Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis is the co-editor of TechCrunch. She attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, majoring in Writing and Painting, and moved to New York City shortly after graduation to work in the media industry.

After four years of living in New York and attending courses at New York University, she returned to Los Angeles in order to continue her career in new media, first as LA Weekly’s Internet culture reporter, and then as SF Weekly’s web editor.

Before she joined TechCrunch in 2010, Alexia ran the SFweekly website from San Francisco, staying on top of the tech scene and human behavior in the digital age.

At TechCrunch, Alexia covers young companies, and has had the opportunity to interview everyone from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. In 2011, Alexia made the Forbes “30 Under 30: Rising Stars of Media List.” In 2012 she was promoted to Co-EIC of TechCrunch.


I own Aol stock, diversified investments via ETFs and Mutual Funds, and shares in Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. I am a board member of MAS, a non-profit design lab in Los Angeles. I'm also in a relationship with a VC at General Catalyst Partners. Whenever there is the potential for real or perceived conflict in what I write about, I promise to bring it up, and link back here.

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  • Put A Gold Band On It

    Put A Gold Band On It

    Nothing separates the “haves” and the 1% like a prohibitively expensive consumer product. Whether it’s a Hermes Birkin Bag or a McClaren P1 GTR, there are some consumer goods that are almost impossible to purchase and almost impossible to knock off. It’s that exclusivity and false scarcity that you are paying for, in a sense. Read More

  • Bill Maris To Talk Longevity At Disrupt NY

    Bill Maris To Talk Longevity At Disrupt NY

    At just 40 years old, Bill Maris is on a mission to save the world — with his investments. Bloomberg recently highlighted Maris’s quest to improve the quality and longevity of human life. This quest is evident in Google Ventures’ growing biotech portfolio, which now includes 36 percent health and life science investments. Read More

  • Welcome Matthew Lynley, Nicole Wilke, Andrew Sweeney And New TCTV Director Sarah Lane

    Welcome Matthew Lynley, Nicole Wilke, Andrew Sweeney And New TCTV Director Sarah Lane

    We talk about sharks a lot here at TechCrunch.  We sympathize with the sea hunters in a lot of ways. Not everything people say about us is true; we’ve got thick skin; we dance to our own rhythm; we like to hunt for our food and become disinterested if it’s fed to us. And, most importantly, we have to keep moving or we die. And part of moving involves hiring, so we’re proud… Read More

  • Statements From Two Ellen Pao Jurors

    Two Jurors On Opposite Sides Share Their Pao Vs. Kleiner Perspectives

    It’s been a very suspenseful day for all of those involved in the Pao vs. KPCB trial (well, maybe not “Sleeping Guy”). We had a verdict, and then suddenly we didn’t, because a juror had changed his mind on the walk up from the jury room to room 608. When the final verdict did come in, again, many were stunned and many, especially those on the KPCB side, were relieved. Read More

  • The World In ‘Scope

    The World In ‘Scope

    Movies, financial markets and fashion trends all fall into frenzies, dips and lulls. Consumer apps are much the same. Whether it’s photo-sharing, anonymity or live streaming, it seems that a confluence of apps all doing similar things at the same time is a natural occurrence. Read More

  • Leandra Medine (Manrepeller) To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt NY

    Leandra Medine (Manrepeller) To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt NY

    As this month’s 12-page Apple Watch spread in Vogue belies, technology is heavily courting the fashion industry. From Kevin Systrom hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld to Anna Wintour and Jony Ive palling around, to Marissa Mayer co-chairing the Met ball, it seems like the next horizon in tech is capturing the hearts and minds of fashion influencers. Read More

  • Twitter Buys Live Streaming App Periscope

    Twitter Buys Live Streaming App Periscope

    If you looked at this week’s sudden Meerkat phenomenon and thought “hey, Twitter should buy this,” then you’re on the right track. According to sources we’ve spoken with, Twitter has been in talks to purchase live streaming app Periscope, which many private beta users have compared to Meerkat. Update 3/13: Twitter today confirmed that it had acquired Periscope. Read More

  • No, Magic Can’t Deliver A Tiger

    No, Magic Can’t Deliver A Tiger

    Earlier this week, as Re/Code’s Jason Del Rey was trying to procure a chicken parmesan via text, we were trying to procure a tiger via text. “You want a tiger delivered? Just text the details and Magic’s got you covered,” read the lede of the VentureBeat article about nascent on-demand startup Magic. Read More

  • Last Day To Get Cheap(er) Disrupt NY Tickets #thedress

    Last Day To Get Cheap(er) Disrupt NY Tickets #thedress

    Whether you’re #teamwhiteandgold or #teamblueandblack, you should be on #teamgreenandwhite. TechCrunch Disrupt NY is only a couple of months away. And we’re planning a huge show, with tech stars like Aaron Levie, Payal Kadakia, Tristan Walker and more on our stage roster. Read More

