• Boeing brings online multiplayer wargaming to real war machines

    You’ve read Ender’s Game, right? The Orson Scott Card novel tells the story of Ender, a young man with a talent for tactical gaming who’s hand-picked and later trained to fly remote spacecraft from a video game like interface. Only after he win his final simulation does he lear it was all for real, and all the kills he’d racked up were actual kills. For those who… Read More

  • The random endorsement: modchips

    Let me take you back to 2002/03. I was 16, wise beyond my years for reasons outside of my control, and some type of gamer. An Xbox man. During the week I’d do all my homework, but once Friday afternoon rolled around, all bets were off. Whether it was Final Fantasy 94 or the FPS du jour, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else. It was a cozy little setup, comfortable in its… Read More

  • T-Mobile making it easy for you

    On T-Mobile? You’re going to like this. T-Mo is working on a new way to not-bone-as-hard customers when want to switch to another network. Currently, your early termination fee is the same if you’ve had your service for two months or fifteen months. This new plan would prorate your fee based on how long is left in your plan. It’s not the first time a carrier has talked… Read More

  • Legit DVDs in China to cost $3, combat piracy

    In China, if you want to buy a legitimate DVD of a movie made by Paramount or Warner Brothers, it’ll soon cost you only $3 and will be available two weeks after the movie’s theatrical release. That being said, $3 is “more than double the typical price for illicit street copies of the same movies,” according to Ars Technica. And pirates don’t have much incentive… Read More

  • Amazing history of Atari

    Bored this afternoon? Boss out of the office? Grab some coffee and read through this fascinating history of Atari from 1971 to 1977. This is a 20-pager, so rock some emulators to get you in the mood before digging in. The History of Atari: 1971-1977 [GamaSutra] Read More

  • Call of Duty 4 is a hit

    To say the least, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is different than any of the previous installments in the series. It doesn’t take place during a World War, the story doesn’t necessary tell a good vs. evil tale and most of the fire fights take place in the Middle East. So, does COD4 standout in the world of FPS giants like BioShock and Halo? Yes, it does. The game received a… Read More

  • The iPhone cometh – so win a Nano instead

    The Apple iPhone launches in the UK this Friday, and we’re already running a comp to win one. However, you may be happy with your Nokia/Samsung/LG/Crackberry/whatever smartphone, so to win one of five iPod Nanos instead, just do this simple task and indicate which UK or Irish town/city you live in. Remember to enter your correct email address when you comment so you can be contacted. Read More

  • Data: U.S. Internet Advertising to Double to $42 Billion Over Next Four Years

    The latest forecast for Internet advertising is out from eMarketer, which says that in the U.S. it will rise from $21 billion this year to $42 billion in 2011. During that time period, Web advertising’s share of the overall ad market in the U.S will also roughly double from 7.4 percent to 13.3 percent. Another data point: The average person online in the U.S. is expected to spend… Read More

  • Kane & Lynch: When swag almost causes a heart attack

    Not that anyone cares, but I nearly had a heart attack yesterday. Not because I was robbed or anything like that, but because I got a package in the mail. There’s an Eidos game coming out by the name of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Specifically I don’t know what it’s about—two men named Kane and Lynch, dead presumably—but the packaging it came in really freaked me out. Read More

  • Google Maps coming to your local Pump n' Munch?

    This will make people’s lives easier. That’s why I like Google, plain and simple. Gas pump manufacturer Gilbarco Veeder-Root is rolling out 3,500 Google Maps-enabled touchscreen pumps around the country that “include an Internet connection and will display Google’s mapping service in color on a small screen. Motorists will be able to scroll through several categories… Read More

  • Facebook ads will now target your friends based on your profile

    AP image I’m starting to think all this Facebook news of late puts the site in danger of jumping the shark. Every day it’s “omg Zuckerberg went to Wendy’s, had a number 2, what does this mean for Facebook?” Today’s news has to do with advertising and how the social networking Web site will use all the hot info you post about yourself to sell you crap. The… Read More

  • Ben Worthen of the WSJ: "Android will lead to the meltdown of corporate America; communism, alternate religions to follow"

    The gPhone is definitely creating a series of aftershocks in the journalism world. Two days after the big announcement, people are still talking, and it’s not all good. Even the stuffy WSJ gets into the act, calling the gPhone Android a tech nightmare waiting to happen. The argument goes that all this open source nonsense will raise unseen security risks in secure environments of… Read More

  • True Knowledge launches open beta

    True Knowledge, ‘plain English’ answers engine, has today launched its open beta. Back in September the site won around £600,000 in backing from Octopus Ventures. Developed by AI software developer and entrepreneur William Tunstall-Pedoe, True Knowledge is out to change the way factual information is made accessible via the Internet. By structuring facts in a way that machines… Read More

  • Skiboot flask: Because there's no better place to get trashed than on an icy mountain

    We like to drink. In fact, we’re all drunk right now. However, I, personally, rarely drink on the ski slopes simply because I’m afraid of hitting trees, babies, and the ground. If you’re a better skier/snowboarder than I am, however, feel free to pick up the Bakoda Flask Pack, a flask system that connects right onto your boot binding, ensuring you can get nice and toast on… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here are some of the latest jobs on CrunchBoard Senior Manager, Global Email Marketing at TripAdvisor in Needham, MA. Senior Flash Developer at MTV in New York, NY. Search Architect at MySpace in Beverly Hills, CA. Director, Business Development at Photobucket in Palo Alto, CA. Director, SEM Customer Experience and Support at Clickable in New York, NY. Lead Product Manager at Taoit… Read More

  • Australia's $4.4 million kinetic energy vest

    Sure, you could build your own similar device for far less than $4.4 million (Australian) but would it look nearly as awesome as the vest that the bad mamma jamma on the left is wearing? My position is “no, it would not.” The aforementioned money was given to Australia’s national science agency as a grant in the hopes that it could develop an “electrojacket”… Read More

  • Facebook Censors Ron Paul?

    The theme of my email inbox this morning (it’s morning for me, anyway) is that for some reason a search for presidential candidate “Ron Paul” in Facebook Groups yields zero results. The reason isn’t because there aren’t any Ron Paul groups – a search for “Paul” shows hundreds. For some reason, the search is blocked. Other candidate show up just fine. Read More

  • Video Series nextNYers to Interview New York Startups

    A new weekly web series called nextNYers will be filming five-minute-long interviews with tech startups based in New York City. The company behind the production of nextNYers, For Your Imagination, aims to give better exposure to local tech companies that have been around for a few years. The show is also being presented in partnership with NY-based tech blog CenterNetworks, which will post… Read More

  • The Facebook Ad Backlash Begins

    Within hours of Facebook’s announcement of its social advertising plans, the backlash began. What about privacy? What about relevance? (I know everyone is sick of hearing about Facebook, but there are some important business issues at stake here, so bear with me). As far as privacy goes, there is none on Facebook, in that any information you share is fair game for targeting by… Read More

  • 100 Wuala invites for readers

    Over in Berlin Web 2 Expo I ran into Dominik Grolimund, CEO of peer-to-peer storage application Wuala (see previous coverage), who has kindly offered TechCrunch UK & Ireland readers 100 invitations. If you want to take up the offer do this: 1. Goto http://techcrunchuk.wua.la
    2. Download Wuala
    3. Use the invitation code “techcrunchuk” when prompted The skinny on Wuala is that it… Read More

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