• SPOT watches dead

    Sorry, SPOT fans. MSN Direct is no longer adding SPOT technology to watches and is essentially scrapping the Smart Watch program. The project has been dying a slow death for years now and with the addition of MSN Direct to GPS and Mobile devices it seems they’re focusing on using the network for more powerful products. SPOT service will still be transmitted to the watches, but no new… Read More

  • iPhone SDK Beta 4 out

    You can’t have it, but the iPhone SDK Beta 4 is out with OpenGL support. We are getting closer to world iPhone domination, people. I’ve played with the SDK and was quite impressed. You can basically build applications in the emulator and deploy them without much fuss — just like any good SDK. OpenGL support will allow you to add improved graphics and other goodies to your… Read More

  • Helium's Reward-A-Thon (Occasionally) Leads to Big Paydays

    The online writing community Helium recently ended its 100 day reward-a-thon, during which contributors were rewarded with small bonuses for each article they submitted. Helium serves as both a directory and marketplace for user generated articles. Writers can earn revenue based on the quality and popularity of each article they submit, though typical payouts tend to be quite small. The… Read More

  • BBC joins OpenID, but it won't work yet

    The BBC has quietly joined the OpenID Foundation, announcing the move on its BBC Internet blog. The BBC is the first large media company to join the foundation. Microsoft, Verisign, Google and IBM joined in February. Google,Yahoo, Digg, Technorati, AOL, Plaxo and WikiPedia have previously announced their intention to support the standard, seen as an easy way for users to use a single… Read More

  • SlideShare Slammed with DDOS Attacks from China

    SlideShare, a Mountain View-based startup that lets you upload and embed PowerPoint presentations on the web, appears to have stirred the red dragon last week. About ten days ago the company began receiving anonymous requests to delete slideshows that were deemed “illegal” by the requesters. The SlideShare staff checked out these slideshows and discovered them to be quite innocent. Read More

  • Google Says "No Photos" Of Web 2.0 Booth. Photos Are Taken Anyway.

    Look closely at the photo of Google’s booth at the Web 2.0 conference, because there is apparently something there that Google didn’t want photographed. Do you see it? Yeah, me either. Looks like a normal, non-confidential type booth to me. Apparently they were demoing Adwords. But both Scott Beale and Jeremy Johnstone were told that photos of the booth were prohibited and were… Read More

  • Apple sells lots of stuff, is rich

    I just got a note from MA informing me of the outcome of the Apple earnings call and, in the immortal words of our dear leader, Apple sold a shitload of stuff. Apple’s Q2 2008 financial results were very strong and above expectations. The bottom line: they are selling a lot of stuff at very good margins. Total revenue for the quarter was $7.51 billion; profit was $1.05 billion, or $1.16… Read More

  • Salesforce Stock Price Up 10% To All Time High: Google Acquisition Rumors Played A Part

    Salesforce’s stock price jumped over 10% today to an all time high (the Nasdaq rose a little over 1%). The company’s market cap rose $743 million, to $8.06 billion. Why the big jump? There is no public information or news emerging to support the increase. Our sources in private equity say it was fueled by whispers of Google acquisition talks. And short sellers (Salesforce has a lot… Read More

  • No One's Laughing At Tickle

    We’ve received word that Monster has decided to lay off the 30-35 employees that work for subsidiary Tickle, a company that it acquired for about $94M in May 2004. Tickle includes not only a tests and quizzes site that shares the same name but also Ringo, a photo and video-sharing site, and LoveHappens, an online dating site. As part of the decision, Ringo and LoveHappens will be… Read More

  • AMD drops triple-core procs as rumored

    AMD today finally updated its Phenom chips from dual-core to triple-core, as has been rumored for weeks. The new chips have clock speeds between 2.1GHz and 2.4, 1.5MB front-side cache, and AMD’s HyperTransport at 3600Mhz. Pricing starts at around $145 in large orders. The 3-core chips are unusual and bridge the gap between current 2-core chips and the more expensive 4-core chips. Read More

