• A Web 1.0 Success Story: HP Acquires Opsware For $1.6 billion

    HP has acquired IT Automation company Opsware for $1.6 billion. Whilst any acquisition of this size is interesting in itself, the back story to Opsware is even more so; Opsware was originally LoudCloud, a Web 1.0 company that took $350 million in funding during the Web 1.0 boom. Marc Andreessen explains the story: In September 1999, at the height of the dot com boom, a small group of… Read More

  • Sprint, Trimble Outdoors Bundle Up Some GPS Goodness

    If you’re on Sprint/Nextel, have one of their 12 GPS-enabled phones and you often find yourself wandering around in the great outdoors (and not just hanging out in men’s bathrooms at the park, Nicholas), the Trimble GPS app bundle is worth the $6.99 a month. The package hooks you up with three of the company’s mobile GPS solutions: AllSport GPS, Geocache Navigator and… Read More

  • Party Gift

    Just like last year, we will be giving every attendee of our party this Friday a signed limited-edition lithograph created by Hugh MacLeod. Thanks Hugh! Here’s last year’s version. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year. The invite list is completely closed for the party at this point. The last 50 spots are reserved for TechCrunch20 attendees who are not yet on… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to Take Non-Sucky Digital Photos

    Digital cameras are a great invention. The ability to save precious moments without the cost associated with developing chemical film means that more of those moments are saved, and then in turn shared with others. They’ve also revolutionized the home-made pornography business, but that’s a different Help-Key for a different day. This guide is for those of us who are casual… Read More

  • Canada's 'iPod Tax' One Step Closer to Reality: Adds $75 to Price of 30GB DAP

    Poor Canada, no one cares about you, hockey or the fact that you very well might have to pay additional taxes every time you buy an iPod. It seems like the Copyright Board of Canada has green lighted the tax on DAPs and flash storage cards. (It can’t be any worse, ideologically at least, than the $1 Microsoft pays Universal per Zune sold.) If the tax actually goes into effect, the price of… Read More

  • A&E Television Networks Go Mobile On MobiTV

    I love me some History Channel and now I can love it on my phone, in public. A&E Television Networks and MobiTV, Inc., announced the launch of A&E Mobile and The History Channel Mobile available through the MobiTV service on participating mobile carriers throughout the U.S. And before you say, “who the hell would want to watch this stuff on a little cell phone screen?”… Read More

  • Rock Band Bundle Costs $200: Amazon

    Anyone who doesn’t like Def Leppard can bite me, no disrespect I like Guitar Hero as much as the next guy (though I heard that Rock the 80s is a bit of a let down), but don’t think for a second that I’ll blindly buy Guitar Hero 3 just based on the name alone. Nope, I’ve got my eye on Rock Band, though if the price that Amazon has listed—$200 for the game… Read More

  • WD'S GreenPower Hard Drives Can Save You $100,000 Annually

    That is, of course, if you owned and operated a data center with 10,000 of the drives. But even if you don’t, the GreenPower family of drives cut the amount of power needed significantly. According to Western Digital a typical 1TB drive uses 13.5 watts while the GP hard drives cut that by more than 5 watts, so nearly half the power. You’ll be able to buy a WD Caviar GP 1TB hard… Read More

  • Synaptics MobileTouch Lands In Huawei U550 Phone

    If you’ve never seen Synaptics MobileTouch technology in action, pop over to their site and watch the demo video. But basically it takes all the fun touchpad technology you find on laptops using the company’s products and applies them to smaller mobile devices — in this case, the Huawei U550 flip phone. The backlit three-button MobileTouch interface acts as the MP3… Read More

  • Apple Charges $5 to Enter Apple Store? (Actually, No It Doesn't. It's a Joke.)

