iTunes catches up with Zune

This emerging story about how iTunes is bravely entering the cloud cracks me up. Haven’t we been doing wireless sync, and direct streaming for a couple years now with Zune? It’s funny how these things don’t really count until Apple does them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Apple is finally jumping on this. It’s not like everyone and their mom has a Zune and is constantly streaming things all the time, but these are features that have been on offer for quite some time now.

Seems like Microsoft has a problem with timing, doesn’t it? They’ve introduced a lot of products at the wrong time, only to have Apple come out with a better one later and steal the thunder. Depressing!

The truth is, of course, that Apple’s policy of leapfrogging existing ideas without actually changing much is a perfect foil for Microsoft, who tends to let their innovations stagnate. Even as a Zune fan, I have to say, it’s disappointing how little has been done with the project since I reviewed it. Where are all the cool apps and games? Why can’t I stream shows at Wi-Fi spots?

Apple is taking the step that Microsoft has been unwilling or unable to. Good for Apple, but let’s be fair when we grade their accomplishment: as usual, they are standing on the shoulders of lazy giants.