• Sanyo releases new entry-level pocket camcorders to Japan, possibly US headed

    [photopress:cg9.jpg,full,center] Sanyo’s Xacti line of pocket camcorders are sweeter than they first appear. We checked out a similar model to this CG9 (CrunchGear 9!?) at CES and were a little amazed at how a tiny fixed-focus, non-zooming camcorder made things look. These aren’t cameras to make your epic movie with, but for if you’re a web video junkie and you want to make… Read More

  • CNET Soap Opera Continues; CEO Neil Ashe May Be Fighting For His Job

    Despite CNET’s unexpected legal setback last week in their fight against what is now their largest stockholder (a consortium of investors led by Jana Partners), the board and management team continue to fight on. Previous meetings between Jana and the CNET board were already “tense and uncomfortable.” I can only imagine they’re getting more so. So far, the Jana… Read More

  • Blogging Plugg.eu – notes from panels

    For a first time conference for investors and startups, Plugg, held in the rather nice ambience of an old theatre in Brussels, is going very well. It’s down to the hard work of Web 2.0 blogger and consultant Robin Wauters. Plenty of people turned up for breakfast which was a sure sign the conference was heading in the right direction. Rebecca Jennings from Forrester Research gave us… Read More

  • Video: Sony PlayStation Network advert is less creepy more Zune-y

    It doesn’t quite have the magic or mystery of the PS3 adverts, but the PlayStation Network appears to have normal human beings who just hallucinate. This one actually reminds me of the artsy-fartsy Zune ads. Read More

  • Preview on Bungie of new Avalanche map from Legendary pack

    [photopress:news_H3_LegDLC_Avalanche01.jpg,full,center] Sidewinder is one of my favorite classic multiplayer levels in the Halo series, and a re-vamped version is on its way to Halo 3 as downloadable content. Called Avalanche, the arctic-themed level retains the same basic layout and toys of the original, but adds a few fun gameplay elements. Notable changes include the removal of the main… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster now in full production

    [photopress:tesla_roadster_on_the_road_2.jpg,full,center] The car that may go down in history as game-changing, the Tesla Roadster, has officially started production, according to the manufacturer. For those not yet caught up, the Tesla is an all-electric sports car capable of top speeds beyond 125MPH, with super-fast acceleration and good looks. The prototype was powered by laptop batteries… Read More

  • Review: Rock Band, the operative word is "Rock" [Updated]

    [photopress:2336063332_be45c7a742.jpg,full,center] Guitar Hero was a good start, but Rock Band is the next logical step in multiplayer rock gaming, and it rules. You don’t have to be a musician or a gamer to get into it, and in the new world of Social Video Gaming (yes, I’m coining a phrase), Rock Band is an important opening salvo. On a tech or gadget website like this one… Read More

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Crunchies Monkey

    Last May we wrote about a virtual world called MyMiniLife where you can construct and furnish virtual homes that look like those you’d find in The Sims, except smaller and more pixelated. If this is your cup of tea, then perhaps you’ll be interested in a new MyMiniLife tool for importing real life objects into cyberspace. These items can be added to your own homes or shared with (i.e. Read More

  • Innovation: New Blu-ray standard mandates Internet connectivity (like HD DVD had at launch)

    Flickr’d Now with HD DVD out of the picture, the Blu-ray camp is free to promote the format’s cutting edge technology, no matter how dull that edge may be. USA Today has a puff piece today on Blu-ray’s upcoming Profile 2.0, known colloquially as BD-Live. The new standard, which is scheduled to debut this fall, requires that Blu-ray players… Read More

  • Motorola set to axe half its designers

    So what happens when your mobile phone division is returning lackluster results? You nix half the design team. All 121 designers at Motorola’s Birmingham, England design center are at risk of being considered redundant. Half of the staff will be given their pink slips or the entire center will be shut down. Of course, they have 90 days to get everything sorted before anything is set in… Read More

