• Russia grows up, learns how to wage cyberwarfare more effectively

    Not a Russian hacker, just a filthy rich one There’s a reasonably interesting little story in Foreign Policy—I wear a big Napoleon hat when I post—about Russia’s cyber response during last week’s conflict with Georgia. It seems the Russians know a thing or two about Internet trolling, since instead of defacing Web sites and crashing anti-Russia servers, they… Read More

  • Lehman's Online U.S. Advertising Forecast: Another $20 Billion In Growth By 2012 And Online Video Takes Off

    I was (digitally) leafing through the latest Lehman Brothers Internet Data Book for August this morning, and came across these forecasts for total U.S. Internet online ad spending and online video ad spending.
    Video ads are the hottest area of growth. Analyst Doug Anmuth thinks that online video ad spending will reach $1.1 billion this year (up 63 percent), and more than double to $2.4… Read More

  • SoCal arcade already has Street Fighter IV

    Fact: Ken is better than Ryu Head on over to Super Arcade in Walnut, Calif. if you want to be one of the first in the U.S. to play Street Fighter IV. The SoCal arcade was one of the first to have Tekken 6 in the U.S., too. The address of Super Arcade: 1211 N. Grand Ave.
    Walnut, CA 91748 Apparently it’s only 50 cents per play. Too bad none of us on staff are even remotely close to… Read More

  • Best Buy will sell the iPhone 3G starting next month

    Best Buy will be the first non-Apple or AT&T store to carry the iPhone 3G. The phone that many people on Twitter complain is broken will be available in regular Best Buy stores as well as Best Buy Mobile starting on September 7. This news is largely irrelevant to people who have an Apple retail store or AT&T within driving distance, but think of Middle America, or Flyover Country: how… Read More

  • The PR Roadblock On The Road To Blissful Blogging

    Most PR professionals I know are flat out busy right now and being really picky about new clients that they take on. But the way that they do business is under fire. Today’s volleys are just the most recent example, although one of PR’s own is leading the charge (Steve Rubel from Edelman, a master at his craft). The issue Rubel brings up is whether PR really serves any purpose… Read More

  • Best Buy to sell iPhone 3G starting in September

    If you’re one of the four people with a Best Buy nearby without any AT&T or Apple stores just as close, who also happens to want an iPhone 3G, you’re in luck! Best Buy has announced that they will begin carrying the iPhone 3G starting on September 7th. Jokes about futility aside, this actually ups iPhone retail locations by about 30% (up from around 2,200 to around… Read More

  • Finally, the long-range plane-mounted tactical laser cannon we've been waiting for

    You guys may have seen our many previous reviews of long range plane-mounted tactical laser cannons, but let’s be honest: none have really lived up to the hype. Like Ultra HD or mobile TV, long range plane-mounted tactical laser cannons have just been impractical and difficult to recommend — until now. This latest long range plane-mounted tactical laser cannon being promoted by the… Read More

  • Blogging Is Not A Crime

    I found this arresting chart on Swivel. It plots the number of bloggers who have been incarcerated over the past few years, based on data collected by the World Information Access project. The number of incidents it tracks went from five arrests in 2003 to 35 last year. As blogging expands internationally, so do the risk of speaking one’s mind. (Something many of us take for… Read More

  • Facebook Users Get More Control Over Feeds

    Facebook will tweak the user profile sometime tonight to let users fine tune the news items delivered to them on their home page. Currently users can filter news items to see top items, status updates, new photos and posted items from friends. With the changes, users can opt to see application-specific news items (events, movies, Causes, etc.) or just see all news items without any filtering… Read More

  • First Day of CrunchGear winners

    Just got in from a long drive and only now got a chance to pick a few winners for our first day’s drawing. Look forward to more amazing stuff tomorrow, though, readers. Why? Because we wuv you. Solio – Kyle
    Phil Havens – Dash Express
    Diane McCarthy – Optio A10
    Nathan Hoover via Twitter – My Passport Essential USB drive 250 GB Read More

  • What's eating the iPhone's 3G?

