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    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. thebonafortuna on Windows Mobile 6.1 to be released on the first day of CTIA I love the little image on the right of the battery icon — it perfectly exemplifies the “WTF” feeling I get when using Windows Mobile devices. Read More

  • Video: BigDog Beta

    And you thought BigDog was scary. Read More

  • WePlay Takes $1.87 Million, Wants Rights To Kids Videos Before They Are Stars

    WePlay, a social networking come kids sports management site has taken $1.87 million in a round that included Pequot Private Equity, Creative Artists Agency and Major League Baseball, according to PEHub. Editor’s Update: The company tells TechCrunch it has raised $4.5 million—$3.5 million from Pequot and $1 million from angel investors, including management and athletes. CAA… Read More

  • Craigslist Is Our Mirror, Nothing Better (Or Worse)

    I flipped on the news today (yes, my actual television, not sure why) and the big story was Craigslist gone wrong. Someone placed an ad on Craigslist saying that anything at a home in Jacksonville, Oregon was up for grabs. People responded, and carted away most of the belongings of resident Robert Salisbury. He arrived home to thirty people picking over the last of his stuff. Even the… Read More

  • LOLCats on your Jones Soda? Yes!

    [photopress:jones.gif,full,left]Did you know that i can has, along with Jones Soda, is having a LOLCat contest? It’s funny, but true! Anyone can enter. Come up with a good LOLCat and submit it. Whoever gets the most epic lulz will has their LOLCat macro pasted on bottles of Jones Soda across the country. That is so awesome. If you’ve never had Jones, I recommend giving it a try. Read More

  • Footnote Digitizes the Vietnam War Memorial

    Footnote has taken the initiative to digitize all 58,000 names inscribed into the Vietnam War Memorial. It has also correlated them with military personnel records from the National Archives and made this information searchable from within an interactive Flash application. The project started by hiring a National Geographic photographer to take over 2,000 high quality photos of the wall. Read More

  • Peerflix Procrastinating On Customer Refunds

    As we reported yesterday, Peerflix is to close its core DVD sharing/ swapping business April 23. Since then we’ve heard reports from users who are having problems cashing out their Peeflix accounts. Here’s what one reader received: The Peersafe Protection Program will also be terminating effective April 23, 2008 meaning that you will no longer be able to make any Peersafe… Read More

  • Just In Time For Campaign Season, Spot Runner Gets Into Politics

    Political campaign season is upon us and that means one thing: really bad political ads on TV. There are 50,000 public elections every year in the United States. And an estimated $3 billion will be spent on political TV ads alone in 2008. Spot Runner wants to get in on the action, and maybe even raise the quality of the ads a little, by turning its self-serve TV advertising platform over… Read More

  • BFF review: Jott.com

    This morning I got my mytreo.net Newsletter and despite the fact that the page anchors don’t work in Gmail, I read (skimmed) the first paragraph and decided to try the service they were promoting, Jott. The link in the email took me to a Palm page with a longer article that I didn’t actually read and no quick and easy way to get to what ever Jott was going to make me do to use it… Read More

  • Loladex—Local Search With A Little Help From Your Facebook Friends

    A local search engine just launched on Facebook. It is called Loladex and you can’t do searches on its Website, only on Facebook. That is because it taps into your friends’ recommendations to rank results. The underlying search engine is based on 16 million local business listings, and is licensed from Localeze. It also brings in restaurant information from OpenTable. Loladex… Read More

  • Onda's VX676 looks like a Touch, but with real 16:9

    [photopress:020004jaynb6.jpg,full,center] I like my iPod Touch. I like it a lot. One on the only gripes I have, though, is that it’s not a true widescreen player. Sure, it’s better than the iPod before it, but it’s not a true 16:9 aspect ratio that we’d expect.
    Onda has a new PMP with one of those 4.3-inch touchscreens we’re seeing everywhere at 16:9. Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Will Android be available as soon as late Summer or early Fall?

    It was about five months ago that Google introduced the world to Android, saying that sometime in the second half of 2008 Android-equipped handsets would start hitting the streets. Google’s Richard Whitt, a lobbyist-type in DC, said in a conference call today that the date might be sooner, and that we might even start seeing handsets as early as this summer. That’s right around… Read More

  • Blaupunkt's new GPS devices include police radar data?

    [photopress:blaupunkt_travelpilot_300.jpg,full,center] Blaupunkt, on of my favorite brands to type, dropped three new on-dash GPS systems today, the TravelPiot series. Retailing at between $275 and $600, the series includes Windows CE, touchscreens, and SD card readers. They come pre-loaded with maps of western Europe, but we’re sure the American version will have western America… Read More

  • MIT gets giant 20-sided die in memory of Gary Gygax

    [photopress:gygax_1.jpg,full,center] Call me old-fashioned, but this is what a tribute is supposed to look like. RIP, Dungeonmaster. Read More

  • Video: Dance to start the party with the International Dance Party

    Dancing… is… a primitive art-form… used in ancient times to express oneself with… the body! And communicate! This is my new favorite gadget (though the video, on the other side, is a little long). It’s called the International Dance Party and, in response to nearby dancing people, it goes off like the Fourth of July if Paul… Read More

  • Q&A over Verizon Wireless's new open network

    The AP has a Q&A regarding VZW’s new open network, but they fail to mention who is answering the Qs. To be honest this Q&A doesn’t reveal anything. The new network will supposedly take up to 10 years to build. You can’t port any phones from other networks over. Current Verizon Wireless customers will have to wait on VZW to make a decision over whether or not… Read More

  • Xerox wants to make sure your printer is environmentally super-duper (else you can buy one of theirs)

    [photopress:xeroxtools.jpg,full,center] Xerox, the textbook definition of “metonym,” wants to guilt-trip you into ditching your [apparently] environmentally devastating printer for one of its own, which are powered by sugar and spice and everything nice. To further its goal, the Norwalk, Conn-based corp has released a slew of online tools to help you determine how much… Read More

  • Mars Rover Mars Rover, it's over it's over

    It’s times like this I wish we really did just have the rovers on a sound stage or somewhere in the desert. Unfortunately, we really did fire a freaking rocket, loaded with robots, into space, which rendezvoused with another planet, then disgorged said robots for a perfect landing, after which time the robots ran perfectly well for four years now, advancing our knowledge of the red… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Dr. Mario WiiWare – I got a fever!

    http://www.gemaga.com/game-videos/3493 And the only prescription is hundreds upon hundreds of duochromatic capsules. The wii-mote control scheme looks a little shady but like every other game on the Wii, I assume it will become second nature. Of course, classic mode looks classic. I know a few girls in LA who are going to flip their lids when they see this. Seriously — their… Read More

  • Kahva maker just a gussied up percolator

    [photopress:kahva.jpg,full,center] Programmers, college kids and anyone else who needs one or two (or more!) cups of joe (n. Morning Joe) to get through the day might enjoy this unusual coffee maker, Kahva. (“Kawa,” pronounced the same as “kahva,” is “coffee” in Polish. Other cognates exist, too. We’re educational.) While the premise is not all too… Read More

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