• Zagat Survey on the Go

    Zagat Survey launches an advertising supported (free) Web site, ZAGAT.mobi. Zagat Survey is known the world over as the “burgundy bible.” If you are in a strange city and want to get information on restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment, Zagat Survey has up-to-date ratings and descriptions of all these amenities. Major cities around the world are listed and ranked by… Read More

  • Cyclists Always Get The Coolest Jackets

    Safety gear for cyclists just got a little cooler thanks to Michael Chen. His cycling jacket, the Reactiv, is geeked out with LEDs that indicate whether you’re breaking, turning or accelerating. He hopes to get this into production by years end and it will hopefully reach the masses for around $200. Cycling jacket with built-in brake lights and indicators [Spluch] Read More

  • Canon Officially Announces EOS 40D

    It’s all true except for one minor detail. The highly anticipated DSLR for prosumers is here, sort of. It looks like the September 20 release might be a little off. The EOS 40D is scheduled for an early September delivery. The body alone is $1,299 while a kit version with Canon’s EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM zoom lens will cost you $1,499. Press Release Read More

  • Windows Home Server Launching August 27, Don't Hold Your Breath

    Because you’ll die. According to a MS spokesperson, “The only thing that is available on Aug. 27 is tech support for system builders”. We already know that the software has been released to OEMs, but that’s about it for now. A few Kiwis and Aussies have begun selling WHS for $150. We probably won’t see anything until September or October. Ah shucks. Windows… Read More

  • Wii Hacked To Play DVDs

    I’ve veered away from doing anything to my gf’s precious Wii because the chances of me breaking it are quite high and then she’d kill me, seriously, but I’m thinking this time around I’ll have to give it the ole college try. Of course I’ll have to mod the Wii before attempting this simple, yet, clever hack that requires me to boot up from a CD and switch to… Read More

  • Samsung UFO Cellphones: Mind The Heat Ray

    Remember during the 90s when every two-bit TV network put “They’ve Seen a UFO!” on the air? Yup, they were completely stupid all right. I very much doubt Samsung had those programs, and the related UFO subculture, in mind when it came up with the name for its SCH-W300, SPH-W3000 and SGH-U700 cellphones. They are known—surprise!—as the UFO. I really don’t… Read More

  • PC Demo Of BioShock Coming Tonight

    I’m with Vince on this whole BioShock thing. I don’t know anything about it, but after watching the trailers and perusing the Web for other tidbits I won’t lie when I say this is going to be an awesome game. So frigging awesome that I’m going to reinstall Bootcamp or, now that I think about it, VMWare Fusion just so I can download and play the demo tonight! It’s… Read More

  • BioBlox: Adrenalin Fueled Tetris

    Ah Tetris, a favorite pastime from my irie eyed college days. I spent countless days skipping my morning classes to play Tetris with my roommates and be the top dog in the house. Sadly it never happened. All the adrenaline would get me flustered as the levels got faster and I’d just crash and burn. Eh, it happens. Tetris will always be a favorite of mine, so I’m on the fence about… Read More

  • Future N-Gage Platform to Feature I-play Games

    Nokia’s new N-Gage platform, which launches this fall, will feature game entertainment from the fun people at I-Play. The first available games from I-play will be, World Rally Championship, and Super Mah Jong. As the importance and profitability of games gets realized in the mobile industry, more device launches are bound to be tied with entertainment software. “I-play brings… Read More

  • Rumor: iPod Nano Gets Redesign, New Colors

    Well, it’s been 11 months since we’ve seen a new nano and there’s a bit of news, albeit from the rumor mill, about the new nano that is set to drop some time before the end of the year, possibly at the Apple Expo in Paris. The above chop photoshop job from 9 to 5 Mac is obviously not the real thing, but the new redesign will entail a screen that takes up half of its facade. Read More

  • Wireless Contracts Ironclad but Starting to Rust

    The Washington Post reported that Corey Taylor of Chicago was sick of his wireless provider’s poor service. He didn’t want to pay the $175 early termination fee so Taylor’s sickness became terminal. With the help of a friend, his mobile phone provider received a forged death certificate. “I thought, ‘What have I got to lose, besides a cell phone I… Read More

  • Google Takes Stake In Tianya.cn

    Google has acquired a stake in Chinese social portal Tianya.cn. Tianya.cn offers a variety of services including user blogs, classifieds, photo hosting, news, sports news and University information. The site is ranked as the 63rd most popular website in China according to Alexa. As reported August 17, Google stated its intention to acquire 1 or 2 China focused internet companies and invest in… Read More

  • GrandCentral's "One Number For Life" Not Really

    So much for GrandCentral’s “one number for life” promise. The company is turning off customer phone numbers and giving them new ones following their acquisition by Google last month. Troy Schneider received such a notice, advising him that in 8 days his GrandCentral number would be canceled and that he would be required to immediately start using a new number allocated to him. Read More

  • Windows Users Caused Skype Outage

    Skype has finally explained the reasons behind the 36+ hour outage of their popular P2P VOIP service last week: Windows Users. According to Skype the outage was caused by “a massive restart of our user’s computers across the globe within a very short timeframe as they re-booted after receiving a routine software update” which The Register points out was Microsoft’s… Read More

  • British Text for Pizza

    Domino’s Pizza has made it simple for the British to order pizza from the 470 outlets in the country: text it. There is no need to search for the nearest Domino’s in a directory. By texting your order, the nearest Domino’s will find you. Before this service is available, a customer has to register with Domino’s Pizza online and set up a “favorite (favourite)… Read More

  • Betting On Second Life Stock Exchanges

    After the recent ban on gambling, Second Life residents have had reduced opportunities on where spend their hard earned (or bought) Lindens (the Second Life in-world currency). The world of share trading, regarded by some to be actually worse than gambling, has started to make its presence felt in Second Life. I went undercover (see picture) to see if good money could be made. First… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Pizza Delivery Edition

    THE Helio Fin Review
    Telescoping Fork: What Yogi Uses During Football Season
    OMG, Text 4 Ur Pizza? LMAO!
    Mix Tape USB: Totally Retro Awesome
    Dragon’s Lair for HD DVD Now Available Read More

  • Zivity: Silicon Valley Elite Dabble in Adult Content

    Porn is big business, and the industry has been quick to adapt by copying successful features of new consumer Internet sites. But one thing we haven’t seen until now: respected Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors taking a direct interest in funding or running these sites. The potential payoff from a successful adult site is clearly too high for Silicon Valley to continue to ignore… Read More

  • What Ever Happened To GDrive?

    Google Blogscoped points to a Google video created by a Google employee (now private) that shows the Gdrive Platypus icon overlaid with the lyrics, “I’ve been ready to launch my product since 2002 … At least round here 5 years ain’t so long overdue.” Philipp Lenssen suggests that perhaps Google’s online storage solution might have been canceled, but not… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Last Call for Birthday Fun

    Just a reminder: our red hot Red Sky party is still on. We’ll be meeting on the 20th at 7pm and we’ll have some great giveaways. If you’ve sent an RSVP to either party@crunchgear.com or on the Facebook group, then you and all your guests are accounted on the list and you’ll be entered in the giveaway drawings. Click through to read the specifics. IF YOU RECEIVED AN… Read More

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