McCann To Acquire Sterling Cooper And Partners

McCann Erickson’s vision
is to provide customers
with a premium digital experience
based on a global multiscreen network platform.

This acquisition
supports its strategy
to provide a cross-screen connection
for consumers, creators and advertisers
to deliver that premium customer experience.

Sterling Cooper & Partners has once again
become a digital trailblazer,
and we are excited at the prospect
of charting a new course together
in the digitally connected world.

At McCann,
we’ve been strategically investing
in emerging technology,
that taps into the market shift
to digital content and advertising.

Sterling Cooper and Partners’ advertising model
aligns with this approach,
and the advertising platform
provides a key tool
for us to develop
future revenue streams.

McCann is a leader
in connected platforms,
and the combination
of McCann and SC&P
creates a unique and scaled media platform
for creators, consumers and advertisers.

The visions of McCann and SC&P
are shared
the companies have existing
successful partnerships.

We are excited
to work with the team at McCann
to create the next generation
of advertising and media.


 Original Verizon/AOL (VerizOL?) Press Release via Genius.