• 500 Private Beta Invites For TC50 Startup OtherInbox

    Want to keep all of your marketing offers (and spam) in a separate email account that is easy to manage? That’s the idea behind OtherInbox, a startup that launched at TechCrunch50. We have 500 invites for the private beta (get ’em while they last). As we wrote during the company’s launch last week: Otherinbox tries to solve the problem of email overload. According to… Read More

  • Social Gaming Site Muzui Helps You Get Your Game On

    Muzui, a social gaming site that lets you play casual mobile and Flash-based games online or on a cell phone with friends today announced that it has launched the service to the public. When you decide to play a game in Muzui, you can either sign up or play as a guest. If you play as a guest, you won’t be able to connect with friends in the social sphere, but you can play as much as… Read More

  • Biodiesel's big break: Processors making their way into normal retail stores

    Biodiesel is about to make the move from weirdo hobby to mainstream normality. Go Green Home Stores is working on bringing biodiesel brewers to its stores, making it so that folks don’t have to create their own ad-hoc device. You’d still have to supply the bio—mainly old vegetable oil—but you wouldn’t have to figure out, for example, how to turn an old water… Read More

  • Wallop Takes A Leap Into the Deadpool

    Once the brainchild of Microsoft Research, Wallop joined the fray of social networks back in 2006 when the company’s CEO told the world that it wanted to compete with the likes of Facebook and MySpace, but do so by providing users with an unlimited capacity to upload digital media and have a revenue model that didn’t revolve around advertising, but instead it would revolve around… Read More

  • Given the worrisome financial climate, how do you convince folks to subscribe to Sirius XM?

    You may have woken up to news that we’ll all be standing in bread lines in just a few short weeks—I’ll be back in the US of A in just about a month to witness the country’s unraveling in person—so credit to Sirius XM’s Mel Karmazin for trying to keep the company afloat. Sirius XM is, after all, a luxury expense; when there’s proper bills to pay… Read More

  • Best Buy Puzzles With Napster Acquisition

    Best Buy announced today that it has acquired Napster for $121 million in cash. The company said that it will keep Napster’s executive team and will leave the Napster service and its estimated 700,000 users in place without changing much in the near-term. During the 2008 fiscal year ending March 31, Napster had revenue of $127.5 million, and a loss of $16.5 million. The loss was an… Read More

  • Union Square Puts Seed Round Into Zemanta

    Union Square Ventures has invested $650,000 seed money into Zemanta, in what appears to be the first ever investment in a Slovenian tech company by a US VC. That takes Zemanta’s total war chest to $2.2 million raised from USV and the other two investors so far, Eden Ventures and The Accelerator Group in London. Read More

  • September 17: A big day for Creative, we think

    Fans of Creative should get themselves ready for an exciting September 17. Why’s that? Well, that picture certainly alludes to something. Creative has been sending out special media invites for an event on September 17. The above picture clearly features an X-Fi logo. Whether that means Creative will unveil a new line of PMPs, or, who knows, an iPod dock (oh God, not another one!)… Read More

  • Flutter: It's MMS for the iPhone.. sort of.

    Little known fact: Steve Jobs has a time machine. No, not the OS X 10.5 “Time Machine” backup system. An actual Sherman-and-Mr.Peabody time machine. He doesn’t use it often, because he kind of considers it cheating. The last time he used it was right before the launch of the original iPhone. He traveled forward 30 years, only to find that no one used picture messaging on… Read More

  • Deal's off: Electronic Arts no longer pursuing Take Two

    Electronic Arts has “moved on,” and is no longer interested in buying Take Two Interactive, the publisher of, among of games, Grand Theft Auto IV. EA made it official sometime Sunday evening, ending the months-long back-and-forth between the two companies. Ask any gamer, and they’d tell you Electronic Arts was simply looking to buy the Grand Theft Auto brand, which, at least… Read More

  • Crossloop Raises $6 Million Series B

    Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends. Investors are putting $6 million more into CrossLoop, the peer-to-peer IT help desk app. Venrock is leading the round, and previous investor El Dorado Ventures is also participating. El Dorado led the $3 million series A in December, 2007. CrossLoop is a do-it-yourself tech support app that lets you take over someone else’s… Read More

  • Citizen presents world's smallest radio-controlled watch movement

    Citizen Watch developed the world’s smallest movement for radio-controlled wristwatches [JP]. The so-called H010 measures just 18.5mm in diameter and 3.4mm in thickness. Despite of these dimensions, Citizen claims the movement is very robust and can operate for about three years on a single charge. The company plans to use the movement for women’s wristwatches starting next month. Read More

  • Legendary camera brand Yashica comes back from the dead

    After getting bought in 1983 by Kyocera, which abandoned the brand name in 2005, Japan’s legendary camera maker Yashica makes an unexpected comeback. Tokyo-based Exemode [JP] will sell digital cameras,¬† camcorders and a digital photo frame under the Yashica brand starting October/November 2008. The products are nothing special but targeted at older customers, Exemode is hoping the… Read More

  • Google Chrome Comic Book Auction Up To $1,501

    Our auction of a physical copy of the Google Chrome comic book is up to $1,501. It ends today and all of the proceeds will go to DonorsChoose, an innovative not-for-profit corporation that raises money for schools. Only a limited number of these were printed, but Google hasn’t yet said how many there are out there. If you’d like to continue bidding on the book, please leave your… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Outta My Way Edition

    ‘Mini-Motion’ games with tiny controllers coming
    Internet-connected toaster burns news into bread
    Japanese company sells emergency shoes
    This chair is made from Xboxen (and steel)
    End of the world on Wednesday, take a half day today
    New Nano vs. New Zune: Fight! Read More

  • Facebook Isn't A Social Network. And Stop Trying to Make New Friends There

    A controversy is brewing over a popular Facebook application called PackRat, where users collect sets of illustrated cards for points and levels. The company behind the application, Alamofire, says that users generate up to 500 daily page views per day on the application trying to hunt down the right card to complete a collection. A big part of the game is “stealing” cards from… Read More

  • SNL tears into the T-Mobile Fav 5 commercial

    http://www.hulu.com/embed/0Jj6zSP684dbae0cMGbvPw Just a bit of fun for anyone checking in on an otherwise slow Sunday, straight from last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. The show itself was hit-or-miss from sketch to sketch, but this one had us rolling. Read More

  • ASUS taking on the Omnia with a 5-MP WinMo handset of their own?

    Wuh-oh. Looks like the Samsung Omnia might soon have a heavy-handed challenger in the 5 MP Windows Mobile 6.1 handset arena. The specs are in no way official until ASUS gets around to makin’em so, but heres what can be gleaned from the shots: it has got a trackball in place of the Omnia’s optical sensor, a front facing camera, 3g, WiFi, Bluetooth, a solid resolution touch… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two might make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: ASUS taking on the Omnia with a 5-MP WinMo handset of their own? Congrats to our Newber beta key… Read More

  • Micromessaging at the crossroads

    BearHug Camp proved successful at bringing together a wide swath of what is known as the open micro blogging community. With companies including Twitter, Laconica/Identi.ca, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, bit.ly, and Seesmic/Twhirl, some 1700 of those who couldn’t make it in person followed over Leo Laporte’s TWiT-TV Live streamcast. While most media folks took their leads from… Read More

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