• Contest: We're Giving Away A Dash GPS. Just Come Up With An App To Make It Better

    Do you want a Dash GPS? We are going to give one away to the person who can come up with the best idea for a geo-aware app that would work on the device. (Courtesy of Trulia and Dash). The Dash is a GPS unit that is connected to the Internet through a cellular data network so it can tell you where is the nearest restaurant, gas station or hospital. You can also download geo-RSS feeds and… Read More

  • Portugal keeps its promise, delivers Classmate PCs to schoolchildren nationwide

    Not Portuguese children Looks like the Portuguese Ministry of Education kept its promise to deliver a whole bunch of Classmate PCs to students ’round the country. The laptops will only cost students €50, or around $73. Quite the deal, then. Apparently the laptops have been [nick]amed Magalhães. You might better recognize that name in its Anglicized form of Magellan, as in the… Read More

  • EA facing class action lawsuit over Spore DRM

    And now Electronic Arts has a class action lawsuit on its hands. Hell hath no fury like Spore fans scorned. The publisher is accused of violating two laws relating to the game’s DRM. The suit claims that EA installs SecuROM without notifying consumers. Then the suit lists SecuROM’s crimes, including the fact that it’s damn near impossible to uninstall. It also claims that… Read More

  • In Russia, Windows advertisements are on the appropriate venue.

    It reads,”Windows Vista – The Digital Future Starts Here.” Where does it start? There, right there? Gross. Read More

  • Asus Eee PC 901 to start shipping with built-in 3.75G networking

    The Asus EeePC 901 will come with built-in 3.75G networking when it’s released next month. Asus swears up and down that the addition of 3.75G won’t adversely affect battery life, which it claims stands at 7.5 hours. We shall see. On paper, 3.75G is as fast as 7.2Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. Your real world speeds may vary. She’s based on that Intel Atom platform. You have your… Read More

  • Just in time for the G1, T-Mobile removes 1GB bandwidth cap

    T-Mobile has removed the 1GB 3G data cap ahead of the G1‘s launch. People had been freaking out, as they do, the past two days when they read the fine print of T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, realizing that the wireless carrier imposed a “soft” 1GB cap on 3G data. Meaning, that if you downloaded more then 1GB of data—isn’t that a big selling point of the… Read More

  • YouTube Fights Global Poverty With "In My Name"

    YouTube on Thursday announced that it’s going to do its part to fight global poverty by launching “In My Name,” a global effort to raise awareness around eight time-bound, measurable goals that the United Nations set back in 2000 to combat global poverty. Known as Millennium Development Goals, the ideas outlined during that session were promises made to the poor to hold… Read More

  • Cramster Raises $3 Million to Expand

    Cramster on Thursday announced that it has raised $3 million in a Series A funding round, which was led by Shai Reshef, an online education industry veteran. Reshef has also been appointed Chairman to help steer the company in the right direction. Cramster is a global study community that helps students across the globe understand math, science, and engineering. Students can share notes on… Read More

  • Wink's People Search Index Grows To 500 Million Profiles

    Wink, the search engine that lets you search user profiles across many social networks, has announced that it has indexed a whopping 500 million profiles worldwide – double the number it had twelve months ago. Wink also predicts similar growth in the future, with a projected 1 billion profiles indexed over the next year. Wink originally launched back in 2005 as a user-enhanced search… Read More

  • Toshiba's new SATA hard disk will make our notebooks even slimmer

    Another Japanese company, another record. This time, Toshiba today in Japan [JP] unveiled the industry’s first quarter-terabyte 1.8-Inch HDD (MK2529GSG). The company’s new 1.8-inch lineup also includes 120GB and 160GB models (MK1229GSG and MK1629GSG). The 250GB flagship SATA model spins at 5,400rpm, weighs 62g, has an average seek time of 15ms and boasts 3Gbps data transfer. Read More

  • 960 x 540 pixels: Casio unveils (small) super-LCD screen

    I would have expected an innovation such as this from Sony or Panasonic but it’s Casio that has today unveiled [JP] the world’s first 2-inch LCD with a resolution of 960×540 pixels. The company used a self-developed technology, the so-called “Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT” (HAST), as the base for the new screen, which can display 16.8 million colors. HAST was first… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Fly Friendly Skies Edition

    Wario Land: Shake It advertisement breaks Youtube
    DIY USB Message Pump
    UAV drone crashes in Pakistan
    SmartShopper digital list maker gets $50 price drop
    Little Seiko: Japanese company develops creepy kindergarten girl robot Read More

  • Use Google Moderator To Crowdsource Group Questions

    Google Moderator launched this evening, a simple tool that helps groups determine which questions should be asked at all hands meetings, conferences, Q&A sessions, etc. The idea is that there are always lots of good questions to ask in a limited period of time, but it’s hard to know which questions the attendees are most interested in hearing discussed. Moderator lets users add… Read More

  • The Washington Generals

    The Gphone launched in the middle of one of the most terrifying weeks in memory, and yet it somehow succeeded in sending a powerful message of change of the most opportune kind. Even as McCain threatened to scuttle the debates with Obama and Bush arranged a White House tea party to win acceptance of his lame duck plan, the Google wave of innovation continues to exceed expectations. The… Read More

  • Trademark Fight: Intel Is Worried You Might Think It Is A Chinese Travel Agency

    Do these two logos look the same to you? Is there the remotest chance that you might confuse Intellife Travel, a small travel agency in Santa Clara, California that caters to Chinese Americans and expats, with Intel the company? You know, the one that makes computer chips. Me neither. But tell that to Intel’s trademark lawyers, who filed a lawsuit against Intellife on September 18… Read More

  • Panasonic toughens up the Toughbook series, unveils the Toughbook F8, adds new features to the T8, W8

    Today, Panasonic unveiled the latest rugged Toughbook in Tokyo, the F8. If you’re unfamiliar with the Toughbook series then take notice because these laptops are built like tanks and deliver on all the features you’d expect and want. The F8 can claim a world’s first by being the lightest 3G-ready 14.1-inch widescreen notebook, too. See that handle? Read More

  • Step right up, get your plug-in Jeep

    Chrysler really threw their hat into the electric vehicle ring today, revealing not one, not two, but three electric or semi-electric vehicles. The one getting all the eyeballs, of course, is the Chrysler EV (real creative name there), which is all-electric, based on a Lotus Elise, and does 0-60 in five seconds. Of course, that one probably won’t ever enter production, or if it does… Read More

  • Like Sister Site Hulu, New MySpace Music Is Just For U.S. Users

    The new MySpace Music launches tonight for everyone. But like Hulu, another joint venture backed by News Corp. (MySpace’s parent company), it’ll only be for U.S. users. International users will see the new design and functionality, but the new content won’t be there. Hulu is now a year old and most video content is still only watchable in the U.S. MySpace already has tens… Read More

  • Motorola intros its first WiMAX adapter – the USBw 100

    The WiMAX rollout should be right ’round the corner and Motorola is here with the USBw 100 adapter just in time. The companies first WiMAX device is coming in three tasty flavors – 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5 GHz – to ensure a compatible version is available for your network’s frequency range. Thanks to multiple antenna technology and some Motorola wizardry, the… Read More

  • The Mate – a stay-put mat & plate for your little one

    Don’t have a kid? The Mate isn’t for you then chap, but you’re welcome to keep reading for some free birth control. Feeding a toddler often involves place a plate of food on-top of a large tray and praying you don’t have to get out the mop. Generally, it starts out innocently ‘nough but eventually there is corn on the wall – even if you aren’t… Read More

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