• NASDAQ Launches An Internet Index

    The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) stock exchange has launched a new internet only index, the NASDAQ Internet Index. The new index will track the performance of internet companies across the full spectrum of online activities, including ecommerce companies, ISP’s, search engines, web hosting and web design firms. The index will benchmark the… Read More

  • Broadband in California: Free market is the key?

    The governor of California, some guy named Schwarzenheimer, has an idea for broadband in his state: let the free market decide. His plan is to pressure the utilities commission to place less restrictions on broadband operators, letting them duke it out, thus reducing prices. While this sounds nice in practice, it does nothing to alleviate the local monopolies cable TV companies have in… Read More

  • Nice, fat Xbox 360 back-compatibility update

    Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360’s software emulation, allowing more than 80 Xbox “original flavor” games to be played on their big, curvy console. Personally, I’m happy as long as Barbie Horse Adventures works, but they’ve also brought one of my old favorites, Armed and Dangerous into the mix, along with the classic Freedom Fighters. I’m sure you can… Read More

  • Greenpeace says Nintendo kills puppies, kittens, orphans, baby aligators, saplings, pandas, and your mom

    Not long ago we told you that all of your electronics will someday likely kill an asian person? Turns out there’s more you can do about it. Each year, Greenpeace (yes, that Greenpeace,) issues a Guide to Greener Electronics, a report card on who is and isn’t making their stuff responsibly. They took Apple to task, as well as Dell and others. A year later, it looks like Sony-Ericsson… Read More

  • Make your iPod Nano box into a portable speaker set

    I still have the box for my 5G iPod sitting on some shelf somewhere, because it was just too nice to throw away. Of course, I’m a pack rat and keep worthless stuff all the time. But now I have a decent reason to keep the thing, at least if I buy a new Nano. Japanese gadget outfitter Bird Electron has a sweet little kit to convert your Nano’s box into a little portable speaker… Read More

  • Beta Invites for SeeToo, Another Yossi Vardi Startup

    I guess it’s Yossi Vardi Startup Day here at TechCrunch. The prolific Israeli investor behind ICQ is now backing a video chat service called SeeToo that was founded in January, 2007. SeeToo closed an angel round of about $1 million a month ago, and Vardi is the biggest investor, as well as an active board member. The NYC-Israeli startup quietly launched a private beta last week, and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Amex My WishList goes live today

    Amex is once again enticing card holders with the My WishList site that’s pretty much the equivalent to blue balls. The discounts are outrageous starting at 24 percent on up to 80. It opens up today and you can score a Panasonic 42-inch HD Plasma for $700 on the 30th of this month or how about that Dell XPS M1330 notebook for $900? Feeling a bit more dangerous? How about the BMW K 1200… Read More

  • CellQ lets you wait in amusement park lines virtually

    Okay, time to try to wrap our heads around this one. There’s a service called CellQ that allows amusement park patrons to wait in line virtually. When their place in line comes up, they are alerted via cell phone. Until then, they can "explore the park, take other rides, and visit shops." Okay, fine. But what happens if the phone rings when you’re on the other side of… Read More

  • Brightcove.TV Gets Its Plug Pulled (Sort Of)

    Brightcove is pulling the plug on Brightcove.TV, its consumer-oriented video showcase. In an e-mail to the site’s members, Brightcove says that it will no longer be accepting video uploads after December 17. The YouTube-wannabe site was never one of Brightcove’s strengths, which is serving video for professional and semi-professional content creators. That is something that… Read More

  • Open It now!

    If you’ve been following BFF, which I know you have, then you know how aggravating it is to try and open those obnoxious blister packs. With the gift giving season in full force what better gadget could anyone ask for other than the Open It? The Open It from Zibra combines a cutting tool, dual-head screwdriver and retractable cutting blade into the ultimate ‘wrap rage cure’. Read More

  • Ten foot arcade screen has 145 games, Wii adapter

    That’s a big screen right there — 120 inches to be exact. It costs just under $4000 for a limited time (regular price is $4499) and comes with a two-player control panel featuring six buttons per player and 2 pairs of side pinball buttons. Wait, there’s more. Read More

  • Unlocked iFones from Orange cheaper than T-mo

    I’m sorry but an unlocked iPhone is not worth $1,500, which is what T-mo in Germany is selling the precious for. It’d be a lot cheaper to have someone visiting the US pick one up or just find someone on Craigslist to do it for you. But that’s not always the case and luckily for you, Europeans, Orange will be doling out unlocked iFones for less than 999 euros, but more than… Read More

  • HD DVD kicks some ass on Black Friday

    The numbers are in from Black Friday and HD DVD players including the Xbox 360 HD DVD player and other stand alone players sold more than 750,000 units. The data pushed out by the NA HD DVD promotional group is comprised of retailer reports and other point of sale data. If you’re still on the fence then check out this edumacational site and see what HD DVD has to offer your home… Read More

  • Seagate drives killing MacBooks

    It’s bad enough that my MacBook is running hotter than Hades since I upgraded to Leopard, but the last thing I need is for my HDD to crap out. Luckily my MB does not have a 2.5-inch drive from Seagate. Retrodata, a data recovery outfit in the UK, noticed something was amiss with the Seagate drive equipped MBs as they’ve seen 50 or so since last summer. Upon further inspection… Read More

  • Question: Best tech PR for startups?

    As part of this week’s effort to allow you, the readers, to steer this blog for a while, here’s the first of a few questions this week. Question: Which firm, or which individual PR person, is the best for tech/mobile startups (either in the UK or Ireland)? Now, this is a question I get asked a lot by startups I meet. So I thought I’d ask the community of commenters and… Read More

  • Samsung puts RFID reader on single, tiny chip

    Samsung, our favorite tech company ending in “sung,” has revealed a compact and complete RFID reader, which they’ve managed to compress onto a single chip. It’s small enough (6.5mm square) to be embedded in clothes, posters, and probably babies as well – at least, if they wanted babies to be able to read RFID tags. Its low power consumption rate means… Read More

  • eToro Makes Forex Trade Child's Play

    Israeli eToro is taking a novel approach in simplifying Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading by packaging the complicated concepts involved in trading one currency against another, in fun non-threatening wrappers. Just how big is Forex trading? Try an estimated $3.2 trillion in daily turnover—that’s ~35 times the average turnover of the NYSE. However, unlike stock trading which has… Read More

  • Google Takes On Global Warming

    Google announced today that it will be investing tens of millions of R&D dollars through its philanthropic arm, Google.org, to develop clean energy technologies that are cheaper than coal. Google co-founder Larry Page thinks that solar thermal and wind energy is the way to go. Google is already working with eSolar, an Idealab company, and Makani Power, a high-altitude wind-energy… Read More

  • Zune 80 battery life sucks

    I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirits since we’re giving away a Zune 80GB, but I just felt that you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Other than capacity, the biggest concern should always be battery life. Many of you commute at some point during your day and who wouldn’t want some Positive Vibrations or an episode or two of Dexter to watch? In… Read More

  • New Jersey college requires students to buy cellphone, not reimbursed

    Sure, everyone loves having the latest, greatest cellphone, but who wants to be told to have a cellphone? At a school, no less? Exactly. Students at Montclair State University in Dirty Jersey now must purchase, out of their own pocket, a Sprint cellphone, dubbed the “School Phone” by students. Ostensibly, the plan is designed to ensure student’s safety. The least expensive… Read More

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