• Facebook coming to Blackberry OS

    Yesterday, RIM and Facebook joined forces to announce a new dedicated Blackberry application that would bring Facebook functionality to the business world of handheld devices. The new application is available to download by all, but will also be included on T-Mobile RIM devices. As expected, you’ll be able to take photos and upload them to your Facebook profile, add and remove friends… Read More

  • World of Warcraft action figures sell out

    I just came across these beauties on ThinkGeek and boy am I ticked off. Looks like ThinkGeek is completely sold out of the World of Warcraft action figure set. For $49.99, you get an Orc Shaman, a Blood Elf, a Dwarf Warrior and an Undead Warlock. Each figurine is around 7-inches tall (minus the Dwarf) and is incredibly detailed, much like a Games Workshop piece. The first shipment of these… Read More

  • CNET's Shiny New $250 Million Credit Line: What Will They Use It For?

    Update: See announcements here. CNET has sold Webshots for $45 million in cash as well as other announcements. They have not announced a stock buyback or any acquisitions, but its clear that they are preparing to make some moves with all this cash. CNET Networks has $250 million burning a hole in its pocket. The Internet media company secured a line of credit for that amount on October 16… Read More

  • Bill Clinton sends first text message

    Apparently a couple of days ago at CTIA, former president Bill Clinton sent his first text message to his wife Hillary. ZDNet’s Russell Shaw says, "Another example of how most politicians are clueless about tech. Bill Clinton’s first tech message? This is October 2007?" Maybe, but the idea of a politician pecking away at a cell phone is kind of a silly visual to me. Read More

  • Turn your car into a joystick

    Those crafty bastards from the Netherlands are back again with cool DIY gadgets. This time, a gentleman named Thijs Eerens has turned an old, parked car into a joystick for playing video games. He calls his invention Park To Play and it allows any car to be transformed into a joystick so that you can play titles like Tetris by turning the steering wheel and flashing the headlights. Not sure… Read More

  • Americans say the darndest things: Government should control web video, no to brain implants

    463 Communications and Zogby International ran a poll asking Americans what they thought of the Internet. The results, obviously, are not surprising. First, 24% found that the Internet could replace their sig. other, which is just fine. The Internet, for example, has already replace my aunts and uncles. It’s only a matter of time before it replaces Maw Maw and Pap Pap. Some other… Read More

  • Wubi = super easy Linux installation

    Linux, to me, is like all the girls in college when you’re still dating a girl from back home. Free, good looking, easy to use, and with a lot of cool, unique features and abilities. After a while, though, you end up missing what’s familiar to you so you head back to what’s comfortable even though it’s expensive, unstable, and needs constant tweaking to keep things… Read More

  • Woot Off!

    Woot is having another one of its Woot Offs. You know the drill: keep buying until sold out, repeat. Right now it looks like you can score a SanDisk Sansa 4GB MP3 player for $60 + $5 shipping. Woot! Read More

  • Rejoice Japan! 1Seg TV Tuner coming to DS Lite

    Nintendo of Japan knows that if the ability to watch TV on a portable console is possible, it must happen. Thus, it should come as no surprise that a 1seg TV Tuner is coming to the Nintendo DS Lite November 8th. It’ll cost 41€ or about $58 and allows the use to watch digital television on the top display, while controlling the channels, volume, etc. via the touch-screen. A New 1Seg… Read More

  • Facebook Taps Into Hedge Funds For $500 Million More?

    Consider this a rumor at this point. Forbes’ Elizabeth Corcoran is reporting that two NYC hedge funds have each matched Microsoft’s investment in Facebook for about $250 million each, at the same $15 billion valuation. If true, that would give Facebook a $750 million war chest, which is more than most companies make in an IPO. That should be more than enough to pay for those… Read More

  • Patent Monkey Joins Deadpool, Only To Rise Again as Patents.com

    Someone just shot the monkey. Patent Monkey, a Web-based patent database, is closing up shop and selling its assets to domain-name holding company Internet Real Estate Group (IREG) and Monster Venture Partners (MVP). (Disclosure: Patent Monkey is a CrunchGear affiliate). The Patent Monkey search and index capabilities will serve as the back-end technology for Patents.com, which IRG… Read More

  • The random endorsement: iPod nano

    I see myself as slightly less corrupt Krusty the Clown. I won’t put my name on just any product, no sir. There won’t be any Deleon Brand Grade F Meat Substitute nor will you see my name on books I don’t approve of. So when I endorse a product, rest assured that you can say to yourself, “Hey man, if Deleon’s down with that, I need to be down with that.” Then… Read More

  • HD DVD on the cheap

    If you’ve recently purchased an HDTV and still don’t have a hi-def movie player, you’re really missing out. Lucky for you, Wal-Mart is supposedly selling the Toshiba A2 HD DVD player for a stunning $198, making it the cheapest standalone hi-def player on the market. The A2 is no throwaway chinese knock-off player either. This is the real deal as far as HD DVD… Read More

  • Western Union is not decadent or depraved

    In an effort to bring some of our BFF content to the main site, we present a quick paen to Western Union by Marswoo. This got me excited when I first read it from Google Adsense’s Blog. As a web publisher based in the Philippines, waiting for my Adsense checks every month was not only agonizing but also fearful. Agonizing because it usually took the second week of the month for the check… Read More

  • Microsoft buys $240 million stake in Facebook

    We can all hate Facebook now. Microsoft and Facebook announced a deal yesterday where Microsoft would pay $240 million for a 1.6 percent stake in the social networking Web site. Doing a little of that thing called math, we can now say that Facebook is worth approximately $15 billion. That’s a nice chunk of change. Microsoft paid so much for the site because it felt it was in danger of… Read More

  • INgrooves Music Screensavers available this November

    Emdigo has partnered with INgrooves to launch the INgrooves Music Screensaver this November. The screensavers will be available on Verizon and Alltel Wireless for $2.99 per download. The application animates artists in 3D with the artists’ music when the phone is flipped open. Top artists Tila Tequila, Too Short and B Legit are part of the initial offering. “By combining our… Read More

  • Perspective: Facebook Is Now 5th Most Valuable U.S. Internet Company

    Yesterday came news that Microsoft invested $240 million into Facebook, valuing the company at $15 billion. How much is $15 billion? It’s hard to understand how much money that really is. But this evening a friend helped put it into perspective in a conversation about the deal: among the pure-play U.S. Internet companies, only Google, eBay, Yahoo and Amazon have larger market… Read More

  • Donate to Red Cross with Text 2Help Program

    As fires blaze across southern California forcing hundreds of thousands to flee, the Wireless foundation and American Red Cross announced that most American wireless subscribers can make a charitable donation to the Red Cross Disaster relief Fund through a program called Text 2Help. Subscribers of participating wireless carriers can donate $5 to relief efforts simply by text messaging… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Driver's Surprise Edition

    Pump up the power: Sony CyberShot DSC-T2
    Hands on with the Motorola RAZR 2 Luxury Edition
    CG Exclusive: Samsung F700-variant coming to Verizon
    Portable in-car toilet replaces pop bottle, holding it
    Facebook finally goes mobile Read More

  • Yahoo Shares Some Link Love From Its Homepage

    Yahoo’s most valuable property is still its homepage. It drives tons of traffic to any site it links to. That’s why all the links on Yahoo.com either go to other Yahoo properties or to Yahoo partners. Until now. Starting today, visitors to Yahoo’s homepage will start to see links going to blogs and media sites that don’t have a syndication deal with Yahoo. … Read More

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