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  • A Cavalcade of Nokias

    Just rolled in from this morning’s Nokia event where they unveiled a whole slew of phones. Many of them are retooled versions of the previous N-series – the N80i is an update N80 with better web software and the N91 8GB is an 8GB version of the 4GB N91 – but the rest of the phones are fairly compelling. BTW – Do not ask me what that Nokia car is about as I just took… Read More

  • Intel Challenges PC Designers To Think Small, Sexy

    PC branding campaign, Intel openly challenged PC designers and manufacturers worldwide to come up with the next generation of small-form-factor Media Center computers, ponying up $1 million to the winner. Dubbed ” The Intel Core Processor Challenge,” the grand prize winner gets up to $300,000 for mass production costs and $400,000 for co-marketing activities with Intel. The… Read More

  • Launched Treo 750v Gets Launch Date For Launch

    “Launched” can mean more than “available”, it seems. For example, the Treo 750v for Vodaphone was “launched” a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not “available”. See? But don’t worry, our lucky Eruo-bretheren, your new Treo is set to be “available” October 2, according to the Vodaphone official site. Unfortunately, the price… Read More

  • Battle Test: SanDisk Cruzer Titanium

    A few years ago I got a Lexar 2GB USB flash drive for Christmas. It came in a small, unattractive package and stood amongst other far more valuable items. In retrospect, it was probably one of the single greatest and most useful gifts that I’ve ever received. The drive stood with me through a lot and never once failed. Not even when I lost its cap and feared the USB slot would be damaged… Read More

  • Epson Photo Bank and PMP Stores, Displays Your Pictures

    <img src=", DivX, H.264, WMV, and MJPEG video. The display is pretty huge at 4 and 3.8-inches, and has a resolution of 640×480. It's pretty much a great photo dump and video player, if you fit yet another gadget into our camera bag. We may have to take out all this Jello Pudding. Damn it. The new Epson Photo Bank and… Read More

  • Sony Vaio Type U With 32GB Flash

    Sony’s Vaio Type U, the UMPC-like handheld device, gets a storage bump from 16GB to 32GB, doubling the price and making this gadget almost certainly out of anybody’s price range. Why? Because it’s $1,800. There’s also now 1GB of RAM, the same slide-out keyboard, the same webcam, and the same everything else that was in the older 16GB version. Sony Vaio Type U now with 32… Read More

  • Theoretical 1000PPM Printer in the Works

    In a paper for the Applied Physics Letters journal, two engineers from Israel detail a plan to make an ink-jet printer that spits out 1,000 PPM, something most human beings wouldn’t need in their home office. The head is similar to an LCD monitor, and has micro-reservoirs of ink that’s responsible for one section of a page. This means there’s no movement of the ink head… Read More

  • Asus W2P HD DVD-enabled Notebook

    <img src=" TV tuner. Pretty impressive already, but when you add in an HD DVD drive this is one multimedia beast. No pricing info has been released, but if you're just adding together all the components we're guessing this will be $2,500 or more. Asus to update HD DVD laptop for Core 2 Duo [Reg Hardware] Read More

  • Mini Media Center PCs Finally Hit the US

    PC Alchemy, a pretty decent media center store, has three Mini PC form-factor media centers up on their site now. Each of them cost $1199, and each of them are small enough to fit on top of whatever set-top-box you have now. The M1B, M1S and M2B all have slightly different shapes, but all have a 1.82GHz Core 2 Duo T5600 inside, along with 1GB of RAM and a 100GB SATA drive. They also ship with… Read More

  • Epson's EMP-1715 USB Projector

    <img src=" wireless. You can use the wireless to stream actual video in MPEG2 format to the projector, which also supports pausing, fast-forwarding and rewinding of video. In addition, the EMP-1715 can play presentations off a USB Key, meaning you can leave your laptop at home. The presentations on the USB disk can most likely be… Read More

  • Nokia Drops a Bunch of Phones

    Alright, so the quality on these shots is about as good as that Paris Hilton porn, but I’d hate for Biggs to get all messy for nothing. So here is some hot man hand on phone action for your viewing pleasure. Viewer discretion is advised: Here you’ll see the N95 at the top. It has a 5MP camera, GPS, word map, WLAN and HSDPA. Expect it to cost roughly $87215684265. Next in that pic… Read More

  • Microsoft May Cut Xbox 360 Prices by $100

    According to Taiwanese tech news site Digitimes, Microsoft will cut prices of their Xbox 360 consoles quite soon. They’ve negotiated price reductions with various equipment manufacturers in Taiwan, and can probably lower prices by 15-20% just thanks to the fact that parts have gotten cheaper. Microsoft may want to lower prices by Christmas in order to provide a nice incentive for the… Read More

  • Philips Offers Entertainment Solutions

    Philips made official today a bunch of devices that have trickled out over the past few weeks. The Pronto TSU9600 remote costs more than my Philips HDTV. This remote includes compatiblity for virtually every device known to man through IR support. It, unfortunately, doesn’t include RF, but for $1,299.99, I guess you can make a concession (nice logic). It has 64MB of onboard memory and… Read More

  • Sony Reader: Company Loses Its Mind Completely

    Gizmodo has a writeup on the forthcoming Sony Reader. It’s DRM’d book greyscale book reader–that will cost $350. I’m not really sure what the hell is going on here. There are about 100 other devices that can be programmed to do this stuff, that also do other useful things. I like the idea of book readers, but to be practical, they need to be more than just book… Read More

  • Apple iPhone to Cingular?

    Think Secret is reporting that Apple and Cingular have signed an agreement that allows the carrier to deliver the iPhone exclusively for six months in 2007. Other carrier will purportedly be able to carry the iPhone after the six month exclusivity arrangement. They’re also saying the iPhone will be a candy-bar, have a 2.2-inch display and a 3MP camera. It will, of course, be fully… Read More

  • Sirius Stiletto 100 is Coming… Surprise

    Sirius officially announced today the Stiletto 100 portable satellite radio. This shouldn’t come as an surprise to anyone since we’ve been reporting on the Stiletto 100 for months now, but the officialy press acknowledgement signifies the impending release of the product. Sirius says that the Stiletto 100 will be available this month for an MSRP of $349.99. There are also kits… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: DVD Bites Dog Edition

    Run, yesterday’s stories are going to get you! Smack Talk Talks Smack
    Joel Johnson Launches Dethroner
    Lucky And Flo Are Coming For You, Digital Pirate
    The Skype Mouse Makes Its Entrance
    Name That Squid Update Read More

  • Everyone Stop Panicking, Sony Style Prices PS3 Games at $59.99

    seem to be a little premature. All the games on Sony Style, Sony’s official store, are priced at $59.99. Activision says their games are going to be $59.99, and other third parties may be even lower. So relax, PlayStation 3 games should be around the same price as Xbox 360 games. It’s possible that Blu-ray prices will keep PS3 discs a bit higher than Xbox 360 DVD discs, but those… Read More

  • Man Saves HP Laptop From Battery Fire

    Thanks, no doubt, to all the warnings about burning laptop batteries on the internet, a man knew exactly what to do with his HP notebook decided to catch a little fuego. We wouldn’t recommend following what he did, but as soon as he saw smoke he pulled out the battery and threw it outside into the parking lot. His quick thinking saved his laptop from total destruction, but still left… Read More

  • Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker

    , rocks you out in the reclining position. You can hook up your iPod, PSP, PS2, TV, or pretty much any device with the two RCA inputs. There’s even a strap and a place for your iPod to go, rendering it safe from any rocking of the literal and metaphorical sense that you may engage in whilst sitting in the chair. Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker [MacWorld] Read More