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  • Greenpeace Scores Electronics

    Greenpeace has announced the results of its first global exam on green electronics and the score card is somewhat surprising. As you can see above, companies like Nokia and Dell are inching toward the green, while others like Apple, Motorola and Lenovo are ranked way into the red,. The initiative was developed in order to help reduce the use of toxic chemicals and electronic wastes (e-wastes)… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Dead Skin and the Dirty Ground Edition

    Here is a selection of stories from yesterday’s news. Pioneer + Bluetooth + iPod Meetup Rumored
    Philips Lumalive
    OLPC Children’s Machine Inches Closer
    More Canon: LV7575PR Projector
    DSILO: Dead Skin In/Lint Out Read More

  • Life-Saving Webcams

    <img src=" The Crime-Fighting, Life-Saving Webcam [ABC News] Read More

  • Pioneer + Bluetooth + iPod Meetup Rumored

    . It’s a trustworthy source and Bluetooth has basically gone stereo, so this is more likely than not going to be true. Nike + iPod was a great move for both companies, I think, and Pioneer needs this shot in the arm. Read More

  • More Canon: LV7575PR Projector

    Canon has been bombarding us relentlessly with new products for the past couple of days. Today we get its new LV7575PR digital projector. It features a 1.3x Canon Optics lens that can be enhanced with four optional lenses, including one for ultra wide angles. This new projector is capable of displaying up to 1080i at 5500 ANSI lumens. One of the cooler features comes with the addition of… Read More

  • Marantz SA-7S1 SACD Player

    Marantz, makers of many things expensive, has announced the SA-7S1, a super Super Audio CD player. It sports a built-in anti-vibration technology to provide shake free playback of your SACDs and CDs. This is a totally useful feature, because I’m sure you’re all well aware how much CD players vibrate. It will be available in Japan this October. The price tag is set at $6200 because… Read More

  • Vertu Constellation: The Affordable Vertu

    We’re going to have to take Nokia’s word on the affordability of these new Vertu Constellation phones, seeing as they haven’t released a price and the launch date is way over in October. There are three models available, one with gold and black leather, one with polished steel and black leather, and the third with satin steel and dark-brown leather. The good news is these… Read More

  • Can Employers Be Liable For Your BlackBerry Addiction?

    A Rutgers University study may suggest that employers may be responsible for your eventual BlackBerry addiction stemming as a result of you pecking away at those keys at all hours of the night. This sounds as ridiculous to us as employers being responsible for you internet addiction, your caffeine addiction, or your sanitary-toilet-seat-cover addiction. According to Porter, this potential… Read More

  • Philips Lumalive

    We’ve seen our share of wearable technology, but the Lumalive from Philips is a first. This new technology integrates the LEDs directly into the material. The new process leaves no visible trace of the LEDs, but the design performs exactly the same as it would with traditional LEDs. Aside from all the obvious fanciful applications of the Lumalive, I can see this as actually being useful… Read More

  • Confirmed: Zune is Toshiba… For Now

    is an OEMed Toshiba Gigabeat with additional features designed specifcially for Microsoft. This does not mean that Toshiba will sell the Zune – it will be a Microsoft Product. This was done to make it in time for a Christmas launch and Microsoft will take over production after that, adding many more models to the line including a Shuffle/Nano-style mini players as well as a high end… Read More


    This ASUSTek R2H UMPC is a little bit less powerful than other UMPC-devices, having a Celeron M ULV 900MHz processor and only 256MB of RAM, but it does run Windows XP Tablet Edition, so you can use this to do just about everything you can on a regular XP machine. Other features: a 7-inch WXGA touchscreen, 1.8-inch 20 to 60GB hard drive, Bluetooth, three USB ports, GPS, fingerprint reader, and… Read More

  • Iomega eSATA 320GB USB Drive

    This 320GB external drive from Iomega supports both USB 2.0 and eSATA, the external SATA interface that many newer model desktops and laptops are starting to ship with. The benefit of having an eSATA drive over regular USB is the speed. eSATA is as fast as internal SATA, but you can plug and unplug it like a standard USB device. The drive costs $239.95 and comes with a eSATA PCI card to place… Read More

  • Samsung's 1.98-inch VGA Screen For Cell Phones

    <img src=" The screen uses Samsung's Amorphous Silicon Gate, and makes the 400ppi display even better than a 40-inch HDTV, which has only 40ppi. These will have a viewing angle of 75 degrees and a contrast ratio of 300:1. However, having such a high resolution on a phone screen will probably mean text messages are even… Read More

  • PlayStation Portable GPS Unit

    Sony’s getting ready to drop a GPS bomb on us next month. The GPS unit, pictured above, is going to stick out from the PSP like a thumb that’s been smashed two too many times with a hammer. The GPS will most likely be used in a navigation app, or well, I guess that’s it. Navigation on your PSP. I suspect it will be difficult to use when you’re driving, but fine when… Read More

  • The New Yorker Goes Digital… Again

    Not content to let its 4000 digitized back issues sit in DVD stasis, The New Yorker has released a small portable hard drive to incapsulate every issue from February, 1925 – April, 2006. The new offering comes in the form of an 80GB hard drive housed in a 3 x 5 brushed-aluminum casing. Being a literary nerd, the thought of having 4000 issues of The New Yorker is somewhat appealing, but… Read More

  • MyFabrik Stores and Shares Your Precious

    <img src=" application that lets you manage files remotely with just a web browser. You can upload and download pictures, music, videos and documents privately or publicly, depending on what permissions you set. The Web 2.0-ness of the web-app comes from tagging, sharing with others, and the ability to quickly post the files… Read More

  • DSILO: Dead Skin In/Lint Out

    Here’s a bit of fun on this sunny Friday – PCs in horrible states of disrepair and linitness. This IBM, for example, seems to have black lung. We’re assuming that the one on the bottom is the intake fan and that the owner of this particular PC lives in a laundromat where instead of thowing away dryer lint, they use it in some sort of ticker-tape-parade-esque ritual… Read More

  • Sprint Revises EV-DO, Issues new Card

    In the race against Verizon for EV-DO market dominance, Sprint just nosed ahead. The company has announced that it is upgrading its EV-DO network to Rev. A and will soon be releasing cards that utilize the new implementation. Revision A cards will support download speeds averaging from 450 – 800kbps and uploads ranging from 300 – 400kbps. The new Rev. A cards are backward… Read More

  • Brando Remote Control Watch

    If you’re in need of a remote control and have $18 to blow, you might want to consider this touchscreen remote control watch from Brando. The device features a programmable touchscreen face that will allow you to control home theater peripherals directly from your wrist. Maybe not the most useful component, but not the most useless either. I used to have a watch similar to this in… Read More

  • Sony Apologizes for Burning Your Pants, Blames Self

    Listen… this whole battery thing makes for great news copy, kind of like sharks off of North Carolina and babies falling down wells – it’s pretty damn rare and it effected a total of 6 people in the past few months. That’s 6 out of millions. Anyway, Sony is sorry that they burned those people and it cost them about $200 million dollars to recall all those batteries and… Read More