• Fox Sues the Little Guy Over Simpsons and 24

    on YouTube and did what any self-respecting media company would do these days—it sued. But they’re not suing YouTube. They’re subpoenaing the company to release the name of the offending subscriber. The “24″ episodes in question actually appeared on YouTube before their primetime Jan. 14 premiere on the Fox broadcast network, which spread four hour long episodes of… Read More

  • The Futurist: The Beginning of Truly Seamless Live Concert Albums

    The Futurist: The Beginning of Truly Seamless Live Concert Albums

    It wasn’t too long ago that officially sanctioned concert recordings were a rarity, with most fans being forced to trade shoddily recorded bootlegs pulled from hand held recorders or sub par soundboards. Of course, both the quality and accessibility of live records has come a long way in just a few short years, and when the Palms Casino in Las Vegas opens the doors of its new concert theater… Read More

  • Cooks Turn To The Nintendo DS For Recipes

    Cooks Turn To The Nintendo DS For Recipes

    Looks like Nintendo is really putting its DS to work! After ending up in museums as a tour guide, the Nintendo DS will make its way into a kitchen near you. Nintendo is currently negotiating with the Imperial Hotels Limited chain to bring a Nintendo DS into Imperial kitchens. Using the Cooking Navigator software, chefs can use the DS to scroll through recipes via voice navigation. Due out in the… Read More

  • Transformers Take To The Shoes

    Transformers Take To The Shoes

    We’ve seen the anticipation of the upcoming “Transformers” movie through an iPod dock, but what about taking it up one notch? If you’re really feeling bold, you can get a pair of sneakers with Transformers ready to pop out. They’re basically half-size, scaled-down Nike’s (nope, you can’t wear ‘em) that each unfold into a menacing, weapon-wielding… Read More

  • Alltel Gets The Palm Treo 700p

    Alltel Gets The Palm Treo 700p

    Yesterday, Alltel announced it would be carrying the Treo 700p beginning this week. However, Alltel is going one step further by customizing its version of the Treo by making all software and hardware features unlocked. This means you can use your PC to connect to the Internet via the Treo 700p’s built-in EVDO capabilities. However, keep in mind that this is the Palm-OS version and not the… Read More

  • Gateway Wins Best Budget LCD

    Those shopping for a new LCD monitor, but don’t have a bottomless wallet of cash, should check out this budget LCD roundup at ComputerShopper.com. If you’re not picky about your monitor’s features, but are just looking to, you know, see what you’re doing on your computer, it looks like the Gateway FPD1975W is the answer, nabbing top honors amongst the five 19- to 20-inch… Read More

  • Samsung X830 Hands On

    Samsung X830 has been making the rounds for quite a while now but here’s a hands on vid to drool over. X830 [via Youtube and HiMobile] Read More

  • Tianyu Lets You Keep Your Stuff Safe

    So some a-hole stole your mobile while you weren’t looking huh, maybe the invisible guy from ‘Heroes’. Have no fear Tianyu is here with the new B832 that does some snooping for you once the bastards decide to change out your old SIM card for a new one via a SMS text that gets sent to your new phone with your old number once it gets back on the network. Then, just to piss them… Read More

  • Windows Crossbow LEAKED

    Ever wonder what a dripping faucet and Microsoft software have in common? They both leak. Thanks to some beta testers of Windows Mobile 6.0 (aka Crossbow), you too can now enjoy the power of a next-gen, unfinished operating system on your mobile phone. So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to give a try, you can download it by clicking here. Here are the complete leaked specs… Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    CrunchGear This Week

    Hola, Amigos. It’s been a while since we talked ‘atcha. We’ve been busy at CES and MacWorld and generally posting all sorts of exciting stuff. This week we’re giving away a Samsung T629 phone and discovering that the iPhone will come with free service and will be available in Canada. We also learn that Vista comes with free T-Mobile hotspot access, Las Vegas will become the… Read More

