Microsoft to introduce Zune Phone with Windows Mobile 7 at MWC

If there is one rumor that tends to come and go and agonizes Windows Mobile fans, it’s the one about a Zune phone. Although it’s not officially confirmed, Gizmodo has it on good word that Microsoft will be introducing a Zune phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. More specifically, it will be a Windows Mobile 7 phone with Zune features and capabilities, so it’s not a Zune phone, per se.

Giz says their source confirmed that “the Zune Phone presentation at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2010 is 100% confirmed.” Details are scant, but the new phone is said to have an Nvidia Tegra series chip, 480×272 screen, HDMI out and weighs in at a lightweight 2.45 ounces. We’re certainly looking forward to what Microsoft has in store for MWC and hoping that WinMo 7 takes off on some killer hardware.

[Via MuyComputer]