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  • Expresso S2 Exercise Bike Hands On

    When you walk into a gym, you see the same gear you saw 10 years ago, with little or no innovation. Sure, some equipment now features music or some kind of TV but there is little that would really make the sedentary crew of CrunchGear want to leave their comfy chairs. Until now: Expresso Fitness has released an innovative virtual reality-enhanced fitness bike, the S2. The fitness bike features… Read More

  • Forget HDTV, We Want HD Gaming

    A report from Frank Magid Associates states 53% of consumers are buying HDTVs for video games and DVD playback. Last year, 63% of consumers were buying HDTVs for high definition TV shows, the percentage has now dropped to 47%. Consumers are having trouble with HD subscription with their cable providers and feel that there just aren’t enough high definition TV shows out there, which is true. Read More

  • Samsung Blackjack: Q Who?

    Meet my new favorite phone. The Samsung Blackjack from Cingular is a veritable wunderkind amongst the sea of comparatively ordinary competitors. Not only will it turn heads every time you whip it out, but it’ll outperform any other smart phone in the building, block, neighborhood, etc. Read More

  • Classic Controller Originally Meant For Wii Games?

    Since the original classic controller peripheral for the Nintendo Wii was announced, I was instantly wondering what the hell we would use it for. Then, Nintendo talked about the Wii’s “virtual console,” which lets you download NES, SUPER NES, N64 and Genesis games onto your Wii. At that point, it all made sense, until I took another look at the controller. The controller… Read More

  • Zune May Stand A Chance

    Microsoft received a lot of bad press when it first launched the Zune a couple of weeks ago, making the Zune seem like it wasn’t going to be the big iPod-slaying product that we were waiting for. It turns out that the Zune was actually the second highest selling portable digital player in the first four days of its release. The numbers were generated by market research firm NPD Group… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Weird Dream Edition

    CoolIT Eliminator: Gets Rid Of CPU Heat, Not Raw Sewage
    The Sign of the Times: MP3 Doorbells
    Lucid Dreaming for the Poor
    NEC Develops Prototype Phone To Cater To Gumby
    Commenter Appreciation Begins Read More

  • ¡TiVo Español!

    TiVo está viniendo a las gracias de México a errr I mean TiVo is coming to Mexico City thanks to Cablevision. The company will distribute Spanish-speaking TiVo-based DVRs to Mexico City customers beginning in the first half of 2007. Zatz scooped the story, but current information is limited. So no word yet on pricing or how fast service will spread beyond Mexico City. It is at least… Read More

  • Commenter Appreciation Begins

    As CrunchGear enters its fifth month of existence, we wanted to start something to honor you, the readers, who continue to make this possible. So I’d like to announce our new ongoing commenter appreciation series. The concept is much the same as our CrunchRace 2000 contest, except this one will be ongoing. Prizes will be given at random on a weekly basis. All you have to do is comment… Read More

  • Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: DSLR Cameras

    Single-lens reflex cameras were a hugely important innovation upon their release. It provided photographers with the ability to view their subjects directly through the lens. This was different from previous cameras that often used a separate viewfinder that didn’t see exactly what the lens was viewing. The proliferation of these new SLR cameras offered a reasonable method of avoiding… Read More

  • Rockbox for Zune Coming Soon

    If you’re one of the types who loves the Zune’s hardware (great screen, simple controls, and that WiFi) but bemoan the software or interface (or both), then you might want to take a look at the forthcoming Zune install of Rockbox. For those not in the know, Rockbox is an opensource firmware replacement project designed to allow you to customize your audio playback hardware (like… Read More

  • PlayStation Update + SIXAXIS Problems

    Sony PlayStation 3 users are reporting their SIXAXIS controllers are no longer detected by their PS3s. To get the controller to be recognized again by the console, users have to repeatedly plug in the controller via USB to sync it to the console. I haven’t had problems with this yet, but it could be a bug that came in when users downloaded the new 1.11 firmware update that was… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Z530i Gets Camouflaged

    We like us some camouflage when it’s done right and the new Sony-Ericsson Z530i is no exception. This phone comes in stylin’ black or pink camo and is perfect for those of you who are street soldiers. Sony-Ericsson partnered up exclusively with Boost Mobile to produce this phone that comes with features like a VGA camera, MP3 player, and Bluetooth. Seems you can pick it up online… Read More

  • Nintendo Updates Wii Safety Instructions

    Because Nintendo Wii users are losing control of their Wiimotes, the official Nintendo website has decided to update the safety instructions for the Wii on its website. If you own a Wii, you’ll find most of the safety precautions the same as when you start up a game on your console, for those who haven’t managed to get a Wii yet, check out some of the things you have to be… Read More

  • In-Game Cellphones for Second Life

    If you’re one of the millions who escapes the drudgery of your real life to the virtual worlds of Second Life, where you’re attractive and witty, and probably slutty, then you know you have to spend valuable Doritos-eating time wandering around to find your peeps. Wouldn’t a virtual cellphone be nice? YouNeverCall apparently thinks so. The resident-owned company is giving… Read More

  • CoolIT Eliminator: Gets Rid Of CPU Heat, Not Raw Sewage

    Using just liquid to chill your CPU is so Q1 2006. If you want to be current with your cooling, you’ll need to switch to something using thermoelectrics, like the newly announced Eliminator from CoolIT. Using the Peltier-Seebeck effect the cooler’s patented MTEC technology uses multiple thermoelectric coolers to chill the liquid below your ambient temperature. The big benefit to… Read More

  • OLPC Guys Like To Play Doom

    For the past year, we’re sure that the OLPC team has been hard at work designing the $100 laptop for poor kids in Africa. We’re proud that they’re so committed to the job, but everyone needs a break once in a while. In comes the classic FPS Doom to keep the team entertained. Seems Christopher Blizzard (total porn name) and his buddies over at the OLPC offices threw Doom on… Read More

  • The Sign of the Times: MP3 Doorbells

    as a node on your network, but to be practical, you should ping something that dings, namely your doorbell. Instead of an analog chime that alerts your fat ass when the pizza man is at the door (sorry, pizza person), the NetStreams DoorLinX Digital Doorbell plays the MP3 of your choice across your network. It’s a system, you see, so you can have different doorbells at different doors, so… Read More

  • Harshes On Black Friday Sales

    Here at CG, part of our job is to disseminate press materials you might not stumble across on your own. Case in point, a release from comparison-shopping search engine that just popped into my Inbox. Truthfully, I’m not familiar with the site since I pretty well stick to PriceGrabber and Shopzilla to grab pricing deals. However, the site, via the release, put together… Read More

  • iPod Not Love Kim Jong Il Long Time

    It looks like North Korea won’t be getting its version of the iTunes Music Store anytime soon. Because of, ya know, that stunt it pulled awhile back, the Bush Administration has imposed sanctions on all luxury goods heading into North Korea. This means no iPods, no Johnny Walker, no Trojan Magnum XLs, no Harleys, or anything else, from companies that operate inside the greatest country… Read More

  • JVC Goes All 15,000:1 contrast ratio With DLA-RS1 Home Cinema Projector

    Think you’ve got the best home-theater projector? WRONG! JVC introduced the DLA-RS1 projector today, which among other technological profundities, hits “a previously unattainable native 15,000:1 contrast ratio without the need for dynamic iris or other artificial means of contrast enhancement.” It’s part of the company’s Reference Series and uses a 0.7-inch full… Read More