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  • Daily Crunch: Choose Shoes Edition

    Daily Crunch: Choose Shoes Edition

    Make Your Own Squid Vicious iPod Cosy Nike Considered: All Condition Gear Draq Queens Unite For The YOUniverse Funk Fone Ants Quite Literally In Your Pants Mark-My-Time: Bookmark of the Future! Read More

  • Make Your iTunes Library Mobile

    Avvenu has a new product that allows you to listen to your iTunes music connection from any web browser on a Windows PC, Mac, or Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. MobileCrunch covered an early version of the product that only worked on Windows Mobile phones here. The base computer storing the music must be a Windows PC. As long as that base PC is powered on and online, your entire iTunes music library… Read More

  • Microsoft v. Wikipedia: Round 2

    In my post yesterday discussing an attempt by a Microsoft employee to pay a blogger to make changes to certain Wikipedia entries that Microsoft considered unfair, we noted that a Microsoft spokesperson made a number of factual statements. Spokeswoman Catherine Brooker said she believed the articles were heavily written by people at IBM Corp., which is a big supporter of the open-source standard. Read More

  • Google's Metaverse

    Google's Metaverse

    All this hype about Second Life is resulting in lots more competitors, it seems. There was another rumor today about Google turning Google Earth into a sort of Second Life competitor. This one comes from Michael Eisenberg, a partner at Benchmark Capital, which is one of the investors in Second Life. He says the rumor is “Google is working on turning Google Earth into a virtual world a la… Read More

  • Win Reggie's Wii for Charity, Laughs

    Win Reggie's Wii for Charity, Laughs

    . We love Reggie, we love helping, and we love long time that they’re together. It’s currently just over $1,000, but that’s a bargain when you realize some day this man’s signature alone will sell for millions, let alone the retro hardware. We’re hoping one of our readers wins it, though it’s unlikely. But if you do, we’ll dedicate the site to you for a… Read More

  • Ants Quite Literally In Your Pants

    Dear Mom and Dad, I’m 12 years old now, and since it’s been two years since Blacky got hit by a car (god rest his soul in doggy heaven) I thought now might be a good time to start anew with pets. I’m not looking to start with anything expensive or messy. I don’t want another dog or even a cat. Not even a parrot. Read More

  • Dell Goes Open Source, Ships OS Free Desktops

    We agree with Dell: You don’t need a pre-installed OS. If you are looking to go bare bones with your desktop, Dell’s n Series is about as bare as it gets, shipping with FreeDOS instead of Windows, a first for the mail-order PC maker. This means that out of the box you can install the communist Linux variant of choice. Or, if you have one of those Windows disks laying about, you can use… Read More

  • Channel Frederator: Original Animation Awards Tonight

    If you like original animation, you should subscribe to the Channel Frederator RSS feed. Each week they put together an episode containing some of the best user-submitted animation. They’ve published 66 episodes so far. Tonight they are hosting an award party in Hollywood for the best videos as determined by viewers. The winners have already been announced here. Some of the winners are… Read More

  • JBL Debuts ES Series Speakers

    JBL Debuts ES Series Speakers

    Looks like JBL has decided to take a break from futuristic styling and is regressing to old-school, wood panel speakers with its new ES line. The speakers are slated to debut in late spring and come in multiple finishes to match any home entertainment system. The ES series will include the ES10 – a bookshelf speaker, the ES20 and ES30 are both compact bookshelf speakers, the ES80 and ES90… Read More

  • Pioneer Makes The Best Plasmas (And Here's Some Video It Made To Prove It)

    http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_3430/398041514ces_plasma_video.swf?playerPath=http://www.pioneerelectronics.com&videoFilePath=/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_3430/39811323201_future.flv Seriously, if you’ve never seen Pioneer’s Elite series of plasma TVs in person, they really do have incredible pictures (though they come with some pretty incredible price tags… Read More