• You’re doing a fine job there, NBC

    Just noticed this graphic as NBC took a commercial break during Olympic coverage. Can’t wait to watch the upcoming “SWIMMMING” events. Nice work there, NBC. You’d fit right in here at CrunchGear. As we always say, “Proofreeeading, schmroofreedninng.” Read More

  • Man lands airplane via text messages

    A small airplane in Ireland suddenly found itself in a dilly of a pickle of a jam when it "lost all onboard electrical power, communications and weather radar soon after take-off from Kerry airport," according to The Irish Times. The twin-engine Piper contained a pilot and four passengers. The pilot was unable to make contact with the nearest air traffic control tower, so he tried… Read More

  • Has Apple killed the MobileMe status blog?

    On July 25th, a new item showed up on the Apple’s MobileMe page: “Status”. In order to better communicate with an angry userbase while potentially pacifying the harsh-tonged masses, this page would serve as a small glimpse behind the doors of the MobileMe HQ for anyone who cared to look. At the beginning, all was well. Every other day brought a herald of both good and bad. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor for $249.99

    Ah, plummeting technology prices. Time was, you couldn’t get a 24-inch monitor for under $800. Now you can grab one for just under $250. Sure, it’s a Soyo, but has Soyo ever done you wrong? If not, why not give Soyo a chance? Here’s what you get if you were to walk into Office Max and buy this monitor: 24" Widescreen SXGA TFT LCD Display 1920 x 1200 Native Screen… Read More

  • Video of HTC Dream running Android?

    Here’s an apparent video of the HTC Dream running Google’s Android operating system. The video looks to have been shot at incredibly high altitude, as even the most basic and delicate hand movements have left the guy working the camera completely out of breath. This looks a little clunky for an HTC device so I don’t want to say that this is definitely definitely definitely… Read More

  • The Noncompete Ruling Won't Change Anything, Anywhere

    Earlier this week, California’s Supreme Court reaffirmed the state’s position on noncompete clauses: they’re almost never valid, except for in a few specific circumstances. While this has been the state’s policy since 1872, the law recently came into question in the case of Edwards II v. Arthur Andersen LLP, in which the accounting firm tried to uphold a noncompete… Read More

  • MSI Wind for $479.99 (backordered, of course)

    Hey, looks like Best Buy hasn’t jacked up the price of the MSI Wind! If you’re still looking for one for under $500 and you’re okay with waiting 1-2 weeks, you may be able to grab one through Best Buy. It’s online-only, so don’t bother heading out to your local store. It’s also the three-cell battery version, too, but don’t let that dissuade you. Read More

  • Why Twitter Hasn't Failed: The Power Of Audience

    Twitter isn’t for everyone, and you may have dismissed the service a long time ago. But regardless of your own use, it’s hard to dismiss the phenomenon itself and the passion of so many that has built up around it. No matter how long the outage du jour, Twitter users continue to stay attached to the service despite an ever-changing backdrop of alternatives. Blogging isn’t… Read More

  • Facebook's Redundant Ad Rating System

    If you’ve bothered to look at the ads on Facebook lately (don’t worry, nobody else looks at them either), you might have noticed little thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons at the bottom of each ad. If you click on one of these, a box pops up asking why you liked or didn’t like the ad. This presumably will help Facebook target ads at you more effectively in the future. The… Read More

  • Alligators! Cupcakes!

    While not technically a gadget, the alligator cupcake pan was simply too great not to share. Be sure to eat your cake before it eats you. thanks Cooking Gadgets Read More

  • Does Google Have An Organic Growth Problem?

    Google pulled in $5.37 billion in revenues last quarter, and $1.25 billion in net profits (nearly ten times what Yahoo made last quarter). Yet behind the consistently amazing financial performance, a few chinks are beginning to appear in Google’s armor. The biggest one may be the increasing gap between its organic revenue growth and its total revenue growth. Google does not break out… Read More

  • Good night, Sidekick Slide

    After a nasty factory defect in the early batches followed by months of inadequate sales, it’s not really any surprise that T-Mobile has decided to nix the Motorola-made Sidekick Slide from their line up. To be honest, it’s a bit more surprising that it lasted as long as it did. When widespread rumors of a recall start trickling out within weeks of a device’s launch… Read More

  • Video: "I Am Rich" Guided Tour

    You considered it. You glanced at the pile of money on your desk. You thought to yourself, “Do I use it to fuel my money-powered rocket ship, or do I buy the $999 ‘I Am Rich’ application from the iTunes App Store?”. You go to click the “Buy” button – but you’ve waited too long. In a flash which surely pang your soul forever, the application has… Read More

  • Trends in rich media consumption and delivery

    Here’s an interesting Q and A session with a panel of experts in the rich media industry — mostly online video – that took place last Tuesday at the Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado. The members of the panel: Ron Bloom, CEO, MEVIO Mike Hudack, CEO, Blip.tv Steve Liddell, CEO, Panther Express Joy Marcus, General Manager, DailyMotion U.S. Perry… Read More

  • Pwnage 2.0.2 now available

    Jeez. Some one buy the iPhone Dev Team a week on a Carnival Cruise or something. Those guys just never stop. This morning they released Pwnage 2.0.2, allowing just about anyone to jailbreak any iPhone (2G and 3G) running software version 2.0.1. As always, OS X users get the goods first, until some Windows fan comes along and makes the port. Take the normal precautions of course – there… Read More

  • The Attention Race

    It’s slowly dawning on me that Twitter-like functionality has replaced email as a primary input source. The first decision every day is which stream to dive into – email, or Twitter, Identi.ca, FriendFeed (Tw*tter). Email is a roll up of several other inputs, including Facebook email, Twitter direct messages, and follows from all these services plus LinkedIn and XMPP streams… Read More

  • Pilots of remote-controlled Predators suffering PTSD

    http://www.liveleak.com/e/7bb_1210698031 Interesting article over on Military.com about how some Predator pilots are beginning to show signs of psychological stress even though they’re not technically fighting on a battlefield. The pilots spend most of their time in air-conditioned trailers in front of an array of monitors, piloting the remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)… Read More

  • BBG's list of 101 old computer ads

    This exhaustive list of computer advertisements from the olden days should bring most of us to tears. Compuserve… Commodore… Star Raiders. This is the stuff of bitter nostalgia. Read More

  • Another look at the MSI Wind, this time from Denmark

    What can we learn from this MSI Wind video review from our friends in Denmark? It is NOT waterproof. Not really. It’s what everyone on the blogs — on “The Engadget” — is talking about We may see a $100 Atom-based laptop within ten (10!) years Again, the Wind is not waterproof. The OLPC has a waterproof keyboard. Nobody knows when we’ll see the first… Read More

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