• iPod Touch DOES NOT Have Bluetooth

    Joel over at BBG has confirmed that the iPod Touch does not have bluetooth. Bummer. The photo we saw earlier today was not an official Apple image. Sucks. Big time. Update: Apparently the picture above is legit and it’s still on the US site while it’s been taken off the German site. Who knows what will happen, but we’ll find out once it hits store shelves. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK Relaunches With One Hell Of A Party

    I just returned from our party in central London to celebrate Seedcamp Week and the relaunch of TechCrunch UK & Ireland. Robert Loch, who’s famous for his London parties, generously agreed to have the event at his penthouse London flat in Soho. His parties are so notorious (and I use that word intentionally) that we had to keep the location secret and only email it out to… Read More

  • Guy Logs Onto Xbox Live With Halo 3, Gets Banned

    This guy sounds like a real genius. Some dude on the Se7enSins.com forums posted screens of his TV. It seems he got banned from Xbox Live for violating the Terms of Service agreement. Understandable, but when he rebooted his Xbox 360, he got an image that said: You have been suspended from Xbox Live. You will not be able to sign in to Xbox Live until 12/31/9999. Ouch. Turns out the guy… Read More

  • iPod Fat Nano™ Unboxing

    Here it is, folks. An unboxing of the hot, new, tiny, iPod Fat Nano™. Enjoy. Read More

  • VUDU review

    I’ve tried several Internet-based movie services such as Vongo, Movielink, Netflix and Amazon Unbox. Each has its own pluses and minuses and require a Windows PC in some way (though now you can get some movies from Unbox directly through a TiVo). VUDU’s device and service beats them all with its excellent interface, great video and audio quality, ability to immediately view… Read More

  • Steve Jobs Wants to Give You $100 (If You Have an iPhone)

    Remember yesterday we told you that if you’re a recent iPhone customer, you’re due for a refund? That left a lot of people outside of the 14-day return window pissed off. Those people wrote emails to Steve Jobs, and he read them. And he feels for you. So he’s making Apple do something fairly unique for those of you who feel spurned: Apple will offer all iPhone customers a… Read More

  • Microsoft Not Worried About New iPod Announcements

    Here’s a little story about heavy metal. Back in the 1980s a band known as Metallica was busy kicking out troublemaker Dave Mustaine. It’s a long story but the end result was that Mustaine made it a goal of his to lead a band that would be exponentially more successful than Metallica. He called this band Megadeth. Well Megadeth released some pretty good albums in the 1980s and sort… Read More

  • NoPoPo Batteries Run Off Liquids

    Aqua Power System, from Japan, has unveiled the NoPoPo batteries that are rechargeable via liquid that’s injected into the battery chamber. Yes, it will run off your urine if that’s where you thought this was going to lead. But let’s try and be mature about this. The rechargeable batteries come in AA and AAA and the basic principle behind the pee-powered NoPoPo’s is that… Read More

  • Acoustic Research Announces Wi-Fi Wonder Remote

    if you look to your left you’ll see what appears to be a normal remote control with an LCD. But that assumption is incorrect. The Acoustic Research Wi-Fi universal remote syncs with your DVR, DVD player, receivers and any other component you have in your entertainment center. That’s not that big of a deal, right? How about news, weather and sports headlines being beamed to the… Read More

  • Exclusive: Screen Shots And Feature Overview of Delicious 2.0 Preview

    Social bookmarking site Delicious launched a limited, invite-only preview of version 2.0 of the service this afternoon. The new site can be accessed at preview.delicious.com, although only invited users can actually get in. The Delicious service (no longer “del.icio.us” and now residing at delicious.com) boasts 3 million registered users and 100 million unique URLs bookmarked. If… Read More

  • Microsoft: Everybody On The Bus? Good, Great, Grand!

    Ask anyone who lives in the Seattle area (like Matt Hickey) or who used to live in the Seattle area (like me) how traffic is and you’ll be treated to the sight of a bulging forehead vein. It’s bad. Many of the cars on the road could very well belong to Microsoft employees and, starting September 24th, Microsoft’s new regional bus service will “take 240,000 cars… Read More

  • HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PC Details

    You’ll have to forgive John and his meanderings about last night’s HP announcement. He was busy ordering his iPhone. The Ipaq line was already old news by the time the CG crew hit the event. However, the Blackbird 002 was quite special. I think. I was too busy chasing Shaun White and crew from Orange County Choppers and making fun of the dude dressed up as Master Chief. Who… Read More

  • Sony Announces Home Entertainment Server

    Sony announced a home entertainment server yesterday, so forgive me for getting this news to you a day late. Some other company by the name of Apple decided to release some touch, widescreen, music/video playing device. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, but all the cool kids are high on it. Read More

  • Facebook: Opening Up, But on Its Own Terms

    Last week we began talking with a independent programmer who ran into a bit of trouble with Facebook over a snippet of code he developed and published that allowed users to update their Facebook status without visiting the site. Christian Flickinger, who runs the blog Technologist for Hire, posted some PHP code here last April that took advantage of Facebook’s mobile service to perform… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Unleashes The Super Slice

    Finally, Virgin Mobile has a Bluetooth handset in its lineup of phones. The Super Slice is actually produced by UTStarcom and has all the basic features – VGA camera, Bluetooth, MMS, etc. Know what else is nice about the Super Slice? It’s cheap. $59.99 and you’re good to go with that dope Penny Messaging that Virgin is always advertising. Look for it in stores sometime in… Read More

  • Internet People!

    http://www.channelfrederator.com/embed/player As a lighthearted aside from all the iPod news banging about today, I thought you Internet people might appreciate a little animated tribute to the the Internet phenomenons that get us all out of bed in the morning. It’s called “Internet People!” Enjoy. Read More

  • Disc Maker Medley: Pirating Content Made Easy

    Disc Makers, the nation’s leading independent CD and DVD manufacturer, recently released the Medley. Its an all-in-one CD/DVD duplicator and printer that also comes with CD ripping software that allows you to transfer songs in bulk (up to 50 CDs at a time) to your music library. The Medley supposedly has powerful graphics software and is designed to be really easy to use. The Medley… Read More

  • Justice Department Says ISPs Are Like The Post Office

    The U.S. Justice Department has taken a step toward you getting more charges from your ISP. In comments to the FCC today, the Department said imposing Net neutrality regulations could “could deter broadband Internet providers from upgrading and expanding their networks to reach more Americans.” Chief amongst their examples was that the one of the oldest data delivery systems, the U.S. Read More

  • Star Trek Goes HD

    Trekkie fans now have a reason to switch to HD DVD. Toshiba and CBS have announced that season 1 of the original series will launch November 20. This is your chance to own the first season in HD, but in the event that you don’t own an HD DVD player it’s ok because the discs are dual format with standard DVD format on the other side of the disc. But chances are you’ll want… Read More

  • Wacom Introduces New Intuos3 Tablets

    Old-skool: Wacom has yet to release images of the SE version Nothing too major here, but looks like Wacom is giving its line of Intuos tablets an update. The new Special Edition Intuos3 Tablet celebrates Wacom’s 25th year in business and pays homage to the product that helped ease animation to the PC. You’ll be able to pick out a tablet in 6×8, 6×11, and 9×12 sizes… Read More

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