• Valleywag Fires Writer Who Criticized Valleywag

    Apparently everything and everyone is fair game at Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag. Or, almost everything. Write a post criticizing Valleywag itself, and two weeks later you’re out of a job. Writer Jordan Golson is the person who finds himself out of work, possibly based on a single critical post about his employer. His post, written on April 1 (but not an April Fools joke)… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung UpStage for -$50

    Time for a new phone? Howsabout the Samsung UpStage? It’s not the newest kid on the block, but it has two screens, plays music, and it’s pretty small. Here’s a video review by our own John Biggs from about a year ago. He seems unusually upbeat, which is a good sign. Here’s a quote, “How do I like it? I’ve been using it a little bit.” Anyhoo… Read More

  • Will TheFunded be good or bad for Europe?

    London-based venture capitalist Paul Fisher today blogs (partly in response to my tweet) that TheFunded, a largely US site which rates VCs on their performance, will ultimately be as tough for entrepreneurs as for VCs. He contends that entrepreneurs will “read the funded.com and either believe it to be truly representative or treat it as proper advice. This is very far away from the… Read More

  • CNET UK reviews Asus Eee PC 900, gives it an 8.7

    Good news for those of you waiting for the Eee PC 900 to be released; it looks to be a winner. CNET UK’s Rory Ried took a look at it and gave it an 8.7 out of 10. He liked the bigger 8.9-inch 1024×600 resolution screen, the built-in 1.3-megapixel camera, and the wide-aspect multi-touch trackpad, and the full one gigabyte of RAM. The keyboard apparently hasn’t changed at all… Read More

  • Google Finally Takes Urchin Out Of Beta

    For those Urchin fans out there, Google has lifted the beta designation from the Website analytics software that it acquired back in March, 2005. The technology behind Urchin is also what powers Google Analytics, but Urchin itself remains server-installed software for companies that want to keep it behind their firewalls. It costs $3,000 and, um, Google Analytics is free. Google made no… Read More

  • Look Out Twhirl, Alert Thingy Adds Twitter Support

    Alert Thingy, the FriendFeed desktop application that launched just three days ago, just launched v 1.2 of the service, with Twitter support. In addition to viewing FriendFeed data streams and posting directly to FriendFeed, users can now also post directly to their Twitter account as well. Users cannot directly view Twitter streams through AlertThingy, although they can get that information… Read More

  • When Everyone Talks About Weakness At Google, Wall Street Buys the Stock

    Later today Tomorrow when Google announces its first quarter earnings after the markets close, we are finally going to find out whether all the sturm und drang about Google’s seemingly-flat growth of clicks on search ads is a bad as everyone thinks. Already, Wall Street is bidding the stock up more than 2 percent in midday-trading in the hopes that it was oversold this past week on fears… Read More

  • Tantrums vs. Science: Study shows that tennis judges have a 61% accuracy rating when challenged

    I could watch John McEnroe flip out all day long. Perhaps one of his most famous tantrums erupted during Wimbeldon in 1981 when a serve of his was called out. McEnroe argued that he saw a puff of chalk dust when the ball hit the ground, a sign that it hit the line. While the world may never know whether it was truly in or out, a recent study in a British journal has shown that in 2006 and… Read More

  • Alltel Wireless and Ontela Launch PhotoCopter Service

    If you have ever taken a picture with your phone and then transferred it to your PC you know that your thumbs can get tired. A typical phone requires 100 keystrokes to transfer 10 pictures to a PC. A recent study by Ontela found that 93% of camera phone users want to save their pictures on their home computer but only 24% actually do it. Alltel Wireless and Ontela decided to take on this… Read More

  • BedFan perfect for hot sleepers

    Everybody knows someone who sweats out every last drop of salty goodness during the night. Hey, that person might be you! It’s not me, but I know a few people who could benefit from this gadget. These are the same people who sleep with the ceiling fan on in the winter and an extra oscillating fan plus an in-window A/C unit in the summer. Again, this might be you! Enter the BedFan, a… Read More