    When reception is low, the first one up on the ranter’s chopping block tends to be the carrier. Such is the case for AT&T; since the iPhone 3Gs launch, much flack has been sent their way over lackluster 3G signal, slow speeds, and dropped calls on the device. Thing is, AT&T doesn’t seem to be the one we should be pointing a finger at. Complaints of poor 3G reception have… Read More

  • Fire Eagle's page design looks mighty familiar..

    Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s platform built specifically for storing/broadcasting your current location, opened its doors to the public today. For the first time, any joe off the street can check out what Fire Eagle has to offer. Lets take a lo.. wait a second. I’ve seen this layout before. Rolling green hills populated with round-cornered buildings and perfectly circular trees, hovering… Read More

  • AMD doubles the 4870 fun, still under $400

    I’ve been saying this a lot this year: it’s a good time to be in the market for a video card! NVIDIA and AMD are firing volley after volley of significant improvements and price reductions. Although NVIDIA’s on-GPU physics processing is compelling, AMD’s new 4870 X2 (essentially two of the impressive 4870 cards stuck together) provides an insane amount of power for… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Tuesday, August 12th

    Today’s Top Posts: Lenovo unveils behemoth mobile workstation, W700 Video: Pac Man: The Movie 10 Days of CrunchGear: Two Boulders Daily Crunch: Pac Bad Edition Thinking of getting a Mac? Wait till September Japan advances in the development of “perfect” humanoids Dell — The New Latitudes — Live from SFMOMA Oh wow, Verizon Wireless finally has visual voice… Read More

  • Magnify360 Scores $2.5 Million

    Provider of 1-to-1 web personalization solutions Magnify360 has announced $2.5 million of first round funding from MHS Capital. CEO Olivier Chaine stated that the funding will be used to attain the resources and capital necessary for the company to expand and establish itself in the growing industry. The product can best be described as a web-based behavioral targeting platform. As a… Read More

  • All kinds of Mega Man 9 video goodness goes live

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=38234 Mega Man 9’s step back to the golden days is exactly what the series needs. Seriously. It has been years since I’ve been this excited about getting frustrated and throwing my controller at the wall. Sneak peaks at two of the game’s levels showed up online today, along with the opening cinematic shown above. Though… Read More

  • The Zero Sum Games

    Dare Obasanjo does a good job of gathering together the sad sack stories of a number of startup acquisitions. The rule of thumb he suggests is that rewriting in the acquirer’s technology base destroys the confidence of the startup’s developers, who trigger a cascading loss of faith by users as the founders abandon the company. He cites Fred Wilson’s frank assessment of his… Read More

  • Broadband adoption slowing down

         Photo Source: Flickr American households aren’t hook’n up to broadband access like they used to says Wired. The adoption rate here in the States is at a seven year low and it seems that prices are to blame. With $4 gas and Ramen Noodle dinners, high-speed access mustn’t feel like a necessity anymore. So what’s a struggling provider to do? How about… Read More

  • Chotto Shot PSP camera said to be overheating

    We’re seeing a rumor flying around about the PSP camera, Chotto Shot being too hot to handle. Apparently, the little 1.3 MP camera has been overheating and poses a fire hazard. Known as the Go!Cam in Europe, the camera has never been directly for sale in here in the States. PSP Fanboy is reporting on a recall. And indeed, Play-Asia does not have the camera available. Amazon still has… Read More

  • VC Firm Subpoenas TheFunded For Negative Review

    TheFunded, the site that lets startup founders leave anonymous reports on VCs they’ve encountered, has been issued a subpoena by a small Michigan based VC firm called EDF Ventures. The firm is apparently going after an anonymous user who posted the following on TheFunded on October 12, 2007: “Worked with these people on several deals and they are to be avoided unless you are desperate. Read More

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