  • REDFLY smartphone companion groped by ZDNet

    Matthew Miller over at ZDNet got an early look at the REDFLY Windows Mobile Smartphone Companion, a Palm Foleo-esque device that more or less enlarges your smartphone’s screen to 800 x 480 (8-inch LCD) and gives you a trackpad, larger keyboard, two USB ports (used for charging, mice, flash drives, etc.), and VGA output. Read More

  • Kampyle Closes The Feedback Loop

    One of the key ingredients to success on the Web is rapid iteration, and to do so, eliciting user feedback is a must. As we know, TechCrunch is a breeding ground for avid beta testers keen to provide input and suggestions. Yet, more often than not, when we do offer feedback to a site all we receive in return is an auto-reply, thank-you email. When was the last time you submitted feedback to a… Read More

  • Welcome to the club Verizon, but you're still CDMA

    Verizon’s Open Development Device Conference started this morning and details of the ‘any device, any applications’ were revealed. I have to applaud Verizon for making such bold moves, but the fact remains, CDMA just isn’t worth it. Both Verizon and Sprint have some amazing devices, but I’ll never switch to either network full-time because I can’t take… Read More

  • "LittleDog," the pint-sized alternative to the BigDog

    BigDog, the unbelievably creepy/impressive mule-bot from Boston Dynamics, made a bit of a splash earlier this week. But people seem to have forgotten its modest younger brother, the LittleDog. Unlike its sibling, this one has an identifiable head and tail, and doesn’t move in a way that will haunt your dreams for years. Kind of cute, actually. Imagine hundreds of these things bringing… Read More

  • Video: Sneak peak of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's EndWar

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32022 Who the hell are the Frag Dolls and why do they get to play Tom Clancy’s EndWar? I want to play EndWar damn it! What’s really neat about this RTS from Ubisoft is the voice command function. It may take some getting used to, but I’m sure most gamers will adjust quickly. I may not, though. I like to yell and scream. Again… Read More

  • Mario Kart with 'Wii Wheel' accessory vs Wii remote

    http://www.mtv.com/player/embed/wp/ Stephen Totillo of MTV’s Multiplayer blog gets a hands-on demo of the Wii version of Mario Kart and compares playing it with the “Wii Wheel” accessory versus playing it with just the Wii-mote. The wheelie move shown in the above video is pretty cool. Hit the jump to see the second gameplay video without the “Wii Wheel” accessory. Read More

  • Greenpeace targets Nintendo again for its poor environmental policies

    How could a company that makes this hate the environment? Greenpeace still hates Nintendo. The environmental organization has once again turned its sights on the Wii maker, which it ranks at the bottom of its latest Guide to Greener Electronics. Unlike last time, when it gave Nintendo a zero rating in all nine categories it rates, Nintendo earns… Read More

  • Viddyou Debuts High Definition Video and Premium Memberships

    Viddyou, a video sharing site that launched almost a year ago as a platform for video bloggers, today rolls out support for high definition video and adds a $35/yr premium membership option for power users. On the surface, Viddyou looks like many of the other video sites out there. But it has so far managed to foster a community that seeks refuge from the masses over at YouTube. Co-founder… Read More

  • Rumor: Next refresh of Macs to have WiMAX

    This is entirely based on conjecture, but Intel has revealed pricing for its upcoming Wi-Fi and WiMAX/Wi-Fi modules for the Montevina-based chips, which will begin to roll out in June. The rumor floating around the other week said that Apple would refresh the MB line with Montevina-based chips in June as well. Both modules are 802.11n compliant so the addition of either is more than likely… Read More

  • Magnify Wants to Turn Video Channels Into Social Networks. Good Luck.

    Does everything need to be a social network? Apparently it does. Magnify.net, a video-hosting and sharing platform that raised $1 million in February, is adding social networking features to its video channels. Magnify lets Web publishers assemble videos from across the Web—YouTube, AOL, Veoh—and show it in the embeddable Magnify player. Websites use Magnify to create video… Read More

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