• Apple makes Goldman Sachs Buy List

    Apple was added to Goldman Sachs conviction buy list today. Company analysts believe Apple will do well when it launches its third-generation iPhone later this year. Sales of the popular phone are expected to sell better than Apple sale projections. The company has set its sales goal of iPhones at 10 million units this year. Analyst David Bailey raised his target on the stock from $185 a share… Read More

  • Japanese joint venture project paves way for ultrathin gadgets

    A joint venture project carried by a number of Japanese Tech powerhouses like Matsushita, Sharp, Toshiba and Hitachi apparently developed a technology to integrate system chips into LCD panels. Japanese media today report that researchers managed to embed the electronic circuits of chips with glass sheets used for LCD screens, resulting in a device just 0.7 mm thick. The technology is said… Read More

  • AT&T delivers plastic bag via 2-day DHL

    A lot of people are harshing on AT&T lately for service issues but don’t let it be said that they can’t send a plastic bag on time and under budget. TUAW’s Brett ordered a 16GB iPhone but got charged for two. After canceling his order, AT&T was kind enough to send him, in a huge box, a “MISC iPhone PPA BAG” aka the bag the iPhone comes in when you buy it… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Squid Vs Shark Edition

    Official: Castlevania movie in the works
    Indiana Jones and the Rad Dork of Kirkland
    Biomimetic sharktail wave-action harvester
    Light-emitting glass? Sure, why not?
    Gilded Age: Montegiro’s Lusso ‘luxurious’ turntable Read More

  • DimP – A Direct Manipulation Video Player

    DimP, a direct manipulation video player, lets users drag items on the video screen to move forward and back instead of just via a scroll bar on the bottom of the video. This is not only more fun, but it also allows users to scroll through video to where they want to be “at least two times faster,” In a paper presented by Pierre Dragicevic, Gonzalo Ramos, Jacobo Bibliowicz… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Researchers study locusts to make jumping robots Sanyo releases 7 inch digital photo frame in Japan N-Gage games can’t be transferred to new devices Poor economy leads to increase in CRT sales: Plasma, LCD too expensive Self-timer for lovers in new FujiFilm FinePix Z200fd Merch: Indiana Jones projector looks about as exciting as the movie looks… Read More

  • Infectious To Bring Custom Car Art To The Masses

    New startup Infectious wants to satisfy that urge that we all undoubtedly have to spice up our car a little. Make it unique. Express our personality. Etc. Founder Tim Roberts, who was part of the founding Twitter team, says that your car is the most visible social product you own, but it is also the least expressive. Infectious sells specially designed vinyl stickers that can survive up to… Read More

  • A sumptious "leather-nila" envelope for your MacBook Air

    Want to relive that special manila moment again and again? Want to impress your pals at the cafe before they have second thoughts about the practicality of the sexy little device? Bird Electron is coming out with a pretty nice-looking little replacement envelope, complete with double-circle tie, but somewhat more durable and protective than heavy-duty paper. I’m not a fan of the Air, but… Read More

  • Selling your old iPhone could put you at risk for identity theft

    If you plan on tossing your old iPhone for the new 3G version next month, you may want to think twice before you do. Just like any other computer platform, you can pull data out of the memory using tools that are readily available. To most people this isn’t a big deal, but to the paranoid this is life or death. Since people use their iPhone for all kinds of computing, the information… Read More

  • Pentax's Optio W60 loves water and dust, also takes pretty pictures

    Now here is a point-and-shoot I might actually want to have around. My Rebel XT has served me fine for a couple years now, but I’d be wary of taking it whitewater rafting. This Pentax, however, will go 13 feet under the waves for a couple hours and be none the wetter inside. It’s sealed against dust and dirt as well as water, and will operate down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a… Read More

  • Tag Galaxy: great way to explore Flickr

    Click the pic for the high-res version.
    This is a great little toy, though it’s a bit slow at the moment. It requires a little RAM and a good connection, so don’t try this on your Powerbook on that coffee shop wi-fi. You pick a tag, then navigate into planets covered in Flickr photos with that tag. They remind me of Katamari Damacy’s stellar objects or Super Mario… Read More

  • UrTurn Pays You To Use Facebook

    Keeping up with your friends on social networks is hard work (enough so that many of us spend hours at it every week). Wouldn’t you like to make a few bucks for your trouble? Meet UrTurn, a new startup that hopes to create a unified virtual currency across all major social networks. The site has just launched in a public beta, and is currently available as a Facebook app (with… Read More

  • Review: Myvu Crystal video eyewear for iPod

    You know what? If I were to buy a television for the sole purpose of playing video games and I didn’t expect any friends to ever drop by (no two-player action), I might just consider picking up a pair of video glasses like these instead. Read More

  • Chinese gamer girl detained over YouTubed remarks regarding earthquake victims

    So let’s say your country has a huge natural disaster, like an earthquake, that kills thousands and thousands of your citizens. Your fairly repressive government mandates a three-day mourning period, which includes a few hours of your favorite games being offline. Do you: A) Contemplate life and realize you’re lucky to be alive? B) Quietly find something else to do during the… Read More

  • After the 3G iPhone, what's next from Apple?

    No more 3G iPhone rumors for The Wall Street Journal, please. The Murdoch-owned Big Paper is already looking beyond the phone’s suspected June 9 launch to what Apple may release in the next five years, as predicted by Forrester Research (and everyone on the Internet). They include: • Digital photo frames, possibly with a touchscreen and built-in speakers • A networkable… Read More

  • Official: Castlevania movie in the works

    So there’s a movie coming up in the next few years based on the video games of Castlevania, one of the most successful lines of games ever. And we don’t mean the awesome-sounding one by my friend Warren Ellis, this is a live-action Simon Belmont pic by the guys who did Resident Evil and Stomp the Yard. Wait, what? Yes. Who knows, maybe it won’t 100% suck as bad as it sounds… Read More

  • FriendFeed Launches Rooms

    Activity stream aggregator FriendFeed launched a new feature called FriendFeed Rooms this afternoon, which are effectively topic-based accounts that anyone can create or join (depending on privacy settings). Users can then add links and messages to relevant content. The main difference between Rooms and a normal FriendFeed account is the fact that multiple users can author it, and that… Read More

  • DNCHRD: Everyone wins when technology and dance combine

    Dancing, shall we say, isn’t something I do. Oh sure, after a tremendous amount of booze, I may rock the generic Ibiza one-two step while at one of New York’s “clubs” (such as Mansion, where I’ll be this Saturday supporting up-and-coming DJ and producer Vincent Voltaire), but generally, no bailo. So imagine my trepidation upon being invited to an event, DNCHRD… Read More

  • Rumor: FCC working with carriers to reduce cellphone contract penalties

    So you want an iPhone. Or you just hate your carrier and want to switch to someone else. You should be able to just do that, right? But you cannot, as there are all kinds of fees and penalties that they hit you with, it’s horrible. Luckily for you the FCC has your back, as word is it’s been quietly been working with carriers to put together a standard plan on how to handle those… Read More

  • The Naked Pico-ITX challenge has begun

    They were still taking bets when I heard about this about a week ago, but now the challenge has begun. For those of you not in the know, Technovoyance and VIA doing a stunt right now where they’re running this super-efficient little Pico-ITX chipset with no fans, no heatsink or anything until it croaks. They took bets from people on how long it would go with the prize being a build kit… Read More

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