• HydraCoach To Boost Your Wii Fitness

    Should you need a water break from the endless hours of Wii Sports you play, the HydraCoach may just come in handy. Via the LCD display it calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks fluid consumption throughout your rigorous day, paces your intake so you can meet those lofty hydration goals and motivates you so you don’t pull a muscle logging all those hours on the Wii. What about the… Read More

  • Lazy Wii Guy Shows You How It's Done

    I feel like a fool for running around the living room. Wii Bit Lazy [Joystiq] Read More

  • AT&T Adds Pay-Per-Use PTT to Offerings

    AT&T Adds Pay-Per-Use PTT to Offerings

    Push to talk, or PTT, sucks. There aren’t many things more annoying than being at the mall and hearing someone’s phone chirp followed by a disembodied voice saying, “Dude, we’re at the Mervyns!” We hate that. Cingular/AT&T, though, thinks we deserve more of it, as it’s allowing all of its customers with compatible hardware access to PTT with other customers… Read More

  • Florida Governor Fed Up With E-Voting

    Florida Governor Fed Up With E-Voting

    After the past two presidential elections, it’s easy to see why Florida Gov. Charlie Crist wants to ditch electronic voting machines in favor of paper-based ballots. Crist notes that the 2000 race specifically was a wake up call that something needed to be done to fix the problems associated with voting electronically. He will be asking Florida legislature for $20 million in funding to… Read More

  • Jack Bauer Gear at Uncrate

    Jack Bauer Gear at Uncrate

    Uncrate has tenaciously gone through the catalog of all the gear Jack Bauer regularly uses on “24.” It’s a show I’ve tried several times unsuccessfully to get into. Oh well. Foremost (read: most expensive) among these gadgets is a fancy pants Special Ops Watch. Its rugged design makes it ideal for any counter-terrorism operations. The watch features LED lighting, a tempered… Read More

  • Vista Aero: Linux Is Eating Your Lunch

    Take a look at this screengrab from an AMD machine running Linux. What are we seeing? Wobbly, transparent windows, hot UI effects, an amazing 3D task switcher, and enough eye-candy to make Vista Ultimate look like Midnight Commander. I’m not saying we all go out and pick up a copy of Ubuntu, but maybe that’s actually what I’m saying. What is this machine running? An older GeForce… Read More

  • Sony Profit Down, Nintendo Profit Up: Is CG Wrong?

    Sony Profit Down, Nintendo Profit Up: Is CG Wrong?

    Wii: Great for babies, the mentally deficient. It seems that Sony’s games division lost 54.2 billion yen ($445 million dollars) after the release of the PS3 this year. The company attributes the loss to problems during the launch including a general inability to make any units available to anyone. They also had some kind of problem with exploding batteries. In related news, the Times is… Read More

  • Blog + Widget = Blidget

    , a marketplace for Web widgets, now lets you quickly and easily build a widget for your blog. Called Blidgets, they combine the power of RSS feeds with the “easy page integration of widgets.” The Blidget Maker auto-discovers RSS feeds, images and descriptions for the blog and then lets you customize the look and feel. Once created, a one-click integration feature easily installs it… Read More

  • OKWAP (Who??) Launching a Phone

    Taiwan’s OKWAP announces they are jumping into the shark infested smartphone pool. The S868 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and incorporates a 2.4 inch touch-screen, 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared, stylus and alphanumeric keypad but it does keep its dainty figure weighing in at a mere 4.3 ounces. To set themselves apart OKWAP has added their own shortcut menu as well as… Read More

  • Panasonic Updates Lumix Line Nine Times

    The good people of Panasonic have dropped not one, not two, but nine DMC digital picture taking machines this morning into our hot, hot inboxen. The line-up has pretty much something for everybody, from low-end to mid-range. Here, we look at our three favorites. Read More

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  • Got Wood? LG Does And They're Going Back To The Future

