• Lowepro Primus AW is the most eco-friendly camera bag

    I’m really digging on Lowepro’s gear lately. The Fastpack I reviewed a couple months back is still in great shape. I’ve got the Flipside, which is fantastic. I still have to do a formal review on it, but it’s phenomenal. Anyway, this being Green Week for us, I thought I’d share the Primus AW with you all. It’s Lowepro’s most eco-friendly pack and… Read More

  • Presdo, The Magical Online Scheduler

    I want you to stop what you are doing right now and go try Presdo. It is a deceptively simple online scheduling assistant that is a prime example of what a modern Web app should be. It only shows you what you need to see at the moment that you need to see it. And it understands what you want to do based on normal (and not-so-normal) English that you type in. “We actually threw a… Read More

  • Skype releases voice client for a plethora of cellphones [UPDATED]

    Running a Skype client on a cellphone isn’t really new, but this is the first time Skype has made it’s own client available for almost 50 different models, including many popular low-end and mid-market phones. The new client allows you to talk connect your cellphone to your Skype account. It uses cellphone minutes like usual, but adds all your Skype conacts and gives you a… Read More

  • Dark Sector walk-through

    I just got this game so this is of some interest to me, but D3PA just released a fairly official walk-through with info on all the goodies to be found in the game. Just in time for the weekend, D3PA has released their official Dark Sector: Walkthrough
    Guide. This guide contains exclusive tips, strategies and item pick-ups for players
    to successfully complete Dark Sector. As you know, if you… Read More

  • Minggl Offers (Yet) Another Way to Keep Tabs on Your Friends

    It’s almost painful to write about a social news aggregator these days. We’ve covered well over a dozen of them, most of which do nearly the exact same thing. It’s getting ridiculous. With so many on the market, it goes without saying that most of these are going to fade into obscurity in the next six months. Which is why I hope Minggl was telling the truth when they told… Read More

  • The first hands-on with the WildCharge adapter

    iPhoneBuzz grabbed an exclusive look at the new wireless charging. The technology is still in its early stages and actually quite kludgy but to be able to drop my gadgets on my bedside table and have them charge overnight would be amazing. Right now they have iPhone and iPod adapters and the final product will cost about $59 and the separate charging cases will cost about $10. Read More

  • HTC readying two new CDMA, 3G, slick-looking handsets

    Though we can’t say we’re friends with the interface (we’re looking at you, Windows Mobile), we love what HTC does. They make high-end, usually OEM smartphones for the business crowd, and lately they’ve been paying a lot more attention to design, something it’s never been known for before. HTC has a pair of new phones coming to replace the Mogul and TyTN series… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: No Wii, DS price cut, says Nintendo

    Those of you without a Wii or DS, don’t expect a price cut on either any time soon. Nintendo, which doubled its operating profit this past fiscal year, says it has no plans to lower the price of either system any time soon. And why would they? If people keep buying them at the current price—the Wii is still hard to find—what sense does it make to lower the price? Unlike… Read More

  • Rumor: Halo prequel action/adventure Bungie's next project?

    Oh, joy — I smell a return to Marathon. Or Pathways Into Darkness. Whichever, they’re both pretty awesome games. According to the rumor mill at 1up, Bungie’s next project may be “a third-person action/adventure shooter hybrid that takes place before the original Halo, chronicling early skirmishes between the ODST troops and the Covenant”. Not exactly the plot… Read More

  • Man sued by woman for sending nude pictures messages to phone she bought from him

    Working in retail is hard work, especially in the electronics field, but sometimes your interactions with people on a daily basis lead to new relationships. I worked at a big box retailer for about three years and got many dates out of it, though it wasn’t appropriate at all. The key is, though, to know when it’s OK and when it’s not OK to ask a customer on a date, and how to… Read More

  • Live podcast at 1:00 PM Eastern today

    Join us in about an hour for the CrunchGear and Friends live podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com — we’ll be talking about a whole bunch of stuff from the past week, like Grand Theft Auto IV, new Apple products, and a whole lot more. It’s gonna be a real hoot. You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646)… Read More

  • Inside PsyStar's high-tech facility

    Click To Play PsyStar isn’t on the down-low anymore: they’re shipping PCs running OS X from their posh digs in Florida and even filmed a charming video featuring a full set of cheap PCs running odd OSes including Ubuntu and, obviously, Leopard. The fact that Apple hasn’t hit them yet is quite interesting. I agree with what commentor Cylonite said: Know when the… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: GTA IV pre-order and launch details for the big retails

    Why all the hullabaloo about this game? It’s just a murder simulator, people! but if you must be there to get it the day it comes out, your favorite retailer has probably made an announcement on how and where to go about it. Best Buy has a store list, Wal-Mart’s internal plan was leaked, and just lately GameStop released a 68-page PDF of all stores with midnight openings. Check… Read More

  • Face scanning at airports will upset the easily offended

    Not unlike every stupid sci-fi movie ever—not my favorite genre—scary biometric scanners will approve and “denounce and reject” airline passengers. Instead of having low paid, I-don’t-want-to-be-here security guards give the thumbs up or thumbs down, after checking the official Do Not Let These Baddies Fly list, a machine will do it, using the biometric chip… Read More

  • AT&T officially rolling out nationwide Wi-Fi service at Starbucks

    AT&T has already equipped a few Starbucks in San Antonio with its Wi-Fi service and today both companies have officially announced that the national rollout has begun. Beginning May 1, AT&T customers who qualify will be privy to free Wi-Fi access at a Starbucks location near them. It’s unclear whether or not you, an AT&T customer, can use the service if the Starbucks is… Read More

  • AT&T planning $100 femtocells

    AT&T has ordered $500 million worth of femtocells from ip.access Ltd., a UK femtocell maker. The cells will sell for about $100 and may follow in T-Mo and Sprint’s footsteps by offering unlimited in-range calling when using the cells. There is no official word on pricing or service offerings from AT&T and the femtocell manufacturer ain’t talking, either. Read More

  • Dell's new customer service scheme: North America-based, reps with actual knowledge

    Dell, the baked goods manufacturer, knows that Americans don’t like calling tech support only to get “Pete,” whose name clearly Shoaib, who tells them to restart their computer for every single issue. Fine, Dell says, it’ll improve customer service—legitimate solutions on the other end of the line—but you’d better be ready to pay for it. The… Read More

  • Steampunk watches from Japan

    Haruo Suekichi makes watches that look like perverse sex toys and/or Saw props. He recounts his initial inspiration in an interview with Chief Magazine: “In the beginning, they were pretty simple, a strange drawing maybe, but that’s about it. But at the flea market, a one-armed man came up to me. And he said to me, well, with only my left arm, I can’t put on a watch. Wow… Read More

  • Maybe The Fight Against Click Fraud Isn't Hopeless After All

    One good quarter does not make a trend, but there is a glimmer of hope in the fight against click fraud (fake clicks that can nevertheless cost advertisers money). Click Forensics is reporting that the overall click fraud rate was down half a percentage point in the first quarter to 16.3 percent. Although that is still higher than the rate was a year ago, it could be an indication that… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: The dangers of running in first place

    The Beijing Olympics begin August 8, but just remember what happens to the guy in first place. via fusioned.tumblr.com Read More

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