• Buzzd Secures Series A Funding

    Buzzd, a location-based city guide and social network for mobile phones, announced that it has completed Series A funding, led by Greycroft Partners and Monitor Ventures. The money will be used for product development and distribution. Monitor’s Fern Mandelbaum will join Buzzd’s Board of Directors, along with company Co-Founders Nihal Mehta and Deepen Shah. “Monitor and… Read More

  • Iomega ScreenPlay HD is big, relatively cheap

    Iomega has an interesting new product called the ScreenPlay HD — interesting in that there’s an included 500GB of storage for just over $200 and interesting in that there’s no Ethernet port or wireless connection (although wireless would certainly add to the price — Ethernet, not nearly as much). If you don’t mind shuffling the ScreenPlay back and forth betwixt… Read More

  • Motorola's Loss Is Apple's Gain: That $2.1 Billion Sucking Sound Is Coming From The iPhone

    Razr anyone? Motorola can’t even give those things away anymore. The once-proud company reported horrible earnings today, with sales down 21 percent and a net loss of $194 million. But the big takeaway was the 39 percent collapse in its mobile phone business. Mobile device revenues in the quarter dropped $2.1 billion compared to last year. Coincidentally enough, that is almost exactly… Read More

  • Ballmer hints at extended Windows XP shelf life

    Will Microsoft extend the life of Windows XP after all? Steve Ballmer told reporters today that “If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter,” according to the Associated Press. He conceded that most of the customers who are still buying XP are IT departments but said that “most people who buy PCs today buy them with Vista. That’s the statistical… Read More

  • USB 2.0 Baby danglers

    Yeah, I don’t know what these are either. But they cost $22 for the 2GB version and $37 for the 4GB. I think I found something like this in my stool once, though, now that I think back. Read More

  • Jim Cramer loves him some Apple, Dell stuff is for squares, Daddy-O

    “Other companies that make these devices are no longer relevant.” Whoa. Jim Cramer of the popular show “I Scream a Lot About Finances,” basically lumped Dell in HP in with Wang Computing and Ye Olde Typewritery while talking up Apple like a fiend. He basically says that Apple is big with the kids and, therefore, is looking to boost its market share and earnings over… Read More

  • Yahoo SearchMonkey Launches Into Private Beta

    Yahoo is letting a limited number of beta testers into its SearchMonkey developer platform, a service announced in February that allows site owners to customize their Yahoo search result listings. With SearchMonkey, site owners create “applications” for Yahoo search that can be installed by users in the same sense that Facebook applications can be installed. Each application… Read More

  • Does The Google-Yahoo Advertising Test Amount To Collusion?

    The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the antitrust implications of Yahoo’s recent test with Google to run Google ads on about 3 percent of Yahoo’s search results. Reuters is reporting that “some of the government’s concern focused on a telephone call from Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt to Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang to offer help in… Read More

  • MySpace Apps Moves Out Of Beta

    MySpace Application Gallery, MySpace’s app directory which launched in limited beta back in March, is now fully live and open to the public. The MySpace application gallery allows users to browse applications and integrate them into their MySpace page and profile, giving what MySpace describes as “a more engaging and entertaining online experience.” The biggest difference… Read More

  • VP Lee Mighdoll Out At Twitter, Business Plan Still MIA

    Twitter VP Engineering and Operations Lee Mighdoll has left Twitter after 3 months, reports Silicon Alley Insider. Peter Kafka quotes Biz Stone saying “both Lee and Twitter came to the conclusion that the match was not perfect…We are seeking to fill this role with a refined search criteria that fits with our plan to scale Twitter as a company and as a service.” Michael… Read More

  • May 1 CrunchNetwork: Waiting List, Anyone?

    Just a reminder about the May 1 NYC CrunchNetwork meet-up at Red Sky at 47 E. 29th Street between Park and Madison. The show starts at 7pm and we’ll have free drinks, amazing giveaways, and the entire CG team as well as Erick from TC and maybe a special MYSTERY GUEST who’s first name starts with M and rhymes with Ikele Smarrington. That said, we’re going to build a wait list. Read More

  • Google Now Offering Mobile Banner Ads

    Google has added image (banner) ads to its mobile ad offering. The Google Mobile team writes: These look like standard image ads for desktop web pages but they are smaller to fit on mobile screens and they run on the mobile content network. Take a look at the mobile image ads example page to see samples….For advertisers, mobile image ads serve as a branding tool and have shown to have… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Picture It Edition

    I want this cool plug multiplier in a non-metric variety
    Opus 8 mechanical digital watch looks cooler than Elvis and Check Berry combined
    Greening the geek house
    DARPA asks aerospace industry to design enormous, infinite-flight “Vulture” craft
    Asustek to launch bamboo products Read More

  • Skimbit to go on Gigya network

    The Angel-backed, social decision-making tool, Skimbit has won agreement with widget distribution network Gigya to include Skimbit in their Wildfire tool. UK-based Skimbit says it is also in talks with AddThis, the bookmarking and sharing tool. The Addthis button currently appears 20 billion times per month, but Skimbit would potentially be the first social decision-making tool in its network. Read More

  • Huddle puts on users as Basecamp drops prices

    An ‘enterprise 2.0’ price war is looming as the UK’s Huddle starts to creep up on the incumbent in the space, Basecamp. The former says it is “growing like crazy”, adding 50% more users in the last month, while the latter recently dropped its prices to remain competitive. However, at $24-$149 a month, Basecamp remains pricier than Huddle’s $20 to $100 a… Read More

  • Videophlow Makes YouTube a Group Experience

    Imagine: you’ve found the next hit video on the web. Having just laughed yourself to tears, you regain your composure long enough to send a link of the video to your best friend, expecting to be praised for your extraordinary sense of humor. Then you wait. Five minutes go by, and still nothing. Did they like it? Did they even watch it? Finally, your efforts are rewarded with a… Read More

  • ThinkGeek selling Optimus keyboard for $1,589.99

    That’s right: the Optimus keyboard is on ThinkGeek for 1,600 freaking dollars. 1,600 freaking dollars. Seriously. It’s a keyboard with OLEDs in it. Make a good flat touchscreen interface for data entry a la Star Trek and leave this bugger to the dustbin of technological overreach. (via BBG) Read More

  • SPOT watches dead

    Sorry, SPOT fans. MSN Direct is no longer adding SPOT technology to watches and is essentially scrapping the Smart Watch program. The project has been dying a slow death for years now and with the addition of MSN Direct to GPS and Mobile devices it seems they’re focusing on using the network for more powerful products. SPOT service will still be transmitted to the watches, but no new… Read More

  • iPhone SDK Beta 4 out

    You can’t have it, but the iPhone SDK Beta 4 is out with OpenGL support. We are getting closer to world iPhone domination, people. I’ve played with the SDK and was quite impressed. You can basically build applications in the emulator and deploy them without much fuss — just like any good SDK. OpenGL support will allow you to add improved graphics and other goodies to your… Read More

  • Helium's Reward-A-Thon (Occasionally) Leads to Big Paydays

    The online writing community Helium recently ended its 100 day reward-a-thon, during which contributors were rewarded with small bonuses for each article they submitted. Helium serves as both a directory and marketplace for user generated articles. Writers can earn revenue based on the quality and popularity of each article they submit, though typical payouts tend to be quite small. The… Read More

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