharing

    Dopplr, the UK-based social network for global travelers, is testing a new feature on some of its members which might make the Yelps and Trusted Places of this world sit up and take notice. The new Dopplr feature lets you share tips and recommendations on cities – usually a core feature of location-based social networks. Core Dopplr members are being given access to the feature this… Read More

  • Fired Kane & Lynch guy fights back, says video game writing isn't corrupt

    More Kane & Lynch fallout, ladies and germs ($1 to John Biggs). As you may already know, a GameSpot editor was recently fired in the wake of his review of the game. Was he fired because the review, especially the video review, was harsh on the game (Eidos is a major advertiser on GameSpot) or for some other, unknown reason? No one knows yet, which, in accordance with the Rules of the… Read More

  • Samsung announces GDDR5 RAM; what happened to 4?

    I just got a great new motherboard and one of its selling points was support for DDR3 RAM. Tom’s Hardware recently posted a shootout showing that DDR3 mobos and RAM were merely a promising, emerging technology. So why is Samsung busting out this alien technology when people are still deciding whether to switch from DDR2? Because this RAM will be integrated with graphics cards (hence… Read More

  • The Writer's Strike: Week 5, the sadness sets in but fun is still in the offing

    Former Colbert Report — they’re technically former until Sumner Redstone’s distended syphilitic heart explodes, releasing billions in online revenue back into the economy at large — have new allies. Yes, friends, small animals emoting will no longer support mainstream media. Read More

  • Rumor: iTunes movies up to $15

    Take this with a grain of salt, but Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield (“Don’t you know who I am? I’m Richard Greenfield!”) is saying that Apple will raise the price of iTunes movies to $15 in order to convince the big movie players to let them distribute video. The only way this could happen is if Apple started offering HD movies at this higher price — think… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Threadless will make you famous, maybe get you some action

    The Beginning I know there are tons of tee shirt printing sites out there, but I like Threadless. It’s a tight knit community that lets you submit your designs and when those designs are picked up you’ll make a loot of cash. It’s nice a outlet that lets you stay indoors rather than standing on the sidewalk in the dead of winter trying to earn a few extra bucks. The designs… Read More

  • What have they done to you, Yoda?

    This guy should be shot. Read More

  • Mophie juice pack extends the life of your iFones, yay

    A case actually worth buying. Too bad it’s for the iPhone. I like what Mophie has done with the juice pack iPhone battery extender. It’s very similar to the BlackBerry holsters, but do the RIM holsters bolster the ability to add eight hours of talk time, six hours of Internet use, 24 hours of audio and seven hours of video? Nope. The juice pack does all that and you can check on… Read More

  • Microsoft polishes its turd: Windows 6.1 screenshots surface

    Windows Mobile lovers rejoice! WinMo 6 now has threaded SMSes, a new home screen (Wooot!), copy and paste, and ummm… some other stuff. BGR has a full gallery so I won’t bore you with my anti-WinMo screeds. I will close this post by singing the James Bond theme song in text: La la la lalala la lala la la la la lala ladee da! Doo doot doo doo doo doo doo doodledang doo doo… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Sidekick LX

    This piece was originally published in October. We would have also recommended the Slide, but it’s broked. I have a thing for the iPhone, if you couldn’t tell. But before I drank the Kool-Aid, I was a Sidekick man. What does it mean to be a Sidekick man? It means you give up a lot to get great email and instant messaging services and few, if any, third-party applications and… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Reviewing the Unknown Contest: Last Day!

    Readers of CrunchGear know full well that 95% of the time we have no idea what we’re talking about. Well, we want you to get in on some of that action by reviewing something you’ve never seen, touched, or even know exists on BFF. Two posters with the most comments, votes, and number of votes, wins either an 80GB iPod Classic or a 80GB Zune 2. Here’s what to do. Read More

  • Fastest DeadPool Ever? IRSeek Shuts Down

    Apparently IRC participants don’t really like the idea of their conversations being indexed and searchable. Which is exactly what we said when we first wrote about IRSeek four days ago.The site has now shut down. A blog post explains why: we have disabled the site…we were under the impression that users in public chat-rooms are aware that their conversations are, by definition, public. Read More

  • Breaking: Belkin announces 2-to-1 HDMI switch

    False alarm. It’s certainly not groundbreaking, but it does clean up the clutter and takes care of that one HDMI slot problem. Luckily for me, my roommate’s Vizio has two HDMI ports, though I only use one for the 360 Elite. The HDMI 2-to-1 Video Switch does what’d you’d expect it to, which is what now, class? That’s right. It allows you to hook up two HD devices… Read More

  • Vidoop Turns OpenID into Pictures that Pay

    A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when those words are passwords you can’t remember. An OpenID startup called Vidoop aims to replace your usernames and passwords with a grid of pictures that may contain visual advertisements. To encourage adoption of its user authentication technology, Vidoop will announce today at the Internet Identity Workshop its intention to pay… Read More

  • SayHeyHey Melds YouTube and Online Dating, Hosts Ridiculous Videos

    It’s hard for me to take SayHeyHey, a new website for posting videos of yourself soliciting dates, all that seriously. Its (preloaded?) collection of videos has some pretty off-the-wall content that’s not suitable for work. But I suppose the site deserves a mention because it’s as an example of what’s being done with video in the online dating scene. Unlike WooMe… Read More

  • Has technology ruined and killed 'real' photography?

    Don’t get mad or anything, but technology may have killed photography. No, not photography in the “pose drunk for Facebook” sense (that’s not likely to go away any time soon), but in the “Robert Capa/I’m showing you the truth/it’s an art form” sense. That’s what Newsweek says this week, lamenting the influx of reality-altering software… Read More

  • buy.at gets into affiliate widgets

    buy.at, a specialist affiliate ad network in the UK with backing from DFJ Esprit is about to release a new web widget which “will help push the affiliate advertising model much further down the long tail of websites” according to Nic Brisbourne, a DFJE VC who blogged the info today. He is testing out Buy.at advertising on his popular blog The Equity Kicker (the money will go to… Read More

  • Digg Images And Universal Taxonomy Launches Tonight (Screenshots)

    Social news site Digg will launch a new images category this evening, as we reported last month. Digg founder Kevin Rose introduced the updates in a post on the Digg blog this afternoon. The taxonomy changes are a much needed housekeeping update. Sub categories will now be consistent across all main categories. This is important because users can now easily click among the various categories… Read More

  • Vivendi and Activision combine to create Devastator

    I wish. Actually, these two big boys merged to create the decidedly more predictable and tame-sounding “Activision Blizzard,” which sounds a lot like a spell you might cast in D&D. The deal, worth a reported $18.9 billion dollars, with Vivendi ending up with a 52 percent stake. This seems strange considering its franchise contributions were the colossally unhip Crash Bandicoot… Read More

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