• Forget that keychain breathalyzer, what you want is this Halitosis Detector

    Actually, you might want both. One to see how thick your beer goggles are and/or whether you should take a taxi, and then if that test goes okay, time to check your breath will be a deal-breaker. What you really need is a gadget that’s a breathalyzer on one side, a halitosis detector on the other, and then a pez/altoid dispenser on the bottom. Man, I’m a freaking… Read More

  • LiMo Foundation to Launch Phone Platform in March

    The LiMo Foundation plans to release the first version of its Linux software platform for mobile phones this march. LiMo’s goal is to offer handset manufacturers and operators a hardware-independent software platform that is safe for downloadable applications. LiMo Foundation executive director Morgan Gillis isn’t happy with just publishing the code on time. He wants to put… Read More

  • Kodak is shrinking its cameraphone sensors

    There are already some phones that take some decent, high-megapixel pictures; Sony-Ericsson comes to mind as a company at the forefront of mobile phone cams. Kodak’s new sensor is a 1.4 micron-per-pixel CMOS, which saves space over the 1.75 micron-per-pixel sensors that are common now but keeps the photo quality. For tiny cameras like these, however, I think megapixels are the least… Read More

  • Slacker gets unboxed

    When you’ve seen one unboxing, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Laptop points out that the player is big and bulky, but it does have a 4-inch screen. Umm. Why do you need such a large screen for a device that doesn’t play video? The UI is very similar to the Web site so you won’t get discombobulated when using it. It has a touch strip for the sake of having some… Read More

  • Website Grader Gives Out Free SEO Tips

    Want to know how to get your Website high up in natural search results, but don’t want to pay a search engine optimization (SEO) firm just to find out what you are doing wrong? Now you can get a free, automated evaluation of your site on Website Grader. Just type in your Website address, and it will spit out a report detailing what you can do to boost your site’s SEO juice. It… Read More

  • Get Ready For Super Tuesday

    Tomorrow 24 states will hold their presidential primaries, the largest Super Tuesday in U.S. history, and what will be, effectively, a national primary. Last week we endorsed two presidential candidates based on their technology policies – Barack Obama for the Democrats and John McCain for the Republicans. We had good TV and blog coverage of the endorsements (see summary and clips… Read More

  • LG announces thin slider with Interactive Touch Lighting

    Ahead of 3GSM, or whatever it’s being called, LG has announced a 10.9-mm, slider with a 3-megapixel AF camera with a touch sensitive keypad. The KF510 is a fashion conscience device encased in metal with special metal gradation paint schemes, which is a fancy way of saying that’s available in red and black. Details are scarce, but the keypad uses something called Interactive… Read More

  • eBuddy, The Meebo Of Europe, Raises €6.5 million

    eBuddy, a web chat application that actually was around long before the similar high-flying Silicon Valley startup Meebo, raised €6.5 million in a Series B round of funding today. The investment was led by Prime Technology Ventures. The company had previously raised €5 million. eBuddy and Meebo are roughly equivalent according to worldwide Comscore numbers (4.8 million unique visitors… Read More

  • Jawbone's viral videos: Ummm… OK

    You know what? I’m tired of viral video. Just by posting it here I fall into the trap and there’s really no way around it — it’s a win-win for the advertiser and makes us look like rubes. The story is this: formerly staid and upright Bluetooth headset maker seems to be trying to shed its boring, Star Trek image by making a bunch of silly viral videos, this one included. Read More

  • Vista SP1 RTM starts today, downloadable mid-March

    Okay, over on the Microsoft Vista Blog they’ve announced that Vista with Service Pack 1 is now in the release-to-manufacturing stage, so in the not-too-distant future we’ll see new computers coming out with Vista SP1 preloaded. Wonderful. So what about the rest of us? We’ll get ours in the middle of March. Read More

  • Mobile networks give up, merge UGC portals to take on YouTube

    Several years after everyone else pointed out what they could do with their multimedia devices, the mobile carriers are waking up to the idea that users do not want to have to silo their “generated content” in mobile video portals owned by one operator and which have no incentive for them to generate the content in the first place. So today, 3 and O2 dragged journalists down to… Read More

  • Google's Android Is Already Delayed

    Google’s Android mobile operating system is already hitting snags. It is hardly out of the gate yet, and (correction) an update to the software development kit that programmers need to create applications for Android is being pushed back a few weeks. Because of this delay, the deadline for the $10 million Android Developer’s Challenge is also being pushed back a month from March 3… Read More

  • Motorola sneak peek from Mobile World Congress

    Looks like Moto is trying to tell us their new phones will have some hot TV action. No news yet on what they’re releasing, but I’ll be there in force to rock out to some electro beats with the Spaniards. Read More

  • Natali Gets Loaded Today

    Former TechCrunch Writer Natali Del Conte’s new CNET TV show, Loaded, launched today. And true to CNET’s general policies, the show is not embeddable on other websites (you can see it here). Also standard CNET policy – they sort of borrowed a headline without attribution (Natali says “Google and Microsoft exectuives were not watching the Superbowl on Sunday” –… Read More

  • MobileCrunch at MWC 2008

    I’m headed to Barcelona tomorrow and will be rolling around the Catalonian country-side for a few days before MWC, which starts next Monday. I’d love to talk to start-up folk and/or fans in B-town and Girona. My number in Spain, thanks to the super-cool MaxRoam, will be +34957780732 and my SMS-only number will be +972543563127. I’m also available via email. I’d like to… Read More

  • HOW TO stay a virgin this Valentine's Day

    So you’re in love. You decide not to get “store bought flowers or jewelry” for your lucky lover and instead make a fiber optic rose of the type found in .99 cent stores all up and down the Eastern Seaboard. This, in fact, is a poor decision and will not get you any play or even a call back. But that doesn’t matter, right guys? Because our objects of affection work in… Read More

  • Wrap your iPhone in crystal

    PowerSupport just launched a “crystal” (actually plastic) iPhone case that protects your precious and offers a unique little stand to keep her comfortably upright during long flights. The twee jacket includes a plastic front and back protective covering and costs $29.95. Best of all, there’s a little haiku on the page: Music can transcend.
    It’s what feeds the soul, spirit.
    Read More

  • Greystripe Adds Ten New Distribution Partners

    Greystripe announced today that it has added ten new distribution partners for Greystripe’s AdWRAP Catalog Platform. Greystripe is the world’s largest distributor of ad-supported mobile games and applications. 40 partners now account for 85% of all downloads of Greystripe titles. AdWRAP was launched a year ago and now has 40 partners including Zedge, Cellware, Tagtag… Read More

  • Ships did not cut undersea cable

    Da-dunt! Da-dunt! Da-dunt! I can’t stand it/I know you planned it… Well, it seems ships didn’t break the network cable links to Egypt — now they’re suspecting submarines. Not sure what to make of this development and unless Islamo-fascists have access to undersea vehicles and care enough to keep the devleloping world from connecting to the Internet, I don’t… Read More

  • CondeNet Goes Beyond Being A Copyright Cop; Approaches Infringement As A Business Opportunty

    Digital media fingerprinting technologies are quickly becoming part of every media company’s arsenal when it comes to combating copyright infringement on the Web. So far, most media companies have used the technology primarily as an enforcement tool, in conjunction with their subpeona machines. But CondéNet, the online arm of Condé Nast magazines, is looking for ways to use… Read More

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