  • Postmates Picks Up $35M In Series C From Spark Capital

    Postmates Picks Up $35M In Series C From Spark Capital

    Postmates, the on-demand delivery service that operates in nearly 60 markets, has raised $35 million in Series C exclusively from existing investor Spark Capital, according to sources familiar with the matter. Postmates is a service that lets users order anything from local stores and have it delivered directly to their home for a small delivery fee. Read More

  • Uber Wins The 2014 Crunchie For Best Overall Startup

    Uber Wins The 2014 Crunchie For Best Overall Startup

    In a few decades, when we look back at the history of Uber, 2014 will be remembered as the year in which it established itself as a global force to be reckoned with. So it’s probably no surprise that the company has won this year’s Crunchie for Best Overall Startup. Over the past four years, Uber has quickly expanded to make affordable, reliable transportation available in more… Read More

  • Apple Earnings, Snapchat Discover & Woman in Tech

    CrunchWeek: Apple’s Huge Quarter, Snapchat Discover, And Newsweek’s Cover Fail

    Today’s episode of CrunchWeek is a very special milestone for us here at TechCrunch, marking the 100th time we’ve met up to casually talk about the week’s most interesting news. Read More

  • What (Some) Silicon Valley Women Think Of Newsweek

    What (Some) Silicon Valley Women Think Of Newsweek

    Tech has some issues. You read trade pub stories about sexual harassment and assault allegations so often it’s absurd. Newsweek, which just discovered there are only a few women in tech, sent accomplished author Nina Burleigh to investigate tech gender politics. She did an adequate job in her piece, “What Silicon Valley Thinks Of Women.” Read More

  • Teenager's View on Social Media

    An Actual Teen Wrote About Apps, And You’ll Never Believe How Many Pageviews It Got

    To kick off the new year, University of Austin sophomore Andrew Watts decided to write an essay about his thoughts on social apps, which was meant just for himself and his friends and maybe their friends to read. He put it up on Medium, one of the social apps he wrote about, and the post blew up — and even received some backlash. Eleven days later, he found himself on a plane to SF… Read More

  • Rumors Swirl That Adam Bain Will Be The Next Twitter CEO, But Costolo’s Not Going Anywhere Yet

    Rumors Swirl That Adam Bain Will Be The Next Twitter CEO, But Costolo’s Not Going Anywhere Yet

    The new year always brings new speculative tech predictions. Some of the most common predictions this year are that neither Dick Costolo and Marissa Mayer will make it through 2015 with their titles intact. Wall Street analysts and activist investors have called for changes at Twitter and Yahoo (and at our parent company Aol) so many times that perhaps everyone should just play CEO musical… Read More

  • People, The Original Selfie Stick

    People, The Original Selfie Stick

    If you’re like me, you’ve been sitting here, counting the hours until CES is over so you can get back to non-CES business next Monday (T minus five hours). Beyond CES, it’s been for all intents and purposes a harrowing, tragic week for the news business (Je suis Charlie). Awkward CES selfie stick images like the one above are a particularly small hairball in this… Read More

  • Snapchat Has Raised $485 Million More From 23 Investors, At Valuation Of Up To $20B

    Snapchat Has Raised $485 Million More From 23 Investors, At Valuation Of Up To $20B

    Back in the day, we reported that messaging app Snapchat* was raising over $100 million in a round led by Kleiner Perkins. And then the WSJ reported that it was $20 million, which left us wondering why a growth round would be so small in terms of total principle. Well, it turns out it’s not. Snapchat has raised a much bigger amount: Nearly $500 million in aggregate, according to an… Read More

  • Employee Data Breach The Worst Part Of Sony Hack

    Employee Data Breach The Worst Part Of Sony Hack

    The Sony hack has taught us so much. It’s taught us to send corporate email as if everyone is reading those emails. It’s taught us that people in Hollywood are just as mean as people in any other industry (and potentially racist). And it’s taught us that Channing Tatum is really enthusiastic about beating “TED” at the box office. Read More

  • Pip!


    As hard as it tries to brand itself as such, Aol isn’t known for innovation. Part of the co-editor job here at TechCrunch is fending off some of the clunky things that our parent company does, like holding an internal Aol Disrupt, or playing a Taylor Swift parody during all hands or making us log into our TechCrunch emails with our Aol accounts. Read More

  • The Uber Supper

    The Uber Supper

    As we in the US sit down to holiday dinner tonight, we are reminded that we have oodles to be thankful for. For one, I am grateful that the news cycle is now slow enough that I can post Bryce Durbin’s stunning image of the infamous Uber “influentials” dinner, depicted as Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper.” In addition to Emil Michael, Ben Smith, Michael… Read More

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