• CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Xbox 360 Elite, HD DVD player

    As if you didn’t see this one coming, folks. For the holidays I’m recommending the Xbox 360 Elite and the HD DVD player add-on. The Xbox 360 is hands down the best on the market. The titles are all there and a 120GB drive ensures you’ll have plenty of room for extra content. The matte black finish alone is worth the extra dough. And the PS3 stinks! Well, not really, but I have… Read More

  • Xbox 360 fall dashboard update deets

    We already knew about the parental controls, Xbox originals and the cyber stalking social networking feature and now we have a few more details on the fall update for you to ponder over until 2AM PST on December 4th. Inside Xbox will be a direct feed of current news straight from to your dashboard. The world is ending as we know it. You can have a full blown profile like you would… Read More

  • Nice, fat Xbox 360 back-compatibility update

    Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360’s software emulation, allowing more than 80 Xbox “original flavor” games to be played on their big, curvy console. Personally, I’m happy as long as Barbie Horse Adventures works, but they’ve also brought one of my old favorites, Armed and Dangerous into the mix, along with the classic Freedom Fighters. I’m sure you can… Read More

  • Social networking bug bites Xbox Live

    Babies don’t like you, d-bag. The Fall Dashboard Update holds a lot of hidden things we don’t know about, but we know for sure that on December 4th you’ll be able to view the friends lists of other XBL members from the Dashboard. Oh joy! Cyber stalking on Live. Now you can heckle the friends of the 12-year old girl who kicked your ass in Halo. Read More

  • Retailer gets punk'd

    I’ve worked in retail so I know how shady some people can be when they try and return items, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. An Xbox 360 was returned one morning and the poor chump working was by himself and had no choice but to return the console because the thieving bastard had a receipt. He obviously didn’t inspect it well enough or else he would have found… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: free Halo 3 with 360 purchase

    It’s not completely free unless you’re an original Xbox owner who plays Live and hasn’t upgraded to the 360. Do these people still exist? The deal starts on November 21st and goes through till December 21st. Current Paid Xbox LIVE Members on the original Xbox console (not Xbox 360), here’s how to get your Halo 3 game: 1. Buy an Xbox 360 console between November 21… Read More

  • Microsoft: "Oopsie on Xbox Originals!"

    We didn’t see this coming, but Microsoft has admitted it has some “known issues” with the new Xbox Originals. Frame rate drops, static, crashes, and things of this nature for the downloadable content. MS doesn’t admit it messes up often, but the Xbox division is a little different. They’re working on the problem, and we’re taking our hats off to them for… Read More

  • Xbox 360 to get $15 downloadable Xbox games

    I own a Wii. I like it. I wish there were better games for it, though. And I wish it did more "stuff" like the Xbox 360 does. As a matter of fact, I may very well be on the verge of purchasing an Xbox 360, albeit unknowingly. If the right deal comes along — like if I could get it for $100 from — I’m almost positive I’d pull the trigger. An… Read More

  • The random endorsement: modchips

    Let me take you back to 2002/03. I was 16, wise beyond my years for reasons outside of my control, and some type of gamer. An Xbox man. During the week I’d do all my homework, but once Friday afternoon rolled around, all bets were off. Whether it was Final Fantasy 94 or the FPS du jour, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else. It was a cozy little setup, comfortable in its… Read More

  • Microsoft wants to keep Xbox 360 around for a while

    If Microsoft has its way, you’ll still be happily playing your Xbox 360 into the next decade. Mindy Mount, CFO of Microsoft’s entertainment division, wants to buck the traditional five-year shelf life trend when it comes to her company’s current console, hoping that it’ll perform similarly to the PS2 which has remained popular for the last seven years. Read More

  • Halo 3: Landfall – A collection of shorts Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Halo 3 shorts that stormed both my computer and television, but I can bet that millions of gamers around the globe are. If you’re itching to see all of the live-action shorts direct by Neill Blomkamp in one movie rather than scattered around, then press play above and sit back whilst you… Read More

  • Rumors suck: No HD-DVD Xbox any time soon

    That rumor from not long ago about Xbox getting Toshiba’s HD-DVD players? Not so fast, says Toshiba, even though that was the source of the original rumor. And so says Microsoft. Ah, but we can dream, can’t we? Toshiba says no to new Xbox 360 HD DVD rumour [] Read More

  • Toshiba + Microsoft = New HD-DVD Xbox to fight Apple TV?

    According to leakers at Toshiba, Microsoft is planning a new Xbox 360 that will include integrated HD-DVD playback at 1080p, and will also include upgraded wireless capabilities and a larger internal hard drive. We’re filing this one under “well no duh”, as those improvements all make total sense. What’s also interesting is that Toshiba’s bigmouth is stating it will… Read More

  • A friend helps out when times are tough, or when Xbox 360s expire

    A real friend is someone who’s there in a time of need. If you have someone close to you that has an Earth-shattering loss, like that of their beloved Xbox 360, it is your job, as a friend, to cheer them up. This greeting card from bsangel can help. After that, you should offer sexual favors and vodka. Those are red crystals representing the dreaded Red Ring of Death many (many, many… Read More

  • Breaking: Bungie spins off from Microsoft! [Update]

    You know that monster video game franchise, Halo? The one that works only on the Xbox series of game consoles? The one made by Microsoft’s Bungie? It still belongs to MS, but all other things Bungie no longer do. As of today, my friends who work for Bungie are no longer Microsoft employees, as Gates and company have allowed the department to spin off as an independent company. Read More

  • Wii Overtakes Xbox 360 For Top Lifetime Sales Honors

    Nuprin. Little…yellow…different. The Wii is just like Nuprin except that it’s white, not yellow. And also it’s a video game console, not an anti-inflammatory drug. Ten days ago, we reported that the Wii was catching up to the Xbox 360’s lifetime sales. It has now surpassed them. Nice work, Nintendo. Nice work.    Nintendo Wii is market leader in… Read More

  • BioShock Review: Worth the Hype?

    I rarely get excited about game titles any more — a Half-Life might get my juices flowing but I’m definitely not going to reserve copies of anything at the local GameStop — which is why I’m really interested in BioShock. It actually seems like a game I could get into, irregardless of the kid, the wife, and the 5 million deadlines looming over me. Read More

  • Wii Sales Nipping At Xbox 360's Heels

    Xbox 360 might be feeling the hot smelly breath of the Nintendo Wii cascading across its hairy American neck. Read More

  • Kid Writes "PS3 Sucks" On Video Game Displays

    Kids are brats sometimes, but this little boy sounds like the Devil incarnate. Toys R Us employees spotted a 13-year old boy writing “PS3 Sucks” on 23 plastic game displays. Yeah, 23 times. When he was arrested, the boy’s parents couldn’t be tracked down so he had to chill with child services. Serves ya right! Here’s the kicker: when the boy was asked why he did… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox 360 Premium, $329.99

    That price drop the Xbox 360 had this week? Amazon thought it wasn’t enough, so it’s dropping it some more. Right now, you can get an Xbox 360 Premium for $329.99, new. That’s about how much they were going for used on Craigslist just a few days ago. I know, because I’m fruitlessly trying to get a good deal on one. This price is good enough I’m very tempted to just… Read More