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  • Toshiba TDP-ET20U: Instant Theater

    The TDP-ET20U is an all-in-one projector with build-in DVD player as well as an HDMI port and component video. It can accept a 1080i HD source and can display a 9-foot image from a mere 3.9-feet from a wall or screenin 854×480 pixel resolution (480i). It has a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 1100 lumens and 16:9 aspect ration. It can even play CDs and supports just about every video CD and… Read More

  • Top 10 Cameras Used On Flickr Helps You Pick A Camera

    Both the pro-sumer and the shaky-handed amateur put their pics onto Flickr these days, showing the world intimate details about where they go and who they see. But what cameras do they use to snap these pics? Yahoo! Shopping Blog just put out an article, after scanning all the EXIF properties of the pictures no doubt, showing you what the top 10 cameras used on Flickr are. Nikon D50 Nikon… Read More

  • Lenovo T60 With Cingular Connectivity

    Mmmm… two great tastes… Cingular and Lenovo just launched a Cingular-enabled ThinkPad T60 which means this is a Lenovo with a WWAN chip in there that accepts SIM cards. The laptop is compatible with With EDGE or GPRS data service and can roam to over 100 countries world-wide. It weighs a mere 4.8 pounds and includes a 14.1-inch TFT, 80GB hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon X1300… Read More

  • Water Level Battery-Status App For NTT DoCoMo In Japan

    Although this is only available for N702is 3G phones in Japan on NTT DoCoMo, it was too cool to not show you guys. The phone ship with a screen saver that, when activated, looks like the inside of a glass of water. The 702 has a built-in motion sensor, so as you tilt it, the water level changes to match the orientation of your phone. Not only that, the amount of water it has reflects how… Read More

  • Asus AiGuru S1 – Wireless Skype Phone

    <img src=" wireless, but that's just to connect to the included USB dongle that plugs into your computer. The software attaches to Skype as a plugin, then interfaces with the wireless dongle to relay audio back and forth from the phone. The wireless does NOT enable the phone to bypass a computer entirely, which is unfortunate. Read More

  • InCharge Traveler

    and includes a wall wart as well as a car charger and an adapter for in-flight charging. Very basic and at $79.95 it’s fairly inexpensive. The InCharge Traveler is available now for pre-order. Product Page [XtremeMac] Read More

  • Newman M790 Swivel Screen MP3 Player

    <img src=" playback, USB1.1, and electronic dictionary. In other words, a player noted more for its weird swiveling design than for its functionality. The Newman M790 should be available for import soon. Product Page [iMP3 via Anything But iPod] Read More

  • KFE F1500 Charmmy Kitty MP3 Player

    Apparently, Hello Kitty has a pet cat. This, in our minds, with our grasp of reality being tenuous at best, would mean Hello Kitty indulges in slavery. Weird? Yes. Great for making into an MP3 player? Double yes. The F1500 Charmmy Kitty MP3 player has 512MB of storage that plays back MP3 and WMA files, but lasts only six hours. Only serious HK or CK fans will like it, but that’s enough… Read More

  • Wii to Cost a Wii $170

    I saw a dev-kit for the Wii and I can honestly say it’s a pretty compelling platform, especially with all the funny motion stuff. Not a dream come true just yet – the games I saw were in pre-production – but it was an interesting idea. Anyway, EA agrees and basically spilled the beans on the Wii’s price – $170. Not too shabby. Speaking exclusively to… Read More

  • HD DVD 2.0 Is Coming Today

    Toshiba’s latest HD DVD firmware is set to drop today. The new version will add support for 24-bit/96kHz discrete audio channels with TrueHD 5.1. There is no word on when exactly this will be released, but consider this your head’s up to keep your eyes peeled. HD DVD 2.0 firmware to be released by Toshiba tuesday [HD Beat via Engadget] Read More

  • XACT XQ2500 Wireless Headset for Landlines

    Jealous that your cell-using buddies are getting all the ladies with their Bluetooth headsets? Not willing to give up your beloved landline number you’ve had since the 70s? Then get this XACT XQ2500 Wireless Landline Headset. Yes, it’s a headset that goes on your ear, but instead of Bluetooth, it uses the 2.4GHz spectrum frequented by cordless home phones. Although it only costs… Read More

  • Samsung Q1/Q30 Devices Use Solid State Flash Memory

    Instead of burdening their ultra-portable devices with hard disks that use more power, generate more heat, and tend to break when moved about too much, Samsung’s placing a Solid State Disk (SSD) into their Q1 and Q30 mobile devices. The Q30 is a 12.1-inch laptop, and the Q1 is an UMPC with a 32GB SSD. The new Q1, compared to the old Hard Drive Q1, can boot up 25% to 50% faster, and has… Read More

  • Microsoft Re-Confirms Vista Ship Date

    Like a husband saying to his wife “of course I got you a present for our anniversary, honey”, as he races to Wal-mart to pick up something nice, Microsoft says once again that they have no plans to change their previously announced ship date of Vista. As of right now, they’re still trying to get the OEM version out to manufacturers by November and out on store shelves by… Read More

  • Pentax Brings the Pain

    Lets Go Digital has a review on the new Pentax Optio A20. The basics of this beast of a non-dSLR are 10 megapixels, a high-quality smc Pentax zoom lens, upto ISO 1600, several anti-shake settings and various corrective functions for color and tone. One of the more exiting features, however, is its AF & AE face recognition ability. The camera can sense and focus on faces, balancing… Read More

  • The CrunchGear Illustrator Unleashed

    We’re proud to add Bryce Durbin as the official CrunchGear Illustrator-at-Large and general sub-cook and bottle washer. Bryce is a massively skilled designer and artist living in Boston, so if you need anything done, drop him a jingle. Read More

  • Logitech ChillStream Controller

    Chill… till the next episode. Logitech just launched the ChillStream controller for the PC, a $39.99 controller that circulates up to 3.41 cubic feet of air straight across your sweaty, sweaty palms. It’s also got some fancy system for the D-pad: The controller features Logitech’s patented floating D-pad,
    which uses four points of contact instead of a single pivot point… Read More

  • MobiBLU Q-Bling

    If you’re in the market for a new MP3 player and some new flair, you might want to consolidate your efforts into one device. The MobiBLU Q-Bling is a DAH-1500i that has been bedecked with Swarovski crystals. It comes in blue, pink and silver and is the perfect gift this Christmas for any gaudy relative. The bejeweled Q-Bling is available now for $150. MobiBLU Q-Bling – Just an… Read More

  • Cisco Working on Video-on-Demand

    , and is clearly planning on building infrastructure for the next stage of consumer-grade video-on-demand. Cisco, a networking giant that makes very unsexy gear, also acquired Scientific-Atlanta and is working on both software and hardware for the series of tubes that will soon carry on-demand PR()N to all of our homes and businesses. The major problems we’re facing right now are… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Z610i With Hidden External Display

    The Sony Ericsson Z610i clamshell not only has a mirrored finish, allowing it to be one of the shiniest phones in recent Sony Ericsson history, the outside also has a hidden “magic mirror” display that’s only visible when in use. We’re not sure what that’s for, other than to show off, but it does look cool. The phone has a 2 megapixel camera, Push Email and… Read More

  • Pill-Mate Timer Reminder

    Alright, if you’re like me, you’re somewhat health conscious and try every day to take your vitamins and supplements. Unfortunately, advances in medication reminding technologies have been essentially nonexistent. Enter Pill-Mate Timer Reminder. This pill case is imbued with a timer that sounds and alert when its time for your next dose. It can be set to sound up to four times in… Read More