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  • Field Stripping a PSP

    Strange Persian techno mashup music aside – just turn down your speakers – this guide to taking apart your PSP is fairly ingenious. The guy does it in about 9 minutes, which might be a bit long for some people, but at least now you know how to void your warranty. Take apart a PSP In minutes.. [MobilityToday] Read More

  • Meet Your Future Stalker, Win Prizes On

    Man, the Internets make it so hard to meet crazy people. But now there’s, a fun and easy way to start sending e-mail messages to any person with a license plate. Think the hottie in the VW Bug next to you would make a fine friend, date, victim, etc.? Just send a short text message via your cell phone or an e-mail to the license plate through the site, and bingo… Read More

  • Hackers Needed To Break $100 OLPC Laptops

    On October 2, One Laptop Per Child put out an open call to “hackers” to try and break the $100 laptops, named the 2B1, so they don’t hit the open market full of security holes. Apparently the comments made by Ivan Krstic at the Toorcon computer security convention (and reported by TG Daily) were off the record, though. Still TG is standing behind the accuracy of what it… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Maze Edition

    Hey kids! Help SquidVicious® find his way to the Ear Force! Turtle Beach Ear Force X1: Good Features, Bad Name
    Tom Tom Rider, Because Big Bad Bikers Need GPS, Bluetooth
    Griffin’s New disko Much Like Tara Reid: Plastic and Tacky
    World’s Smallest MiniSD Reader
    Creative Makes Digital Music Listenable With Xmod Read More

  • Helio Releases EV-DO Card

    Helio announced this morning a hybrid card that supports both 3G and WiFi. The Helio Hybrid card and Hybrid Connector software are free with a two year membership costing $85 per month. It will be able to connect to the Internet via EV-DO or Helio WiFI hotspots. As far as I know, Helio will be the first MVNO to offer a wireless broadband card. I’m sure this signals something significant… Read More

  • Griffin's New disko Much Like Tara Reid: Plastic and Tacky

    Jonathan Ive and his design team at Apple set a watershed when they developed the clean, streamlined design of the iPod. Considered still to be the ultimate in form and function, there is little to improve upon. So why not go the other way and completely vivasect their diligent work with this new disko case from Griffin? Obviously designed by some executive’s stoned 13 year-old… Read More

  • Massive Magazine For MMOs

    If you’ve had a chance to experience the phenomenon that is World of Wacraft or have had end-on-end guild battles in Guild Wars, you know that the world of a MMO is its own reward. MMOs consume players into the depths of their mom’s basement, where they will never see the light of day again. In other words, these games are literally massive, taking players up to hundreds of hours… Read More

  • Mobileplay Hands On

    Mobileplay is an ad-supported service designed for users that want an enhanced web browsing experience. Mobileplay allows users to instantly display websites that are correctly formatted for their phone, bypass download times, browse with the touch of a button (eliminating typing in those long URLs) and more. Interested? Than you’ll be more than happy to know that MobilePlay is also… Read More

  • Zune Unboxing Hits the Web (via CBS News)

    We’re not sure what’s pissing us off more: the fact that Microsoft keeps scooping us on things like this Zune unboxing video and then try to pass off as “buzzworthy”, or that they feed it to goddam CBS News, who plays it in the middle of the day or during primetime, instead of to us, where there are readers who care. They’ve been doing a lot of this. Along with… Read More

  • izenMobile's Krma, a Windows Mobile Pocket PC in a Smartphone's Body

    The upcoming Krma from izenMobile is going to run Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition, but fits into a candybar shape with a standard dial-pad. That means there’s going to be a touchscreen, but unfortunately no QWERTY keyboard. Other features are a 2-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch LCD display, FM tuner, Bluetooth, tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900), and WiFi via its miniSD slot. Which also means… Read More

  • Nike+iPod Hands On

    I know this is a bit late in the game for this device, but I got a chance to strap these things on recently and wanted to report on the general value of the Nike+iPod line. First off, this kit has one fatal flaw – they really only work with the Nike+ shoes which come in only one or two models. A buddy of mine cut a hole in his old shoes and stuffed the transmitter in there, shown here… Read More

  • Tom Tom Rider, Because Big Bad Bikers Need GPS, Bluetooth

    Hey, tough guy. You think you’re so badass with your Harley, your black leather jacket, and that tribal tattoo, but do you even know where you are? This isn’t Altimont, pal, you’re at a weekend shopping trip with your wife and daughter, just like most of today’s Harley-Davidson riders. Look, you’re at a Starbuck’s. If you had the new Tom Tom Rider… Read More

  • Because Bluetooth Is So 2005

    Nokia today announced that they’re working on a new short-range wireless system that they hope will replace Bluetooth. Wibree, as they call it, will be utilized for smaller accessories than just cell phones. It could be incorporated into watches and remote control toys because of its smaller size transmitter and low amount of power usage. The technology was developed by the Nokia… Read More

  • Apple and Google Adding Geotagging to iPhoto, Perhaps More

    If you dig through the code of iPhoto’s app bundle, you’ll find something rather new and telling: references to Google Maps, and a hidden “show” button. This means Apple is probably planning on a new tool for iPhoto that can take the GPS info from your photos exif data and auto-link it to Google Maps, perhaps even browsable from within iPhoto itself. That in-and-of… Read More

  • Pioneer Wants To Kill You

    I’ve always thought that having a DVD player in your car dash was like having people talk to you while you’re walking a tightrope. It seems like you should only use it when you’re driving extremely long distances—or at extremely high speeds while piss dunk. Either that, or get it in the back seat for the kiddos. Well, Pioneer seems to disagree. In a big, big way. Read More

  • Vertu Constellation Reviewed

    The fellows with the fancy-pants over at Sybarites got their hands on a Vertu Constellation for review. If you’re just joining us, the Vertu is a luxury line of phones made by the same people who make you Nokia’s phones…Nokia. So how does this phone stack up? Well, the Nokia S40 UI is similar to other Nokia Symbian OS phones, but is “far superior graphics wise”. Read More

  • Turtle Beach Ear Force X1: Good Features, Bad Name

    Maybe it’s me, but the name “Ear Force” just doesn’t make me want to run out and buy these headsets. Or tell anyone I bought them, no matter how good they are—and this lightweight headset appears to be good. As you can see in the diagram, the X1’s are meant to be part of your gaming ecosystem. They are able to blend voice chat with game audio so both are… Read More

  • Sony Knew of Battery Explosions Eleven Months Ago, Ignored Dangers?

    . It’s been sitting on the down-low for eleven months in hopes that there would be no trouble with non-Dell laptops. Sadly, that has not been the case. The Yamiuri goes on to state that had Sony addressed the issue correctly almost a year ago, when it discovered the flaw in the manufacturing process responsible for the explosions, they could have avoided the costly recall. As it is, Sony… Read More

  • Sony Drops Two Blu-ray Devices

    Sony announced at CEATEC 2006, two new Blu-ray recorders. Each recorder has an onboard hard drive that can record two digital shows simultaneously. Users can then backup programming on 25GB Blu-ray drives. The devices can also play AVCHD discs. The BDZ-V9 supports 1080p output, DLNA streaming to PCs and compatible devices. It can also convert to MPEG-4 for playback on a PSP. The unit includes… Read More

  • Road Angel Mobile Helps You Avoid Tickets Without Cleavage

    Cellphones with GPS functionality are becoming more and more commonplace. The role of GPS isn’t just to tell you where you are, but to help you automagically interact with your surrounding environment. Road Angel Mobile, out of the UK, is using cellphone GPS to help you avoid speeding tickets. With the software application loaded onto your Nokia handset, and that handset paired with… Read More