    At the time of this writing, 763 people dugg a BBspot story claiming that Apple had started charging $5 to enter Apple Stores. The theory behind the move was that it’d discourage people from crowding the store while gawking at the iPhone. It’s kinda like Bloomberg’s proposed traffic congestion tax. Only this story is fake. BBspot “produces a variety of features like… Read More

  • Certified Wireless USB For The Holidays

    Anxious to get your hands on some wireless USB products? Yeah, me neither. But the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) thinks you should be as they’re very excited about certifying the first six consumer products with their Certified Wireless USB logo. (And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fee they get to charge for said certification.) You can look forward to seeing the… Read More

  • Kingston's Speedy 4GB miniSDHC Card, eMusic Partnership

    Kingston made two announcements today. The first is the availability of a 4GB miniSDHC card that can be picked up with different speed ratings. The best of these is the Class 6 card with a minimum sustained data transfer rate of 6MB per second, which if it holds true would be nice to have in your cell phone or other mobile device. I have an older Kingston miniSD card in my phone and… Read More

  • XM and Sirius To Offer Cheap Al A Carte Offerings

    Not a ton of info here, but apparently if this XM-Sirius merger actually goes through, you’ll be able to get your satellite radio on for cheap. Both companies plan to offer a low-cost $6.99 package that nets you 50 channels, as well as a $16.99 deal that would offer the best from both worlds. You’ll also be able to add and remove channels as you see fit. Sounds like a win for… Read More

  • RIAA Sends Nasty Letter to 23 Colleges, Save Harvard, Demanding Money

    The RIAA continues fighting the good fight, saving its clients from starvation and abject poverty. It just sent letters to 23 colleges around the country demanding that the war criminals who have downloaded music pay $3,000. In addition to getting a rather large sum of money for the average college student, the scheme works out such that, should you cooperate, the RIAA would then have all… Read More

  • Circuit City Slashes TV Prices In September

    An inside source at Circuit City has spilled the beans on company-wide price cuts on TVs supposedly coming in September. The move comes as a way of competing with arch-nemesis Best Buy. If you were thinking of making the high-def plunge and for some unthinkable reason thought Circuit City was the place to do it, wait a couple months. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Chatpad Ain't Bad At All (If You Use MSN Messenger)

    We found out a few days ago that Microsoft’s Chatpad will be released in September for $30, but other than that we didn’t know much. Now, however, we know a little more, thanks to an in-depth piece from GameSpot. The Spot says that the potential market for the Chatpad is limited to those who use the 360’s MSN Messenger application. Until Microsoft releases a text-based killer… Read More

  • Time Warner Cable Using Wrong Power Supplies To Throttle Service?

    So I just got off the phone with Time Warner cable. I’ve had their standard Wireless Road Runner service for four months now. During that time, our wireless broadcast has gone out for absolutely no reason numerous times (it has already gone out three times today alone). The only way to get it going again would be to call tech support and have them restart the signal. Not only that, but… Read More

  • Philips DCP850 Portable DVD Player Review

    Having traveled quite a bit in the last six months I really could have used a portable DVD player to drown out the roar of the engines, the terrible movie choices made by the airline, the crying baby two seats over, or the constant jibber-jabber from my girlfriend (just joking, M). While I haven’t had any flights during the review of the Philips DCP850, I have had a handful of train… Read More

  • TomTom To Purchase Tele Atlas

    Exciting news? Not really, but it could mean improved service and better products with TomTom’s announcement to buy map-provider Tele Atlas. TomTom is rumored to have purchased the company for $2.5 billion. Sure it’s a lot of money, but think about what you’re getting with that deal. Tele Atlas is currently the supplier of TomTom’s data. This news will also shake up… Read More

  • Glu Mobile Sticks with PopCap Games

    Mobile game publisher Glu Mobile is sticking with PopCap Games, the two companies announced today. Under the this new multi-year partnership Glu will continue to publish three of PopCap’s most popular titles including Zuma, AstroPop and Insaniquarium for new mobile handsets, and carriers throughout the world. “PopCap has pioneered the online casual game space and was one of the… Read More

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