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  • The Device

    This antique-looking device can be configured to display virtually any PC data. It features two independent analog dials, a glowing agar filled tube and a blinking red light. Each of these indicators can be adjusted to respond to a slew of variables. The Device is made of handcrafted cherry wood and connects to a PC via a 3′ USB cable. No word yet on pricing or availability. Process… Read More

  • Sony's New 4k Projector Comes Up Short

    We’re all about 4k, the promised Utopian resolution of the near ultra-hi-def future. At display sizes around 292-inches at 96DPI, you really won’t need anything much larger (yeah, right). Sony, lovers of this next-gen technology, has just dropped a new projector for the 4k crowd, using its new SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display, or Voodoo to us), giving it a resolution of 4,096… Read More

  • LG Adds Leather to New TV Phones

    <img src=" You read that correctly. We like the LG checker keypad thing it's been doing, and the fact that the phone comes wrapped in your choice of leather coverings, complete with pockets and other wallety things. The phone itself is pretty nice too, using a DMB tuner to pick up that fancy digital TV they have all over Korea. Read More

  • Panasonic Plays Russian Nesting Dolls with microSD Cards

    We’ve got a cellphone, a GPS unit, and a Palm, all of which use different sized SD cards. The phone uses microSD, the GPS unit, which has a big screen for photo playback, uses miniSD, and the Palm uses standard SD. Even though they’re all SD, you can’t share them without buying fancy adapters. Panasonic has solved our problem by packaging its new microSD cards with both a… Read More

  • Lots More Of Mii To Go Around

    Remember when I said that the Mii avatar creation on the Wii would provide endless hours of fun? I wasn’t too far off. New information about Mii (from George Harrison, NOA’s Senior VP of Marketing and Corporate Communication) says we’re going to be creating more than one Mii and we’re going to like it. First off, the gathering place of the Miis is officially called… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Preorders Up On Ebay…Again

    For all those eager-beaver gamers and parents who want to please their kids, the PlayStation 3 preorders are up on Ebay again. At least this time, they’re legitimate. I’m actually kind of surprised to see PS3 preorders selling for a max of $1,500; I thought they’d go way higher than that. Though, it’s probably just because Christmas is still more than two months away. Read More

  • My Personal Weight Issues, Meet My Personal Computer

    I never said that I was exceptionally thin, but some people (Blake) have been criticizing my weight, as of late (Gavin is a fat bastard – Blake). Fortunately, Tanita has developed the PC InnerScan scale. Upon first glance, this is just a high-end scale with a digital readout for weight and body fat. What you don’t see in the picture is the USB memory drive that you can hook-up to… Read More

  • Monster Shows Zune Some Accessory Love

    Thanks to high-end cable and accessory manufacturer Monster, future Zune owners will be able to do at least six things with their new media player—granted they are six fairly unimpressive activities. There’s a 10-foot A/V cable to connect to your TV. A headphone splitter with individual volume controls so you and another somebody can listen to a Zune—simultaneously! Read More

  • Sony's Bluetooth A2DP MicroHiFi

    Sony’s CMT-U1BT is the first player from Sony (that we’ve seen) to feature A2DP Bluetooth 2.0 specifications, which means you can stream audio to the device from across the room. You can either use an A2DP-enabled phone or a PC with an A2DP-enabled dongle – either way, you don’t need to be directly plugged into the receiver. If you’re lacking an A2DP device, you… Read More

  • Asono Freebit-H1 Tiny Ergonomic Bluetooth Headset

    We’re not sure how ergonomic a thing that goes into your hear has to be, but the stand-out features of this Asono Freebit isn’t in its ergonomics, it’s in its features. The Freebit-H1 has a 9-hour call time and a 200-hour standby time, which is much greater than similarly small Bluetooth headsets. In fact, that’s one of our main complaints about Bluetooth headsets… Read More

  • ToyQuest Releases PMP/PVR For The Kids

    A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a Tiger Electronics tent that was set up to showcase all of the new toys coming out this holiday season. They all had a common theme: “Crappy versions of gadgets that adults have and kids want.” The products ranged from a crappy projector to a crappy video-capable MP3 Player. ToyQuest, however, seems to realize that kids deserve the same… Read More

  • uPlayMe Connects You To Your Musical Peers

    A new social networking site, uPlayMe, works to help link you to your musical “peers”, a.k.a., people who like the same music you do. You install the software, plug in your iPod/music player and play your music. When it finds a match between the songs you played and the songs someone else played, you’ll both get a notification and be hooked up. Fairly useful for getting to… Read More

  • Klimeo Thermo-Smart Fabric

    French fashionistas Avelana and Roudière have developed a new smart fabric dubbed Klimeo that can regulate wearer temperatures based on surroundings. So if it’s hot, it can make you cooler and if it’s cold, it can make you warmer. It works by grafting a system of nano-capsules into the woolen material. The capsules insulate and release heat by changing from solid-to-liquid… Read More

  • Creative Zen Vision:W Reviewed

    Reviewed by Generation MP3, the Zen Vision W seems to be the most watchable video media player we’ve seen yet. Not only that, the negative points are only negative points for a small fraction of users. Let’s explain. The positive points of the player are its gigantic screen, which is 4.3-inches and plays back WMV/MPEG1/2/4, MJPEG, and DivX 4/5. Not a true DivX qualified device… Read More

  • RIYL: Tiny Robotic Science Stuff

    What you’re looking at is the world’s smallest robotic hand in action. Small enough, and with a delicate enough touch, to grasp a single fish egg without squeezing it to drippy bits. It was developed by Yen-Wen Lu and Chang-Jin Kim of UCLA’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. The hand is made of silicon segments connected by polymer-balloon joints. Inflating… Read More

  • How the iPod Was Born

    Wired News takes a close look at how the the iPod was born, shifting through all the rumor, innuendo, and misconstrued “facts” nobody’s bothered to correct over the years. For example, the iPod was conceived because Jobs wanted to help spur sales of Macs and wanted something to make people buy more computers. Instead of basing the player on a cheap flash memory chip which… Read More

  • Motorola's Rumored E9 Candybar

    <img src=" WiFi, 50MB of internal memory, microSD expansion slot, and 2.4-inch QVGA display. This could either be a render from some wishful thinker, or an actual leaked render from somewhere in the bowels of Motorola HQ. We're thinking it's the former, since the render isn't even all that good. And if it really is… Read More

  • Old and Busted: Bottled Water—New Hotness: Bling H2O

    For all you Crunchies who have been searching for a way to liven your bottled water experience, I believe I have a solution for you. Bling H20 comes to you from some undisclosed spring (probably a tap water faucet in the Bronx), but who cares about water purity when the 750ml frosted bottle is bejeweled with Swarovski crystals? It’ll set you back $56 per bottle, though I’d argue… Read More

  • Touchscreen iPod: The Saga Continues

    I’m really starting to hate all the Apple product guessing that goes on these days. Here is a familiar old favorite, the infamous touchscreen iPod, which is apparently definitely (for reals, yo – Blake) due for release in December of this year. This tidbit comes courtesy of Trusted Reviews (can’t argue with a site with “trusted” in its name) saying it talked to… Read More

  • Iran Bans Broadband Interweb

    Going to Iran for a romantic getaway in the future? Well, I hope you don’t need to work over the Internet. If you do, you’ll be bound to that 128k glory that the United States enjoyed, oh, five years ago? It seems that Western music and other forms of filth have become such a problem that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has seen it fit to ban high-speed Internet throughout the country. Read More