    LG has announced their limited-edition run of the 60PT1 wrapped in wood instead of the sleek and lighter cases most modern boob tubes have today. The 60 inch plasma TV is set to launch the beginning of Q2 in SK with a 1,000 unit limited-edition run. No word on pricing yet but I imagine it setting you back quite a bit. I guess it’s cool to have your modern TV look like it was made back in the… Read More

  • Zune Battery Possibly Cracking Displays

    Zune Battery Possibly Cracking Displays

    Rumor ’round the fabricated watercooler is that the Zune is trying to commit suicide. Apparently the lithium ion battery behind the Zune’s display is swelling from overheating and putting a great deal pressure on the screen, causing it to crack or break. Microsoft says the issue doesn’t pertain to its warranty so users who have had this happen to them are pretty much SOL. We here… Read More

  • Kingston Named Official CompactFlash for Miss America

    We don’t watch the Miss America pageant. We think it’s ultimately demeaning to women and sets an impossibly absurd ideal of what a woman should look and act like, fixing hopeless standards of beauty for young women the nation over. Also, the swimsuit competition just isn’t as hot as it used to be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find some way to geek out about it. Read More

  • NYC's Robotic Parking Garage

    NYC's Robotic Parking Garage

    The Big Apple is catching on to the increasingly high demand for more parking and is solving the problem in Chinatown with robots. Automotion Parking Systems will be opening the first automatic, robotic parking garage in NYC next month. The garage will have only one attendant available to take cash payments and to explain the system to new users. Costing about $400 a month or $25 per day, a driver… Read More

  • Mobio Mobile Lifestyle Portal: Useful Web Services On Your Cell

    Cingular’s 3G network allows me to do much more with my mobile handset, such as take advantage of services like JuiceCaster and MyWaves. Mobio Networks now joins that group with its GetMobio product. GetMobio is a free service you can download to your cell phone that loads you up with 50 dynamic applications and widgets that work together and are based on mash-ups of Web services. And as new… Read More

  • RAZR Gets An iPhone Theme

    RAZR Gets An iPhone Theme

    It’s understandable that someone would want to skin their smartphone with an iPhone skin while they wait for the real thing to drop. A number of iPhone themes have appeared and a few of them actually look decent. But a Motorola RAZR? I guess nothing says “iPhone” more than a cheap, crappy phone that every person in the country has. Completely useless? Totally. Still want it? You… Read More

  • Sandio 3D Game O' Mouse

    Sandio 3D Game O' Mouse

    Sandio, a 3D input technology company, has begun shipping its 3D Game O’ mouse. The mouse boasts unique 6DOF 3D input technology that makes it versatile for 3D applications. The laser mouse features resolutions up to 2000 dpi and it sounds a voice as the dpi changes. The key to this device though is its independent 3D 6DOF command generation. The 3D 6DOF technology allows users extra 3D… Read More

  • Sony's 70-inch Bravia Powerhouse

    Sony's 70-inch Bravia Powerhouse

    With the Super Bowl coming up, a lot of you are probably running out to Best Buy to pick up an HDTV for the game (which you’ll promptly return on Monday). Too bad you’re not going to be able to get your paws on this beast from Sony in time, as this 70-inch LCD TV doesn’t hit stores until later next month. For $33,000, you’ll be getting the Sony Bravia XBR 70-inch LCD flat… Read More

  • The Floppy is Dead, Part 523

    The Floppy is Dead, Part 523

    PC World, a British computer superstore, has stopped ordering floppies and will stop selling them when their on-hand supplies run out. While this is not news to us super nerds, it’s important to note that we once were able to drag files over back and forth between computers on little disks of spinning plastic that could hold 1.44 megabytes of data. Let’s all bow our heads for a moment… Read More

  • You're My Fave! Contest Update

    You're My Fave! Contest Update

    If you’ve yet to participate in the You’re My Fave! contest, you have about two more hours to enter yourself into the running before the contest ends at 12 noon EST. To participate, all you have to do is head over to Technorati, log in or create an account (make a fake one for all we care), favorite us and take a screenshot. Send the screenshot to contest at crunchgear dotter com with… Read More