• Thule Trail: modern day Oregon Trail

    I have fond memories of the Oregon Trail game. What with the dysentery, hunting and accidental drowning of oxen while fording the river, it consumed much of my younger years. All of that and the fact that I’m from Oregon. Heh. Now, I’m not sure if there are other modern interpretations of the classic, but this caught my eye and I thought I’d share. Thule Trail replaces the… Read More

  • Startup parish news

    • BBC Innovation Labs 2008 has opened its application process to tech companies. The application process will close on 31st January 2008 and the BBC will let you you know if you’ve been successful during February 2008. If you were unable to attend the Labs Launch Days then you may find the filmed presentations helpful before you apply. • Are you an Irish Internet company? Irish… Read More

  • BitTorrent Is Now Streaming Movies (With Ads). But Where's The Good Stuff?

    For anyone who thinks that full-length movies on the Web are for downloading only should check out the Watch Now section on BitTorrent (you will need Flash Player 9 installed). Launched quietly on December 5 using its BitTorrent DNA streaming technology, Watch Now offers a few hundred full-length movies and TV shows that you can watch in full-screen that start a few seconds after clicking play. Read More

  • Apple store closed [Update]

    Maintenance or new product? Nothing special here. Free shipping for the iFones iCrap and a time table to ensure you get your gifts by Xmas. Move along, nothing to see here. Read More

  • Facebook Is MySpace With ADD

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/blipplayer.swf?autoStart=false&file=http://blip.tv/file/get/Wallstrip-Facebook106.flv%3Fsource%3D10 Pretty funny Facebook video by Wallstrip’s Lindsay Campbell Read More

  • CarCam Voyager preserves dashboard memories

    How many hilarious moments have you witnessed from behind the wheel of your car? Tens? Hundreds? Now imagine if you had a dash-mounted device that could record up to eight hours of video at a time and would preserve all these moments forever. Catch the physical comedy of the neighborhood invalid slowly traversing a crosswalk while the light turns green and everyone starts honking, laugh in… Read More

  • PS3 update to support DivX too

    The PS3 update we talked about a couple weeks ago is on its way and should be arriving in your big black box as soon as tomorrow. The readme describes the update as being released December 18th, and not only will it update the Blu-Ray firmware to v1.1, but it will add DivX and WMV support. I don’t think that means support for the cooler XviD and H.264 codecs/containers is forthcoming… Read More

  • Video streaming from mobile to Web the next killer app?

    Leading tech commentator Robert Scoble has gone mad for a new video streaming service for mobiles called Qik. It competes with Kyte and Seesmic but unlike those you do not have to wait for the video to be uploaded. Instead it streams the video straight into the site with a 5 second delay. To use it you download and install the client software – in Scoble’s case a Noka N95… Read More

  • Want to hop-up that DS of yours?

    I’m not really into portable gaming devices, but if I had to pick between the DS and PSP, I’d probably opt for the former. That’s not to say the PSP isn’t a great device. I just don’t need everything it offers and it’s kind of bulky. The DS is great tool for learning as well. But if I were to some day be into things like watching movies or listening to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy three, get one free video game deal

    The last thing I want to do is tell you how to run your life, so I’m just saying this for your reference. I’m not trying to be a nag or tell you what to do but Toys backwards-R Us has a deal going on right now that allows you to purchase three video games and then take home a fourth one for free. I just wanted you to know that. You’re by no means under any obligation to… Read More

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