• Vongo shutting down, paving way for Starz Play

    So long-o, Vongo. The $9.99 per month unlimited movie streaming site is no longer accepting new subscribers. The service will instead be replaced by the $5.99 per month Starz Play offering, powered by Verizon. Starz ran Vongo so it’s not really huge news either way – kind of a lateral move, except four bucks cheaper per month. While the idea of unlimited movie watching for one… Read More

  • Samsung Messager now available from Cricket

    Cricket is now offering Samsung’s new Messager, the bar-style handset with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, for easy texting and surfing. The Messager also features a 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3 player, multiple Bluetooth profiles and a MicroSD slot. Scott Edwards, senior vice president of marketing for Cricket, said: “Cricket customers want attractive devices that enhance their… Read More

  • Bang & Olufsen sound coming to Mercedes-AMG cars

    We can’t think of a more fitting partnership than sticking ridiculous overpriced and over-engineered Bang & Olufsen speakers into a ridiculous overpriced and over-engineered Mercedes-AMG motorcar. The gadget gods above must be smiling down that two of their greatest creations are finally working together. B&O-equiped cars have been rolling around for a while now — notably… Read More

  • Slow iPhone 3G? Blame it on the chips

    Complaints about the not quite 3G-fast iPhone 3G may be due to issues with the chipset, according to Nomura Securities analyst Richard Windsor. In a research note he wrote: “We believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost certain Infineon is the 3G supplier.” Users have posted complaints that their new iPhone 3Gs… Read More

  • The Smithsonian sends ad to your mobile

    The Smithsonian Institute is trying to encourage people to visit its galleries by sending messages to passersby’s mobile phones. The Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery are testing a system that sends a message from the Smithsonian to Bluetooth-enabled phones, messages will be sent from bus stops in D.C.’s most pedestrian-trafficked areas. If… Read More

  • Video: Bungie reveals latest Halo project via acceptance speech

    Bungie’s Halo 3 received the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation at EIF and Luke Smith revealed some exciting new things for their upcoming project in the video acceptance speech. I won’t spoil anything for you guys, so just watch and drool. Read More

  • If You Are A TechCrunch Reader Outside of California, Raise Your Hand.

    Which map above is a better representation of regional interest in TechCrunch? Before you answer that, first some background. Some blogs are putting up posts today based on maps and data generated by Google Insights for Search, a service that was launched a week ago. Just like with Google Trends, you can put in any keyword and Google Insights gives you a deep dive into search activity… Read More

  • Dell — The New Latitudes — Live from SFMOMA

    I’m at the Dell Event at SFMOMA, waiting for the fun to get started… We got some notebooks… The New Latitude Product Launch. …and here we go. Live updates after the jump. Read More

  • Latest Android rumor: presale beginning Sept 17

    While reports have ranged that the first Android handset will come out anywhere from October to not until 2009, the latest rumors have the HTC Dream (codenamed G1) going on presale for existing T-Mobile customers starting September 17th. Read more Read More

  • Latest Android rumor: presale beginning Sept 17

    While reports have ranged that the first Android handset will come out anywhere from October to sometime in 2009, the latest rumors have the HTC Dream (codenamed “G1”) going on presale for existing T-Mobile customers starting September 17th. The guys over at TmoNews say they have some trusted sources who have priced the handset at $399, or $150 for existing customers during… Read More

  • Dell lets loose new Precision models

    Not to spoil Kreppie’s virgin live blogging gig or anything, but Dell has posted two new Precision model laptops onto the site. * Dual-core? No, YOU WANT quad-core processing power.
    * 8GB memory limitation? Forget that, YOU WANT more.
    * Storage. A few hundred Gig? YOU WANT a Terabyte and RAID.
    * 17″ screen? Yes, but YOU WANT 100% Adobe color gamut RGBLED.
    * 512MB… Read More

  • ‘EVERUN NOTE’ is tiny, has a dual-core processor

    Hey look at this little fella. It’s Raon Digital’s EVERUN NOTE. Don’t let the “EVER” part of “EVERUN” fool you, as the battery life tops out at about 2.5 hours but still, I’d buy it if it were cheap enough. We should find out how cheap it is in early September, as AVING reports that it’ll be available in Korea and here in the states at… Read More

  • Tax, tax, tax: States move to tax digital downloads

    So CNET has a scare-you-to-bits piece about states beginning to tax digital downloads like iTunes. Nine states “have considered” such a tax this year alone, while the great state of Tennessee will tax “the retail sale, lease, licensing, or use of specified digital products transferred to or accessed by subscribers or consumers.” Then CNET brings up something called… Read More

  • Nokia launches email beta

    Nokia has launched an email client on its Betalabs site. Based on Intellisync, which Nokia purchased in 2005, the service promise simplier mobile access to email accounts from Google, Yahoo or other ISPs. To set up the service, users only have to enter an email address and password, to view, read, forward, delete, compose and send emails from their S60-based mobile phone. The service says it… Read More

  • Mummy 3 better on Blu-ray than in cinema says director

    Rob Cohen, director of such Hollywood blockbusters like Stealth, The Fast and the Furious, and most recently, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, thinks Blu-ray shows off his latest creation better than the theater. According to Cohen, the post-production makes the visual effects pop on the high-def media. “Things that are dimensional, like the dragon lunging at the camera, in… Read More

  • Hollywood Goes Silicon Valley – Joss Whedon, Stan Rogow, Les Morgenstein and Chris Henchy at TechCrunch50

    As we get closer to TechCrunch50, we will updating you on the conference panels and keynotes we have planned. Expect some of the conference program to remain a surprise until we get to the event and the launch of the next 50 great start-ups! Today, we are pleased to announce that we will be featuring a panel at TechCrunch50 entitled “Hollywood Goes Silicon Valley.” Brought to you… Read More

  • DataCase: Magically turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a portable drive

    MA says, The much anticipated DataCase application for the iPhone launched this morning. The app, which costs $6.99, turn your iPhone into an easy-to-use wireless storage device that can be access by any other device on your wireless network. A one way drop box can be addes to a normal machine to drop files onto the iPhone, or alternatively you can set up a two-way shared drive to move… Read More

  • Reminder: Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack available today

    Funny that the PS blog decided to go with the old cover on the game. Besides that nothing has changed since May when they first announced that this was coming. Read More

  • Disqus 2.0: New Plugin, New Interface, And Local Comment Backup

    Disqus, the enhanced blog commenting system, has launched a 2.0 version of its software that includes a host of new features, including a new plugin for WordPress, an improved developer API, and an overhauled UI for its main site. One of the biggest concerns many people have had about Disqus is that the service stores comments remotely, which could cause issues if users ever decide to stop… Read More

  • Strange music CD induces (not relieves) stress to help you relax

    You may remember the weird “Just looking” Dvd from Japan, which was supposed to make shy men more confident by looking at different girls who did nothing but stare into the camera for 60 seconds. Now, Avex, not only one of Japan’s biggest entertainment companies but also the geniuses responsible for said DVD, have come up with a similar, psychologically deep, concept. This… Read More

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