• Iomega And Mac Make Sweet, Sweet Love

    Iomega And Mac Make Sweet, Sweet Love

    Last I can remember, Iomega used to be down with Macs back in the Zip Drive days. But as of lately, I haven’t really seen much of Iomega kicking it with Mac. Therefore I am happy to announce that Iomega has introduced two new Mac-only hard drives. The first is the UltraMax desktop drive. This bad boy comes with 1TB of storage, has Firewire and USB 2.0 ports, has a USB hub built-in, and can… Read More

  • Helio Allows Customers To Use Obopay

    Helio Allows Customers To Use Obopay

    Today Helio announced that its subscribers will be able to pay their bills via Obopay. Targeted mostly for pay-as-you-go users, Obopay is the latest in MasterCard’s way of having you spend money on their terms. It works sort-of like a prepaid credit card that you can use to top up minutes, buy crappy wallpapers, and such. But it’s also so much more! Helio says that if you have a phone… Read More

  • Solar Power in Her Purse

    Being that I’m a geek, I think of gadgets when it’s time to find a gift for my sweetie. Unfortunately, gadgets are generally geared towards guys, some exceptions being cell phones and the iPod. But there are meta-gadgets out there, devices that work with those we already have, expanding their usefulness. And, sometimes, they’re totally girl-friendly This solar mobile phone… Read More

  • Makayama Gives You One More Way To Watch TV On A Small Screen

    In case you can’t tell just by looking at this picture, this woman is very excited to be accessing the digital video on her Windows Media Center PC through one of more than 550 mobile devices with the help of Makayama Interactive’s Mobile TV Center. Or she’s just sitting in a room with a TV pretending. Either way, the app exists as of today. The software takes the shows that you… Read More

  • Snoopy iPod Nano Kit: From The Peanut Gallery

    Just released in Japan is the limited edition Snoopy iPod Nano set. It features a sweet looking laser-engraved shot of Snoopy and Woodstock on top of the doghouse with a nice leather case with the same etching and a few other goodies to sweeten the deal. Act fast because they’re only releasing 1,000 units in Japan. Shell out about 285 peanuts for these Special Limited Edition Nano’s. Read More

  • Lamp with USB Charging Port

    , we thought we’d share this soon-to-be-released lamp that caught our wary but wandering eye. The SI561 is, by most accounts, a standard desk lamp, featuring a regular 3-prong power socket on the base to provide convenient power to your laptop or what have you. The fun here is that the lamp, which just cleared FCC for some reason, also sports a secondary USB port. There’s no data here… Read More

  • Sony Preps PSP Movie Store, Does Anyone Care?

    UMD has been a thorn in Sony’s side since it was introduced as an ill-fated storage format for the popular PSP almost two years ago. Sony has had a string of proprietary format failures, and has now faded into relative obscurity. That does not mean that movies for the PSP is a dead idea, though. Reports indicate that Sony is developing a movie download store of its own, much like that… Read More

  • Want To Ditch Cingular? Now’s Your Chance

    Want To Ditch Cingular? Now’s Your Chance

    Recently, you may have heard about text messaging fees increasing in price for Cingular customers. The $.10 to $.15 jump is enough to piss off a few people I’m sure. So if you’re a Cingular customer and hate the new rates or just want to ditch your service altogether, now’s your chance. Cingular points out in their ToS agreement the following: “IF WE INCREASE THE PRICE OF… Read More

  • Onkyo VR-1000J Video Recorder

    Onkyo has just released its newest media recorder, the VR-1000J, and guess what? Everything you choose to record from TV or any other video source is fully compatible with Sony’s little wonder box, the PSP, and your mobile phone. With 3 different video modes you’re sure to be pleased with Super Fine (320×240 at 30fps), Fine(320×240 at 15fps) and Normal(176×144 at 15fps)… Read More

  • Why I Am Breaking Up With Netflix

    I was a die-hard Netflix fan. Apart from when I lived in Canada or Europe, I’ve been a Netflix customer for the last five years. There is a very tanglible tingle when a Netflix movie arrives in the mail, packaged up in its red envelope. When I lived in Canada I missed Netflix so much that I co-founded and ran a Canadian copycat service called Zip.ca, that continues to do well in that market. Read More

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  • Yahoo Upgrades Personals – Does This Stuff Work?

