• New Yahoo Logo Spotted in the Wild

    Could the purple logo to the right represent a new Yahoo branding initiative? Or just a photoshop hit job? Ben Sweat, a product manager at Snap, claims to have spotted it at the top of the Yahoo homepage in Firefox 3 this morning (see shot below). But when he tried to replicate the logo in Internet Explorer, it was gone. Our attempts to load the new logo, in either Firefox or IE, were also… Read More

  • EA's Peter Moore says to expect great things from upcoming sports titles

    Peter Moore, seen here playing DDR, is rather bullish on EA’s sports properties. Rather than “rest on its laurels,” he says EA’s upcoming sports titles will be incredible, expect nothing but the best, etc. Several EA sports games have won sports game of the year honors from various publications; Madden was the fourth best selling game overall last year; NASCAR has… Read More

  • Flixwagon Streams Live Video From The iPhone

    Seven months after we first saw video on the iPhone in action, Flixwagon appears to have beaten its better-known rival Qik to the punch by getting its streaming video service to work on unlocked iPhones (or at least by demonstrating to the public first that it has done so). Qik is undoubtedly looking to support the iPhone but has so far been rather noncommittal. Perhaps it was waiting to… Read More

  • People buy iPhone not because it's a great phone, but for all that mobile broadband fun

    Wait, so people buy the iPhone not for the phone, but for the other goodies? I never knew! An analyst at J Arnold & Associates, based in Toronto, says people buy the iPhone not as a phone, per se, but as a mobile broadband platform. Still, the same guy says RIM doesn’t really have anything to worry about re: people switching over to the iPhone in an enterprise market. RIM and… Read More

  • Mozilla keeps promise, Firefox 3 here on June 17th

    Next Tuesday is Firefox 3 Day, according to Mozilla’s developer news web site. The most recent release candidate was made available on June 5th yesterday, so that’s a pretty quick turnaround – a sign to me that the browser’s definitely stable. I’ve spoken to a number of people who have been using the various Firefox 3 betas and release candidates without very… Read More

  • New kissing robot from Japan

    Sega Toys today announced [JP, PDF] they will start selling a new humanoid robot in Japan, E.M.A., on September 26th. E.M.A. stands for “Eternal, Maiden, Actualization” (whatever that means). The robot is supposed to be female and stands 38 cm tall. Sega says E.M.A. is especially remarkable because of its “glamorous body” and high level of interactivity. The robot is… Read More

  • Sweater Friends Episode 6: John "Beetle Pants" Biggs

    Tune in every Friday at 1PM, Eastern to listen to CrunchGear Talk Radio. Subscribe to Sweater Friends via RSS: http://blip.tv/rss/bookmarks/161708 Subscribe via iTunes: itpc://blip.tv/bookmarks/rss/161708/itunes Read More

  • Microsoft Surface now at Harrah's casino in Vegas

    Microsoft Surface debuted at Harrah’s in Las Vegas yesterday. The tables come with several programs that make throwing your money away all the more enjoyable. One such program, called Mixologists, lets gamblers create their own drink, which then presumably sends the order out to the bar. There’s also one to watch YouTube videos (oh, great), and one that lets people chat and flirt… Read More

  • Twingly Blog Search Engine Now Public (With Widgets)

    Swedish startup Twingly opened up its blog search engine to the public this morning. It now covers 30 million blogs, and results can be sorted by authority (number of incoming links) or most recent posts. There is also a spam-free search option that only brings back results from the hundreds of thousands of white-list blogs it knows to be real. (Read our earlier coverage, for more… Read More

  • Six Apart Introduces BlogIt For iPhone

    Six Apart has introduced an iPhone version of their BlogIt software, which allows users to quickly post updates to their blogs, Twitter, Pownce, FriendFeed, Jaiku, and Facebook. The current version of BlogIt is a traditional iPhone web-based app, though we can expect a native version on the way (Six Apart announced a native version of TypePad at Apple’s WWDC conference earlier this week). Read More

  • PlayPhone and Cellufun Partnership: Good for Mobile Gamers

    PlayPhone, operator of the largest network of mobile content destinations in North America, has formed a marketing partnership with Cellufun, the world’s largest mobile gaming portal. PlayPhone now has access to over 5.5 million monthly unique visitors, nearly 75 million monthly page views and a large catalog of ad-supported free mobile games from its partner Cellufun. “This… Read More

  • Glu Mobile Partners with Sony Pictures Television International

    Glu Mobile, the mobile game company, has partnered with Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) to distribute Glu titles on behalf of SPTI in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Commenting on the agreement, Mike Wald, senior vice president, pay television and new media distribution, SPTI said: “This agreement with Glu is… Read More

  • RepairPal, It's Like Google Health for Your Car

    Going to the mechanic is like going to the doctor. When something needs to be fixed, for most people there is no easy way to tell if they are being charged the going rate or are being ripped off. Enter RepairPal, a new site launching publicly today where you can get price estimates for different parts and repair jobs for your car. You enter your car year, model, and mileage, and it spits… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cramped Apartment Afternoon Edition

    Amazing mini 3D-display cube developed in Japan
    Bierstick: Two beers in under two seconds
    For digital TV switch, man upgrades half-century-year-old TV
    New AUV called Seaglider arrives from iRobot
    Meet the girl from the Wii Fit video Read More

  • HP to ship Turion X2 (Puma)-based laptops

    Along with the “b”- and “s”-series laptops, HP announced a handful of Pavilion laptops and a Compaq Presario notebook that will ship with the recently announced Puma chipset from AMD. Some of the advantages with the new Turion X2 chips includes longer battery life and compatibility with HD video. The notebooks include the Pavilion: dv4t, dv5t, dv7t, tx2500z and the… Read More

  • Monster announces wireless HD kit, Digital Express HD

    It’s a little unclear in the AP report whether or not Monster is releasing two separate wireless HD kits or just one. I’m positive the latter is the case here. Monster is utilizing the Sigma Designs’ UWB technology. You may recall that Westinghouse announced an LCD TV back at CES with built-in UWB. The Digital Express HD kit includes a receiver that connects to your HDTV via… Read More

  • WSJ confirms Palm Centro coming to Verizon this Friday for $99

    If it’s in the WSJ then it must be true! Was there any doubt that Verizon would try and sell the Centro for more than $99? They’d be shooting themselves in the foot if they did. Read More

  • Firefox Mobile concept demo looks amazing

    When Firefox Mobile was first announced, I was a liiiittle bit skeptical. Was there really room for yet another mobile browser? Aza Raskin, head of User Experience for the Mozilla group, released a video today which shows off just a few UI concepts they’ve been tossing around, and it all looks outstanding. If this video is any indication of how much thought they’re putting into… Read More

  • $1.2 Billion For iPhone Apps in 2009. What is Gene Munster Smoking?

    I am as much an iPhone cultist as the next guy, but Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is taking this cult thing a little too far. He estimates that by the end of 2009 there will be 55 million iPhone users and that the iPhone App store alone could be a $1.2 billion business. Whatever he’s smoking, I want some of it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the new iPhone apps will be… Read More

  • Gaycities Tries To Make Reviews Less Anonymous

    Gaycities, a review website for members of the LGBT community, has revamped its interface and introduced a number of new features that should help make their reviews more relevant. Founder Scott Gatz says that the LGBT community is very diverse, and that many reviewers have dramatically different tastes. To help deal with the diversity, Gaycities is introducing improved user profiles that… Read More

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