• Slingo Quest Game goes Mobile with I-Play

    I-Play announced today that the popular game Slingo Quest will be available for mobile phone users. Slingo Quest is a combination of classic Slingo games, such as puzzle solving and casino type games, with an island hopping storyline that develops as the game is played. Slingo Quest has a lot of content. The game includes 60 levels, 300 rating stars to collect, and nine game achievements… Read More

  • Churches turn to Halo 3 for new recruits

    Shooting video game guns for Jesus (SVGGFJ) I remember when churches used to encourage young men to take up arms for the cross, telling them to raze faraway towns because their people prayed to a different man in the sky than they did. Now churches have to haul out Halo 3 just to get Johnny Runnynose to show up on Wednesday evenings. Yup, the Times sent a guy to the middle of nowhere to report… Read More

  • The More Gphones, the Better

    Rumors of an impending Google phone coming out early next year have been heating up since late summer. Google is thought to be in talks with several phone manufacturers, including HTC and Samsung, to create mobile phones around its platform. Search Engine Land has a handy timeline of most of the rumors up through late August. Today, the NYT weighs in, suggesting that Google’s large… Read More

  • Rubicon Project Launches: A Network of Ad Networks

    For those advertisers and Websites finding it difficult to keep up with the 300-plus ad networks out there, a new startup called the Rubicon Project promises to simplify the process of placing ads online. It provides one dashboard to manage all of a company’s ad campaigns, and tries to optimize across ad networks—from Google, Yahoo, and Tacoda (AOL) to AdBrite to… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone ads confuse, dismay us

    You know how it is when you wake up after having a barbecue at your place and you still feel drunk and your ears are ringing and you’re feeling pretty good — not too hung over, maybe an egg and sausage sandwich would get you back in sorts? And then you go out into the living room and something bad happened? Like your friend puked on the couch and then passed out in it or the dog ate… Read More

  • GPhone not a phone, but a free software suite, due next year

    Don’t call it a phone? Not even a GPhone? ‘fraid not, according to yesterday’s International Herald Tribune. Yes, Google is working on a mobile phone project, and has been for some two years now, but it’s not an actual phone. The GPhone, it turns out, will be a Linux-based software suite that will be able to run other companies’ cellphones. How does this gel with… Read More

  • Motorola to Supply Taiwan with WiMax Infrastructure

    Motorola has been hired by Far EasTone Telecommunications to supply Far EasTone with WiMax networking equipment for its Taiwanese venture. Taiwan has remote mountain villages and sparsely populated islands that makes land-line telecommunications and Internet service too expensive to invest in. As a way to combat this, the government started its M-Taiwan (Mobile) project which encourages… Read More

  • Loic Le Meur's New Startup Launches: Seesmic

    The rumors were correct. Loic Le Meur, a well known European entrepreneur that recently relocated to San Francisco, will unveil his new video startup, Seesmic, this morning into a closed beta. The service is very much in “alpha” and they’ve only given away a few test accounts. They’ll start to give more over the next few days – just sign up on the Seesmic home page… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Art Museum Edition

    ASUS Xonar U1 external USB audio scrubber
    Candle-like USB drive holder design, more than meets the eye
    The most delicious wrist-rest yet
    Zune 2 family launched: We’re digging Dad and the kids
    Belkin eyes PC gaming market Read More

  • Yahoo's Ian Rogers To Music Industry: "Inconvenience Doesn't Scale"

    Yahoo Music VP of Product Development Ian Rogers and I have different opinions on the future of the music industry. I think the price of recorded music will continue to fall towards free, whereas he thinks the industry can turn itself around and create enough value for listeners to make some money on recorded music. But on one thing we agree: For the last eight years the industry has been… Read More

  • New iPhone TV Ads: Where's The Phone?

    Apple posted three new iPhone television ads on their site this evening. Unlike earlier ads, where the star of the show was the phone itself (and the user interface), these new ads focus on three actors – all men – who are using the phone to solve problems. Doug likes the visual voicemail. Elliot is searching for a name on a website. And Stephano, who appears to be a mechanic… Read More

  • Intel Launches Digg Clone For Software

    Intel has joined the social voting space with CoolSW, a Digg clone for “Cool Software.” The site is said to focus solely on business ideas, and is designed to tap into the opinions of the wider developer and entrepreneur community. According to a report at Venture Beat, the site cost around $40,000 to develop and has been tested internally, with Intel soliciting views from its… Read More

  • coRank Relaunches With New Capabilities

    Hosted social voting site provider coRank has relaunched with a list of new capabilities. The new options can be enabled/disabled by owners of coRank sites as they see fit (except for the personal dashboard). New features include Local copy: Being able to store local ‘cached’ copies of anything that is submitted. coRank note that this may be controversial, but claim that legally… Read More

  • Jihad On You: Nice Design, Poor Taste

    Jihad On You is a new satirical website that allows users to vent their everyday frustrations by issuing a “jihad” against the things that annoy them. When users declare a jihad, the “infidel” can be notified that a holy war has been declared against them. The site also allows readers to comment on jihads and rate them. The site was built as part of a challenge to build… Read More

  • SAP Acquires Business Objects For €4.8 Billion

    SAP, the world’s largest provider of business software, has agreed to buy Business Objects for €4.8 billion euros ($6.8 billion). Business Objects is a business intelligence software company with some 43,000 customers including over 80 percent of companies listed the Fortune 500. Business intelligence software taps into an organization’s disparate data “to provide… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: ZEN Stone 1GB MP3 Player for $35 shipped

    Staples.com has the 1GB Creative ZEN Stone for $35, which includes free shipping. Not too shabby if you need a MP3 player for working out. Might make a good gift idea too. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for 10 hours worth of music and the player also includes support for Audible.com’s audio book format. Creative Labs ZEN Stone 1GB MP3 Player, Black [Staples.com] via dealnews Read More

  • Breaking: Newsvine Acquired By MSNBC.com

    Social news site Newsvine, which launched in March 2006, has been acquired by MSNBC.com, a fifty-fifty joint venture between Microsoft and NBC. This is MSNBC.com’s first acquisition. The deal, which closed on October 5, was all cash, but the acquisition price is not being disclosed. Both companies are based in Seattle. Mike Davidson, the founder of Newsvine, said that the companies… Read More

  • Mint Rakes It In

    Since launching and winning the top spot at our TechCrunch40 conference three weeks ago, personal-finance startup Mint has been on a roll. On Friday, Mint was named Best of Show at the 2007 Financial Innovations conference (along with peer-to-peer lender Prosper and mortgage-finder Mortgagebot). CEO Aaron Patzer reports to us that, in just the past three weeks, Mint has already helped… Read More

  • YouTube Deepens Commercial Relationship With Al Jazeera

    Al Jazeera signed a commercial agreement with Google last week to share advertising revenue on their YouTube channel. The channel originally launched in April 2007. This comes even as U.S. cable operators continue to shun the 24 hour news service – only Toledo, Ohio based Buckeye CableSystem and the municipal cable suppler in Burlington, Vermont offer the channel to viewers. Al… Read More

  • Big Media And User Comments: The Onion Nails It

    http://www.theonion.com/content/themes/common/assets/videoplayer/flvplayer.swf User feedback on blogs (or any Internet forum/community) is always fascinating to watch. Things start off great, but as the community gets larger basic human rules for interaction break down and, basically, everything goes to hell. The Onion, as usual, has a very funny look at how big media might interact with… Read More

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