• Vonage Discusses $39 Million Settlement with AT&T

    Vonage, an Internet phone company, is in negotiation talks with AT&T to settle a lawsuit involving patent infringements. Vanage is asking to pay $39 million over the next five years to put things right. In October, Vonage settled with Sprint Nextel for $80 million and with Verizon Communications for between $80 million and $120 million, the amount to be determined in a future court… Read More

  • Digg/coRank Acquisition Rumors False, But Digg White Label Business Might Be Coming

    A hot rumor early this week/ late last week had Digg in acquisition talks to acquire hosted social voting site provider coRank (coRank allows users to quickly create Digg-like sites in much the same way Ning allows people to create social networks). No one asked coRank to see if the rumor was true, so I did. CEO Rogelio Bernal Andreo denies being in acquisition talks with Digg: coRank is still… Read More

  • Live from the UK iPhone Launch

    The one guy in the UK who has one. They went all Lord of the Flies on him after this picture was taken. Only a few more hours until the folks in the Aulde Countree get to buy their O2-empowered iPhones. The phones go on sale at 6:02am — O2, get it — and TC UK editor Mike Butcher was kind enough to take a few photos of the fairly tame line. Apparently the crowd ate crisps and and… Read More

  • Facebook's New Ad Platform Illegal?

    We’ve already seen a backlash against Facebook’s Social Ads platform, however something far more serious may get in the way of Mark Zuckerberg’s quest for social networking domination. According to the NY Times, Facebook’s Social Ad platform may be illegal in New York under a 100 year old privacy law that states that “any person whose name, portrait, picture, or… Read More

  • Digital Telepathy Helps You Build Your Web 2.0 Startup

    San Diego based Digital Telepathy has changed direction from strategy-public relations to services, with a new model that will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted or needed a hand at getting their startup ideas off the ground. The concept is simple: Digital Telepathy offers three design my business options with varying service levels based on the length of each plan. The 15 day plan provides… Read More

  • Laser developed to fight viruses

    Physics professor K.T. Tsen announced last week that he successfully destroyed common viruses using pluses from an infared laser without harming the surrounding cells. Tsen’s primary focus is to use the technique against HIV, though he states the future of the laser may very well be in treating disease, not viruses. So, how does it work? The laser produces a vibration that shatters… Read More

  • How to fix an iPod that won't boot, revisited

    Hey, NY Times visitors: if you’re looking for the iPod fix-it article, you’ve come to the right place. Click here to read the full article and thanks for visiting. Read More

  • Best Buy handles blank disks in "Call of Duty 4" with grace, gift cards

    If you pick up the much touted Call of Duty 4, you might want to open it as soon as you buy it. No, not that you’ll get much use of it in the store, but because there are scattered reports of some boxes containing blank Philips disks instead of the game disks. These were from factory-sealed boxes from Best Buy. Consumerist has the scoop, but in a nutshell a kid buys the game, his… Read More

  • Show up the neighbors with this F1 inspired lawnmower

    I don’t have a lawn. I’m an apartment dweller, and I’m okay with that. But if you’re the domestic type who feels the need to thrash small single-leaved plants to impress your likewise shallow neighbors, you’re going to want to do it in style. Behold the majesty of the F1 lawn mower. It might look like a toy, but the F1 inspiration is in more than the shape… Read More

  • New Xbox 360 ring of death spotted: red-red/green-green

    What could this be? It’s a brand new error code spotted on the internally rearranged Falcon-based Xbox 360s. You’ve got two red lights on the right and two greens on the left. Wild message board speculation suggest it could be a brand new internal error or the same old “general hardware failure” that used to be represented by the red ring of death. But then why would… Read More

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