• Confirmed: Zune is Toshiba… For Now

    is an OEMed Toshiba Gigabeat with additional features designed specifcially for Microsoft. This does not mean that Toshiba will sell the Zune – it will be a Microsoft Product. This was done to make it in time for a Christmas launch and Microsoft will take over production after that, adding many more models to the line including a Shuffle/Nano-style mini players as well as a high end… Read More

  • Toshiba 1089 Media Player Gets FCCed

    The Toshiba 1089 is the latest media player to slip through the FCC. It features a 30GB hard drive and a 3″ TFT LCD. The system utilizes USB 2.0 for respectable uploading and is also compatible with 802.11b/g. Its WLAN capabilities allow users to act as a DJ, streaming your plays to the surrounding area. Other users with compatible devices an then tune in to the broadcast. It’s… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Lots of big stories dropped yesterday and, as always, we want to make sure that you caught the major ones. Here are some of the highlights from Thursday, August 16: TomTom ONE GPS Released In North America Boeing Drops Connexion More Microsoft Zune Details Logitech Launches iPod Speakers Masterlock Bested? Read More

  • More Microsoft Zune Details

    Gizmodo has the scoop on more Zune details today, following up their Zune Pictures with tidbits on how the UI and case looks. The most disappointing detail is that the scroll wheel isn’t actually a scroll wheel. It’s actually just a set of four buttons embedded in the wheel. Oh well. The UI looks like Media Center, with the transparent fonts and alphabetical speed… Read More

  • Picture of Zune Device on CrunchGear

    CrunchGear has a picture of the new Microsoft Zune device, which we wrote about here and here. I like that it’s black, and the screen is large, much bigger than my iPod video. But other than that, it seems sort of…uninspired. More on Gizmodo, which found the picture. Read More

  • Zune: Secrets and Lies

    iLounge has some hot dope on the Zune including a description of the UI and some of its fancy wireless features. Here’s some pithy info: Wi-Fi: Eh. Apparently you can use the Wi-fi feature to “loan” other Zune owners music for some short period (a day), giving them the opportunity to buy the tracks themselves from the Zune music store. While this is a cool idea, and could… Read More

  • Candid Zune Pics Surface

    Zapruder-esque footage of the Zune is surfaced and Gizmodo seems to have dibs on all the goodness. It has magnetic earphones that stick together and comes in 150 different color combinations, which is why all of the images you’ll see will be in black and white until launch. No further info, but looks like the Gizzer has something up its sleeve later today. Exclusive Microsoft Zune… Read More

  • NotForNoobs.com: More Viral Gimcrackery

    So, so silly. Gizmodo and others are positing that Microsoft’s latest hork-tastic viral marketing attempt – called NotForNoobs – is basically a way for them to sell high-end media hardware for the Zune. The key is that snake right there, which is the logo for Razer and which is working with Microsoft to rock out to some slow jams with their Razer keyboard with Zune dock. Read More

  • Razer Pro|Type iPod/Zune Dockable Keyboards

    This Razer keyboard gets the honor of being the first announced Zune-compatible keyboard. Not just supporting the Apple iPod, this Pro|Type has Media Center keys, programmable keys, 32KB of onboard memory, two USB ports, and a line-out for audio peripherals. It even has gold-plated USB connectors, something Monster Cables have used for years to justify their jacked-up prices. The keyboard… Read More

  • Zune as Part of Microsoft's "Broader Picture"

    Lots of new details are emerging about Zune, Microsoft’s new music/video device and related service. The news about Zune broke last week in a Billboard article where Chris Stephenson, Microsoft’s new GM of marketing for MSN Entertainment Business, said Zune will be an umbrella brand for what he says is “a family of hardware and software products” targeting various… Read More

  • Microsoft Zune to Battle iTunes/iPod

    Microsoft today confirmed the existence of a new portable music player and integrated service called Zune. Launch is scheduled for launch some time this year. Zune is clearly aimed at Apple’s iTunes/iPod dominance. In an interview with Billboard, Chris Stephenson, Microsoft’s new GM of marketing for MSN Entertainment Business, said Zune will be an umbrella brand for what he says… Read More