• Actress Bipasha Basu Becomes Mobile Game Heroine

    According to the, Times of India, mobile gamers and fans of Bipasha Basu will see the starlet in three upcoming mobile phone games. In the Bollywood realm, Bipasha Basu oozes glamor. Today, software publisher Jump Games announced a two-year, worldwide contract with her to create and distribute mobile games featuring Bipasha Basu. The first game to be released is, Bipasha Basu Jet Ski Champ. Read More

  • Wiz and Waz To the Rescue

    If you spent all day playing video games you might turn into a blob… or so we’ve been told. But what if to save the universe you need to be a blob? Well, there is a tough question we can’t answer. However, we can tell you that come September this will become more of an issue. In a mobile video game anyway. Eidos Interactive has announced the September launch of SolaRola, where… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Someone's in the Kitchen with Squid Edition

    Moo Card Carrying Cases
    iStraw: For the Mysophobe In All Of Us
    John Lennon Solo Catalog Hits iTMS
    Newspaper Box Casemod is Cool, Useful
    Shure Music Phone Adapter Review Read More

  • Sonos Can Now Stream Sirius

    Sonos, makers of everybody’s favorite way to stream music throughout your house, has announced a partnership with Sirius. The deal: Beginning today, if you’ve got Sonos’ Zoneplayer hardware, you can download software that lets you stream 80 channels of the satellite stuff–including Howard Stern and the NFL. It’ll be free for 30 days, after which point it’ll… Read More

  • Facebook + iPhone = UltraCool

    A pairing of the two most hyped tech products of the year: Facebook released what is arguably the single best iPhone-customized website to date at iphone.facebook.com. Like the Netvibes iPhone site which launched late yesterday, it isn’t much to look at in a normal browser. But open that thing up in an iPhone and you’ve got a very usable site. The site uses javascript to avoid… Read More

  • Bloke Throws Phone A Country Mile, Sets New Record

    How far can you throw a cell phone? If you said “over 311 feet” you’re either lying or your name is Chris Hughff. Hughff threw a cell phone 95.08 meters at the 2007 GoldenPalace.com U.K. Mobile Throwing Championships, besting the former record of 94.97 meters set back in 2005. If you’d like to test your arm, make a quick stop at your nearest football field and see if… Read More

  • Steal Our Site Template With Jimdo

    Pumping out HTML may be simple for tech heads, but it’s not simple enough for everyone else. These days it’s not a matter of just designing and coding a page once, but of redesigning it on a whim. MySpace and it’s capricious community of design junkies are case in point, often changing their layouts almost as much as their favorite band of the moment. Several services have… Read More

  • Netvibes For iPhone Available Now

    Customizable home page site Netvibes released a pre-beta version of their site for the iPhone earlier today at m.nv1.netvibes.com. This version of the site doesn’t look like much on a normal browser, but it definitely does the job on the iPhone. The already minimalized Netvibes is pared down even further for the iPhone to a single column of widgets. There are few graphics to speed… Read More

  • Technology Marches Forth: Better Breasts on the Horizon

    Dear All the Strippers I’ve Paid Before: I’m sorry, but I’m not a boob guy. I’m thinking maybe i’m not into your boobs, that I’m a butt guy. Now I’m not saying it’s your fault, but it could be that some of your boobs look way fake. I’m a science nerd, and they look like Neptune and Uranis: almost the same size, globular, and far away from… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Fujifilm Z10fd

    Bloops. Sorry. The Samsung L74 wide wasn’t ready to go yet but I’ve got something better for you. How about a Fujifilm Z10fd. This little beastie has face detection so your grandma will be in focus and her cat won’t. Unless her cat has a human face. Read More

  • Movable Type's Version 4.0 Final Release

    Movable Type is releasing the final version of their 4.0 platform tonight. We covered the beta, their turn towards open source, and new feature set previously. The new release, no doubt, comes under pressure from the success WordPress has had as an open source platform. Unfortunately, we’ll still have to wait until later in the year for Movable Types’ open sourced version. The… Read More

  • T-Mobile Set to Launch UMTS/3G Network Next Month?

    BGR has uncovered listings for a new Samsung phone set to hit T-Mobile on September 10th, the t639. It’s a slim flip with Bluetooth, a 1-Megapixel camera, speakerphone, and many other low-end features small flips generally have. What’s interesting is that it’s a 3G UMTS phone. On T-Mobile. For those who aren’t mentally doing the math, this phone hints very strongly… Read More

  • Use TokBox To Set Up Instant Video Chat

    TokBox is a new site that we just heard about moments ago. It’s completely live but appears to have been flying under the radar until now. It allows you to set up a video chat channel in seconds. It instantly and accurately detected the camera and microphone on my Mac laptop after registration. At that point, I was prompted to invite someone to the chat via email, or send them to my… Read More

  • PubSub: They're Baaaaack

    PubSub is certainly more well known for its self-induced implosion last year than for the product itself. The company developed what they called a “future search engine” that allowed users to type in keywords and get blog and other RSS-enabled news back as it was published. It was a good idea, and one emulated by most of the blog search engines over time. But the… Read More

  • Buffalo Adds Web Access To TeraStation Live NAS Drives

    So if you were shopping for a network-attached storage drive and were on the fence about which to get, Buffalo’s added a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to tip you in their favor: Web access to your digital files. Now you’ll be able to access all your files stored on either the 1, 2 or 3TB TeraStation Live NAS devices from any Web browser. The device includes its own dynamic… Read More

  • Newspaper Box Casemod is Cool, Useful

    Casemods come and casemods go, and I can’t usually give a damn about them. Sure, they’re neat, your computer is really made of Legos. Awesome. But sometimes I come across one that’s neat and functional, and that gets my attention. Check out this flickr set by user stwalker, who took a discarded newspaper box, a 17-inch LCD, a Mac Mini, and a little AppleScript, put it all… Read More

  • SCO Doesn't Own Linux Or "What Happens To Patent Trolls"

    Since 2003, SCO has been fighting bigger and bigger enemies in hopes of enforcing its UNIX patents. Well, a judge has just decided the SCO has no hold on UNIX patents and that Novell owns all of them. The graph you see here is what happened to their stock price when the news hit. SCO makes and sells nothing of any interest. Their M.O. thus far has been simple — enforce dubious patents… Read More

  • Kids Review The OLPC: They Like It

    Real life kids have been getting their hands on the highly anticipated (?) OLPC. And you know what? For all the nay-sayers out there, the kids like it. According to one twelve-year-old who writes better than pretty much all of us here It was cleverly designed, imaginative, straightforward, easy to understand (I was given no instructions on how to use it. It was just, “Here. Figure it… Read More

  • Zonbu PC Review

    The nifty little Zonbu is definitely a new and interesting concept in the world of computing. The $99 hunk of plastic is a non-upgradeable PC built around Gentoo Linux that runs on a 1.2-GHz Via main board with a skimpy 512 MB of RAM, integrated graphics and a 4 GB flash card (included). The Zonbu is the “greenest” desktop computer yet, and has met the highest “gold”… Read More

  • Madden NFL '08 New York Launch: Times Square Transformed

    Microsoft and EA spent a whole lotta money last night to promote Madden NFL ’08 to all of Times Square. The game—you may have heard of it—enjoyed a midnight release at the Times Square Toys R Us and should be in your local store right now. While I personally won’t be celebrating “Maddenoliday” (I prefer the other kind of football, which you may have noticed)… Read More