  • Google accused of 'gaming' last month's spectrum auction

    So a Michigan congressman is accusing Google of “gaming” last month’s spectrum auction. The congressman, Michigan’s Fred Upton, who is a Republican, says Google bid just enough to trigger those pesky open access rules. He also called the way the auction was set up a big exercise in social engineering. Isn’t “social engineering” just a fancy way to… Read More

  • iPhone Price Lowered in Britain

    Carphone Warehouse and O2 cut the price for the basic iPhone in Britain by 100 pounds ($197). The 8 gigabyte iPhone will be sold for 169 pounds until June 1. The 16 GB iPhone price will not be lowered and sells for 329 pounds. Sales of the iPhone have slowed in Britain since its launch and this move may have been made to clear inventory of the 8GB model to make room for the next model upgrade. Read More

  • Social Gaming Network Buys Facebook Market Share

    Consolidation is already beginning in the overcrowded Facebook application market (with 21,800 apps and counting). One of the first sectors to see buyouts of popular apps is in the social gaming sector. Earlier this year, Zynga bought CLZ Concepts and the Superheroes group of apps. Today, competitor Social Gaming Network (SGN) is responding with its own roll-up of Esgut (which created… Read More

  • 100 More Invites For The Filter

    We have 100 more invites for Peter Gabriel’s music discovery site, The Filter. See my review from yesterday. You can sign up here. Get ’em while they last. Read More

  • Yarrr: Pirate Bay wants compensation from IFPI

    I beg of you not to steal the above picture. I spent a long time on it. A little courtesy, please. Ahoy, sissies! The Pirate Bay is getting set to demand a little payback from the IFPI (kind of like the RIAA but worldwide) for the little stunt it pulled a couple of months ago wherein it forced Denmark’s Tele2 ISP to block access to the Pirate Bay’s website. According to a recent… Read More

  • DLO's VentMount, yes, mounts iPhone to car vent

    Have a car? Have an iPhone (or iPod touch)? If you said “yes” to both questions then Digital Lifestyles Outfitters wants your money! They’ve just released the VentMount, which, as the name implies, allows you to mount an iPhone onto your car’s vent. Once mounted, you can still move the phone vertically or horizontally! Revolutionary! I kid, of course. It’s simply… Read More

  • Hive speaker bar looks better than your surround sound speakers

    The Hive, designed by Oskar Daniel, puts a unique spin on sound bar design. Not simply a nondescript line against the wall, the Hive—hold onto your hats!—resembles a honeycomb cluster. I don’t know why only one cell is red, no. You should know that every cell is a speaker and can each be adjusted individually—brought forward, back, tilted to the side… Read More

  • South Korea’s LG Electronics has Record 1st Quarter Sales

    The world’s fifth largest mobile phone manufacturer had a record first-quarter this year. LG Electronics sold 24.4 million mobile phones in the quarter ending in March of 2008. The sales helped the company earn a profit of 422 billion won ($427 million). In last year’s first-quarter, LG Electronics lost 123 billion won. LG sales were led by the high-end Viewty, Voyager and… Read More

  • Music Tax: The iPod Approach

    Music executives from the UK continue to try to out-dumb their counterparts in the U.S. We’ve barely started to settle down from the Warner Bros. led attack (with both economic and emotional sorties) here in the U.S., and now our UK brothers are getting bombed (more) with the idea of an iPod tax to counter those sneaky users who “format shift” files from a legally purchased CD… Read More

  • Tungle Brings Own Approach to Scheduling Meetings

    Meeting coordination service Timebridge now has serious competition from Tungle, a Montreal-based service that opens up into public beta today. When I met with Tungle CEO Marc Gringas this past January, he outlined the type of technology that would address the major pain points of scheduling meetings: it would reduce the number of transactions needed to pick a time, it would be simple to… Read More

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