Announcing The TechCrunch 2015 Disrupt Battlefield Finalists

We’re now on the flip side of our 17th TechCrunch Disrupt conference. In the past two days, over 2,100 people have passed through the Manhattan Center for TechCrunch Disrupt NY, with dreams of becoming the next president of the United States or the next Snapchat or the next Estée Lauder. Along with NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina, executives and founders like Joanne Bradford, Dennis Crowley and Leandra Medine have graced our stage.

Tomorrow we’ll get to see talks by Tristan Walker, Alexis Ohanian, Casper’s Philip Krim and more.

In tandem with the above interviews, 24 startups have presented on our stage in Startup Battlefield. It was very difficult to make the decisions, but after much deliberation, we’ve got our seven finalists picked out. These companies will move on to the finals round tomorrow to compete for a large check and an even larger cup.

Finals judges include John Borthwick (Betaworks), Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Eric Hippeau (Lerer Hippeau Ventures), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), Rich Miner (Google Ventures), Brian Pokorny (SV Angel) and Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch).


BioBots builds 3D bio printers and bio inks. They enable users to build 3D living tissues for scientific research, high-throughput drug screening and implantation.

Bitfusion is developing unique software technology to transparently and automatically accelerate existing applications by orders of magnitude. Bitfusion unlocks hardware acceleration without requiring application rewrite.


Cloudwear developed a powerful authentication solution that is easier and more secure than two-factor authentication. Cloudwear offers a free API that enables developers to quickly and easily add advanced security to any website and mobile app, and the team comes from Google, Microsoft and SpaceX.


DigitalGenius enables Fortune 500 companies to automate repetitive intelligent labor. This enterprise-grade platform leverages proprietary artificial intelligence and well-engineered natural language processing to automate human-like conversations at scale.


Liquidity make the world’s best consumer water-purification filters. Their vision is a family of products that delivers cleaner, healthier drinking water to the entire planet. Through the consumer brand Naked Filter, and OEM partners, the company plans to realize that goal one filter at a time. Clean water for everybody.

Nucleus Scientific

Nucleus Scientific is developing a suite of technologies that will fundamentally change the way energy is utilized in transportation and related industries globally; the first of these innovations unlocks the full potential of certain off-the-shelf batteries by shortening charging times to only a few minutes while also extending lifetimes considerably.


PageCloud re-imagines web publishing, and says it will change the web forever. For the first time, the power of desktop publishing has been brought to the browser – not some hacky approximation. Integrated with desktop apps, but native to the cloud, open the browser, hit New Page, and go!