• For some reason, Adobe thinks Web video needs more DRM, suggest using it with Flash

    [photopress:screen_video_skins.jpg,full,center] Does Flash Video need DRM? Adobe thinks so, and is making a push for just such technology for the Flash Player 9 and Server 3 software suites. Using encryption and a licensing system, licensed viewers would be able to watch content in their subscriptions, but nobody else. This type of DRM isn’t for YouTube, at least not yet. It will… Read More

  • Pentaho Takes $12 Million Series C

    Open source Business Intelligence firm Pentaho has taken $12 million Series C in a round led by Benchmark Capital. Previous investors Index Ventures and New Enterprise Associates also participated. Pentaho offers commercial open source enterprise reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining, workflow and ETL capabilities for Business Intelligence needs. Orlando, Florida based Pentaho was founded… Read More

  • To celebrate Daytona 500 win, Alltel giving away free minutes

    [photopress:ryannewman.jpg,full,center] I have met only one person in my life who uses Alltel and she was from the deep dark South, so maybe this post is for her. Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500 at the weekend; he was alarmingly gracious when I saw him on SportsCenter. (Larry the Cable Guy insists that the race is pretty much sacred in the South. I trust his opinion.) How does this tie… Read More

  • Alternative ratio method in discussion at popular BitTorrent tracker

    BitTorrent users know that they have to maintain a favorable download:upload ratio on the private trackers lest they be banned. Getting banned isn’t just your problem, either, as some sites will also ban the person who invited you there in the first place. Not good. So why take into consideration how hard it is to actually on some of these sites&mash;back i the day, OiNK was damn… Read More

  • Logo War: Red Hat Takes On DataPortability

    DataPortability WorkGroup is a project founded in November 2007 to develop best practices towards letting users move, share, and control their identity, photos, videos and all other forms of personal data stored in social networks and other web services. After months of positive news, the group has had its first hiccup, a cease and desist letter from RedHat over their use of the Fedora… Read More

  • EA's Deadspace being turned into comic book: survival horror for the obsessive

    [photopress:deadspacecomic.jpg,full,right] That space survival horror (wha?) game by EA, Deadspace, will have its own comic book series starting next month. Personally, I know little about the game (other than what’s on Wikipedia) and even less about comic books writ large. The guys behind the comic, Ben Templesmith and Antony Johnston, are famous in the comic book world (again, thank… Read More

  • 500 Million Downloads of Firefox (almost)

    The Firefox browser has been downloaded nearly 500 million times, says their SpreadFirefox website. Parent organization Mozilla is celebrating by raising 500 million grains of rice on FreeRice. That, says Mozilla, is enough to feed 25,000 people for a day. Earlier this month we reported that Firefox 3, beta version 3, had been released. The browser has around 17% market share worldwide and… Read More

  • What will we see from Microsoft's Danger acquisition?

    The Register’s Bill Ray has an article about what we might expect from Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Danger, maker of the popular Sidekick operating system. It seems that, according to Ray, Microsoft’s looking to shift away from Windows Mobile as a user interface towards Windows Mobile as a platform upon which developers can overlay their own shell-like user interfaces… Read More

  • Airbus A320 to have hydrogen fuel cells, will lower jet fuel consumption

    Actual size European aircraft manufacturer Airbus will use hydrogen fuel cells to augment its internal electrical system on its A320. Since it’s a fuel cell, the only waste product will be water, which in turn will be used for the plane’s own ends. The generated water means aircraft won’t have to take additional water with them… Read More

  • Rockstar releases two new GTA IV trailers

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=30918 This game can’t get here soon enough. A little over two months until it comes out. Read More

  • EU startups getting name-checked

    A bunch of European startups are getting name-checked right now, whether it be selected for demo fights or ‘programmes’ – so I though it worth just listing these so we can all check them out. First off the Plugg Start-Ups Rally 2008 has evaluated about 65 submissions from 18 European countries and 20 of them have been picked for the rally. They are: 1. 123people
    2. Alenty … Read More

  • Nike ditches Apple, SportBand shows up on FCC

    I’m a big fan of Nike and have been since I was a kid. One of the many perks of growing up in Oregon meant you probably knew someone who worked at Nike, which meant you could get stuff at the employee store for cheap. I might have to hit up some friends when the latest Nike+ product makes its way into stores. The FCC has revealed the SportBand which connects to a bracelet that syncs… Read More

  • Runtriz: How the housewives of the uber rich stay organized and inebriated

    My vast collection of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck and other fine wines is so disorganized that I don’t know what do do anymore nor do I know what the temperature is like or what my stocks are doing. Enter Runtriz. A touch screen-based system that catalogs your wine cellar, provides up to the minute news, weather and stock info all at your finger tips. No clue what to make for dinner? Read More

  • LaunchBoxDigital Startup Incubator Raises Seed Round, Taking Applications

    Washington D.C. based LaunchBoxDigital, a Y Combinator-like startup incubator that will invest small amounts of capital in very early stage startup ideas, is now taking applications for their first program. They’ve also raised their own first round of funding – $250,000 from Jonathan Miller (former CEO, AOL), Reed Hundt (former FCC Chairman), Raul Fernandez (CEO Object Video)… Read More

  • TechCrunch is over? I'll get my coat…

    Apparently TechCrunch hates community and it’s all over for us. Who knew? According to Umair Haque, your friendly neighbourhood UK digital strategist, we’re all now tired of TechCrunch (apart from TCUK, thanks Umair, I owe you a pint now). His argument is that TechCrunch is “peaking”, it doesn’t invest in the “community” and instead gets its attention… Read More

  • MIA: No 80GB PS3 on Sony's Web site, new version due?

    [photopress:ps380gone.jpg,full,center] Head on over to Sony’s online store today and you’ll notice that something’s missing. Yes, the 80GB version is nowhere to be found. Rumors abound that Sony is about to introduce a higher capacity model, something the corp has denied and denied and denied—sorta like Roger Clemens. If Sony had an Apple-like “page down for… Read More

  • Optimus Maximus FINALLY shipping

    We begin shipping Optimus Maximus keyboards to those who ordered it last year. It’s about damn time! Optimus Project Read More

  • Review: Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini with HipServ

    [photopress:IMG_1386.JPG,full,pp_image] Setting up a home storage server has long been fraught with peril. I’ve in fact had a terabyte and a half of storage space lying in NAS blocks in the past year and never stored more than a few movies on any of these devices. There just wasn’t a good, sane way to keep things updated without going through arcane web interfaces or maintaining… Read More

  • Extend Your Brain With Evernote (Private Beta Invites)

    We are all dealing with information overload. Some of the most useful Web startups are the ones that help us deal with the never-ceasing flow of data washing over us every day. Evernote is one of those startups. A Windows version of Evernote has been around for a few years, but it is now releasing a Web version in private beta, as well as a new Windows client, mobile software clients… Read More

  • Drink driving: Ndrive G400 GPS device has built-in breath analyzer

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x4eudr I think this qualifies as synergy. The Ndrive G400 looks like the typical GPS device you’d see walking down the street. But it’s not typical. Well, it sorta is, but it does have a feature I’ve never seen before—a built-in breath analyzer. As the above video shows (does it cut out, or am I crazy?), the G400 will analyze your breath… Read More

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