• Red's Scarlet makes her debut

    We’ve been hearing whispers about Scarlet for a few months now, and today she’s made her first appearance. Scarlet is the code name of Red’s “professional pocket camera”, and that’s all we’ve known about it until today. Now, however, we know that it’s a fairly small digital still and video camera that can shoot up to 3k resolution, which is… Read More

  • TwitLinks: Not Useful, Not A TechMeme Killer

    It’s clear that Twitter is the place that a lot of news breaks first (example), hours before blogs and days before mainstream media. No one has created an application yet that harvests that information and presents it as breaking news or breaking memes with anything like what TechMeme has done for blogs and other news sites. The newest entrant is TwitLinks, which RWW calls the TechMeme… Read More

  • Patria o muerte: Cubans now buying cellphones (if they can afford them)

    How fun does Cuba look? I’d visit it in a second. Cubans can now buy cellphones! That means they’re well on their way to becoming a member of the international community of nations, right? Baby steps. Yup, starting today, everyday Cubans can purchase cellphones from the state-owned wireless provider. The cellphones are said to be restriction-free, as they’re able to make… Read More

  • Wondering Which Partner at a VC Firm to Pitch? TheFunded Now Breaks Out Individual VC Ratings.

    Up until now, if you wanted to see the ratings of individual venture capitalists on TheFunded, you had to be an invited member, which meant that you had to be the CEO or founder of a company (or pay $200 for six months access and prove that you are a senior adviser or consultant). But now anyone who visits the site can see the ratings for 17,000 individual VCs without logging in (before only… Read More

  • Review: Archos TV+ (80GB version)

    The Archos TV+ is a set-top media extender plus (get it?) a whole lot more. And in true Archos fashion, this device demands a lot from its users. I mean that in a positive way, though, believe it or not. Archos users make up a proud community of tech-savvy enthusiasts hell-bent on getting the most out of their gadgets. I should know, I’ve been an owner of the Gmini 200, the Gmini 400… Read More

  • NAB 2008: JVC launches new HD pro camcorder

    It’s lovely Las Vegas, where NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, is just starting up. It’s one of the largest conventions in the world, rivaling CES in size and scope, but sadly the vast majority of the things on display are mind-numblingly boring to the average person. JVC, though, has taken it upon itself to launch many new products at NAB today, including the… Read More

  • Upcoming Sony LCD HDTVs specs' leaked: LED backlighting in the works

    Springtime doesn’t just bring flowers, short shorts and silly Red Sox pranks. No ma’am, it also brings new information on HDTVs that will be released throughout the year. Someone at BGR got a hold of Sony’s HDTV roadmap for its LCD lineup and it looks like the XBR6, XBR7 and XBR8 will getting a little more than a new coat of paint, the XBR8 especially. Let’s start… Read More

  • Pandora: a powerhouse handheld designed for homebrew and emulation

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your emulators and homebrew indie games in one place? And how about on a beautiful piece of hardware designed just for that purpose? The idea is similar to the GP2X, but the feature set is a bit more next-generation: 800×480 touchscreen, dual analog sticks and an SNES-style D-pad and buttons, plus a QWERTY keyboard. It’s got nice guts, too… Read More

  • Tax Woes Rant Post v1.0

    All told, most of the CG team has to pay $10K+ out of pocket thanks to foolish freelancing planning. This post is for you to bitch about your own tax woes or to rub in your proper planning and rebates. Feel free to try to make me cry. Read More

  • Unreasonable Stance: Downloads can never replace optical disks

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own John Biggs takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers. What was the first thing you bought in January 1990? If you said “Food” or “a tankful of gas,”… Read More

  • TripSay Lets You Discover The World With A Little Help From Your Friends (Beta Invites)

    When I was in Amsterdam a week ago, a startup founder from Finland named Leo Koivulehto showed me his travel site TripSay, which is in closed private beta. The first 200 readers to send an e-mail to info [at] tripsay [dot] com with “TechCrunch” in the subject will get a beta invite. TripSay combines social recommendations with a travel search engine that auto-suggests cities… Read More

  • Robotic sculpture reminds of how I feel after drinking too much port

    Ever feel like someone is inside your gut pulling levers and causing you to chomp madly at passers-by? Then you know how Big Man by sculptor Nemo Gould feels. Big Man has a Little Man in his tummy causing gastrointestinal distress by pulling levers and pushing buttons. The sculpture is made of cast off junk and is about eight feet tall. Gould built it for the San Jose Art Museum for an exhibit… Read More

  • Australians outlaw "illegal" laser pointer use

    In a smashing blow against my neighbor Carmine, Australia has outlawed high power laser pointers. Like Carmine, Australians cannot be trusted with high powered lasers and, like Carmine one night last summer, they’ve been shooting them at airplanes. WA Police have reported people pointing lasers at a Royal Flying Doctor plane, a police helicopter, a rescue helicopter, and several… Read More

  • Rockstar details GTA IV multiplayer modes

    Last week Rockstar released screen shots for various levels and modes of multiplayer to everyone’s delight. Well, details regarding those screen shots have emerged for Team and Race modes. Enjoy. Read More

  • $399 Leopard machine from small company, potential lawsuit magnet

    A company called Psystar is promising a $399 “Leopard-compatible” PC with OS X pre-installed. No one has verified these claims but there’s some talk that it’s a variant of the osx86project running on stock hardware. We shall see. Sadly, the site is currently hosed. Power Computing, anyone? Read More

  • THIS JUST IN: Some people don't want XP to go away

    On June 30th, Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP. According to the Associated Press, some people aren’t too thrilled “that Microsoft has the power to enforce the phase-out from a stable, decent product to one that many consider worse, while profiting from the move.” Better start a petition, huh? Galen Gruman of InfoWorld has done just that with the “Save Windows… Read More

  • Atom-based tiny computer/huge phone from Sharp

    I can’t wait until more and more of these things come out and all of a sudden you go to a baseball game and see everyone sitting in their seats half-sideways with one leg all the way outstretched so they don’t damage the huge phone in their pockets. Ha! Anyway, that dream is coming to Japan in June thanks to Sharp and mobile carrier Willcom. The Intel Atom-based cell… Read More

  • So, Blockbuster wants to buy Circuit City

    Blockbuster has just made a bid for Circuit City, effectively offering shareholders double what their shares are worth. The $6 to $8 bid (Circuit City stopped trading at $3.90 last week) hasn’t just confused me, but real life retail analysts. Said one, “It’s an odd move… Synergies between a video store and an electronics store aren’t that obvious.” I agree. Read More

  • Why is a TV following me on Twitter?

    Thank God I got into Twitter just before it became flooded with spam. Now I can watch it slowly crumble under failed commercialism, just like the Internet! Something that appears to be an RSS feed of Sony Bravia news — with a direct link to an Amazon shopping page — just added itself to the twitter.com/crunchgear account. Luckily this is just amounts to two robots reading each… Read More

  • They caught the dudes that cut the undersea cables

    Actually, let’s be fair — there could be some dudettes involved too. At any rate, two of the recently-severed undersea cables have been accounted for, as authorities in Dubai have impounded two ships that were caught by satellite photos taken directly over the cables at the time they were cut. According to PC Pro, “The MV Hounslow and MT Ann have both been detained by the… Read More

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