    Yahoo Personals is the largest dating site on the Internet (Match.com is second), so when they make a move, others in the industry notice. Today they will announce a new feature called Quick View, and it’s designed to let users scan for potential mates more quickly. Instead of scrolling up and down to view profile information, members can simply select from fifteen different traits… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Spy Edition

    Daily Crunch: Spy Edition

    The Insect Lab JLr7: For People l33t3r Than You Thank You For Smoking…At Your Desk Secret Agent Man Battery-Powered Pole Dancer Read More

  • Zoho Gets All Wiki

    Zoho Gets All Wiki

    Online office suite Zoho continues to quietly, and quickly, release new products and features on a regular basis. Last month they launched a Microsoft Office plugin that lets users save files directly to their Zoho accounts. Today they add a Wiki product to the mix. The product itself contains all the bells and whistles of competing standalone, hosted Wikis (good comparison chart here). The… Read More

  • Pandora Goes Social

    Pandora Goes Social

    Pandora, which plays streaming music for free via a flash player on its site, is one of the first companies we profiled on TechCrunch, back in August 2005 during the original Bar Camp meetup. I still listen to it most of the time I’m writing blog entries. Pandora continues to rack up new users (the current count is 4.5 million regular users, up from 1.8 million in May) and Pandora is now… Read More

  • USB to USB: Totally Not Gay

    While I firmly and solidly think iTunes does a pretty good job of keeping my photos and music synchronized between my iPod, Treo, Powerbook, and whatever else I’m toting, sometimes it’s too much. If I have photos on my camera I’d like to take off the SD card, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up my laptop and so forth, I’m screwed. Until I saw the… Read More

  • Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 2

    Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 2

    Greetings all. Now that today is winding down, I’d like to take a quick moment to announce the second Sandisk Cruzer Winner. Lots of good comments today and I enjoyed reading many of them. So anyway, your winner is: Read More

  • Scoop: TicketMaster Pours $13.3 Million Into iLike

    In about an hour, we hear, iLike and TicketMaster will announce a strategic agreement that includes a $13.3 million investment in iLike for 25% of the company. That puts the value of iLike at a whopping $53.2 million. The company launched less than two months ago, on October 25. We love the iLike service, which provides an excellent iTunes plugin that constantly analyzes what music you listen to… Read More

  • SlingPlayer Mobile Now Friendly with Blackjack, Dash

    SlingPlayer Mobile Now Friendly with Blackjack, Dash

    SlingMedia let drop today SlingPlayer Mobile for Smartphones (v1.0.5) and for PocketPC (v1.1). In addition to several bug fixes and tweaksm the smartphone edition features support for the Samsung Blackjack and the T-mo Dash. You can try it out for free for 30 days and after that it’ll cost you $30. Download [via Zatz via Gizmodo] Read More

  • ExpoTV Takes $6 million

    ExpoTV Takes $6 million

    Today, ExpoTV, a site focused on user-generated reviews and product demonstrations, announced a $6 million Series A round of funding led by Masthead Venture Partners and Prism VentureWorks, including existing investors. Brady Bohrmann of Masthead and Will Kohler of Prism are joining ExpoTV’s board. David Beisel, with Masthead, writes on his blog that he feels the ExpoTV investment is a… Read More

  • Joytech Presents Wii Powerstation

    Joytech Presents Wii Powerstation

    The Joytech PowerStation for the Nintendo’s Wii provides you with two rechargeable battery packs (finally!) for your Wiimotes. The PowerStation also acts like a dock, allowing you to store your Wiimotes and charge them at the same time in a provided cradle. Each PowerStation can house two Wiimotes and connects to your Wii via USB. The docking station also has handles sticking out on each end… Read More