• Video Series nextNYers to Interview New York Startups

    A new weekly web series called nextNYers will be filming five-minute-long interviews with tech startups based in New York City. The company behind the production of nextNYers, For Your Imagination, aims to give better exposure to local tech companies that have been around for a few years. The show is also being presented in partnership with NY-based tech blog CenterNetworks, which will post… Read More

  • The Facebook Ad Backlash Begins

    Within hours of Facebook’s announcement of its social advertising plans, the backlash began. What about privacy? What about relevance? (I know everyone is sick of hearing about Facebook, but there are some important business issues at stake here, so bear with me). As far as privacy goes, there is none on Facebook, in that any information you share is fair game for targeting by… Read More

  • 100 Wuala invites for readers

    Over in Berlin Web 2 Expo I ran into Dominik Grolimund, CEO of peer-to-peer storage application Wuala (see previous coverage), who has kindly offered TechCrunch UK & Ireland readers 100 invitations. If you want to take up the offer do this: 1. Goto http://techcrunchuk.wua.la
    2. Download Wuala
    3. Use the invitation code “techcrunchuk” when prompted The skinny on Wuala is that it… Read More

  • Stevenf: "Android is bullpoop and you're dumb, Google"

    My, if this isn’t the day of Google backlash. While we’re not highly keen on the whole Android idea as it stands, Steven Frank thinks it’s garbage: A 34-company committee couldn’t create a successful ham sandwich, much less a mobile application suite. It’s going to be some half-baked turd undoubtedly based on GPE since that’s, you know, better than… Read More

  • Symbian: "Android's stupid and for babies and dumb heads."

    How did I miss LOLBOTS? Nokia and Symbian were behind school yesterday and Nokia was smoking cloves and Symbian was reading some book and then Nokia as all like “Did you see what Google did?” and Symbian was like “Uh huh Whatdafuk?” and Nokia was all like “Garr garrr I’m Androad” and Symbian was all like “I’m Anchoad” and then… Read More

  • Gamedar: The ability to spot gamers

    November 7, 2007. On that day the word “gamedar” was born. Much like “radar,” or its second cousin once removed “gaydar,” “gamedar” refers to someone’s ability to spot a gamer. One need not be a gamer to possess gamedar, like how one need not be a football player to know that this year’s Patriots are The Truth. Were you blessed… Read More

  • Working Star Wars AT-ST replica walks, lights up

    This AT-ST hobbles around much like the ones in the movies thanks to some old computer parts and a NiCad battery. It is, unfortunately, not for sale and there are no plans yet to build tiny Ewoks with tiny logs that smash into either side of the AT-ST’s head. Functional Star Wars AT-ST Made from Old Computer Parts (with Video) [TechEBlog] Read More

  • NYC's MTA to txt message riders service change info

    It seems emergency text messages are the new black when it comes to public safety. New York’s MTA, the organization that runs—really well I might add—the subways and busses will hire a company to develop a mass text messaging system. The MTA would then use this system to inform riders about pertinent service changes (“The 7 train isn’t running today. Good luck… Read More

  • Gphone madness: contest entries keep rolling in

    Here’s the deal: in order to celebrate the non-release of the gPhone, we’re asking you, our dear readers, to offer up some potential applications for the Android platform. They can be silly, smart, or stupid. Take this one, for example: Here’s an idea for an open source Gphone application that could make you a little cash: Turn your cell phone into a traffic camera. As you… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4 out of beta, released today

    It’s out of beta, it’s free, and it’s here. Opera Mini 4 works on Java-enabled phones and includes “native Blackberry menus,” faster page rendering, Landscape Mode, and a cool feature that allows you “to synch your Bookmarks and Speed Dial with those on your Computer” via Opera Link. There’s also a virtual mouse feature which gives you a tiny… Read More

  • $100 laptop goes into mass production five years after announcement

    AP image Five years after it was announced, mass production of the One Laptop Per Child/XO laptop/thisweeksnewname laptop has finally started. The laptop, which was originally promoted as a $100 computer that would change education in the developing world, now costs around $188. Uruguay purchased 100,000 laptops last month, much to the chagrin of its mortal enemy Swaziland. Would you Give 1… Read More

  • BlueDot Relaunches As Faves With Anti-Social Twist

    There are dozens of bookmarking services out there, but most are eclipsed by the size of Delicious. However, Blue Dot’s bookmarking service has remained a favorite of ours because of their ability to consistently innovate their interface. Today, with their re-launch as Faves.com, is no exception. The relaunched site adds features making their bookmark database more relevant and easier to… Read More

  • Another expensive way to get the internet in your car

    I have a friend who spent the better part of the last three years of his life driving all over the country teaching people about bearings. Whether or not I actually completely understand what that means is irrelevant but what amazes me most is that he didn’t have satellite radio or some sort of in-car computer to keep himself entertained. Read More

  • Google Reader Adds Blogrolls

    In other Google news, Google Reader added a nice little feature today for bloggers. You can turn your list of feeds, or any subset you choose to make public, into a blog roll. That will help spread Google Reader technology across the Web, and give Google another data point about blogs and feeds which could become another factor for it to consider in its blog search algorithm. Adding a blog to… Read More

  • Latest MacBook shows 15 percent jump in memory performance

    Calling last week’s MacBook update merely a “speed bump” may be accurate to the letter, but it doesn’t faithfully describe the spirit of the upgrade. Primate Labs, which makes Geekbench, a benchmarking application (surprise!), says that processor performance is only marginally improved. That makes sense: Apple only slightly increased the processor speeds, so… Read More

  • The future that was supposed to be today is just plain creepy

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf A friend sent this to me and I’m not exactly sure what to think of it. Part of me enjoys watching old videos like this and seeing what’s come to fruition and what ideas are still being thrown around some 50 years later. Then the other part of me is just creeped out at how subservient the women in… Read More

  • What video game consoles you own says about your dating ability

    Surely you’ve heard of Match.com, what with its stupid commercials on TV at all hours of the day. And surely you own a video game console, be it the PS3, 360 or Wii. Putting the two together, what does Match.com tell prospective ladies about your owning a video game console, since, according two Nielsen, two-thirds of all guys between 18-34 play video games? If you own a PS3, says… Read More

  • AOL Buys Quigo (Confirmed)

    It is now official. AOL is buying Quigo, a contextual ad network, for a reported $340 million, about the same as Yahoo paid for BlueLithium. We noted speculation about the deal last week. Quigo will become part of Platform-A(OL), the attempted reinvention of of the business as a cross-Web advertising network. Platform-A is a mish-mosh of advertising acquisitions, including… Read More

  • CrunchGear's gPhone Madness Contest: Win a Nokia N95

    In order to celebrate the non-release of the gPhone and anticipate the launch of Android, the guys at CrunchGear are giving away two Nokia N95s to the person who submits the most popular Android mobile application. The entries can be silly or serious, but you need to head over here to learn how to enter. Read More

  • U.S. Cellular has Strong Third Quarter

    U.S. Cellular reported a strong third quarter yesterday and shows good growth over last year’s numbers. Service revenues of $954.5 million are up 16% compared to last year. The company recorded operating income of $101 million, up nearly 31% from the third quarter of 2006. This year’s net income and diluted earnings per share were $63.6 million and $0.72. Last year’s net… Read More

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