Zune HD Gets A Handful Of New Apps

Yes, you read the headline correctly. The Zune HD, which was recently rolled up and borged into the Windows Phone 7 brand, has received no less than nine new apps. We heard that the existing Zune games and apps would be ported to WP7, but perhaps during that process they decided to brush off a few that were still sitting in the box.

The new apps are mostly games, time wasters if I’m honest, and while I don’t think anyone will be going nuts about this particular app drop, it’s always nice when legacy hardware sees a little love.

If you’re a Zune HD owner (bless your heart), the new apps should show up and be loadable if you’ll just open up your Zune player. I know I’ll be downloading these — my Zune HD is still going strong, and I plan to make it last for at least a couple more years.