  • Make your own solid-state drive from this thing and some CF cards

    Cool. It’s still a little rich for my blood, but if you can figure out how to hot-swap the CF cards without losing data, this could be an awesome little gadget. It’s got a SATA interface, but you could probably rig it up to sit outside the computer so you can pop in new pairs of cards whenever you need to. It’s difficult to say whether it’s practical at this point. Read More

  • I want this cool plug multiplier in a non-metric variety

    I do not have enough plugs in my house, so I have several unsightly power strips for me to trip on and break my face. It’s excellent. I want some sort of plug multiplier like this British deal. It’s both functional and cute, just like yours truly, and it has individual toggle switches for each outlet, so you can keep from being as much of a power vampire. Bring it to America, please. Read More

  • Opus 8 mechanical digital watch looks cooler than Elvis and Check Berry combined

    I’m in love with mechanical digital watches. They remind me of the high-tech mechanical digital alarm clock my dad still uses, one he’s had since before I was born. This watch, by Harry Winston’s shop, is just amazing. It takes the same idea but adds a nice mix of design and ingenuity that’s just plain awesome. Why this type of push-up digital matrix didn’t catch… Read More

  • Young 'uns getting in on the mobile banking thing, oldsters opting out

    One out of five 18-35-year-olds has used their cell phone for a banking transaction – twice as many as the general population, according to a study done for IBM. Now, I’ve moved almost exclusively to online banking, but my balance transfers aren’t pressing enough that I need to do them from the middle of the street. Most people are afraid of losing personal information, but… Read More

  • Seesmic comments on CrunchGear

    Following the footsteps of our overlord and master, we’ve added Seesmic video comments to CrucnhGear. Hopefully this won’t tear the proverbial hind-end out of our site and will be a great way to show off gadgets you might have or discuss problems and issues in an interesting way. I also expect lots of T&A and some 2geeks1 biggulp action on here, as well. Read More

  • Greening the geek house

    Go downstairs and check out your power meter. It’s probably spinning frantically. Why? Because you’re blowing electricity out of your home theatre set-up and home office like a fiend. Don’t worry: I’m doing it to. We all are. It’s the cost of staying online and entertained these days and, sometimes when I’m in the basement, I kind of get a twinge of… Read More

  • Facebook Platform Faces Rough Road Ahead, Despite Successes

    The Facebook developer community is thriving but faces a good deal of uncertainty about its future. That was the general message from a session held at the Web 2.0 Expo today called “The Facebook Platform: Finding Success in the Facebook Economy.” The session started off with a disagreement over how much money developers are actually making through Facebook. Naval Ravikant from… Read More

  • NYC May 1 CrunchNetwork Meet-up: The Good, the Bad, and the Sponsors

    All engines are go for the May 1 NYC CrunchNetwork meet-up at Red Sky at 47 E. 29th Street between Park and Madison. The show starts at 7pm and we’ll have free drinks, amazing giveaways, and the entire CG team as well as Erick from TC and maybe a special MYSTERY GUEST who’s first name starts with M and rhymes with Ikele Smarrington. Anyone who is not attending should contact… Read More

  • 3K announces eee-alike notebook for $399 – UPDATED

    3K Computers, which basically sells OEM laptops, just launched the $399 Longitude 400, a 1GB mini-notebook that runs Linux. The laptop weighs less than two pounds and includes Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and a little touchpad. It runs a Ingenic 4730 400MHz Mobile Processor400MHz 32-bit single core processor (probably VIA) and a 7-inch screen. Apparently “end users will have a pleasant experience with… Read More

  • OLPC to become OLPXPC as program switches from Linux to Windows

    The XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project was originally supposed to make inroads into the developing world and low-income areas for the free and open source community. But OLPC’s founder thinks that the Sugar OS is scaring off investors and buyers alike. He says: "One can be an open-source advocate without being an open-source fundamentalist." Which is true, but… Read More

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